Tuesday, December 1, 2020

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  • Of course, psychiatry is based on the myth of the chemical imbalance of neural transmitters. To challenge this is a distracting debate since this is a myth. Meanwhile hormones, sleep deprivation, stress, drugs, and improper nutrition create real chemical imbalances that are ignored for the promoted myth. Concepts of self-identity, group roles, communication skills, habitual trauma-induced responses, and social adaptations strategies are ignored. It is overdue to bypass psychiatry and create effective therapeutic services. Of course, that would be a mighty political struggle surviving the economic interests of the pharmaceutical industry. Psychiatry should have been left behind a long time ago. It is overdue to move on pass this illusion of a science and help people with limited skills cope by improving those skills. Much of so-called mental illness is simply a lack of life skills and often a lot of bad habits based on a lack of health. The largest cause of mental-illness is simply mentally-ill people who are seen as normal in a pathological culture that promotes war and economic disparity as ideals. Many of the mentally-ill are just over-traumatized victims of these so-called normal authority figures such as psychiatrists. Psychiatry itself may be the largest manifestation of mental-illness.