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  • Sera:

    Thank you for the great article! (I have not posted in over four years—I miss you! And Oldhead too. Oldhead, one of the clearest thinkers on MIA—not flattery, EARNED!)

    Even if your empathy is only one way (you are thinking about the suffering of others, and hoping for the same in return), I do believe this is the way to go.

    During the COVID- 19 outbreak, I immediately thought of those confined in psychiatric hospitals & group homes (I was in a group home for five years & in the psych hospitals six times—state, private & county—I am also a 2nd generation MK Ultra, or Monarch Program victim, fun!)

    but I also *immediately* thought about the prison population.

    (Kudos to Leah’s great coverage of COVID- 19 fatalities being ‘roughly double’ within psychiatric confinement vs. the prison population. Some MHS survivors with lived experience now know that psych drugs lower the immune system, and almost all on this site do!)

    I once posted that understanding issues of other communities was the way to go. It was my last post on this site over four and a half years ago, but it didn’t make it onto the board. The empathy will probably go in one direction for now, but it does not surprise me that you are the one to pave the way.

    For the last four and a half years I have been following the careers of the tech whistle blowers, journalistic whistle blowers (going back to Daniel Ellsworth),
    activist thinkers, leaders, & critics of the Deep State in every field I can keep up with.

    The trick to it has been (for me) to stick with it until I can find the relevant threads. They are there. And certainly empathy is the starting point!

    I do realize that our detractors post on here (in increasingly civil tones) to better understand our arguments in order to stay one step ahead of us.

    Yay to free speech and all that.

    However, this plays in their favor versus ours since they are better funded & have better connections than we do. They take advantage of this to run ahead of us and continue to dupe the public who are unaware of the debate.

    In other words, the APA and Big Pharma are completely aware that there is no proof that “mental illness” is a brain disorder, but they are still hoping to find a connection in the genome. Until then, they can dupe the public in thinking that the culprit organ is the brain since it “looks that way” to the observer.

    This is akin to saying the Earth is flat since it looks that way to the naked eye in the middle of the ocean with no land bearings.

    In the article “Muffled by Psychiatry,” I noticed that Steve Mc Crea defined his terms like a 5-star Philospher/General & then marched onto the bio-medical reductionist battlefield to delineate a set of behaviors as “jerkiness,” rather than as a “psychopath.”

    I can no longer use the term psychopath, not even for expediency, because that term, and others like it, have been coopted by the Guild to hog-tie anyone they dislike into forced treatment.

    And that is a slippery slope indeed. (Oldhead linked several of your articles to the above, btw)

    Let me connect the relevance of that article to yours with the quality of empathy, or lack thereof, among our detractors.

    Jerks (as opposed to psychopaths) will use the same arguments launched at them to attack their competitors! And as Oldhead pointed out, it was simply an in-house scramble for money & status. It is a common tactic of JERKS to use that type of circular thinking (although that was a circle within a circle, sigh. Are you getting dizzy yet? That is the goal)

    One psychiatrist uses the historical and well-documented abuses of psychiatry to silence another psychiatrist, or practitioner, and learned how to crystallize their arguments from posts on MIA!!!

    If psychiatry weren’t winning the battle so far, it would be funny: Jeffrey Lieberman standing onstage in a white lab coat to intimidate or impress his audience. A gem to satiric filmmaking!

    So if our detractors have no empathy, always finding new arguments and methods on how & why they have the right to drug us (I am barely staying ahead of AOT, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!, but I digress), we can reverse that to find new ways to be empathetic to other activist groups.

    We can take the time to understand their terminology; we can take the time to understand the current debate/s in their movements. I thought you did a great job in this article. You framed it in terms of how others may be responding to COVID- 19, & hoped for the same consideration in return.

    I have been checking in over the years, and I notice we have lost Matt, Steve Gilbert, Bonnie & Julie. I was devastated. Still am. Steve was kind enough to comfort me on that. We are a great family.

