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  • “α-agonists” – What are these drugs? Is there a more commonly known name?

    “Evidence of the efficacy and safety is needed to guide psychotropic polypharmacy practices.”

    Especially since evidence of the harms is taught to every med student in med school. Given the fact all doctors are taught in med school about the harms caused by combining the anticholinergic drugs, like the antidepressants and antipsychotics.

    Since combining those drug classes can create “psychosis” and “hallucinations,” via anticholinergic toxidrome. A medically known way to poison people, that is missing from the DSM – the “bible” of psychiatry, whose adherents, are absolutely obsessed with “psychosis.”

  • “they assume ADHD must be genetic.” Psychiatrists and psychologists do a huge amount of assuming. And, of course, we all know when one assumes, they make and “ass” out of “u” and “me.”

    “How could we possibly justify giving to kids a substance we warn adults about taking because of the terrible long-term effects we know this can have on the body, brain, and so many aspects of a person’s everyday life?”

    Exactly what I asked myself, once I’d researched into this subject. All I could conclude was those who dreamed up the idea of force feeding millions of children amphetamines is they are evil, beyond my wildest dreams.

    “the scientific truth is that [ADHD] cannot be thought of as a valid scientific entity and the current recommendation for its treatment that usually prioritises medication without time limits is not evidence based.”

    Thank you for speaking the truth about this horrendous, evil practice, of force psychiatric drugging our children, Sami.

  • “As soon as they admit to not knowing the dangers or issues, they should be removed. And IF they ignore the issues and do not inform, they should be removed due to malpractice.”

    I agree, but if that were to happen, we’d already have no psychiatrists left. For goodness sakes, the psychiatrists didn’t even know that ‘brain zaps’ were a common withdrawal effect of the antidepressants until 2005. Read all about their arrogant 2005 confession.'Brain_shivers'_From_chat_room_to_clinic

  • “Stopping or switching your antipsychotic medication [regardless of what the medication is being used for] may not be an effective way to manage TD,”

    That was NOT my experience, being weaned from the psychiatric neurotoxins greatly reduced what was briefly a very serious TD problem. Albeit, of course, the TD was denied as a side effect of the antipsychotics, by my psychiatrist and psychologist.

    Thank you, Joshua, for reporting on this newest scam by big Pharma and the psychiatrists.

  • Child psychiatric drugging is “extreme child abuse,” I couldn’t agree more. But actually psychiatry – and all the crimes of their un-medically untrained psychological and other “mental health” and social worker minion – are the enemies within our countries, of all people.

    And their belief that forced drugging people is acceptable, has now led to seemingly tyrannical governments believing that force drugging the entire world, for COVID19, is acceptable human behavior. Force drugging needs to been known as unacceptable human behavior, not just for psychiatry, but for all of medicine, and all governments.

    Psychiatry’s theology is the slippery slope, that will destroy all of humanity, if their crimes against humanity are not called out, and ended.

    About seven years ago, I gave Robert Whitaker’s book “Anatomy of an Epidemic” to a pastor at my childhood church, a church to which I’d just returned. Because I was appalled that a million plus children were made sick by psychiatry, in the same devious and unethical way that I was made sick. By incompetent doctors, who wanted to cover up a “bad fix” on a broken bone of mine, and the medical evidence of the abuse of my child, of which I was eventually handed over medical evidence.

    Rather than that pastor having a rational discussion with me about the book I gave him, a psychologist was sicked upon me. Thankfully, I already knew to expect such criminal behavior, regarding the cover up of child abuse on a massive societal scale. So I was able to call that psychologist out as the criminal and fool that he is.

    Neither the psychiatric, nor psychological, worldviews are clever. They engage in hypocritical criminal behavior, having promised to “first do no harm,” but instead utilizing what is known about human psychology against the human race. The COVID-19 medical “psy-op” needs to end, and so do all the crimes being committed against humanity, by the psychiatric and psychological industries. Especially, the crimes being committed against our children.

    I’m so sorry, Jeffery, that you were attacked by the satanic “Pharmakia” worshippers of psychiatry as a child. I’m also sorry my childhood religion has bought into psychiatry’s lies, and turned itself into a satanic child abuse covering up religion. But there are others, within that former religion of mine, that are also rightfully disgusted, thankfully. I’m one of the likely many “widows” mentioned in the Preface to this book.

    I’m so sorry I was not able to protect my child from a satanic child molester. But I am grateful I was able to scare a school, that had a child molester on its school board, into closing forever. Ironically, they chose to close its doors forever, on 6/6/06. I’m also grateful I was able to protect my children from the systemic, child abuse covering up, and child abusing, psychiatric, psychological, and social worker industries.

