Tuesday, October 20, 2020

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  • Excellent post. Thank you. I would only add that there is no such thing as mental illness. There are, however, coping mechanisms people learn that allow them to function after a fashion in the face of overwhelming emotional trauma/abuse. These coping mechanisms tend to make others uncomfortable and so they label these people as mentally ill and do all they can to eliminate this source of discomfort for thenselves.

  • Good for you! I also informed my doctor that I would not take statins as well as some other “preventive” meds. he wanted to put me on based on so-called guidelines (influenced by big pharma. I’m sure) I think I had an edge on you, however, because I was a former R.N. before becoming an attorney. I am 73 and take only one med. for mild COPD (Yes, I’m a smoker). I was almost killed by psychiatrists at a time when I was suffering a severe situational depression. I had nowhere else to turn, no resources, no support network, and was desperate. I stupidly bought into their claptrap and was on numerous SSRIs for almost 8 years believing them when they said I needed them. I eventually realized that being a zombie was not living and weaned myself off. At that point, my recovery started. I have had a wonderful life since then, but my former psyche. diagnosis is still in my record and causes me problems.

  • It seems noteworthy that the various diagnoses in the DSM are so clearly delineated in that they match up quite well with the approved use of the medications that the pharmaceutical industry is hawking. I was a captive of the mental health system for eight years and was not able to recover until I obtained a good living situation and family support that enabled me to wean myself off all medications. In the past fifteen years, I have experienced a full and joyful life and am a constructive member of society, a loving mother to my four grown children, and an involved grandmother to my grandchildren. How sad that the mental health system now shuns the wise shamans.