Wednesday, October 21, 2020

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  • xenon is a naturally occurring element and may be trapped in crystal quartz within the earth. Why is the human brain sensitive to this rare element? Because we’ve been breathing it since we first crawled out of the primordial ooze and our brains adapted to its effects – perhaps it was more plentiful in early earth atmosphere as it makes up only .000008% of the air we breath.

  • The doses used in this study (25%) were sub anesthetic – they don’t put you to sleep. The gas is completely safe in people and some reports even indicate that people find breathing it “pleasurable” or “safe” – people don’t emerge from breathing low dose xenon as zombies with their memories wiped. Also, let me dispel some of the concerns that this is like a lobotomy, mind erasure, or a way to depersonalize a person with PTSD. The application suggested from the study is that it might be a way to break a vicious feedforward cycle of traumatic remembering. In all likelihood (hasn’t yet been tested in people) xenon administered during therapist-assisted psychotherapy will provide a wedge in the pathological cycle of intrusive thoughts —–> reconsolidation——-> intrusive thoughts that maintains the symptoms of PTSD. By disrupting reconsolidation, this will allow a reciprocal process called extinction – which is deficient in PTSD – to start to gain some traction and allow people to recover with their own cognitive control.