    Miss you. Love you, Sera.
    (btw, organic camu camu powder is the strongest source of plant-based vitamin C on the planet—great for improving the general immune system response on all fronts)

    (also please note Seth Farber’s essay on The Deep State and psychiatry—I first found it on MIA & Steve was helping me with that, thanks Steve! In other words, if you type in “Targeted Individual” in MIA’s search engine, the link to the essay will pop up in the old forum section)

  • DaveC & AA:

    Murphy is being investigated by the F.B.I. Go to the article right below this one. I have been up all night brainstorming on how to help bpdtransformation & oldhead, as we have been doing a *lot* to try & help defeat this Murphy bill. This deplorable bill. I’m going to have to go take a “mental health break” (sorry, Frank) for a few days & have nothing else to do with this for awhile. See ya guys in about a week!

    Yes, MURPHY IS BEING INVESTIGATED BY THE FBI. Follow the story on the article below. Kudos!

  • Dude:

    Go to the article about Murphy’s ethical & legal infractions just on the homepage.

    I posted this for bpdtransformation. He & I & oldhead have been doing a *lot* on the organizing forum. But I think the FBI investigation is the topic to follow. YES, MURPHY IS BEING INVESTIGATED BY THE FBI!!!

    So Here goes, from my post on the home page:
    To: bpd
    Hey did you go onto the link that he has posted in this article?????


    It says on page 115, scroll down that:

    “The Federal Bureau of Investigation has opened an investigation into whether Rep.
    Murphy’s legislative staff members performed campaign work on government time and has
    interviewed some of his former staffers.
    Rep. Murphy’s FEC filings show that through mid July 2007, he has paid $22,205 in legal fees”


    Like I said, BIG PHARMA would just love to wash their hands from Murphy if this gets out!

  • Hey bpdtransformation:

    Hey did you go onto the link that he has posted in this article?????


    It says on page 115, scroll down that:

    “The Federal Bureau of Investigation has opened an investigation into whether Rep.
    Murphy’s legislative staff members performed campaign work on government time and has
    interviewed some of his former staffers.
    Rep. Murphy’s FEC filings show that through mid July
    2007, he has paid $22,205 in legal fees”


    Like I said, BIG PHARMA would just love to wash their hands from Murphy if this gets out!

  • Sera:

    Has anyone ever approached Piper Kerman of “Orange is the New Black” to write a guest op-ed for MIA? I know she speaks about the injustices of seclusion, and the “Psych Version” of seclusion. Remember the character Suzanne told Piper about the two versions within the prison? She said, “psych is even WORSE. I am the only one who ever got out of Psych.”

    Especially as the Murphy Bill has been postponed for re-submission in the House until early 2016 in order to “lower its price tag,” I am thinking this could be timely. Piper would be a quick study. She would figure out what is wrong with the bill, very VERY quickly. What do you think?

  • Combine oldhead’s strategy of focusing on Murphy exclusively right now with bpdtransformation’s strategy of downloading the Tor Orion browser to get a different email and temporary Facebook account and keep plying Murphys’s Facebook Page with new identities.

    Photo-document it in real time as *proof.* Banning someone from your Facebook site is not illegal, but remember, actions do not have to be illegal to peak the medias’ interest ; ) If you know what I mean…

    Send it everywhere you can. Make it satirical if you know how to use dark humor. bpdtransformation probably has good ideas where to send it.

    You may want to try posting it on Rep. Frank Pallone Jr. (N.J.) facebook site as well, as Murphy has done a *lot* to him. Personally attacked his integrity.

    Representative Pallone has been the outspoken leader of the democrats who oppose the Murphy Bill in its original language.

    And, again, bpdtransformation would have better ideas than me of other great places to send something like this.

    Again, the mainstream media *may* be interested in such a story, as Big Pharma will dispose of Murphy when he is no longer useful.

    Murphy has already given them plenty of horrifying bigoted footage on CNN (and other places) Watch them yourself.

    I would suggest you watch them back-to-back if you haven’t seen them in awhile. Prepare to feel a lot of unpleasant emotions.

  • oldhead

    The discussion continues. How to defeat Murphy? It is already defeated. What to do next? Track what Mr. Murphy says as the bill goes through markup & re-submission to the house. I think that’s where it is.This will tell you which survivor voices *he has been forced* to listen to. Work backwards.

  • Sarah:

    I just read this. I am skipping all over the place on this thread because it has taken a lot of diverse turns.

    “and, instead invest my energy in efforts I find more productive–Like the hard work of creating relationships worth having and a world worth living in.”

    I find this whole block you wrote awesome.