    I hope you are some day able to tell your story, Jeffrey. I’m still working on trying to be able to tell mine, in words, rather than just through my artwork. Artwork which, when the truth is attached to it, turns the psychologists and psychiatrists into “dangerous paranoid schizophrenics.” Leaving me with medical evidence of 14 attempted murders, all via various anticholinergic toxidrome poisonings. As well as with the legal evidence of the attempted thievery of all my work, and family’s money, by systemic child abuse covering psychologists and psychiatrists.

    I, too, hope and pray, we “expose this extreme child abuse for what it is, provide some sort of restitution for its victims, and bring these atrocities to an end once and for all.” Psychiatry and psychology today, and their many “mental health” and social worker minion, are nothing but abusers of the younger generations, for the unethical pedophiles and other criminals of the elder generations.

    God bless, Jeffery, I hope both our stories are written some day, and justice some day will prevail in America again. But I will state, this does start with getting rid of the scientifically “invalid,” systemic child abuse covering up, and child abusing, by design, psychiatric DSM “bible.”

  • “This was based on the assumption that mental illnesses were caused by brain or genetic defects and therefore required physical treatment rather than psychological treatment. In over half a century they have failed to find proof that this is true, and the prevalence of mental illnesses has escalated into a pandemic.”

    Assuming is never good. And what a shame psychiatry didn’t learn from the crimes of the eugenics deluded Nazi psychiatrists, like the rest of society, and merely changed the word ‘eugenics’ to the word ‘genetics.’ But thank you for pointing out that psychiatry’s modern day psychiatric holocaust is, indeed, a pandemic. For goodness sake, they’re killing “8 million” people every year.

    “I felt like I was learning more about myself than I’d ever learned before.” I think this is where the psych professions get most of their initiates. But I do agree, I was very taken with the two psych classes I took in college, I read all those text books … very interesting. However, since psych was the major filled with people who couldn’t get into the architecture, engineering, business, and other colleges, and I had no personal issues which needed to addressed, I decided to stay in my business program.

    “In [Lehmann’s] final lecture he tried to tell us about schizophrenia.” I never got to that “final lecture.” But since I was forced to research into psychiatry and psychopharmacology later in life, now I can tell you a lot about “schizophrenia.” The negative symptoms can be created via neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome. And the positive symptoms can be created via antipsychotic / neuroleptic, and /or antidepressant induced, anticholinergic toxidrome.

    But I do agree, “even psychosis was a spiritual disorder.” And, most certainly, it was Jesus who saved me from an iatrogenic induced “psychosis,” created by the insane “chemical imbalance” believing, drug pushing, systemic child abuse covering up, psychological and psychiatric system.

    And my drug withdrawal induced ‘super sensitivity manic psychosis,’ which was not bothersome to me at all, did remind me that “we are filled with the spirits of people we’ve known and of our culture.” It was actually a tale of how we are all ‘one,’ thus mutual respect of all is of paramount importance.

    I’m sorry you had to deal with “so much professional rejection,” Ed. As that is quite the opposite of mutual respect of all. But staggering, and ungodly disrespect, is also what I found typical of the psychiatric and psychological practitioners.

    “Religion reached into people’s souls, but it often demanded such obedience and loyalty that it was often abusive.” Yes, my dealings with the psychiatric and psychological industries was all about their covering up the abuse of my child, for my childhood religion; scientific fraud based industries which unfortunately have partnered with that religion. And, of course, this was ungodly abusive, as even pointed out in this righteous indignation filled ELCA insider’s book, just read the Preface.

    “Sometimes I wonder if we now forget that we are mammals, and that the mother of all relationships is the relationship with the mother.” Which is a good reason why the psychologists and psychiatrists should get out of the business of attacking young mothers, and attempting to attack their children, to systemically cover up child abuse, for profit. Which is the number one actual societal function of the psychological and psychiatric, historically, and today.

    In other words, a little reminder, don’t glamorize Freud too much. Personally, I believe a little more in the possible truth behind the theologies of Jung and Laing, not that I’m an expert in their theologies.

    But thank you for sharing your story, Ed. I’m glad to hear from the “mental health” workers who are not evil, child abuse cover uppers, like all the “mental health” workers, with whom I had the misfortune of dealing. And, again, thank you for calling out psychiatry’s modern day holocaust as the “pandemic,” that it shamefully is.

  • True, but the globalist banksters, who fund the pharmaceutical research, and all those “mental health” workers who worship their Ponzi scheme of a monetary system, and are constantly begging for more research funds. They want us all to be their slaves instead. An attempted thieving psychologist, and likely bailout taking banksters’ son, actually confessed that to me recently!

