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  • When I read your comment along with others, to advocate and to have advocated, knowing this moment is in part framed by the technologies of “communication” as typed, can leave me in awe of discovering said site. But also without a verbal, an oral way to hear where my emphasis is, then I wonder (as I type this the seclusions, the wards, the yuk of the experiences encountered) requires one to go beyond. To hear or be in crowds or groups who choose the simplicity of words to realize race, or then in terms of writing as sharp declininations (Black versus White, or black to white as a range of grays) can be confusing as to the bias one can think. If I were thinking about how one might experience “light” or enlightenment from the painter’s perspective, could the argument be realized in terms of exclamation points? To be with and of the heart requires a great deal of being human. Oddly, when we realize the level of the other perspectives aligned with potential embarrassment, by the very words of mental health treated and treatment, there seems to be a point, whereby enough lines have been drawn in the sand. Tks!

  • Samantha: If you are located in Edinburgh, have explored film and the manner by which the language of “colonization” extends into the laboratory of and use of agar on the plates? To understand the sense of your research, the impact of the industrial nature of the Scot’s ability to have shaped steam at Glasgow poses significant space to hold the social accountable in suicide prevention? How would you realize the impacts of your search altering the prevailing design and operation of the designed and engineered space into focus for yourself and others? (And nations?)

  • Steve, do you sense this site as providing some degree of therapy? Or learning, though the impact of typing the words, transmitting through e-tech may not really get beyond Elting E. Morison’s book, From Know-How to Nowhere: The Development of American Technology”? To have been introduced and medicated, without first really understanding the nature of “the medical practice” seemingly leaves the court docket wide open for potential legal challenges, if there were only attorney’s who understood or could understand the nature of how rationality may not be so linear in nature. The real problems seemingly are surfacing now.

  • The moment the title was etched into the digital stone, “Who’s to Blame for the Lost Soul of Psychiatry”, the idea of Soul present in the corporate would become a killer. And surely, by Hickey’s words “The explosion of pharmaceutical development in the 1990s” suggests actions that were anything but balanced, respectful or even sustainable in the world of commerce. I would submit gradual, orderly growth as well as decline is a challenge to understand if we wish to realize smoother transitions. Which somehow, the beliefs stay in place as to what might be better, not more, but better modalities of engaged healing, driven by the citizen.

    The nature of this insight and comments might carry more weight in a juried publication, though essentially when people have lost their lives in the physical institution, then where is the critique that really understands the history before we become history?

  • The Risk analytics you suggest are more in the domain of quantitative assessments. Much of the operative words around psychology are built around “centering”, balance and imbalance. Would it be easier to go to the local hardware store and purchase different types of bubble balances, then explore how one, through a release of movement, crafts new emergent results from complexities of working reactions within the whole human. Further, if one can conceptualize the smallest of bubble shops and balances, then how can our understanding begin to change and reflect sometimes ways of thinking? Can the understanding, measure by measure, convey gyrations of awe in the discovery that thought might even be separate from a spoken language for some rhythmic time periods? (This might be difficult to notate from patient to patient since everyone’s experience is slightly different and storied from another.)

    To reflect a little about the nature of the unicameral government of England along with a monarchy might account more for the subtle nature of what is proper and hierarchical in powers of governance. On the other hand, after the French Revolution, and the awakening to where the power resides and what is considered as sovereign as well as SOVERIGN seemingly would be held within the people.
    then the civil practice of law should be reflecting the power of the “WE”, in the allocations and expenditures by which the whole is addressed.

    As we know, from the USA with the Constitutional Amendment that gave license to the corporate as if it had a conscious, we seemingly are seeing now governance patterns that are not embracing healthy understanding from where empowerment and governance originate. Instead, the prevailing political context reflects a poverty of aesthetics in the art of the deals/contracts that have been made.

    Finally, it seems to me that most of our thinking is impaired, when we really understand little about the structure by which “The LIGHTS” can be understood without a breaking of the vessels, the flow of thinking, that might be more of music than the harsh, intrusive actions that emerge out of the acts of Justifying injury. And at that, then how can one arise from the self-destructive space that seemingly is apart of “the treatment” experience?

  • Certainly, there is an ethical context to the individual as well as the organization’s process in the decision-making at the time of commitment. Can you elaborate any about the moral context at this time? If a law, or the emergent law that is written, followed by a policy that is written, that addresses the liability questions, then at what point, or where can the individual discover, what it means to be committed to surviving the atrocities of this painful experience.

    If the pro’s have mixed feelings that day and the potential patient is having a mixture of feelings in response to what is happening within the self AND the organizational thinking that surrounds the experience in an institutionalized manner, then at what point, can the Rights being understood and respected?

    Further, what does the summary data really mean in application/change to the operations? Does the granular nature of the sum void the individual experiences that many of us have encountered? When the papers are given to the individual for signature, is that moment ever conveyed as a “involuntary commitment that negates the necessity of being processed through a court ordered commitment”? And to begin to exercise choice while one’s medicated state is being played with, who has the courage of a Soteria Experience to articulate the realities of the experiences being encountered? Finally, as I re-read and read your final statements, I would ask if you are of the opinion that “society” has a mind, a collective understanding of what being a human means across the spectrum that is known?

    Therefore, would in the legal sense of trying to implement change, would the thought be stronger or weaker if the word “should” would be replaced by “shall”. (The should becomes a wiggling space while the shall invokes a more deterministic stance, that also has weights for the scales of mental health justice). Just my opinion. I do think you are at an intersect with this article.

  • Can you please elaborate about the idea of “qualitative interviewing of the individuals”, all at once to understand the social, or do the interviews take place over qualities of time, as a dimensional construct of awareness by the organization as opposed to the individuals? Trying to understand the nature of “social communication” in sound, print, telepathy? To tease out when the estrangement within the individual, begins to create some issues that have no words? (And may not have words, if ineffable?) And what if the sender-receiver are also receiving-sending with a small part being absorbed/modulating by the technologies?

  • If I were to realize a walk-about in Australia, could a citizen with a dis-ability be found in an entrepreneurial role? Your models do not include that category as an option, not the government workers who would understand that role, not the community that Would embrace the markets that affirms the exchange from people. Artificial intelligence jumped ahead while leaving us out. Would the architect and planners be shaping the space as a design challenge? Elected people shaping the policy, if they cater to Monroe’s in the coffers? And would the banking community finance the models that have this potential human expression present in all forms of public transportation? Nothing is more oppressive than a government that lacks policy that affirms life. The sheer hypocrisy in invoking the rhetoric and vitrol of pro-life vs pro-choice, anti-abortion misses the act of being socially aborted, especially when we begin the forced treatments that take us out of life. Or the danger of fire from poorly managed and manipulated ecosystems. Great insight Alex!

  • A friend who would be on risperdal would be treated to having all of his teeth replaced by the community mental health and insurance. However, I also wonder if his life was shortened by being on this medication. And unfortunately, the level and consistency of advocacy, by, for and with the citizens who are the customers, diminished in time. On the backside, the interest in trying to create the words, that can convey my stand and/or our stance, can convey an arrogance on my part. To me there is a learning of shaped in the conceptual realm of pure science, then applied science. Currently in medical practice, the increased computer program sifting out a pre-survey, to expedite the visit with the doctor, robotically advances a paradigm by which the corporate advances a position. And in reading this article and posts, I would wonder how to implement a way by which the self-monitoring, a way to document and improve through applied arts and sciences, a healing space that moves with the citizen in need. The oddity, in post hospitalization and care is not about receiving more zoom and post surveys, but I think rather to formalize the advocacy to stronger levels while also realizing the implementation with application….. And I’m not sure about this stream of query, though I think from reading Caplan’s writings, that perhaps the healing space can be imparted or conveyed, even when so much has been endured and witnessed. The ethics I would think when understood are enough to stop the runaway train of mental health “care”. Thanks to the whole of the emergent discourse.

  • A WHOLE! aF Klint would strive to realize the dissolving of boundaries in her work… and yet, to have considered to visit the Broad Institute Mental Health Annual Meeting? What sort of research is really understanding, recovery that understands the space in which the research operates does not even come close to the realities the customer experiences, whole as we strive to be and understand.

  • David: In reading again this AM about Cancer Alley, there seems to be class action lawsuits that can shape operations. However, to what extent have the customers who know a different healing process could emerge, have access to the legal representation has a class action suit. Our tribe is not defined like others, and the integrity to respect the uniqueness of all, really pushes the very nature of discover and representation in the prevailing legal framework.

