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  • Are there any other businesses or medical professionals whose practice is to insult their consumers? Who claim their consumers need to keep taking the addicting drugs they sell because the consumers are too stupid to know they are really good? Who then turn around and say anyone who they have not insulted who says something negative about the drugs lacks insight to know how good they are?

  • Half life of various drugs
    Cocaine 1 hour
    Heroin 30 minutes

    Half life means the time it typically takes for half the original substance to be metabolized and/or eliminated from someone’s system. It is not a reflection on the harms or benefits of the substance. It isn’t even an actual reflection on the duration of the substances actions. Many drug effects last last long after the original substance has been metabolized. These effects are sometimes called “withdrawal” “hangovers” “addiction”

  • In the scale they use for studies for neuroleptic drugs, psychotic symptoms include: suspicion, grandiose thoughts (so disagreeing with the psychiatrist), excitement, and hostility. Don’t even need hallucinations, delusions or disorganized thinking to score as psychotic. Though since it is all subjective disagreeing with psychiatry can be a delusion.

    In SSRI and drug studies used for depression/anxiety the person going from saying they are not ill to saying they are ill produces a larger “benefit” than the total short term drug benefit. No need to even address that these studies are cherry picked withdrawal studies because when you know what they define as “better than placebo” you realize the drug is worse than worthless.

  • A 450 page research book is “oversimplification” while a psychiatrists “you are ill therefore you are ill take these great drugs because we cherry picked a few corporate clinical trials.” Is what exactly? What do we call it when highly unequal standards are applied?

    If you admit the decision is painful why does psychiatry lie and withhold facts about it from people? Something being painful does not excuse them manipulating people to take as you say “painful” addicting drugs. Drugs that Anatomy showed cause only long term harm.

    Psychiatry are the ones who lied about a chemical imbalance to get people on the drugs. They are the ones who force people to take the drugs. People with these labels don’t get insulted for taking the drugs; they get insulted for being off them. Your “pill shamming” comments are you blaming others for the actions of psychiatry. Just like psychiatry blames the effects of their drugs on the people taking them.

    If you really believed the standard need to be high to release these kinds of ideas to the public you’d be attacking psychiatry. You know the people who lied to slander hundreds of millions Who lied to get hundreds of millions addicted to drugs. Who gave millions brain damage from their drugs. Those ideas were the dangerous ones. Correcting those ideas are only dangerous to those benefiting from the lies.

  • “Mentally ill” people who are against the drugs lack insight and can be ignored and forced on the drugs.
    People without those labels who are against the drugs can be ignored and slandered because they lack the insight from being “ill”
    Psychiatry holds these two contradictory beliefs simultaneously. I’d say if anyone lacks insight it is the psychiatry people who can’t do basic logic.

  • You once falsely believed the medication was the reason for everything you had. Now you recognize the truth, that you were stronger, more resilient, and more dedicated then you ever imagined. Strong enough to survive being put on however many horrible drugs for so long. I hope you can recognize the beauty, exceptionalism, and accomplishment of your survival like I now do.

  • It’s hard for anyone to say if what they experience and feel is an effect of the drugs because psychiatrists lie and withhold what the effects are. They tell people the effects of their drugs are because of their “illness”. Patients who complain are called crazy. Most the time they are given an additional addicting deadly drug to address the effects of the other drugs.

  • Pretty much everyone with these labels gets drugged. If they do well off the drugs psychiatry claims they must not really have the “illness”. This means that the perception of what these labels are is based on looking at drugged people. Particularly drugged people put through withdrawal.

    The irony is that “mentally ill” people do have an “illness” that illness is a psychiatric drug addiction to drugs that cause brain damage even in the short term. These people’s brains do have abnormalities that cause horrible effects. Those abnormalities are effects from the drugs.

  • Well if they didn’t deny the effects of the addicting deadly drugs they push and even force on people and they had any conscious they would have trouble sleeping at night.

    Why bother becoming informed about your actions if doing so shows you’re maiming people? Much easier and better for ones happiness to ignore the consequences of your actions. To call anyone pointing them out a dangerous crazy person.

    There is a quote that goes “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” I can one up that with, “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his moral status depends on his not understanding it.”