    “In state-run or private institutions, as well as traditional or religious healing centres, they are shackled for restraint or punishment and often forced to fast, take medications or herbal concoctions and face physical and sexual violence.”

    Yes, the mainstream religions have colluded with the “mental health” system, at least in America. For God’s sake, they’re actually teaching the scientific fraud based DSM theology in the seminaries in America. And the “mental health” system has been systemically covering up child and sexual abuse, for the religions, for decades, or longer.

    These “conspiratorial” crimes were called “the dirty little secret of the two original educated professions,” by an ethical pastor of mine, who was kind enough to read my medical research.

    “Shackling is typically practised by families who believe that mental health conditions are the result of evil spirits or an individual having sinned.”

    But isn’t it ironic, and staggeringly hypocritical, that the truth actually is that the “mental health” system in America has been systemically covering up the child rape covering up crimes of the religions instead, for perhaps a century or longer?

    It’s staggeringly satanic that The Guardian is still trying to espouse belief in the systemic crimes of the “mental health” system, given the number of ethical “mental health” workers in the UK, who are confessing to the systemic crimes of their industries.

  • “How much of therapy consists of, ‘you need to be addicted to these drugs because you are biologically defective.'” 100%, based upon my experience, but that was all BS.

    “How much of therapy consist of trying to cope with drug effects such as amotivation, and obesity?” 0%, based upon my experience. But this is likely true for many, since none of the psychologists or therapists are medically trained, thus they know less than zero about the common adverse and withdrawal effects of the psych drugs. And, they have all actually been misinformed about such, since their DSM “bible” does misinform people about the effects of the psych drugs.

    “How much is about coping with stigma and discrimination which occurs largely because psychiatry lied about how the people they label have broken brains and are so dangerous they need less rights than a criminal?” Again, 100%, based upon my experience. But at least we now know those are psychiatric and psychological lies, since the vast majority of those labeled with the DSM disorders are actually victims of crimes, NOT dangerous criminals themselves.

  • “She highlights that considering how a medication may be impacting, an individual’s behavior is key to consider when encountering someone in crisis.”

    Absolutely true, and this is likely one of the biggest problems with psychiatry. They have an army of non-medically trained psychologists, therapists, social workers, et al – all of whom have been misinformed by the psychiatrists and/or big Pharma about the common adverse and withdrawal effects of the psychiatric drugs. Which has resulted in millions of people having the common adverse and withdrawal effects of the psych drugs misdiagnosed, by these non-medically trained DSM “bible” believers.

    For goodness sakes, Robert Whitaker pointed out a decade ago that the ADHD drugs and antidepressants can make people manic, in other words, they create the symptoms of “bipolar.”

    And the neuroleptics / antipsychotics can create the negative symptoms of “schizophrenia,” via neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome. Plus the antipsychotics and antidepressants can make a person ‘psychotic’ and hallucinate, positive symptoms of “schizophrenia,” via anticholinergic intoxication syndrome poisoning. Yet neither of these medically known syndrome are even listed in the DSM. Thus they are ALWAYS misdiagnosed by the “mental health” workers.

    Non-medically trained people should NOT be “diagnosing” (stigmatizing, in the case of the “mental health” workers) people with anything.

    “I hope that by reducing and ultimately eliminating stigma, we can provide space for more people with mental health issues to be their authentic selves.”

    The only real way to eliminate stigma is to get rid of the “invalid” and “unreliable” DSM.

  • “psychology and psychiatry often perpetuate many systemic injustices that social justice movements push back against…” Psychology and psychiatry are all about creating injustice. For God’s sake a psychologist recently tried to steal all my money, work, and take control of my story, accountants, and lawyers with a BS “art manager” / classic thievery contract. Because I’m an anti-psychiatry activist, who stands against the psychologists’ and psychiatrists’ systemic harm of children, especially child abuse survivors.

    Not to mention, until forced treatment is made illegal, psychology and psychiatry will always be about ungodly injustice.

    “reducing the stigma around mental health services” is not the answer either. Throwing away the “invalid” and “unreliable” DSM stigmatization “bible” is the answer.

    “increasing accessibility to services,” mostly neurotoxic poisoning services, which harm more than they help, is also not the answer.

    Getting the psychological and psychiatric industries to stop gas lighting, “psy-op”ing, lying, DSM defaming, and neurotoxic poisoning innocent people, is the solution instead. Getting them out of the child abuse covering up business, an illegal business, but their primary actual societal function, is also part of the answer.

    All this talk about how psychology and psychiatry, without making any real systemic change, care about “social justice,” is just more hypocrisy, more “bullshit.”

    Psychology and psychiatry “cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Yet that’s exactly what they’re still trying to do. “more research,” “more research,” “more research,” always calls for “more research.” No, real systemic change is the answer.