  • Ten to fifteen years after my first experience in a State Hospital, I would encountered a therapist who would suggest that i read, “The Child Within. The sticky notes are still there, He also shared with me how he was diagnosed with bi-polar. And, while this is effort to type, to understand what it means to live in city, state area known for Thomas Merton, Dali Lama visits and Standar Gravure and Prozac. The ideology about the Right to Life, seemingly ignores realizing a better ethos for reconciliation and healing.

    The author’s thinking suggests that a recovery will enable one to become clearer and briefer. But what happens, when one attempts to describe the experience of the altered state, not as a pathology to be dissected, but rather as a way to understand the robust nature of reality through the arts and sciences by which a human becomes a better human? Ted, I am not sure if the practice of Law is yet able to understand how one can recover, while affirming the access to resources for the clients.

  • Irit: Have you thought of the terminology we are striving for as being slightly beyond the ineffable? We really work at a level beyond 100% (David was being modest with his expectations in percentages, as I suspect he, his family and the greater community sense a certain awareness before, at the edge and beyond. To tease out, hold and be in the space, where the limnal reality can emerge from the tension in the order to disorder flow or the disorder to order flow, tied inherent to the direction of time’s arrow. And even then, perhaps our perception of time becomes extraordinarily heightened/dampened as we process out the past while learning to become in the NOW? Words may not carry the freight, though poetics is different. Seems also that the tech is playing a role in allowing one to edit after even typing.

    If the focus is on 2022, then what does have a need of being organized or do we sense and convey a certain way of assembling that folks have yet to understand in the role of assembly? And yet, the design for accessbility, the x-disability seems to beyond the actions of politicians and urban/rural designers.

    If one wishes to enter into the seasonal political races, imagine what the crowd would look like if they went and filed for different offices? One doesn’t have to take the money as I sense this has been an influence in the advertising and manipulation of health care and other disciplines rooted in our economic system. Money does need to be created or consider time as currency. And historically, people have been fearful of having their financial notes pulled for fear of losing credit/or creating wealth.
    In these various scenarios, there is a certain legal context at work which can set boundaries; but as Judy Chamberlain would say, “We’re Free”.

    Typing/sharing my opinion though is not exactly the same as the robust conversations one could have in an Alternatives or NICL conference. Tks, Irit and David. Enjoyed our chat yesterday. A clue as to the politics we are trying to operate in can be observed in “Dark Money”, about the law that gave rise to the Super Pac and how only one state would challenge the Supreme Court Ruling. Call it out, “What is corruption’s name?
    Hence, how would see a different polity emerge? And where or at one point, can We, as a people realize change is good!

  • “The field of Global Mental Health has previously been criticized for resisting critics who have urged the field to consider power relations and histories of oppression, particularly in their plans for “scaling up” treatment in low and middle-income countries.” and the last line, “Black Lives Matter and worldwide street protests have shown that regarding racism, colonialism, and police violence, silence and inaction are unacceptable,” Weine concludes, and it more important than ever for Global Mental Health to commit itself to address these issues within the field itself.”

    Would the strategic response also include the importance of how and why to “scaling down”? To talk income, in terms of low and middle, does the quantity of numbers equal the qualities of lives experienced?

    Being that today is Global Mental Health Day. then how and why could this expenditure of time cycle around the world, perhaps making a difference for others, as well as myself, with some humility. To read the letters that create the words, the space between, the silence of the ground between, as in figure/ground is essential in order for the words to be articulated into sound. Typing is different, each of us are different as humans, all having a rather fascinating journey on “Normality Street”. Do we need to create a relative handle as we reflect on what Einstein would say about solving the problem requires thinking (essentially modulating to a different keyboard/field) in order to create the music for today’s parade! (While running with Eric Liddell, the gentleman from Scotland ) Tks Samantha!

  • I would disagree with you Emaline. Our collective mental health as well as individual is being stressed to think we can model everything with and through the computer. Tragically, lives are lost in rushing the craftsmanship, the qualities of a more interesting space being shorted out. So, even in the strength of the arguments advanced, which are on point within this domain of language, there is nothing artificial about LIFE that can be experienced. One of the fascinating designed opera houses occurred in Australia because an engineer was able to turn himself inside/out. When an individual turns their thinking inside/out the risk of becoming stuck (as Robert Pirsig described in Zen and the Art of Motorcyle Maintenance) becomes real. He had an interesting description of the analog prior to the digital.

    For the record, in traveling to Waterloo to realize my MA, Ithe letters from the psychiatrist would have to be cleared through Canadian Customs just as the US has practiced. The issue is about healing over time as well as addressing the social of the injustice imposed upon us. Looking back, Boltzmann who wrtoe the equation for disorder would visit California and then return home to his native country. He committed suicide.

    How do you trace out the step by step post the mind, when in an altered state of operation? The mind is a verb, with even a spiritual aspect, perhaps articulated in knowing from the mystics perspective.

    There is nothing artificial about the experiences we have endured. The practice of law on the other hand, seemingly is ignoring the legal challenge that is coming due! What attorney(s) have the stamina to atone for what often has been murder, directly and indirectly or that gives rise to poverty to us, singularly and collectively?

  • Do you think mental health treatment has created a colonization that needs de-colonization? If one holds the potential to apply science through better management, then how can the more oppressed group, denied often from being thought worthy to even participate in LIFE, create a better, healthier reality forward? But in knowing that even trauma has a supply and demand curve, how come We, the mis-treated can give rise to a different economy that is structured in units of time? See :

    Perhaps there might be a way, that through our values, we can create a way out of this one false economy that seemingly is robbing people of their lives, to one where an ethical praxis become rooted in “No-Throw-Aways!

    Even time, is a dimension for one to understand as being important in the creation of healing space!

  • Have you explored Charles D. Morgan’s Matters of Life and Data?

    Our challenge now in an era where the roll out for jet travel can be modeled through computer assisted models (see poses some real business issues with modeling projects though the computer. By comparison, the soup of pharma seemingly is not understood at the human level of consumption and informed decision making from the first time we are challenged to decide under pressure to take the meds or not without understanding the impacts for our travel through space and time, that is the journey through life.

    Being the meds have incredible side effects, when can we expect the industry to be grounded? The design and engineering of our shared and individual habitat seems to not grasp that people are being murdered directly if not indirectly.

  • Peter: If all life as being experienced has elements of subjectivity in the measure of the moment being experienced, whether one is becoming depressed or oscillating to the mirror state, then how does the Western Cultural values awaken to the deterministic value that can become destructive? Better yet, within the thinking and meditating, how or why can the healing space be experienced into a safer place on and off, even away the web? Discovering a better way to afford presence, would seem to be of value to our communities? And places we visit?

  • Sorry, I confused the spelling of Bloch and Block. The Block that presented at the conference has a cancer clinic in Chicago, the other Bloch would create the Bloch Cancer Foundation and Gardens, and owned the H&R Block Tax Company. However, if the prevailing social structure can not understand how to advance credit by which We, can realize the importance of our LIFE as opposed to death, then who or what is avoiding a shift in the nature of justice?

  • A follow-up question: Does one think a city is an organism, that should work 24/7? From the meeting at the NYAS, melatonin intake would be increased along with sleep in a blackened room and improved diet to reduce the cancers (up to 50% in women) as reported by Dr. Stephen Bloch of the Bloch Cancer Institute. There were also some researchers from Texas and S.C. that also affirmed these positions. So, this news helps to understand a way forward that will be addressed. Tks.

  • And here:

    I would attend this conference at the new tower of the World Trade Center, in the building where the New York Academy of Science is headquartered to hear about circadian rhythm, light and cancer. I would work up a poster that drew from Technology Assessment Office (see: and then ponder the meaning of what a city did to expand for UPS, to hire college students to work their conveyor lines at night) that flies in and out and night. All the while, the larger health insurance company stages fitness runs, sponsors events, when the experience from the mind side of the body, has not been so favorable where the horse rules along with a serious history of doping. And then today, to try and drive home, to get back to my apartment in a city that has installed concrete barriers and dump trucks to shut off access to downtown—- Are we opened for business ? These actions seem to be a strange way to ramp up to making America Great Again? And by Saturday, to realize a new Judge? On the bench? George’s eyes are watching!

  • Perhaps there is a way to explore, or I am curious if you embrace an awareness for the Fourth Dimension? Attempted to convey this aspect in the final show, while hanging on by a thread.

    I would experience in junior high, the student who would ask for punishment from the industrial arts class. The idea was bizarre, but even more where the other teacher, Bryant would give all his students a Christmas spank with the paddle. Sick educational systems!

