Monday, October 26, 2020

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  • it really kills me when a office jockey who never left his desk cries ptsd because he was away from home and family. then the VA comes along to disprove all soilders who have ptsd are bucking for a free payday. really? with both a service connected disability from iraq and ptsd, you could have every f***ing penny back if you could fix what was messed up, then made to wait while the situation worsened. to those who say,” no one made you sign up”, true. it’s a sense of being a patriot that made that happen back in 1979. i went to iraq in 05 as an old dog of the bunch who led from the front, not behind a air conditioned building. my 2 sons did their duty as well and both have issues. what i do find funny, is that we will throw money at illegals and non hackers, but make vets ump thru hoops and wait years for a paltry check. if your getting 3000 a month for ptsd, i can pretty well assure that your egg has been scrambled. lets start pulling the welfare folks that are perfectly able to work but won’t, and stop worrying about those who sacrificed their lives, families,jobs and sanity for a country run by people who could care less about those they sent into harms way so their entitled kids would’nt have to. let sleeping dogs lie. if you go ahead and stir this pot, be prepared for those who have training you could’nt hack, with weapons that scare you, with damaged brains that have nightmares you could’nt fathom. vets, regardless of branch or service, be it cold war, vietnam,korea, ww2,grenada,OIF or OEF or any place we can’t talk about, deserves everything that their entitled to. if you don’t agree, sign, suit, man up, or shut the hell up. ’nuff said. ‘merica!