    Isn’t it weird when a writer can look on a block of writing that sums up decades worth of experience & say, “I’m glad I can boil it down to XX number of paragraphs, but it seems odd that that’s even possible.”

    It’s like a dish or a stew, or something else tactile you can make. Less tangible, but more so, cause it’s in words. So powerful when a survivor can finally talk.

  • Kate:

    “You misunderstand me. I’m terribly sorry for your bad experiences.”

    I believe you. And thank you for reading “Anatomy of an Epidemic,” as I saw you *did* say you read it. I only just finished it myself last month.

    “The attempt to speak for others as if your experiences are their experiences is where I take exception.”

    I will speak only for myself then.

    *MY* concern is that the point-of-view of the psychiatric mental health system survivor is grossly underrepresented in the mainstream media, in the rhetoric of proponents of the Murphy Bill, within the academy and within the psychiatric profession itself, and as far as the public imagination the bigotry is reaching horrifying levels.

    That means the hatred for both me and your daughter is…well…something I do not want to look at. Even on a good day.

    Try as anyone may, it is very hard to keep up with the latest research, especially as those who believe in the narrative of the medical model obfuscate the research and redirect even the well meaning away from findings of flawed clinical trials, proven damage to the brain and body because of long-term usage of drugs, including creation of more psychotic episodes, not less.

    I think well-meaning people are hoping that they’re are chemists working on drugs with less “side-effects” that will not kill their children and family members at 40 or 58 (the age of my best friend and spiritual mother).

    I know you care.

    The problem is that if it has not been proven ONE WAY OR ANOTHER that the origin of “mental illness” is in the brain, then the chemists are trying to solve a problem within an organ they do not understand.

    If you throw in the human genome the multi-variant calculus is off the charts & into 4-D mathematics & beyond. I only went up to Calculus myself, so I am shuddering at the thought. Any mathematicians around?


    The pharmaceutical industry hold those of us who are interested in complimentary medicine to the evidence-based standards that they have themselves failed.

    Then they do their best to hide result. And they are good at it.

    Good research costs money, and the bias of the scientists (even those who are interested in complimentary medicine, let’s be fair here) go into the framing of the question, and the interpretation of the results.

    O.K. I’ll say it: I *DO* use drugs to come out of “psychosis” from time-to-time.

    I have had *nine* episodes now & I have been researching complimentary medicine for almost 15 years. I use them for about 10 days a year when I detect “symptoms.” Those 10 days are not back-to-back.

    That is not long enough to damage the neurotransmitters in the brain. In “Anatomy of an Epidemic,” it takes three weeks, according to the research collected by Robert Whittaker.

    Please do not think you need a Ph.D. or M.D. to start researching these topics for yourself. There are many books written by professionals for lay people and/or professionals who can help you. There are not a lot of psychiatrists doing both, but there are some.

    I use drugs 1% of the time and natural remedies 99% of the time.

    I will not go into what the ratio would be or should be for someone else, but I will say, categorically, that high quality foods & supplements have direct results and are good for ANYONE.

    Why not start researching these topics? I know you care about your daughter. That is not in question.

    Better yet, if a family member of someone with a diagnosis tries some of these complimentary remedies on *themselves,* after all we are all in line for age-related diseases eventually, you will have a better understanding of what “lived experience” means to us on MIA.

    In other words, you will be in intense communication with your body of what to put into it and what not to. This is preverbal and very, *very* wise. I am still trying to articulate it myself.
    I wish you the best!

  • Emmeline:

    Thank you for clearing up that MIA cannot create the content or advocate for or against specific legislation.

    That, in turn, is helping me to organize what would go onto the
    content block on the front page myself.

    Thank you! Thank you! for getting back to us. I will email you later today. I also noticed that you have a thread with advocacy links on the forum section. I need to peruse that as well because I am an advocacy lightweight in every way.

    I have seen the Murphy bill articles. I am grateful for MIA publishing these, as I am getting my education fast track.

  • I know. I saw it & had a problem logging into it, but not some of the other threads.

    At any rate, there looks like there may be 2 staff members that may be the right ones to contact. I feel the same way you do; I know they are swamped & I hate to bother them.

    But who is to say they cannot file it under “great idea” to work on it some other time?