    Your statement about parental love is of importance…. For the opposite of love is not hate but indifference as Wiesel would claim. The triangulation and knowing how a developing human processes the emotions when the experiences in an hospital setting are saying “Fuck You, Psychiatry, Psychiatrists and the Hospital” (see Artuad’s comments), then the platform to connect and change the parts in the systems become crystal clear…….. at least that is what the thinking is saying now.

  • I suspect we we will have to create the gallery!

    Would that be of interest? When our 501.c3 was intact, I would invite the local Mayor, Jerry Abramson, to be a judge for our Art Show. He had endured handling the mass killing at the newspaper by a man on Prozac. The settlement by Lilly silenced the discussion.

    But for 3 days we had a conference, presentations by our people in what was then the Holiday Inn on Broadway. Part of the disconnect that would frustrate the efforts was the discounting, that seemingly conveyed or ignored that We, are the citizens!

    Your work is remarkable and elevates the dynamic that so many face when being processed through the institution. Advise as you see fit, for I do believe the creative way forward, through the Arts will lift and communicate the reason to affirm creatives.

    My brushes and pencils are smarter than me! The keyboard, I wonder whether to take this apart, and strap down to the bed… (which I would experience after walking off the grounds, and being taken back to the hospital, and placed in seclusion).

    tks much!.

  • The protocol for my experience during the mass killing at the Courier-Journal, the killer was on Prozac that was quietly settled by Lilly in a manipulative manner, was to experience a forced commitment. Then placed on disability, after the meds were played around with. Then routed into Voc-Rehab who would alter the career dreams, while I began to discover the organization of c/s/x.

    When you talk “Welfare State”, the terms have become one of confused communication whereby an individual can think of individuals who have accessed legit programs. Then there is the report about the Welfare of the State, as in how are we doing across the various departments/disciplines . Somehow, the monies that have programed to aid those who for reasons are directly visible, are a drop in the bucket compared to the monies financed to create wars and space travel. Money itself can be a sponge like device, to be played with, just ask George Soros or astute investors who know their currencies. Time has been spent approaching the medical doctors, medical boards and the departments of justice. Certified letters and other communications shows the efforts. And the lack of intervention shows another……

  • How and why do you not include the banker, the financial system in some of these meetings? Our non-profit had started the Peer Program, but without the appropriate resouces to grow salaried positions, then how could one ever expect real empowerment in the State where Lincoln was from? Withe the death of Ginsburg, I suspect the PAC money is pouring in to the coffers, but that does not necessarily mean WISDOM in rulings and votes!

  • I do not think “they have to deny it”; defining the “it” while costing such the liabilities and loss will not be absorbed, by anyone individual might be the certain act that elevates the reason for our existence. We are challenged to keep fighting, to find the words within our respective disciplines and countries to provide the rational for such a package a program. Murder, indirectly is no longer acceptable.

    I did have an Uncle who said, “He couldn’t sit still” but what was advanced by theory in science then and the emergent science, NOW is much different. The ability to write more may be confused with a quantity to work through as opposed to quality(s) by which answers find their way to surface.

    Imagine from this image what it would mean to take a jump to the left or the right from the high wire, the logic to walk a thin narrow reality is not! And yet, to drive more anxiety into the discussion, marketing and a reason for …..

  • Furthering the image and reality(s)
    1. The marketing image chosen for this is quite similar to a flyer for one of the pharma companies. The man was struggling to walk the high-wire with a pillow underneath as if the meds cushion one, (the message increases the buy in to medicate) or to walk through life without the balance pole…. Life is …..?

    2. In Louisville when UPS was expanding the airports, the planes began to fly over the house, the noise too much for a good night’s rest. So, I would go to the Humana psychiatrist who easily wrote me a prescription for Klonopin. Yuck, after a while I quit cold turkey….. didn’t nor had I heard anything about cold withdrawal tapering at that time. What pain occurred!!! Later in going to see the psychiatrist, when I said I wanted to see my records, he got up and pushed me out of his office. So, in checking with the other consumer friends in our organization, discovered this Dr. had a poor working relation with patients. We filed some complaints, he was removed.

    3. My dedication to the Lil Engine is deeply ingrained into how I perceive motion, each side of my body at times experienced as the fly wheel of STEAM…. Science, technology, engineering Art and math. And yes, after hearing Justin Dart speak to us at Philly, I would send him a copy of Waddy’s book. He wrote back with a nice thank you, the story being a a childhood favorite….Today’s RBC Daily Bread talks about access and platforms at rail stations that remain not accessible. The costs of trying to get to destination can drive one nuts, and yet for some reason, We, the People seem to not think one day, one might also need to access through a properly designed structure. How come we do not see this?

    4. The doctor uncle was a treating physician at the MoPac Hosptial in LR…. Sometimes for lack of a a better concept, since our grandfather had a lumber yard and would operate with footpowered jigsaws and so forth, the operations would vibrate a part. And the leather belt that drove the big wheel to the little wheel would break. And grandfather would dole out punishment to his children, though they may have been yards away when the machine’s singular bolt held it all together. So, how with and without meds is our world held together? How much energy is spent adjusting to just right, not too cold, not too hot?

    5. Design Design, Design….. I too would travel aboard aircraft, moving through the Chicago MidWay and O’Hare….. Deming would advise to take the flights that put one at destination rested. One thinks one is getting there sooner, while the body is adjusting and for a while surrendering to the flight and experience.
    Today, though just think what would happen if We, a people migrated to a place to recover, conference while sharing the hope and methods by which compassion, integrity, the methods are absorbed as an “experiment”…. To realize said gathering, that begins to foster a better “currency” that values life in the LIFE of self and that which surrounds and flows through us? Is that close? I think would be the ideal way to launch a better reality(s). I do not think I would enjoy riding in the Space-X capsule but time has been spent serving on a steam tourist rail. But the project ran out of steam.

    Points in travel are not linear! No path really seems to be that way, nor curvilinear either… Somehow, at night, with a better rest, a fresh approach begins the day! Be Well and thank you for reminding me that any one who has ever been on placed on the meds might also be a member of the Great Wallenda High Wire Act!


  • Larry, would this gallery be in Vermont or in California? Thank you for the critique. Hall’s Dictionary on Subjects and Symbols in Art, the author suggests the Bell. “Attribute of Antony the Great, sometimes attached to crutch or staff; of Music, personified, one of the Seven Liberal Arts, who strikes a row of bells with a hammer, as does David in medieval Psalters. Thoughts about being Music Personified? Democracy, that rings out from a cracked bell or Buddhist Bowls? To make sense or understand, the nature of the industry by which the pharma began to shape the space marked for anything but healing, seemingly needs to realize now a voice, gained by shows. How to realize shows? On this topic? That conveys the problem is not all within the individual, but in the very practice of what is considered treatment?

    Also, with regards to entering into the High Holies, by which Time becomes warped, the pace becomes slowed down, as reflexivity goes up? How or do you see that in your critique and gaze, as in scaling of relationships, and then where does this point, if point describes adequately, realize meaning within the individual and also the technology?

    There is an incredible amount of information being shared on this site, and then learning how to respond, raise some questions, or even choose to be silent. Though to muster up, a way to realize an appropriate intervention requires a skillset of held by a team. Thank you for the sharing your insights.

  • Is a “Zoom” conference the norm? If one attempts to access a “Zoom” meeting that is filled up, then where does the mind of the “zoomed in crowd” and the others, who remain invisible communicate a voice, to be a a study, that by definition, studied a zoomed in conference? I do no think the virus, is sophisticated enough to choose one or the other; though trying to access health across barriers seemingly has become more difficult.

  • Sorry, the word “their” was misspelled. The correct word should have been “there” ? I ask this and question for there is a way I have come to realize in the richness of thinking, even about thinking, that multiple tracks wish to emerge, or the words invoked (perhaps from a certain struggle with phonetics) communicates a more nuanced reality(s) with hints of an underlying imagination trying to realize voice. So, having typed this, (how many speak as they type, to hear and make oral the message), there is a questioning occurring in the moment. Their is when used “To think their” is different from “To think there”.

    To try and read carefully what is being typed, may vary if we were speaking the words in person, having a conversation, which is different from a zoom, where many can watch and “feel connected” or have learned to accept the position of the technology, the costs, and the expenditure of time into their lives.

    In comment editor stance, now I realized (LOL) of either my inability to focus on “my life”, as I ended with “their lives”. How do others cast from the awareness of the self in the singular to the organizational self, of the We, the their in order to create understanding for what is called in legal terms, “standing”? Each letter seems to have a particular weight in trying to share a story; to have witnessed and experienced what was encountered in the course of medical practice needs to be placed on the agenda’s of organizations no less than what Justin Dart visualized and spoke before the Alternative Conference in Philly in the early 90’s.

