Monday, October 26, 2020

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  • There is a lot of things the VA has problems figuring out! I went into Basic Training LAFB Texas in 1981. I was taken advantage of by my T.I. so now I have MST ( Military Sexual Trauma) what a way to start your career. It was over before it began and it has ruined my entire life. Then they send me to Iraq and I take bullets for my country and watch my friends die. I come home and I have piles of paperwork doctors appointments and I am put on so many meds I can’t drive a car or stay awake at my Civil Service job. I am told by my supervisor I cannot do my job, I said ok sign this paperwork from the VA so I can resign this position. So now at 100% Disabled Veteran female I finally get my disability benefits after applying for 5 years. My husband comes home from Iraq and goes crazy then over doses on drugs and dies. Now my home is in foreclosure because his income is gone. Now I live in a 250 sq ft shack paying $1000.00 a month and they turn down my DIC widows benefits( $853.00 a month) because they say Social Security is paying me too much money. You just can’t win for all the suffering. That’s lousy little sum of money would at least provide a comfortable living space with a bed that’s not on the floor while I figure out how to commit suicide. What about our quality of life? And now they want to complain because a few people try to buck the system. Treatments??? Non of the trauma caused by the military will ever go away. It is permanent damage. I do my best exercising and trying to keep it out of my mind is a struggle. No more pills, just trying my best to live and be happy~