  • “Medicine is having it’s own problems due to having indulged in psych drugs. It is a doctor’s go to when he does not want to be bothered,” or wants to cover up his and/or her’s easily recognized malpractice, and/or medical evidence of child abuse.

    And covering up child abuse is the primary actual societal function of both the psychiatric and psychological communities, and this is all by DSM design.

    I love your sense of humor, Philip, and your stinging criticism of psychiatry. Thank you so much for all of your blogs, and your truth telling, Philip. Your work, and writings, are staggeringly important, and much appreciated by me, and I would imagine, by most on MiA.

  • “if our nuclear family are not supportive then there are few others who care, unless they are paid.” But destroying the nuclear families, and destroying marriages, is the job of the “mental health” workers. I know that from personal experience.

    “we are governed by societal rules we did not make but we are still punished when we err.” God forbid anyone stand against the never ending wars, which were started by 9/11/2001, because we knew back then that the wrong banking families were in charge of America, since we knew “all wars are bankers’ wars.”

    The “mental health” workers tend to believe those of us with “insight,” that they don’t have, are all “mentally ill.”

    “our society is built (economically and socially) on the idea that we are all self-contained individuals who can choose our own life options

    “our society is built on the idea that every individual is responsible for what happens to them and can be blamed for anything going wrong (implicitly or explicitly blamed)”

    I’m pretty certain those are the beliefs of the medical community, particularly the “mental health” industry, more so than the majority of Americans. My experience has been that most Americans – with the exclusion of the “mental health” and social workers – are good people, who want to work together to bring about a better society for our children.

    “we are being forced into life activities which are ‘marketable’ for employment but which we would never choose otherwise.”

    And those of us who could afford not to do that, and chose instead to visually document history, hopefully for the art history books some day. We were attacked long ago, by the so called “mental health” industry, greedy religious leaders, and their so called “non-profit” hospitals. And the “mental health” industry is still trying to steal from us, via – most recently – a BS “art manager” / classic thievery contract.

    “when traumatic events occur, the responses are not monitored by others.” According to my “mental health” workers, all those of us who were legitimately distressed, and stand against the never ending wars started by 9/11/2001, are “mentally ill.” I believe that’s called “political abuse of psychiatry.”

    “we live in a competitive world because our economic system is based on this, which increases the bullying and lack of real social connection”

    But this is all imposed upon us by the criminal globalist banksters, not the small, ethical American banking families, that had helped to make America great. And the globalist banksters’ control of the, greed only inspired, medical and religious industries.

    “The extreme ‘symptoms’ in our modern age are trying to tell us about these other sorts of modern issues and problems which we need to solve as a society or community before ‘mental health’ issues will go away.”

    But our society needs to garner insight into the reality that the “‘mental health’ issues” will not “go away,” until more understand that the antidepressants and ADHD drugs create the “bipolar” symptoms.

    And the antipsychotics / neuroleptics can create the negative symptoms of “schizophrenia,” via neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome. Plus, they can create the positive symptoms of “schizophrenia,” via anticholinergic toxidrome.

    In other words, the entire “mental health” industry is based upon scientific fraud and lies. Which was confessed to, for good reason, by the former head of the National Institute of Mental Health, over seven years ago.

    Our society’s “mental health” issues will not go away, until the scientific fraud, lies, and staggering amount of iatrogenic harm of the “mental health” industry are understood by a larger percent of the public; and, hopefully, some day, all Americans, and the world.

    Shame on those “mental health” workers who know nothing about the common adverse effects of the drugs you force onto innocent others. In my family’s case, to cover up the abuse of my child for an unethical ELCA pastor, his pedophile “soul mates,” and the criminal systemic child abuse covering bishops of his religion.

    But covering up child abuse and rape is the number one actual societal function of our criminal “mental health” industries today, and historically.

  • “Researchers: Antidepressant Use in Children Increases Suicide, No Evidence of Benefit”

    But we must congratulate all the psychiatrists, and mainstream doctors who have been handing the antidepressants out like candy, as “safe … meds,” for decades. For “suiciding” so many children, for profit. The doctors must be so proud?

    Oh, that’s right, now that we’re living in Covid-19 times, all the “health care” workers are “heroes,” irregardless of their prior, and continuing, crimes against humanity. Pardon my sarcasm, and disgust.

    I totally agree, madmom.

  • I agree, “state and private agencies, lay and professional groups, and independent researchers should shed more light on involuntary psychiatric detentions, their correlates, and their outcomes.”