  • “Yet I’ve seen no visible debate occurring”. .. .. .. ….. … … …. “Yet I’ve seen no visible debate occurring”……. . . . . . . .. . . . …… . … … …. . Period!

    – –

    . .

    ‘ –

    x the argument; the logic is not necessarily an x to y expression; rather the challenge is more from an ecological perspective where understanding can be realized in relationship to the normality of engineered systems as well as the outliers outside the lower and upper range of data. Even then the methods and logic of artists types seemingly represents a different expression of intuition and learning. Does Law as practiced, merely a game or do the individuals begin to realize their “life’s purpose”? Organized statistically may filter the same results, if the questions are being framed in the same manner. However, one is challenged to question, was the energy spent organizing a thought spent with a tactile focus, have the emergent thoughts seeded the field of understanding to ask where did the ideas, products originate from? And who or what is trying to advance the civil rights to include difference? (The civil rights of access to credit and trade, when in fact the records show an absence of understanding for economic development. ) The community based climate MOOD inside a Space-X capsule Changes the revolutions of how to focus and release the breathing.

    In closing and checking the Comment, the program squashed and collapsed the art that was set just so. Sorry…. the tech of this software is causal to the problems, too.

  • Does switching a party in reduce the neurons firing off from the law firms/cash flow at the federal level long enough? Something seems to happen to Democracy as well as leadership, when management acts out as if they own the staff. Just look at the oath they take when one signs on to work for government or is elected. When you reference Fromm and not reference the big discovery by Watson and Crick, nor the capacity to understand more clearly the neuro art and science where does that leave the question of mind as structure?


  • I began to realize with this post, the nature of the comment process is indented, to realize a certain way of placing typed, not spoken words on the “table”. The structure as now formatted, feeds my comment subordinated to BC, which in some ways, for me is problematic. Soon, if not already, if you are or will become an LSW, and a Master at that, how will you or do you process time, as structure? As time, an essential element in the discourse that is an expression even at the neural level?

  • While I could have gone to Colorado at one point in my life, the journey took me to Louisville from Florida. In the last few days then I would notice a moment waiting to realize a truth that seemingly is hidden within the Bar Cartel of Kentucky. What Citizen does not have standing? See:

    Perhaps the better chant might be: No Justice, No Pegasus!

    The Greek Myth Flew Away some time ago, though in the advancement for an understanding for the evolving laws of this country, then how or why would the Bar and the practice believe that it can mow over people while destroying their family(s) and careers?

    For the Legal Profession, the nature of the beast may seem to be a game, when in our reality, the issue is about LIFE and Death. Many lives have been forfeited because we have not yet had our collective transformative moment.

  • More than 35 years ago, after the hearing with Voc-Rehab that would rule in my favor, the Commissioner would still fault the hearing and I did not realize the nature of how contextual law is to shaping image and my well being, if not the role by which advocacy attempts to effect change. Understand the small amount of time being spent to enter this log, to try and “see” how a layered conversation is perceived and read is puzzling.

    Back then I would discover some stickers, “Research takes Brains” that would appear in mental health events. I didn’t know of Fuller Torrey nor was aware of how he was even caught removing the brains from people without the legal authorizations. To understand the degree and depth of hurt that has been inflicted into us, on us by others is beyond words.

    At that time, my healing and advocating response/rebuttal would be spent making a diploma type of piece that made the ruling of Hearing Officer important to me. The frame shop that cut the matte though misspelled the term, Citizen, which I purposefully had written under my name.

    This concept by from which the power flows forth needs to be held and understood on different planes of being, in how the magic of the I becomes the WE.

    In this way, can We/I awaken others, too? Have a Great Labor Day! (And keep on posting, discussing and thinking about one’s purpose in LIFE!)

  • Jose:
    I am intrigued by this study as a contrast to having obtained my records and legal commitments. The observations were made regarding a statement of rights that was in the paperwork and my memory of a simple booklet from the State Hospital referenced “Rights” that was really never explained in terms that I could understand.

    But I understood something was incredibly wrong in Louisville, Ky when I would be told by the Staff of the Mayor and the Mayor that I could not attend nor participate in a public meeting at Central High where Ali attended.

    Public hospitals and the public institutions seem to fail in knowing how to understand what adds to the life of Rights.
    Often, the experience necessary for healing seems to have couched the language differently for private hospitals in their operations.

    Hence, if studies are emerging that show a different value with values challenging not only the markets, then what can We do, to realize the scholarship and actions that usher in the requisite change? The idea of psychosocial as it relates to the boundaries of a social island embedded within the larger concept of what is the “Social” seems to be missing understanding within how and why an economy by us, for us and with us has yet to emerge, as we Labor in thought.

    Thank you for this update!

  • When I first read the post yesterday, I would experience confusion in response to my history in advocacy. I did not know of Jaffee until now, and I would discover the association with Torrey. So, I had to look at their website, and read, to understand the whole, bias and all. The journey though rerouted me into a different reality and to read/understand this page, with a title “An Obituary for My Colonizer: Reflections on the Legacy of DJ Jaffee” along with the Editor’s note to “Keep DJ’s effort to legislate for compulsory treatment”. The question I ask if it were possible, would An Obituary for “Our” Colonizer serve the community from a different perspective? “Colonizer” has another meaning and not to deflect from writing through the keyboard, but to keep on, keeping on in learning seems to be a essential for our ability to converse in and away from the struggle for social justice. Locally, the issues of “No Justice, No Derby!” are playing out in the press. Another question might also address the nature of science, as framing and applied to the issue of mental health care from “our” perspective. I realize and respect the discourse around the role of science as currently being framed in these discussions. The discourse may also need to examine the law, the creation of law and what forces that shaped a reality to exclude and diminish our potential to recover from abuse. Even to see through false arguments of Jaffee and Torrey without being destroyed.

    In some ways, unique to healthy discussions, (though typing silently and pasting is a different way) I miss the space in which an in-time conversation can be realized. These article and comments seem to be seeds, so to speak. Tks for the contribution.

  • There is another level to surface, if not already that shows the behavior of within organizations, governments, protected civil servants and “at will” or finance, how the “slavery” finds the numbers that lock up the silence within the administration of business (government, private and non-profit). This raises the questions that surround the nature of justice being blind? Or the challenge for this site and others to move the material forward for the scales to weigh in on the gravity of the situation. Many have been murdered, it seems indirectly or directly out of the arrogance of the medical practice or the We, the People as a silenced body rather than realizing the Art, as LIFE. –More later–

  • How would this event at the New York Academy of Sciences fit into the time frame of your story? See: Disorder an event that happened in Dec 15, 2009 I would attend because the local psychiatrist would be presenting and I am curious about science. To hear the three tests by which the meds were tested on animals was bizarre, to speak up and raise questions in an audience of up and coming physicians and researchers was even stranger. To have attended the meeting inside the first of the New World Trade Towers where the New York Academy of Sciences rents space weaves even a more twisted path into the stories shared on these pages. I think some cognitive dissonance would occur, some good trouble as some have been known to say, by my being in the room and asking some questions as one who once used the medications.

    There seems to be some strange funding of this event, when inquiry into the source of the funders was made and people had realigned within the pharma industry.

    But then when one considers the scale and size of this real estate and the families that own the real estate see: how could one not realize the threads by which our lives have been placed at risk or even shortened. Daniel Liebskind, an architect who was affiliated with the University of Kentucky, would guide the rebuilding of the Towers. One wonders about the wealth generated and lost, but more importantly, the stories of Prozac, Louisville and how the truth, the whole truths have been kept from surfacing.

    This work is more than being a whistle! Thanks for the insights…. will have to study further….

    Look at the location of where Shering-Plough was headquartered, the histories of the company and then try to understand the level of intelligence that was turning the merger mania…

  • Could there be a way a reader is learning to read, and not hear, or understand and yet understand the context of a discussion, whether it be through this “forum” of augmented comments, to one that is a live radio interview versus, just an in in person exchange? For me, the “music” of another voice, is also important to hear the inflections that tune one in or out to the discourse. And sometimes, typing into this box or other venues, can be a very tiring exercise. I wonder even to how this is “recorded” into our individual as well as collective mind of MIA.

  • Miranda and others:
    The Story is bigger than Julie’s. I wondered a bit about how this option to post shows up for me to consider? Is your computer system choosing on what choices to post to sift and sort a truth, or is this a choice administration of MIA is making?