  • Isn’t it shocking how psychatry admits that they purposefully violate the medical principle of informed consent? They also violate the medical oath of “First do no harm.”
    They admit to withholding facts and lying to people in order to manipulate them into buying their addicting deadly drugs. If a group violates the doctors oath and standard medical principles doesn’t that mean they aren’t medical professionals?

  • I think it is revealing what Psychiatrists mean exactly when they say our treatment is “effective, and better than placebo.”

    The corporate clinical trials do find that antidepressants are statistically significantly better than placebo. (For now let’s not address biases and flaws of these studies. Let’s just look at the exact results). These studies find that the drugs in the short term reduce the HAMD 54 point scale by about 2 points. A 2 point change in this scale can mean the person goes from saying they are not ill to saying they are ill. The psychiatrist thinking the persons facial expressions have gone from apprehensive to irritable is also a 2 point change. If someone stops losing weight it is also a 2 point change.
    That is why they think people need to take these drugs for life. Because a 6 week corporate clinical trial says that their addicting deadly drug causes a persons HAMD scale to change by the equivalent of them no longer disagreeing with psychiatry .

  • Almost all studies psychiatry uses for “safety and effectiveness” for its drugs consist of putting the non drug group through withdrawal. Since withdrawal causes these neurological disorders these studies will vastly underestimate how many people get this drug induced disease.

    I wonder what the people who started the medical principle of informed consent would think of not telling people, “There is around a 50% chance using antipsychotics will cause a permeant painful movement disease that can’t be treated.”

  • Imagine if the prescribers did that and performed honest informed consent. “The corporate clinical trials found antidepressants causes a 1.5 point increase in a 54 point scale in the short term. In this scale you changing your mind and agreeing you are mentally ill is registered as a larger benefit than the benefit the drug provides. 87 people out of 100 taking the drug will not see any improvement from the drug. The drug is addicting and it increases all cause death rates by 25-75%.”

    How many people would take that drug?

  • Money isn’t the most important factor. It is deeper than that.
    It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his moral and social status depend on his not understanding it.
    The mental health profession forces drugs on people and drugs kids. For them to admit their whole profession is a pseudoscience that kills and tortures people’s; they have to accept the horrors they’ve done.

  • Do chemical imbalances that are as deadly as an alcohol addiction count as an an incurable disease? If so technically people do have that because psychiatric drugs cause deadly chemical imbalances. Pretty sly to lie and say your patients will never recover and put them on drugs that cause chronic illness. They will assume the effects of the drugs is their mental illness and keep taking the drugs. Even more crafty to lie and claim the drugs take 4-6 weeks to work because by that time a person is addicted. The withdrawal is then used as evidence the drug works. Their studies that claim these drugs work use the same idea. They put the placebo group through withdrawal. Because of this these biased studies actually find the effectiveness of the drug declines after several weeks.

  • You mean maybe mental diagnosis are just a bunch of random traits people disliked and they don’t describe any cause or disorder at all? That would explain why many people’s diagnosis switches and why a lot of people could be labeled with multiple diagnosis. Assuming something that causes mental suffering and problems will result in similar presentations in everyone is bad science.

  • If society grants you the authority to diagnosis people as ill and drug them then you can. Society not only granted psychiatrists the authority to lock people up and force drugs on them, but also the authority to determine if their drugs are safe and effective. Like almost all defendants at a trial they said they were good. The best! Evidence based. Saving lives and making you safe. No chance people whose drugs were killing and torturing would admit it right? No chance people paid by a drug company could make a biased study on the companies drug.
    A major problem with this debate is society acts like the defendant is the best expert witness.


    I’ll give you a warning Pro-psychiatry people are in a constant state of denial. I’ve had multiple people respond with a variation of “mentally ill people commit more suicide”. They don’t ever actually read any research they just make up lies about how the research is wrong and they are right. This wouldn’t work very well but corporations and psychiatrists making money off the drugs easily produce fraudulent research.

  • Antidepressants increase suicide by 250%. Veterans without a mental illness who get psychiatric “care” have 50% higher suicide rates compared to Veterens with a mental illness who don’t get psychiatric care. Antipsychotics increase psychosis by 300% and triple disability. Let that sink in.
    The mental health industry does more harm than all mental illnesses combined. They cause more suicides, deaths, and suffering.