    Especially since involuntary detentions are being abused by criminal doctors. I was medically unnecessarily shipped (due to a sleep walking/talking issue, one night ever in my life), not to the closest hospital that took my insurance, but a long distance to this now FBI convicted doctor. By doctors at a hospital which was no longer in my insurance group, because it’d been medically recommended my family switch insurance groups, due to prior malpractice.

    According to medical records, I was admitted with a “chronic airway obstruction,” a medical condition I did not have. And that is NOT a psychiatric diagnosis, thus I should NOT have been force treated.

    But what Kuchipudi was arrested for, was having lots and lots of people medically unnecessarily shipped long distances to himself. He would then have his psychiatric partner in crime “snow” his patients. That means drug them to the point that only the whites of the patients’ eyes show. The goal of this was to make the patients unable to breathe, so that Kuchipudi could then have unneeded tracheotomies done on people, for profit.

    I was “snowed,” willy nilly, put on and taken off of huge drug cocktails of 9 or so different psychiatric drugs a day, which is not prescribing according to guidelines. Thankfully I was healthy enough that I was able to avoid the unneeded tracheotomy.

    The “snowing” psychiatrist, who committed this malpractice, had wanted to have my insurance company pay for me to be institutionalized for life, to cover up her and Kuchipudi’s crimes, in addition to the previous malpractice and crimes committed against me and my family by other doctors, pastors, and child molesters, of which medical proof had already been handed over. But I was fortunate that my private health insurance company refused to pay for any more than 2 weeks of this horrendous maltreatment.

    I did the mandated aftercare with a different psychiatrist, closer to my home. I was eventually able to embarrass him into weaning me off the psych drugs by quoting my oral surgeon. Who stated the common sense reality that, “Antipsychotics don’t cure a mother of concern of the abuse of her child,” especially after the medical evidence of the abuse had been handed over.

    Two years later, I was lying in a public park, Millennium Park in Chicago, looking at the clouds, trying to come to grips with the magnitude of the medical and religious betrayal, with which my family had dealt. And the fact that I had found the medical proof that both the antipsychotics and antidepressants, can make people “manic” and “psychotic,” via the central symptoms of anticholinergic intoxication syndrome, aka anticholinergic toxidrome. And all doctors were taught this in med school. So all my doctors had lied incessantly through their teeth to me, for years.

    My car, unfortunately, was towed. I had gone to the park to watch the sun rise, but cars were apparently not allowed to be parked there, as the sun was rising, so it was towed. Around 11am a police man came and asked me to come with him, for no good reason. I did. He took me to a hospital, where I was given an unneeded physical.

    I had politely declined medical care, and did not sign HIPPA forms. The unneeded physical resulted in a “medically clear” diagnosis. But I was not allowed to leave. And instead, I was shipped in the middle of the night, a long distance, back to Saiyed. The chances of that happening, without the doctor breaking HIPPA laws, and illegally looking into my past medical history, in a metropolitan area the size of Chicagoland, is basically zero. And that hospital did eventually confess their $5000 physical charge was illegal, once the crimes of their doctors were pointed out.

    The second time Saiyed had me medically unnecessarily shipped a long distance to her, and force treated me. I told her I was allergic to her drugs, and that it was against my religion to take them (I’d changed religions). She did not listen to me, force treated me instead, resulting in my pounding my fists on my chest in angst. Saiyed had a group of psychiatrists in training with her, who all witnessed this. One of the nurses said she’d never witnessed such an adverse reaction to the drugs.

    I asked the crowd, in a rather stern mother tone, if anyone there spoke English. A bunch of hands eagerly went up. No doubt this was embarrassing for Saiyed, since she had been telling these people she was my psychiatrist, and touting the “revolving door theory.” But obviously if I doubted whether she even speaks English proficiently, I was not actually her client.

    My “diagnosis” then changed to having a UTI, again not an illness I had, and not a psychiatric diagnosis. Thus, again, this was not a legal forced treatment. I was then forced to take a very powerful anthrax drug, which is known to cause “psychosis.” I loudly announced, in front of the other patients, that that drug was making my heart feel like it was going to stop, since that’s what it did feel like. So I was only forced to take that unneeded pill twice.

    I was finally let out a week later, with a diagnosis of “adjustment disorder.” But not before one of the nurses insisted I take a bible. I’m guessing I was the only patient she’d ever witnessed leaving that place, not drugged up.

    When I picked up the expunged court documents from the first involuntary commitment, I learned that my signature had been forged on the voluntary committed documents. So the doctors could avoid giving me my day in court, which was illegal, of course.

    But that “snowing” psychiatrist, Humaira Saiyed, did not stop there. I learned from a health insurance company a few years later that Humaira had been inappropriately listing me as her “outpatient” at a hospital where I’d never been, for years.