    Never the less, without going on too much, the first of this post accurately describes Louisville and the reality of Vencor, the giant health care company that was double billing medicaid, which in Clinton’s Administration was caught. The corporation went bankrupt and many investors were hurt. I unfortunately invested some funds, thinking the community and the corporation was a bit more honest.

    Being afforded the opportunity to receive a disability check, after being once again committed to the hospital, I would accept and began even trying to understand the nature of “my/the madness”.

    So, I would discover the state organization, Advocates Taking Action in Kentucky Against Mental Illness. While the motto talked about self-determination, there was no wording with regards to economic empowerment. And when I would attempt to raise funds, to speak to the local banks, the response was, “The Government Takes Care of the Handicapped”. Only a handful of people would help when I would present the idea of our organization and the work we did.
    In addition, Time was spent appealing to Voc Rehab for assistance to realize a PhD. from Walden University, one of the early distant learning schools, that preceded the on-line experience. I was wanting to re-enter the labor market to teach and explore a certain concept of science, where I would be able to teach at the college level. While the Hearing Officer ruled in my favor with certain conditions, I did not understand the structure of law, hearings and the steps to take next, when again, the Voc-Rehab Commissioner, Sam Serraglio would request further clarification.

    From NIDRR, I would learn of people who were blind, that would access Voc Rehab for full support. And yet, what was evolving was a wall that seemingly was even against the ADA. Even in writing this response now, I wonder how and why there are few reports about the Voc-Rehab experience.

    So, what did Jack Kieffner, the Rehab Counselor then do, but to rewrite my plan to become an entrepreneurial land use planner. The agency would pay for the Geographical Information Systems Course, but not the computer to run the software, that puts a whole region on a computer screen. And when I was paired with an engineer, and I began to ask questions, what did he do but to go the teacher and tell him, if he didn’t get me away from him, then He would kill me. I would fail the course.

    Somehow, I thought Derby Time would be a great way to advance disability presence and show how we can occupy space aboard the Belle of Louisville, an aged steamboat. Using the business model of “Build it, and they will come”, I signed the contracts and thought by word of mouth, people would show up.

    The effort to enter into a venture around Derby though failed.

    And shortly afterwards, what unfolded from the community, the bank referenced above would also respond to me at the Belle’s Meeting (knowing government entities have public meetings open to anyone) with the phrase, “Have You Saved the World Yet?”

    I really was not trying to realize that expression as much as attempting to broaden understanding for how and why citizens with disabilities should also be at the table.

    Sadly, this morning as I face the computer screen, I can offer more stories, but how can We/I move the experience into a legal challenge? Or how does one realize commerce and a way to earn a living when, the prejudice goes beyond the categories occupying the public discourse. Or effect change of consciousness when so many people deliberately and some without understanding, just how important the design, engineering and planning challenge is for the future.

    Not ever being able to realize a legal structure, to be banked, that is to have a financial, mentoring experience has been difficult. And yet, what I have been more interested about is the reason(s) by which I can still commit to trying to explain, this letter, line of words, or even better to create an artistry that elevates humanity for a better world. This can be accomplished, if we awaken from this darkness.

    This is my story this morning, and for the most part, imparts a small snapshot, that really is not too different from Julie’s story. I hope the effort will raise awareness.

  • I will look more carefully at the interview, though if the context of these arguments is an aspect tied to how we learn throughout our lives, then the very nature of our “held and discovered knowledge” is to unpack for others. To discover the space in which we UNDERSTAND in time, without the added burdens or junk piled into the treatment. In viewing a documentary through Kanopy, about Howard Gardner, “The Quest for Mind” would be discovered in the 80’s. The reality is not so much the names, the interviews, though in watching film, then the artistry by which a video is carefully edited to relate story. The process not being too different from the “clips” of experiences held within a mediated space. More later….. thanks for the encouragement.

  • No I do not! But what I do believe is the idea of having a mind, as potentially awakening to the awe in learning to learn. How expressions through technological connectivity are affording connections, richer beyond one’s ability to comprehend and make sense of meaning. On these pages, I sense similar thinkers, people who strive to share their story for others.

  • The first year of college would occur along with the experience of running for an office. No drugs, just the facts! What in part is a challenge, is to even venture into the realization of how fast change is occurring, in our aging and the way “parts” become Apart or A-part of the Whole Living Mind. What I do not understand, within this platform is a call for people who were wanting to vote, but were discouraged from doing so. Or held within an institutional setting and could not access the voting experience. However, the question also needs to be asked about running for any public office? As an option considered in participation within our democracy. If one starts a project, then finish it. One doesn’t have to take donations, which at the end of a race, by a different metric, an individual might show a better vote/dollar than the elected. The experience to run is definitely one of choice. And you would not believe how many will discourage you from running once entered into the race. Policy change requires at some point, elected officials to sign off on an emergent and stronger truth, that once might have been of a minority opinion. Thus what sort and degree of change does one want? Living in the State where Lincoln and Todd would live, and to experience a visit to the Henry Clay Estate, there seems to be a wealth of information to document our concerns for a better, more equitable economy for healing.

  • Liar, Liar, Your Pants Are on Fire would be the title of one book I would purchase from an Alternatives Conference. Sixty years (?) later, Fire, the word, even in starting my Fire Tablet, triggers recalls of a parent with a huge hand, slamming me up the side of the head, with the Words, “I’m going to pop the fire out of you”, etched into my psyche. Oddly, this moment would hold the trauma throughout the body for years. The punishment was delivered just before a routine Sunday afternoon drive with siblings and parents. But oh, no-o-o-o-o-o, the peaceful Sunday afternoon, drive was not to happen. Time stopped that day.

    A few years later, in being fired from a banking job, the first career job, rather than resign quietly and realize employment elsewhere, one could not quit the fire. So, efforts were made to create a new bank that would serve the credit needs of Blacks and Women. Efforts were made to try to communicate with me, but now in an elevated mood (danger to self ?), the pressure to perform would alter a safe way of knowing reality. Surviving a flipped jeep and nearly freezing to death in the snowfall along the interstate was a threat to the new fallen snowflakes. Some snowflakes actually perished due to my bodily warmth being radiated into the new fallen snow. Had I been out there much longer, the soul would have made its way back into the heavens (assuming I have one worthy of value and values for the career trajectory).

    Sixty years later after those remarkable words of being fired in from the first career job, in Louisville, Ky I would be once again fired from a job in the probation period. But by the 9th month of that calendar year, the Courier-Journal would experience a massive killing by a man on Prozac.
    The whole mind of the community would be disturbed and I, now on the elevator in the county government building, would hear, “We ought to kill all of those crazy people”. The invisible nature of hatred spoke loud and clear to me.

    In returning home I would begin to craft art expressions and build a fire in the fire place to fire the pottery if not the Bible. In addition, the sinks and tub would be filled with water, in an effort to control the thermodynamics within the house and the internal way of my thought process. (To think later about the bi-polarity in ways of knowing how to moderate the “social-technical thermodynamics of that moment” seemingly is on par with the forensic digs of antiquity.
    (With the candles burning, was their a threat to self or others? The actual legal language of warning, warning being considered from my perspective at this time?) On these pages, there seems to be much post-discussion being able to post write. But is there a way to describe the whole scene being made from those periods that shows the whole perspectives accurately?

    For the next frame, in the story would have my wife coming to our home that was not operating within the norms engineered for family living.

    So, with some discussion, we would travel to my doctor’s office, where the consultation was made and the recommendation to “Just go home and try to rest”….. Was there a threat to self or others being made? …..

    Hopefully, my story or better, our stories will emerge to provide the requisite information to change the systems. While helping create an economy where people are not fired at will, where inclusion is not a word one counts the labels in attendance. Rather, perhaps a different way to assemble can emerge that communicates the unconditional, the ineffable nature of love will happen.

    This afternoon, I ask, “Where were my kindred spirits at these times?” For the story to unfold much is needed, from the voices of the past to speak. Many have been silenced (in response to the thinking of (being a threat to self or danger to self and others) as well as to to an issue greater than self.

  • In trying to understand “the mind” of these posts, the “heart” of learning, to what extent is there relevance to the time and date of the posts?

    That signifier is in light gray, which is difficult to see at times, the indenting and following what comments are subordinated to a previous line or not, and then what if a comment/question is raised that might redirect a discussion?

    (I am sure that I do this, in part a response to bring a broader reality where my schooling to make no little dreams prompts me to the questions/concerns). I do have difficulty in discerning the intentionality of some comments, as if they are being “heard” correctly in my reading while wondering if we were to meet, then greater clarity might occur.