    I’ll contact them though. Lemme hammer out the idea a little better. They may just want to direct us to a site that handles this exclusively, but even so, a link on the *home page* would be better than nothing. I’ll just make it a suggestion. With an apology!

    Watching for legislation that is an infringement on civil liberties for survivors is one of the *absolute best* things the consumer movement does. Why not take the best of that world? I’ll get back to you. On the forum, if I manage to get logged in correctly next time. Luddite here.

  • Oh, I posted something for you & oldhead below. I put it right under your name the first time, but I was wandering around in my meta-narrative way on other sites & it got tacked onto the end of this article which is now in the past post section! yikes!

    I was afraid you wouldn’t see it. Leah, I am enjoying following links to your articles & letters!

  • oldhead & Leah:

    If we were to have a Murphy Watch box, or Bill watch box on the homepage, it could update what is happening with the bill in real time, or we could simply post the bullet points from with a link to that site.

    If we do not get a bill watch on the home page in time, hammering out a Manifesto on the organizing forum would be too slow for this bill, I know, but it could help us with articulating our own letters-to-the-editor & to our representatives. I spent a little time on this morning, & I saw that the guidelines for the format & length were the most clear & concise I’ve seen on how to craft such a letter.

    How about we each write our own sample letter on the forum and then send it out where it needs to go? This will take me a little bit longer, as I only knew there was an alternative to the medical model since I found MIA this September! HOW PATHETIC IS THAT?

    I have been too busy researching complimentary health myself & reversing the damage to my body to care which organ was the origin of my imbalance–AND my first hospitalization was 30 years ago! That’s a long time for a survivor to find out that there was a better way all along. I knew there was. Always did.

    But you have to reverse the cognitive damage to your brain to follow the research in the first place! And that takes time.

    Leah: I have been interested in your work, and now I know where to follow your thoughts! I noticed that Pete Earley printed your article on his site on 11/10/15 and I want to thank him for that, should he be reading.

    I am not moving fast enough myself for all of this, as I just saw this article last night and it is now in the recent post section. Yikes!

  • I know. I saw it there too. Then I kicked myself for not saying something to you about it. I wonder if the Official MIA bloggers could put the “best of” these types of lists as center pieces for (some of) their monthly/or weekly articles?

    This could also be posted by an MIA techie or moderator on the front page to jump start the discussion & planning. I know, I know, like you guys don’t have enough to do already!

    This was one of my original ideas of how to get people to post more & execute some of the great ideas on your list. Unlike software updates & tech-upgrades, the ideas themselves are not *more valuable* than the product itself. Not in a movement that has no voice, YET…. ; )

    I had another idea: if an official Blogger, or frequent poster, could have a grassroots type of gathering in their homes? To discuss your list, yes, & more!

    I would be willing to do this once people got to know me better, oh, & er, I cleared it with me significant other! It would be grassroots cause it would be sleeping bags over sleeping pads. Oh well…

  • Thank you for writing back to me! I admire you so very much. I know how to fight back for myself when needed, but you think so much more clearly when you are angry than I do. How long did it take you to do this?

    I also find that you address other survivors with incredible compassion, even when you disagree.

    Do you write “less cool-headed” or shift-into-the-vernacular (er, 4- letter word) drafts on pieces of scrap paper first before posting? Just wondering…

  • Sera & Timothy:

    Timothy: Very brave! I admire you. I also found that anytime I have looked inward to find I have treated people with less respect than I am proud to admit (even subconsciously, *especially* subconsciously), it has been *even* more painful than having people look down their noses at me (lately, that has been by the more credentialed, & as my husband works in academia, the letters after your name are *everything*)

    Sera: “It’s sometimes the difference between recognizing the concrete barriers on the road in front of you versus the air on an entirely clear path…”

    Pure poetry! & not to hijack the conversation away from misogyny, but I have to, momentarily at least, since I am female & my post is a forensic, inner, “who have I dissed lately” self-examination. I think it is critical to look inward as an advocate & I have only been able to do it since I have liked myself & made jokes at me own expense.

    But it *is* important to look inwards as an advocate. I remember after I got out of the RRP where I lived for five years, I almost immediately went into the consumer movement. This was 15 years ago. I didn’t stay long. I managed a county peer drop-in center for a year, saved it, then moved on to writing feature articles for a consumer nonprofit newsletter. I was never a peer counselor.