    I called Humaira, and asked her to stop fraudulently listing me as her “out patient” at a hospital that agreed with me, that I’d never been there. Humaira thought she was clever, so unbeknownst to me initially, she started listing me as her “outpatient” at the hospital at which I’d had the misfortune of meeting her.

    In the meantime, I’d been dealing with a lot of family issues, including the death of my husband, and cleaning up a financial mess he had created, prior to his untimely death. I was also fighting an illegal firing from a job. I did win that battle, since I had luckily handed over proof that that employer had tried to steal from me, and they had no evidence that I had stolen or tried to steal from them whatsoever. But I was dealing with lots of other corporate crimes as well.

    I was eventually sent documents stating I was party to something like 60 to 70 class action law suits, by criminal corporations. My research indicates that people call this being a “targeted individual.” I also had to move my children and I out of our home, just after my husband’s death, due to an illegal foreclosure.

    Proof of the fact that that bank did not even have my mortgage, the note, nor the date of assignment of my mortgage to them. Since it never was legally assigned to them, was eventually sent to me. After I’d short sold my home, helped a family by selling them my home for $100,000 less than it’s true value, financially screwed that unethical bank, and moved. Obviously, this was during the aftermath of the housing/foreclosure crisis. But it was a shame “all the Kane County judges are bought out by the banks,” according to all the lawyers I’d tried to hire.

    Humaira eventually had a couple of her lackeys call an old phone number of mine, which was a cell phone that I had since given to my mother. I had moved closer to my parents, to help them downsize, and move into a retirement community. My mom handed me the phone, the lackeys asked me why I missed an appointment with Saiyed. I told them that they were going to look like fools and criminals, if Saiyed did not stop fraudulently listing me as her patient, since I no longer even lived in Illinois.

    I do not know if I was made a “targeted individual” because the ELCA religion wanted to cover up the abuse of my child, or if it related to Saiyed’s crimes at an ELCA hospital, or likely both. This book, written by an ELCA insider, implies it may have been due to the ELCA religion’s systemic desire to cover up child abusing ELCA pastors’ crimes. I’d be one of the likely many “widows” mentioned in the Preface of this book.

    I have no doubt that psychiatry and psychology, not to mention the information age, are being used by corporations and industries to harm innocent people. I was attacked one more time by another ELCA psychologist, after he saw my work, because it “too truthfully” documents the crimes, to which my family had been subjected, by the ELCA religion, and their Jewish and Muslim psychiatrists.

    According to the classic thievery / “art manager” contract he wanted me to sign. That Lutheran psychologist wanted to steal all profits from my work, my work, and my story. He wanted to take control of all my money, my lawyers, and accountants. I was appalled by his contract, and had to tell him I would not sign it about 10 times. Since that likely 60 aged psychologist acted likely a spoiled child, who’d never heard the word “no” before.

    It is staggering the lengths the corrupt ELCA religion, and their many “mental health” minion, will go to cover up the abuse of a person’s child, in this country where covering up child abuse is illegal. I now have medical evidence of 14 attempted murders, all via various forms of anticholinergic toxidrome poisonings. Plus, the legal proof of the attempted thievery.

    But profiteering off of covering up child abuse is the number one actual societal function of both the psychological and psychiatric industries. And now also the Lutherans in my church, who entered into a faustian deal with the systemic child abuse covering up psychologists, psychiatrists, and all their “mental health” and social worker minion. And it’s all by DSM design.

    Absolutely, forced psychiatric treatment should be made illegal. Since it is being utilized by criminal doctors and religions, for nefarious purposes. And, truly, America as a whole does NOT benefit from having a group of, primarily child abuse covering up, scientific fraud based, “mental health” industries. Whose systemic child abuse covering up crimes, also function to aid, abet, and empower child molesters and child sex traffickers. Resulting in us all now living in a “pedophile empire,” where pedophilia and human trafficking are running amok.

  • But be cautious if you do that, because the psychologists and pastors may likely attack you. They don’t want their “dirty little secret of the two original educated professions’,” multi billion dollar, scientific fraud based, systemic child abuse covering up and profiteering, “mental health” industries’ gig to end. “It’s too profitable,” according to a Lutheran pediatrician.

  • I absolutely agree, Ekaterina. I never bought into my bipolar misdiagnosis either. Largely because they were telling me it was a “genetic” illness, and I knew I had no family history of such.

    But my experience was related to spirituality, too. And I agree, we do live in a much too materialistic world. I came to that conclusion long before my dealing with the “bullshit” of psychiatry.

    I just got back from helping my brother sell his apartment building and downsize, in Chicago. All over that city is graffiti that calls it out. “Fake culture.”