    I feel the pain, Rosalee. To have survived where the ACLU, in a community, city, and state where the Bar Association does not have attorneys who would understand the experience of what we have endured while wanting to take on the Powers of both Church and State, when off camera they think they are getting away with walking/stomping on another’s civil rights…… and life, then what Team will do the work?

  • Interesting post! I would start the Keto diet, and yes cholesterol can be a problem or become a problem. There is an incredible learning curve emerging in these pages. There is a difference when policy dictates “should” and “shall”. How I become(s) and then resonate is a I/We can continuously say in anger (rightfully so), so and so should do this becoming triggers in legal language of policy.

    I wonder how language modulates to the “we phrased our words, such that when we are actually challenged to speak, not type, one can say, “Have you considered this or that approach, …”, “Could you, could We…. for the greater and I am of the opinion, the greatest valley/gap exists in an We/Them mentality. We in some sense of the creative act are being challenged to craft our “Space” program without access to financial resources and parties who really want change to occur. (Notice I said, “We”, when my bias creeps in).

    Must I become anti-this or that and saw, saw and saw before there is a breakthrough, break out or application with braking as if I were skidding in the snow?

  • Which direction does your perception of the vortex rotate? For the whole of thinking? Prior to touching these keys to send a worded message? (This seems to be a certain level of work, trying to convey some degree of query? (Did you here the inflection in the typing?) I wonder if Robert Whitaker has ever realized a Congress or Gathering of participants to a location, Covid sanctioned, that is designed for optimum learning and approved? So, a year or two out, with a potential format different if travel becomes even more problematic.

  • One an get a host of other infections, as science as proven. What is AAS? When you write, “…around here at least, psychiatry appears dead”, do you mean where you are living physically in a geographical location or do you mean this website? (The practice, that is the art of a trying to realize a better social justice, science, and a psychiatry to be understood and questioned, is maybe akin to Pirsig’s writing about qualities, in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance).

  • To think in terms of anti-Semitic versus Pro-Semitic, maybe at that time in the history the reporters did not have the words for the how and then the “why” occurs? Ask any artist, and they will share with you their language made visible? The joy that emerges from an exploration within can be a harrowing experience when the reconciliation/resolution begins to occur. Could there be something in the thought process that is not showing up in the Laboratory of Democracy?

  • Does your system only embrace two ends? There seems to major problems when one moves the family in a physical way. To pick up their stuff, pack, load and unload and then weigh the truck on a scale suggests that gravity might be an oppressor to a truck engine, a human body, that often are not cared for in an appropriate manner. When one thinks about a system, are you including the monies allocated to rocket building, the pressure’s to create a more precise and accurate way of delivering a little bitty capsule with humans inside (and maybe some germs) back to earth? If one travels up into the workings of investment companies, think back to Bert Lance and Jimmy Carter’s bid for the Presidency. Seemingly an investment company in Arkansas provided the bridge over troubled waters. When one works for said operations, if you leave their employment, one does not return, just ask Wesley Clark, a former candidate for President. Finally, can their be “effective oppression”? If so, what does one like to oppress with Liberty and Freedom?

  • If our kindred spirits are experiencing a vast violation of our civil rights while we remain civil, in an augmented way, but one in which we would like to add value and values within our respective communities, then at what point does an attorney step forward that says our lives matters, crazy as they can be at times? See 42 USC § 1983 in the search engine. How can one expect to realize a business, a life, a career, if the programming is void of dollars shaped by our needs. Howard Gelding would voice this frustration many times. Hence, if we are going to protest, do we continue protesting the conditions in these posts, or do we take these issues to the financial community, the comptroller of the currency, and others , for some folks are creating great wealth at our expense and future generations. There appears to be a collective direct and indirect effort to murder or impoverish people, at least as I have experienced. I am sure this was not the intent of the founding principles of our governance.

  • How does one distinguish between “…no disorders but quantitative dimensions…” and the possibilities of qualitative dimensions? There seems to be gap in the interview process that left the gate wide open? Even the term “Behavioral Geneticist” triggers images of Pavlovian thinking, Skinner and others that seemingly are adept at forging conclusions that are inaccurate.

  • In viewing Julie’s youtube describing her wish to write a book about Lithium while “not needing to make a whole lot of money”, how do We create a whole lot of social justice? In the aggregation of cases and the subsequent volumes of treatment gone awry, there would seem to be a line of “Enough is Enough”. What type of attorney or Law Firm could win the case to improve justice and our civil rights? Or individual rights? (Does “Our” civil rights become diluted in the language of the whole We, the People? or are We, a people, a tribe within the larger group?)

  • Don;t know if you are interested in the history, but I found a reading of Anton Boisen had merit. He would realize a drawing that also some context for family,. The electrics now of how people connect or not, can be part of the issue around social-technical systems. What does that mean with regards to “family”? and ability to sense some expressions of shared identity?

  • Yep, I went to see my physician uncle, and he would explain the facts of life to me that Saturday morning in the old Missouri Pacific Railroad Hospital in Little Rock. He concluded by giving me the encouragement to go and live like there was no tomorrow. Which in a few months, now the issue became mania, a way from very dark to that more akin to stepping into a crystal like river of cool water, with a thought process like a runaway train.
    The interesting facets of which you write about, challenge people with limited imaginations for a way to understand. With appropriate resources, a certain balance could be realized in due time.

    Might you elaborate further on where the margins are in a democracy of We, the People? What creates the margins in a digital and non-digitizing world? Where are the margins and then how can We, who have experienced much of what you write about impart honor and reverence into the space/place that might have been trashing us? There seems to be something missing from our keyboard? Our “engagements? Trying to pursue justice when the scales keep running away? Or perhaps were “fired”? Where is the design for access?

  • At times, my typing can miss-pell and I will pause and then google the word. The technology becomes an extension of being ready to fill out the thought, while not hearing my words. An hour earlier, I was checking on counselor or conselor.

    What i am trying to convey, and then I realized using the tablet, the laptop and so forth, has become an extension of failing to hear through our fingers for the beauty of spoken as well as a written language.

    This is different from dealing with emergent thoughts, wondering how or why did that expression come from.

    I am not quite sure if I understood “unselor” either, though the hint at hearing what was typed, as being “insulated” as if the coating on the wire (my neurons with a myelin sheath) keeps a thought from being understood.
    So, how are new words created and used. Think about the term “fake” or “fake news” along with the layers of cognitive dissonance just waiting for an insightful reporter(s) to raise the question or a good therapist? In a group setting? Or can even a psychiatrist play the role without medicating?

    One can also hear the term “thought leaders” in some organizational cultures, which going from the individual posts here, to that of a real presence, not being recorded as in a TV prone culture, suggests the the gap between pen, paper and a tablet poses some opportunities for cracking that which is all damned up.

    The Floods have yet happened, if the truths around restorative justice are to be realized. Thanks for helping to clarify, um-h, the chaos? The angst? the LOL abbreviated from the, the…. “Just say it out Loud, ….(the words that fill in the cloud in comics?)

  • How do you advance in the academy if one enjoys learning, if by the very nature of thinking differently about reality as a verb? Trying to realize clearer ways of understanding concepts that add to life or the reasons to value the nuanced patterns can be hidden more in the brush than one’s prevailing belief systems. With this said, can governments be problematic, or the act of governance be “causal”? Or are the elected as opposed to the career civil servants protected in a structural way such that stability is woven into the leadership, as human? How does one process the right to be civil in practice and in law, to the point of being aware of “The Lights”? Thanks for your encouragement!

  • Boans:
    If “The Law” works from orders, motions filed, etc, in a linear language for the organization of mind throughout the courts, then one can obtain the records. There is some reservation in affording the client access to read the records of what was said and being said. In being consistent one can eventually understand the roles being played and at some point, the injustice(s) that have befallen us begin to be added to the pan of “social justice”.

    Could there be further elaboration of “Cause One/Cause Two”? For if one publishes within the academy and attempts to realize research shaped by Stats when the better questions are often being suppressed or not understood, then how can an outcome favorable to the client be realized?

    In the historic language of “control charts”, the replacement language frames “process behavior charts”. But within the culture of therapy experienced where there are only two people in the room, the box of special cause often does not materialize in terms of common equity. One can be in the room but not at the table, so to speak. How then can the gifts of understanding thus be discovered in an emergent language from a combination of quantities/qualities without dismissing better levels of understanding? One can be killed quickly or slowly over one’s LIFE.

  • Now after thinking about the “splashdown” from the past weekend as i offered posts in synch to the event, the idea of inner and outer space still surfaces to this site’s connection.

