Wednesday, November 25, 2020

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  • If I am an anarchist or anti psychiatry it is because I was lied to by biological psychiatry for most of my life. Telling me at 22 that I had a “disease” that was “caused by a chemical imbalance” and was “incurable” but could be “managed with lifelong medications”, that this “disease” was hereditary, that I was and always would be “disabled” removed all hope for my future. I believed this as did my family and from then on I was treated differently. My life, my hopes, even my ambition changed to managing my “symptoms”. Not recovering and having a life.

    When I finally got exposed to people who thought differently 4 years ago I was shocked. What do you mean that there is no evidence proving the “chemical imbalance theory”? What do you mean that the drugs could be causing the very “symptoms” I am being treated for? What do the studies showing that those of us on these drugs as long as I have been (decades) are dying 25 years sooner mean for me and others blindly, without informed consent, mean ? What do you mean there is no safe way known to stop these drugs? And when I told my counselor I wanted to stop and why she had no clue. When I did stop I was alone. We know more about helping people get off heroin and crack and alcohol then we do about psychotropic drugs and that is wrong.

    So thank all of you, survivors and allies, for speaking out. Any so called science that can vote on a diagnosis like a popularity contest, financed by drug companies motivated by profit, which ignores “first, do no harm” and is actually the creator of harm deserves a movement against it. Psychiatry fits that and more. I am glad I now know the truth even though I lost so much. When psychiatrists wonder why they are losing respect I wonder how they ever had any.