    I have finally figured out that the consumer leaders did not have time to heal before they become advocates–a Stockholm within the system, if you will.

    Of my friends in the public mental health system who are still alive (most aren’t, including my best friend & spiritual mom who died indirectly from her “drug cocktail”) it has taken me *this long* to separate my feelings of contempt for the public mental health system from my anger at watching them passively accept their lot.

    I felt guilty until I realized I do not feel superior to them, only the System. AND I AM SUPERIOR TO THE SYSTEM. In every way. And the consumer leaders did not have time to separate that out.

    Which is why I am glad I got out of it for 15 years & am now back, sort of, at least to support other writers and advocates. I now identify with the MIA contingent of the survivor movement, but taking long breaks to heal was a great thing for me.

    I always thought the movement needed a third wave undercurrent, or perhaps tsunami?, picking up from the 70’s , the ex-patient movement (do I have my facts right there?) to finish what the consumer movement can no longer do. I think we need it all. We need people fighting the Murphy Bill, & I am not in D.C. right now, I notice. But I am sure the consumer leaders are.

    I have to go back & thank the consumer movement for some of the many things it DID do, among which was to block AOT laws. Only five states have managed to block those laws & I sat among my mentors as we testified against it, & I also enjoyed not being hauled right back into the RRP I escaped from when my husband picked me up from the hospital & they wanted to forcibly rope me right back in. Thanks to the fact that I lived in Maryland. they couldn’t. THEY COULDN’T!

    Only the feistiest of us made it out of the RRP. The most arrogant of us. It took me a long time to realize, “Paige, you know, you really do *not* know everything.”

    I have not identified with feminism in a long time because of the double choke-hold in my throat chakra–since I am on still on disability I can still (more easily) be hauled into a hospital or forced into AOT than if I weren’t, barring the Murphy Bill, I suppose, but I cannot be incarcerated or barred from voting since I am female (but what happens to me once I am INSIDE the psychiatric facility, uh, another story ENTIRELY).

    So thank you for bringing this up. I believe there are places for advocates in this world, & there are places for diplomats. I am more of a diplomat, so I am self-silencing, still getting in the heads of my abusers to plan my escape. . . I am sad to say.

    Sera, I have watched you fight fearlessly online & I feel like you are fighting for me. I watch, wide-eyed, inanimate, like a bent doll, speechless, no air in my lungs which no longer exist anyway…

  • Julie:

    Just saw your You-Tube clip. Thank you so much for putting this online & I was so happy to see the positive comments underneath! It really does help, doesn’t it (?) to get support & it doesn’t seem to matter if it is online or not.

    I’ve also had the recent pain of several friendship losses & betrayals all at once. For some reason, they came all at one time, like a clearing of my life from all those who no longer resonate with me. Compassionate comments from several people at MIA have helped a lot.

    I especially like to support other writers. It’s the writers’ support group I never had & always wanted: I want to help other writers get their stories out there & *I really mean it.* What was it like getting your MFA? Were people more supportive or less than online?

  • I bet student & indie filmmakers would be interested as well. Maybe even a well entrenched filmmaker would bite at this. Film it yourself, have a friend do it, have a student edit it, all of the above & more. And more. And more. It could be used in a courtroom as evidence as well. One of my friends told me I was the only person to successfully escape a “counselor” calling in the authorities when I left a crisis house. I lived in an RRP for five years in my “other life.” The life I am trying to forget. Would have been cool if we could have filmed it. It wasn’t really all that exciting though, we weren’t exactly thinking about camera angles, lighting & scripts! This is the way I think too The__cat.

  • Iden:

    Thank you for your story! I saw your name on the MIA author list last month, & I was excited by your description of a “Great Turning that is happening, even though we may not see the full fruits of it in our life time.”

    In addition to writing & posting on here & working with peers, do you actually visualize this? What does it look like for you? & after watching the YouTube clip when you say you wake up at 6 every morning to see the sunset, I thought that was pretty cool. Not sure if I am going to do it, but maybe it would help me “visualize” what I want to see happen with human rights/human dignity in all ways. : )

  • To Elizabeth & Ted:

    I feel this is the support group I never had.