    How the formatting is categorical and an imperative does not quite advance the creative nature that occurs when one’s realities are altered and then committed into the nightmarish treatment programs that never were funded in mental health. The whole of the program as defined by a politics of arrogance is an embarrassment to the inner space travel of our country and globe. Howie the Harp along with numerous others would give SAMSHA Hell for the stingy behavior that would unfold around Alternatives.

    In a recall of the past, I would teach in Helena under an emergency certification in classes in physical science, chemistry and physics. I had lost a job working in a bank and the challenge to start a career again was a challenge. While teaching and staying a day ahead, Pirsig would be read along with Bronkowski and Einstein. Star Trek would show up at the local theater and the students would be wondering about the Jedi. And I could not yet explain to them about Black Holes in space, film and Hollywood. Though to understand thermodynamics and balances were another thing in a town where cotton would be compressed for shipment by STEAM. To be able to reconcile different disciplines of knowledge with value and values for LIFE, as in The LIGHTS articulated seemingly were not settled enough to realize the type of career I would long for. Years would pass and the journey brought me into Kentucky, at times up in the Hills from the Flatlanders I would come to know.

    Surviving in Kentucky, I was able to hear Dr. Anthony speak before an annual conference. In a state culture that breeds race horses, there seems to be a problem with drugging of the beast and human. And while Recovery became popular within mental health culture, now I marvel with the experience of Reel Recovery in Trout Fishing, a program for Men and Women who find recovery from cancer in group process.

    More importantly, if we are serious about the Jedi in California Film or in the landscape of Kentucky (or parts of the globe and space), how can the dollars be created and allocated more equitably when the very financiers and elected ones communicate to the individual their insights have no value?

    Looking back further, but indicative for these times, there seems to have been an issue between Cardinal Bellarmine and Galileo discoveries of importance and thinking differently. And there was no Edward Tufte to make the story plausible in a visual computer language.

    In the past Sunday’s NYT, there were two articles of equal importance for these times in need of understanding. One was written by Adom Getachew, “The Slow Road to Real “Decolonization””. The other was written by a Damon Tweedy, “Racism That Lingers in Medical Schools”.

    In working on the Masters in the 80’s time was spent traveling to Boston University. And though Dr. Anthony was not known then, time would be spent trying just by chance to visit Elie Wiesel’s Office. Upon leaving the Theology School, the sun would be setting behind the MLK Doves of Peace Statue. Thus how can We, as C/S/X along with others, not a War in Space, but rather convey an ethics that honors LIFE, that is the gifts?

    Will a “Jedi” appear?

  • Bowen, Jim et al: Was able to view The Lobster this past weekend and have safely returned the item to the library. Reminded me of when I would have surgery, my friend would bring me some books, one about a lobster fisher woman, Linda Greenlaw, The Lobster Chronicles. In being stirred from the depths, the memory serves one to recall the efforts to borrow a local lobster trap for my wife from a local purveyor of fine seafood. I would realize perhaps the trap would be difficult to walk down the street with this weapon of war.

    To improve the story and learning, the question arises about your experience with Coiumbia University. Even though the experience might not have worked for you then, you might enjoy an exploration of how statistics can help with improving the operations, I think in inner space as well as outer space.

    In other words, how and to the extent does a critical thinker, learn to be open to a more nuanced way of knowing reality(s) through the senses? And then also understand the nature of the science and the arts, which can be a challenge to integrate with words, symbols ? If one’s thinking percolates differently from the norm of the class (an average in the middle of the bell curve) or individual, what happens when the conceptual becomes alive with an awakening of sorts, perhaps even outside the bias of the prevailing research being reviewed.

    One may never really realize who one is speaking with as Jean Houston shared her story from interaction with an elder, white haired man that also included Charlie McCarthy. See:

  • How is the broadcast talking about “loss of signal” compare to not being able to read the the communication in human interaction? W/O drugging into altered realities that seemingly be more difficult to experience than a space-walk? If the Broad Institute generates huge data that does not focus on one, then how can the program where Teams work like crazy, at what point will reconciliation begin to occur?

  • If Democracy is Institutionalized within Governments that institutionalize Institutions, what happens to the heart of the customer and mental health treatment providers when they “de-institutionalize the human? It would seem that if one is twittering about, that incredible precision would become even more important for the institutionalization of the forms and outcomes of the DSM made operational through an institutional way of relating within the field.

  • I am think the idea of “model” was being examined by the 80’s. SRI team of Jay Ogilvy and Peter Schwartz were introducing the idea of scenario planning. How could or would the customers along with the professionals for the next 40 years constantly be stuck in the framework of medical model, medical model, medical model, without ever questioning the idea of “model” . A model is just that a MODEL, not the reality(s) of what the individual may even be experiencing. What decade did the initial DSM emerge from group?

  • I noticed where Olivia de Havilland would die at 104 in Paris. She moved to the City of Light years ago. Which I wonder if in your explorations, if you are in some sense, discovering a certain consciousness of gentle joy in a world that seemingly is more connected than many sense? Explore also the Extension Service for insight into how to realize materials and potential gardening plot. They do have even a course of study where one becomes a Master Gardener. (Considering that mental hospitals got started and attempted to be self supporting, large scale gardening of produce was in part therapy, but perhaps more a way to afford food for the table). Big pharma somewhat dramatically altered the metabolism and thus, not so many trips into the sun when stays were longer.

  • Bowen et al:

    How are you? And how is your thinking today? In this hour?

    A viewing of “To Kill a Mockingbird” along with “The Snake Pit” or One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest might be worth some time. For if one also can access the trailers, keeping in mind the nature of film making then and now, will show the discrimination in making the films. The broader implications of pharma as a technology without understanding the impacts of the film industry itself, requires sensitive people to understand and make sense, as feelings in and beyond the imaginations.

    When I started city planning school at the University of Oklahoma, my Father would be in the last year of his life and the concern to take the Lithium the rest of my life was of concern. My thinking and the thought of a parent dying was an aspect all will face in time as well as learning the importance of grieving and grief. This was an aspect I did not understand at that time.

    And I would withdraw rather than fail the course on social planning. The term social did not make sense and the professor’s frame of reference then was “Towards a Social Theory of Planning”. Even now, when one hears social spoken in business houses, I wonder if they are hearing “socialism”. While working as a intern in the History of Science Collection, a student gave me a 4 page article, “The Social Thermodynamics of Ilya Prigogine”, which might be of interest. For if you have experienced being in the fire of war or the struggle of the idea of “chemical imbalances” when life is a continuously shifting of balance, then the whole of learning may need further discussions.

    In part from the arrogance experienced, I would transfer to a different university and once again I would take a Social Planning Class, where one would see the film of Saul Alinsky, famed community organizer from Chicago. Now, the context for learning was one of trying to understand the idea of planing for regions from a social ecological perspective.
    The idea of my past madness and the intellectual awakening trying to find new words, new concepts, and international friends proved to be an incredible learning experience about an ineffable way of knowing knowing [sic].

    To understand NOW, the nature of film, the industry, the South, at times may seem like another country to the rest of the world. The idea of Boo taking the unspoken role in an industry of image making then and now, begs to ask more questions. Or observations. Or conversations with our cats, dogs, neighbors, even with ourselves.

    Your insights are very important! And I must close by saying, “Thank you for the posting”. This is not the same to experience a direct conversation with other humans, without the technical mitigation of space, though now in order to connect within this network, perhaps offering some replies now and then might encourage learning, recovery and a way towards change in the practice of mental health care.

    Does this make sense for the reader(s)?

  • To give some context to your story, I turned to my book, Karsh Portfolio and once again gazed at the photography of Hemingway. Karsh would visit his home in Havana in 1957 and described him as a “…man of peculiar gentleness, the shyest man I ever photographed”. In leaving at the end of the session, Mrs. Karsh commented to Hemingway about the flowers disturbing the stone steps in the garden. Hemingway would respond with a “yes, but we can always replace the stones”. The context and thinking which most of these sites have a handle on, aggregates space filled with stories that convey injustices not understood in the administration, that is the verb inherent to a more cognitive life force that all strive to understand, particularly when we experience the nightmares of treatment.

    In reading your story, I am reminded of the time with Voc Rehab’s assistance and my doctors encouragement, to realize some art classes at the local university. In making the connections regarding climate change and South American Art, I would begin to ask more questions, such that in the Fall, the program informed me, I could not take any more art classes, that I asked too many questions.

    Then I went and made an application to the creative writing program, but they said, that my sample wasn’t creative enough. So, with Rehab’s support, I would apply to the Hemingway Writer’s Workshop in Piggott, Arkansas.