  • It’s a choice of accepting that you hurt and killed a lot of people or denying it to save moral, social and financial face. It’s not just that they are making money. They get their social status and power from the status quo. Admitting their lies harm/kill people means all fantasies that they are good decent people go away. The quote “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” Misses a bigger point. If your profession has been hurting and killing people all along your morals depend on you not understanding it.

  • The “placebo” randomized control trials done by corporations may have found around 88% of the drug effect is a placebo effect. However these studies put the placebo group through withdrawal and/or have an unblinded drug group (via side effects). We should stop acting like studies with massive bias in favor of the drugs and done by corporations who’ve been fined billions for fraud are real. They are propaganda.

  • Making assumptions about behavior is what psychiatrists do. We shouldn’t just assume mice* behave in a certain way and design experiments based on the idea that our biases in researched assumption is truth. If we did that we’d be making the same mistakes psychiatrists make against the people they label.

    * Mice are experimented on because their brains are very similar to human brains. Given we know animals recognize individuals, feel, think, remember, play, etc just like humans there are zero scientific reasons to just make assumptions that they can’t behave like us.

  • It’s not just that society doesn’t admit and apologize for killing, disabling and ruining millions of lives. It’s that society is still doing it. 20% of the population is currently being harmed by psychotropic drugs. People I know and love are taking these drugs. Even the ones who want to quit can’t because the withdrawal is so horrible. I made friends through the mental health system that did not survive it. If I move on from this it will be a miracle.

  • This website had an article about how withdrawal symptoms of SSRI’s and other drugs last almost a year. Psychiatrists will put a patient on a drug and if they don’t improve after a few months they switch drugs and continue doing this. Meaning these people are going through withdrawal from multiple drugs at once. “Treatment resistant” is a euphemism for caused by the “treatment”.

  • They won’t flat out admit it but that is what the mean. It’s similar with stimulants for children labeled as ADHD. The drugs don’t improve grades, harm the child’s health and result in higher rates of depression, bi-polar etc. That doesn’t matter because people in authority find the drugged children are easier to manage. Makes one wonder are the other drugs considered good for similar reasons? Are “antipsychotics” given because they make people semi-unconscious meaning they are easier to manage?

  • Society puts a lot of pressure on people to take psychotropic drugs. People are still forced to take these drugs. Those that can’t be force fed the drugs are shamed and stigmatized to take them. The psychiatrists explanation for why people don’t want to take these drugs is that they are to mentally ill and defective to understand. It’s at the level where in order for society to label you as a good parent you need to get your kid addicted to meth.
    I totally get why some people who don’t take these meds pretend they are taking them. If everyone thinks you already take them they won’t pressure you to start taking them.

  • I was reading an article about how a study found people with ADHD have sleep troubles and that explained a large portion of their symptoms. The article mentioned giving them sleep drugs. The article never mentioned that an effect of ADHD drugs is sleep troubles. Instead of blaming the drug it was the patients fault and required more drugs. People who get bipolar from SSRI and stimulants are given more drugs. When you keep giving your patient more deadly drugs to treat side effects of other addicting drug you put them on it begs the question, are you a snake oil salesman? An anatomy of an epidemic answers that question as a yes. These drugs don’t provide any benefits.

  • Yes these drugs as detailed in An anatomy of an epidemic worsen the very symptoms they are supposed to treat in the long term. The “relapse” when quitting them isn’t a real relapse it’s a withdrawal effect. It is a direct harm caused by the drugs. It’s common to label withdrawal as a sign that the person needs the drug. This is like saying people need to be drunk all day because alcohol withdrawal can kill people.

  • I have been avoiding going to the dentist. The modern medical field of psychiatry is a the equivalent of blood letting why not dentistry? I now realize one reason why there are people who refuse life saving cancer treatments. When you have been lied to, involuntary committed, poisoned by a whole prestigious medical profession and they continue to do it to millions of people it’s difficult to feel safe and trust other people. The irony is that psychiatrists would say my paranoia is a sign of my illness. When really it’s a sign of how they abused me.