    I am now working through all of Ted’s posts (and Sera’s) from the past & trying to savor them like I am running through the words of a beloved series. I do not want them to end!

    Ted: you have crystallized opinions in a way that have changed my life. I walk through the house in a checked out daze going over some of your insights in a never-ending loop while folding a shirt, washing a dish, taking a walk.

    Elizabeth: as a fellow writer & poet. Stunning, gorgeous writing. You need to hear that first, I think : )

    Secondly: I was shocked when I was reading your story that I, personally, am still stuck on the part where I am silenced, and talking to the unappreciative, talking to the “veritable hand.” I didn’t even know that until I followed your narrative.

    As a trauma survivor, I wound up in a state psychiatric hospital in West Virginia, unable to speak, & blacking out for weeks at a time. I have a few foggy memories though: I was in a room with a long conference table & this triggered a vomit-like exegesis on the prelapsarian (or pre-fall) universe of William Blake & his attending mythopoeics leaving the attendees to scratch their head & say “what the @#$$%^ was that?”

    In other words, coming from a heretofore catatonic patient, they basically heard an abstract of a paper (I wrote as an undergraduate) that got accepted two years later at the Wordsworth conference in England. I can actually tell this story & make it funny. (I know it’s not a funny story! I’m just saying)

    When my fiancee came to pick me up, the attendees told him, “I don’t know where you think you are buddy, but nobody ever gets out of here.” What he came to find out is that I had “graduated” to another building where the inpatients were deemed as having some hope.

    I don’t remember any of this, but my (now) husband explained what the buildings looked like, what my room looked like, what the grounds looked like. I don’t remember anything.

    I don’t remember any patients, nurses or doctors, except ONE nurse who stood by my side the entire time. She even coached me to sign my name on the release documents. I could not legally leave until I signed. And it was HARD!

    We did this locked-on eye thing and she calmly explained to me that I MUST sign my name to be able to walk out the door. I managed to crank out my signature. (I was really just transferred to another hospital closer to my fiance, but two weeks after that: ESCAPE!!!!)

    Elizabeth & Ted. Please keep writing. I want to support the MIA writers. This is only my second post. I am also going to make some $ donations, but can’t start that til next month. Broke right now. People who post are more likely to donate. I have some ideas on how to get people to post more!

  • This is beautifully stated. I have been out of consumer advocacy for about 15 years, researching complimentary alternatives to a diagnosis of bi-polar disorder. Whereas a diagnosis is static, mental health (or mind/body balance) is not.

    I figured out how to balance “symptoms” of bi-polar disorder almost 98% naturally & moved onto anti-aging in my late 30s. At 51, I am mistaken for being in my late 20s or 30s all of the time. In longevity studies/complimentary health, this is a not a tribute to vanity as much as a “mirror-reflection” of maybe my methods are working. On my 50th birthday there was a palpable gasp of, “maybe she knows what she’s talking about” among my friends & colleagues.
    Getting back into this is like a slap in the face.
    When I attempt to document the extremes of my past: living on the street, trauma survivor, RRPs, state hospitals, forced ECT, in an attempt to prove that complimentary treatments *work,* it erases my credibility among those who have not had the same experiences I have had. And among those who *have* had similar experiences as me, I do not want to be pushy or think in all-or -nothing terms of say, raw foods, versus psychiatric drugs (or cooked food vs raw, paleo vs. grains, meat vs.vegan & on & on & on).
    As I want to make my mark in the arts, specifically writing, I am in a self-perpetuating universe of “how do I describe where I’ve been without *others* getting stuck on the unimportant parts?” Erasing myself before I’ve begun!
    My mentor at On Our Own of Maryland once said, “Oh, Paige! bandying about the term ‘consumer’ has been around for decades!”
    As a word person, that began some reflection, & then I realized the problem: I was trying to describe something & negate it at the same time!!! Which goes back to your comment, Sera, “It is a bit of a rub, isn’t it…to fight some of these things, needing to continue to identify so closely with them, even if saying we disagree?”
    I have not thought about *any* of this for a very long time. In the complimentary medicine world, I have been exclusively reading blogs on energy work & raw foods if I am reading about health. This is painful. That is, having to explain myself in such simple to terms to those who (I forgot) do not see me as anything other than a biologically dysfunctional talking organism under a plate glass. Then I found MIA. WOW!