    I wonder what it would take for a group from Madinamerica to realize a workshop at said place, for in visiting the site in a town with one stop light, the Pheiffer-Hemingway has been preserved and conveys the ambiance of an era when the depression hit. The family’s wealth would have the home repainted over 40 times in an effort to try and get some dollars into the worker’s hands. The simple house and the space where Hemingway wrote, communicates much more than the artifacts.
    To stretch the imagination even further, know that the movie with Andy Griffith in “A Face in the Crowd” would be filmed in the swimming pool of the home just behind the Pheiffer Home.

    In pulling up the collective book of writings from that week in November, 2015 my stories relate some the emotions in trying to free up the past to the tell the stories of being committed. In pulling them out for this reply, the first story was titled “The Power of Egg”, which was about the incubator we had as children. This past Winter, the incubator would be presented to my young dental student in a box, that had a bright LED light inside that would be glowing as if it were the box discovered from the roots of the tree by Joseph Smith. And where was the student from, but Brigham Young. There are reasons for what happened and will happen if we do not speak up, truthfully.

    Yes, We Can document and write the stories. Though to convey the dynamics by which a Crowd has been injured along with the injustice from schemes being hatched requires the appropriate legal and political challenge in order to effect the change we know would be helpful.

    Keep asking the questions and sharing the answers from your research! And look into a creative writing workshop at the Pheiffer-Hemingway Home.

  • In the spoken language and perhaps written as well, has the essence been sucked out of the simplicity of the term, water and also the nerves firing off a degree of awareness? The word water only has 5 nice letters that are wet and refreshing. On the other hand, to hydrate and dehydrated (de-hydrated), re-hydrate and hydrate conveys some effort to practice the power of presence and knowledge. The clarity of understanding seems to stand on the merits of an economy of words. LOL, a catalyst for change in mental health treatment can be lost.

  • Now, in thinking about the intention of your post, can one also focus on posting to websites/ stories, to the exclusion or inclusion of the person? Just where is the mind resting, in this decision making process? And what is the the difference between better and new light? If one is trying to understand light’s structure?

  • Ooops… my typing can leave out the adjectives. Regarding the noise from the night air traffic, my sleep, that is the circadian rhythms of my being, were not very good. Emphasize NOT. If one performs risk assessments, how are these costs weighed into understanding the stressors, the factors that alter one’s realities?

    And when I reference the idea of enough voices, I am referring to my fellow peers that were involved within our organization. By protesting or hearing the stories that others had experienced, there seems to be a way that in speaking up, a difference can be realized, if not for oneself, then hopefully others.

  • AT what point will the citizenry who have been swallowed into mental health treatment be considered “veterans”? In relocating to Louisville, I was prescribed lithium and tegretol and briefly served in a civil service position with the city. At night one could hear the UPS planes coming and going so my sleep patterns were very good. As a result I would go the Humana’s psychiatrist for some type of relief. Guess what was prescribed? But Klonopin.

    As memory serves, I would be mowing the yard and while I was mindful to drink water, never the less there was a moment where I felt as if I was experiencing heat stroke. And as a result, I would decide to stop taking the Klonopin. That experience was one of the worst pains within my brain I had encountered. And as I would try to access the psychiatrist further, when in a session I asked to see what he had written, the doctor closed his book and proceeded to push me out of the office.

    Consulting with my other advocates, I would learn this psychiatrist did not have a good reputation. We began to challenge what was occurring. Enough voices might have prevailed to have the physician removed from the local treatment.

    Thus, I can not help but ask, “Is it not strange to think how one becomes a veteran of mental health treatment or a double veteran if one served in some military role, but has to endure treatments that seemingly dance around the issue of one discovering their wholeness of being a unique human?

    The story of medicating “normal”, when research is driven by standard deviation from a stats norm and upper and lower control ranges, suggests a way to realize meaning. Perhaps MIA might have an essay on the the nature by which Stats plays in research, but also an essay on the operational management style that seems to be even more injurious?

    Coming from the depths that one begins to discover the “how” and then the “why” for their life, I would say the story is of interest not just to the benzo experience, but also to the larger audiences. Questions begin to generate questions that leads back to the causalities.

  • Correction: the child was not a him but a her. A young girl. If there are trailers to films, which have been edited out, then check those out. For the prevailing image of the times, has to dealt with and as Hollywood knows, as well as celebrity culture, the industry manipulates the truth to where the scales of justice seemingly become more like a Ferris Wheel.

  • Sera: Once something is spoken, where to hear and comprehend what was or is being said, is difficult and requires a certain knowledge, the richest I believe for me came from the Alternatives, NARPA, NAMH, Civil Rights Activism. One of the strange experiences I have is to speak, in public at a podium or to a panel of “experts”. For at a gathering several years ago, at a conference in Portland, as I began to speak a fellow c/s/x came up from behind and encouraged me to “just breathe”. Often, the mood of meetings can hijack or drive a crowd to be more vocal, which can or cannot be a better outcome for the long haul. E-typing and sharing of information, has increased the sharing of enormous volumes of information; though to understand the structural aspects by which fouled air and attitudes are causing problems requires a better focus. For those who have ever been committed or treated against their will, we know and have experienced the brutality along with the deaths that I just have a hard time accepting. Create a great 4th and let us move forward.

    I heard this morning on the Black Gospel Station of how the Minister in living in Arkansas experienced the time the Brother found the lost White Child and was bringing him to the authorities. When the crowd saw the man carrying the child, they took up their weapons and the man would be killed running away. So, when one asks, what is your favorite movie and the response is “To Kill a Mockingbird”. Remember who would take the hit for the murder as Hollywood was discovering the power of communication through film and memory. Look at what has been edited out in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”. Same story. Perhaps with better information, design, a change can be made not just from within but also for others….

  • My sister in law would invite my Mom to attend a NAMI meeting as I was needing somehow an outside reference for my Mother to understand what was happening. She would make the claim the madness was not her side of the family and my Father would soon pass informing me that I would need to take the medications the rest of my life. Emotionally, and after having served as a Congressional Intern to then Congressman David Pryor of Arkansas, the summer when Eagleton would be pulled off the ticket for his past history of ECT, there would seem to be some issues of social and justice, particularly when another well known Congressman would fall into the tidal basin. But to wind the story forward about 20 years, when the man on Prozac would realize a mass killing at the local newspaper, I along with an entire city would become traumatized. I would hear the words of hatred spewing from people;s mouths with “We ought to kill all of those crazies!” and they nearly have. So, as I became involved within mental health advocacy, learning of ATAK/MI (Advocates Taking Action in Kentucky Against Mental Illness), there would seemingly be this incredible gap between those who belonged to NAMI and those who aligned with the Mental Health Association. NAMI would advertise for a family member, the operative code words for a closed culture, that while I was married and a legitimate family member, when they turned me down for employment I began to grieve the situation through the appropriate paper work. NAMI members would reference the lawsuit which the legal challenge was not that. But with the assistance of P&A attorney, as I walked through the door for the morning of our discussion, the words spewed out of the director’s mouth, “We have done nothing wrong, and we are not going to pay a dime.” I would also attempt alternative dispute resolution, which brought the US Civil Rights Office up from Atlanta, but within the culture I do not think the process understood the subtleties of the civil war going on. As it turned out, later the NAMI director would marry the prison warden where now, medications would be as the institutionalized know to well, the pills play a major role in controlling the population. Today, there is no ATAK/MI; they were swallowed in a power play by a regional mental health provider in Lexington. But to understand the lack of truthful reporting or understanding just how ill a community, city, state or nation is at the present time, then one would have to comprehend the mind numbing stories being shared on these pages while not letting the stories fall in silence. We Have a LIFE and Lives that are MATTER.

  • If the language of law is evolving in an effort to address the problem(s), is there also a problem with legality of law itself? For what good/benefit is “worry”? True informed consent was never explained and a life has been spent attempting to get legal aid, ACLU, the state P&A, the local Bar, the elected, the financial community, the Rabbi and Priests, the Seminaries…. which in my mind, I was assuming too much. To have survived and wanting still to create and advance the conceptual with application is similar to a Jonah story. Do you realize the story(s) are being crafted in response to the creative river that runs though all LIFE?

  • Peter:
    Re: the random fluctuations. If the image is a recording at a flat field across the surface at a certain dimension and scale of relationship back to the recording platform and the “optics” of a computerized system, then is the noise occurring from a different scale of relationship, where the fluctuation or wave might be trying to “break through” into the field being observed? How much noise is being injected into the observation by the technology engineered and how curious are those who are posing the questions. The issue may not be a high degree of “uncertainty” but rather a different context that embraces the idea, “The End of Certainty”. Time to rethink the concept of “random”?