    I agree, it’s our culture, that is misguided. Not those of us who are critical of the corrupt systems and corporations.

    “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” And, unfortunately, that’s pretty much where we are all living. Although make no mistake, I do believe those of us who believe in the spiritual realm, and God, will win. So absolutely I agree in the importance of all of us maintaining hope.

  • “With costs associated with some DHIs and diverse factors that may influence accessibility and appeal, research is needed to synthesize understandings of barriers and facilitators to access.”

    Why should research be done into “barriers and facilitators to access.” When the DHI’s have not yet been proven to be valid or credible? I’m quite certain efficacy of interventions should be proven, prior to rolling them out world wide.

    But, of course, the majority of us here know psychiatry and psychology regularly do the opposite of what is ethical, moral, and common sense. Yet they’re always begging for more research money.

  • “They diagnose you with bipolar disorder and add an ‘antipsychotic’ into the mix. You develop side effects and they add an ‘anticholinergic’ for side effects.”

    Actually, both the antidepressants and antipsychotics are anticholinergic drugs.

    And combining the anticholinergic drugs can result in anticholinergic toxidrome. Anticholinergic toxidrome can create psychosis and hallucinations. Symptoms which are always misdiagnosed by the psychiatrists and other doctors, since anticholinergic toxidrome is NOT a billable DSM disorder.

    And as a matter of fact, the only visible difference to psychiatrists between anticholinergic toxidrome and schizophrenia is that a person is made “hyperactive,” rather than “inactive.” But since the neuroleptics make everyone sleep 12 or 14 hours a night, which of course most patients would complain about, the psychiatrists assume their clients are also suffering from the negative symptoms of “schizophrenia.” But in reality, this is more likely NIDS.

    The reality is that both “bipolar” and “schizophrenia” are iatrogenic illnesses – not “genetic” illnesses – that are created with the psychiatric drugs.

    “The science has already pointed to what is likely to be most helpful to people who suffer distress. The challenge is to make the transformation that is needed for that to happen. This may not be as difficult as it sounds.”

    I hope you’re right, and I thank you as a seemingly ethical psychiatrist, for speaking the truth to the best of your knowledge. We really do need the ethical psychiatrists and psychologists to be speaking out against what’s been going on within the psychiatric and psychological communities for decades, or longer.

  • So since “Trauma experienced by past generations continues to affect current generations by epigenetic imprinting.” Thus traumatizing people is profitable for the psychiatric industry.

    Which helps to explain why psychiatry is all about neurotoxic poisoning, electric shocking, torturing, and traumatizing innocent people. It’s to destroy not just their clients, but their client’s entire families, for generations. So psychiatry and psychology can profiteer forever off of their own crimes against humanity. All after promising to “first and foremost do no harm,” and promising all their clients they’re “doctors” here to “help” them.

    Gosh, I’m pretty certain we found the hypocrites, who Dante said belong in the lowest depths of hell. All those Holy Spirit blaspheming psychologists and psychiatrists – who claim to be “scientists” – better be right that there is no God. And that their “science” is valid, which it is not. But they weren’t able to convince me not to believe in God and/or an Intelligent Designer.

    When a government takes away the checks and balances of the justice system, and hands over the right to play judge, jury, and executioner to the “mental health professions.” I’ve seen many “mental health” workers lose their minds, due to the unchecked power they’ve wrongly been given.

    And the “mental health” system is murdering “8 million” innocent people every year, according to the former NIMH director, with their “invalid” DSM disorders, and their neurotoxic psychiatric drugs.

    Personally, I pray for God to judge all fairly, and bring about His will on this planet, which is a theology of love. Since the “mental health” industries’ hatred filled, elitist, scientifically “invalid,” by design systemic child abuse covering up, pedophile aiding, debunked DSM belief system is destroying America, and all Western civilizations, from within.

    But in the meantime, we do need to be critically critiquing those who’ve unjustly been given the right to play judge, jury, and executioners to non-criminals. And the psychiatrists and psychologists need to be making proper amends to the millions of child abuse survivors who’ve been systemically misdiagnosed, by design, by the DSM deluded “mental health” workers.

    Defaming people with “invalid” diseases, neurotoxic poisoning people, to destroy entire families for generations, for profit. That is about as disgusting as any industry can ever get. Psychiatry, and their psychological co-“conspirators,” need to be taken down. As do the child abuse covering up religious leaders, who joined into their systemic child abuse covering up “conspiracy,” like the ELCA religious leaders.

  • I agree, thank you Paula, for repeatedly, as is much needed, pointing out the systemic crimes against humanity, of the scientific fraud based psychiatric industry.

    The psychologists do need to be functioning as a check to the psychiatric, run amok DSM “bible” belief system. Despite the the fact that the majority of the psychologists are functioning in complete collaboration with the psychiatrists.