  • His argument would be much more insidious and deep. He’d lie and say that mentally ill people are biologically defective and the drugs fix this defection and therefore help them. He’s not defective so he doesn’t need to be fixed with drugs. His metaphorical allies have already convinced the populace that mental illness is caused by a chemical imbalance meaning they will accept it. That’s how they can rationalize making meth illegal because it’s so horrible while telling children they need to be high on meth all day.

  • In our current system the corporation expecting to make billions is the one who determines the safety and effectiveness of their drug. They design, create perform and analysis the “clinical trials”. They hide negative clinical trials and only publish positive ones. One “antidepressant” was approved because there were two positive trials for it. Later it was found out there was 5 negative trials that were hidden.
    Clinical trials need to be designed, performed, etc by a neutral third party. All the data needs to be public record.
    The Soviet Union was horrible but having state granted monopolies determine the safety and effectiveness of medical products they make trillions of dollars from is a step closer to how the Soviet Union operated.

  • The force, loss of rights, drugging, mistreatment, abuse and so on inherent in mental hospitalizations is traumatic and worsens outcomes but I think the harm is much more systemic than that. It’s not just the obvious atrocities it’s the whole thing. Isolating people in a hospital doesn’t produce benefits. It results in worsened social relationships not even counting the stigma.
    I doubt hospitalizations even truly voluntary ones do more good than harm.

  • If someone said alcohol was safe and effective and should be consumed all day because alcoholics taken off alcohol do worse (some can even die from the withdrawal) they’d be laughed at. Yet that is the same exact argument used for psychiatric drugs.
    Psychiatrists lie to people to get them addicted to drugs. They then use the withdrawal which is a harm caused by the drug as a reason to keep people addicted to the drugs. They even force people to get addicted to their drugs. The drug cartels are amateurs.

  • This will be a little off topic but I want/need your advice/opinions. A few months ago I read Robert Whitaker’s book “An anatomy of an epidemic” and began frequenting this website. I am now withdrawing slowly off these drugs and despite the withdrawal effects I feel better. I used to wake up every single morning wanting to die for hours. Since I significantly dropped my dosage I no longer want to die.
    However I am suffering trauma from the atrocities these drugs have done and are doing to me and millions of other people. I befriended a lot of suffering people through the mental health care industry. I still have contact information and could track down contact information for some of these people. I feel a need to help them by telling them the dark truth about the drugs. I need advice regarding that and I don’t know where else to get it besides here.
    I realize that probably all of them will think I’m a “crazy” person and my efforts will accomplish nothing. But the result of doing nothing is the same as failure. The only chance to do good is to try. So any personal experiences, thoughts or advice regarding that subject would be appreciated. Thank you.

  • Remember when these people said the brain damage was caused by schizophrenia when it was really caused by the “antipsychotic” drugs?
    They are doing the exact same thing when they claim “behaviors” are responsible for the high death rates. These drugs cause the unhealthy “behaviors”. It’s harder to work out or cook healthy meals when you’re sedated and demotivated by a drug. It’s harder to be at a healthy weight when you’re taking a drug that makes you want to eat all day.
    Studies also find that these drugs increase recreational drug consumption. When smoking a cigarette reduces your antipsychotic side effects you’re going to smoke more.
    When they blame “behaviors” for the high death rates they are missing the fact that the “antipsychotic” drugs are the cause of the behaviors. Though maybe they know they are lying.

  • The solution is always more drugs. Develop a new symptom while taking a drug and you get another drug. One antidepressant doesn’t work so they try another one with the same supposed mechanism of action. When you go off the drugs withdrawal is used as evidence that you need more drugs when it really is proof the drugs harmed you. This type of behavior is what drug cartels do.
    I’m currently going through antipsychotic withdrawal (I was coerced on it with an injection). The first month and a half of tapering was fine but I went down another level. This drop and withdrawal paradoxically has worsened my akinesia (restlessness, agitation etc). I tried Benadryl (anticholigeneric) because it is supposed to help with akinesia but I found it worsened my akinesia while making me drowsy. I’m of the theory that all the benefit of anticholgentics for akinesia is due to active placebo effect and sedation. A study found B6 helps with akinesia so I’m eating lots of peas, spinach, and bananas.
    I remind myself that withdrawal does even if very slowly get better over time. That withdrawal is evidence the drug does harm. That using the drugs only worsens my life even if I suffer withdrawal. But I can’t shake the fear that the drug induced damage will be with me forever.

  • Currently the corporation standing to make billions off their drug is the entity that determines if their drug is safe and effective. The “research” the corporation does is private and as a result they hide negative effects and results. We could have a government funded agency that determines the safety and effectiveness of the drugs. The research would be public. No cherry picking, no more conflict of interest, no more hidden effects and data.

  • The answer is always more drugs. Have a side effect from a drug, here take another drug. The first SSRI didn’t work here try another SSRI. The current “antidepressant” doesn’t work here add on an “antipsychotic”. Some people will get put on a 8 different “antidepressants” that don’t work and the answer is another “antidepressant”.
    Objectively they are worse than your typical recreational drug dealer. They force the drugs on people. They force them on children. They lie to trick people into getting addicted. Most drug dealers do less harm.

  • Children given stimulants are taught and internalize the idea that the only reason they behave is because they take a pill to correct their broken brain. The same applies to people diagnosed with depression and schizophrenia. The happiness and success they get is not attributed to their hard work and determination but rather to the drugs. Yet the side effects from the drugs such as weight gain etc are blamed on the individual. This world view creates chronic patients with low self esteem. The saddest part is it’s completely false.

  • The I guess ironic thing about the “it’s lifestyle factors” explanation for the reduced lifespan is the drugs worsen/cause these lifestyle factors. SSRI’s increase alcohol consumption, “antipsychotics” are associated with more tobacco use. These drugs can also make you lethargic, apathetic and unmotivated which makes it harder to exercise and eat healthy. The drugs also cause weight gain with some people gaining 100 pounds because of them.
    Blaming “lifestyle factors” is a good way to deflect blame onto the victims but it misses the point that the drugs cause the lifestyle factors. It reminds me how the pro-druggers claimed it was schizophrenia that caused brain damage when it turned out to be the “antipsychotics”.

  • “Antipsychotics” just like stimulants and “antidepressants” cause a whole list of side effects that are noticeable. One study found that around 85% of clinicians and patients given the drug in clinical trials know they are on the drug. This means these trials are not double blind placebo studies. They are trials comparing the drug and placebo where pretty much everyone knows if they are given the drug. We need to stop calling corporate clinical trials double blind placebo studies because that is false.

  • The World health organization did several studies looking at outcomes in developed nations verses non-developed nations. In undeveloped nations 66% of those diagnosed with schizophrenia had good outcomes compared to 37% in developed nations. One major difference between the two groups of countries is that most people in developed nations took an “antipsychotic” while undelivered nations didn’t.
    Eli Lily the pharmaceutical company did a study that supports the theory that the drugs are why developed nations have worse outcomes. In their study they made sure everyone was given “antipsychotics” and as a result the outcomes worsened.

  • Just because a term is highly subjective and doesn’t describe a physical reality doesn’t necessarily mean it is meaningless. If that were the case the terms happiness and sad would be meaningless.
    I think what you’re trying to say is “psychosis” as well as all mental health diagnosis don’t describe biology or something we can accurately determine. It’s not like a broken arm or diabetes where there is a physical part of you that is broken. There is zero known biological, chemical or physical difference between those labeled with mental illness diagnosis and those who aren’t. But that doesn’t mean terms that describe behavior and symptoms such as psychosis are meaningless.

  • What label would you give to something with this description.
    -Gets people addicted to their drugs
    -Lies and commits fraud to get people to take their addictive drugs
    -Their drugs are horrible for your health increasing your death rate by a third. They even worsen the symptoms they are supposed to relieve.
    -Forces people to get and stay addicted to their drugs.
    That sounds like a Drug Cartel.

  • One of the studies found negative heart health and blood sugar control associated with PTSD. SSRI’s, neuroleptics and other drugs that are prescribed for the vast majority of people with PTSD cause heart disease, obesity and diebetes. This reminds me how when it was found schizophrenics had brain damage psychiatrists said it was because of the illness but it turned out it was because these people took neuroleptic drugs. Studies found that worse pychotic symptoms and even recreational drug use was not associated with brain damage just neuroleptic use.