    I do appreciate your speaking the truth, Paula.

  • The problem is MiA is pro-psychology, albeit I understand the need to be diplomatic and communicate with people in a mutually respectful manner.

    But this is despite the fact that the psychologists are equally as guilty as the psychiatrists, when it comes to the “mental health” industries’ primary actual societal function, which is covering up child abuse.

    We need to look at the big picture, if we’re going to “slay the dragon.” And the big picture points to the reality that the primary actual societal function of both psychiatry and psychology, and their multitude of DSM “bible” billing “mental health professionals,” is systemically covering up child abuse, which is illegal.

    And their DSM “bible” is a systemic child abuse covering up “bible,” by design. Since no “mental health” worker may ever bill any insurance company for ever helping any child abuse survivor ever. Without first misdiagnosing them with one, or many, of the billable DSM disorders first. And that, of course, distracts from the real issue at hand.

  • Forgive me, since this is a little off topic. But it does somewhat coincide with my last train of thought, above.

    Perhaps the psychiatrists, who despise all of us “anti-psychiatry” and critical psychiatry people, should consider a theory of mine, on why there are “anti-psychiatry” and critical psychiatry movements. (Aside, of course, from all the scientism and scientific fraud within the psychiatric DSM “bible” theology, and it’s medically unwise psychopharmacological recommendations.)

    What other field of medicine has psychologists, social workers, CPS workers, all varieties of therapists, school psychologists, art therapists, etc. – an army of non-medically trained workers, who know nothing about the adverse and withdrawal symptoms of the psych drugs – systemically feeding innocent healthy people, including millions of children, into their “profession”? None, other than psychiatry.

    I could go on, but I’d rather ask others to think about that, and give their opinions.

  • “I realized immediately it wasn’t a relapse. The symptoms were so bizarre. There was no way that somebody could say that’s a relapse when you’re having brain zaps, and these bizarre electrical surges throughout your body. I mean it’s absurd that this is presumed to be relapse. You know doctors must not be listening to what their patients are telling them.”

    Very true, the “mental health” workers and doctors didn’t even know brain zaps were a symptom of antidepressant discontinuation syndrome until 2005. Read all about their hubris:'Brain_shivers'_From_chat_room_to_clinic

    “I would like to say, very humbly, the only reason that I’m an expert is because there’s virtually no competition—and doctors really should be doing this. Doctors really should be the ones who are knowledgeable about this, and not me!”

    Yes, I can’t understand why psychiatrists, and their many “mental health” minion claim to be “professionals,” when many of them know less than zero about the adverse and withdrawal effects of the drugs they prescribe. Personally, I believe that is staggeringly unprofessional.

    Thank you, Adele, for helping so many psychiatric survivors and sharing your story.

  • Thanks for sharing your story, Robin. I couldn’t agree more, forced psychiatric treatment is horrendous, damaging, and results in dealing with ungodly disrespectful “professionals,” or outright criminal doctors, as in my case. (The doctor who had me medically unnecessarily shipped a long distance to him, and force treated me, was eventually convicted by the FBI for fraud against the government, based upon his harm of many patients for profit.) Forced treatment should be made illegal.

    “People struggling with depression should be accepted. We need to feel like we are worthy even when we are suffering: worthy of compassion, worthy of respect, and worthy of existing. We can’t overcome our pain if we can’t overcome the stigma that is instilled in us by the very people who are supposed to be helping us.” Well stated, and why the DSM “bible” should be flushed. In addition to the fact the DSM stigmatizations are “invalid” and “unreliable.”

    My best wishes in your healing journey, Robin, I’m glad it’s been going well in recent years. Again, thanks for sharing your story.

  • Your suggestion of looking at distress within context makes a lot more sense than the “mental health” industries’ bizarre belief that “all distress is caused by a ‘chemical imbalance'” within one person’s brain.

    I had no idea when I initially went to a psychologist, just after 9/11/2001, that that psychologist believed that distress caused by 9/11 was distress “caused by a chemical imbalance” in my brain alone. She didn’t explain her bizarre “chemical imbalance” belief system to me, until I was picking up her medical records.

    I couldn’t agree more, context matters. And I can guarantee you, all that worldwide distress caused by 9/11 had less than zero to do with a “chemical imbalance” in my brain alone. The “mental health” workers’ “chemical imbalance” theology is absurd, and insane.

  • “Some of these conditions are even made worse by antidepressants, which will lead the ‘average’ shrinks to look for plausible excuses to exonerate themselves from blame for prescribing a faulty treatment that led their depressed patients to become floridly psychotic.”

    But making a person “floridly psychotic” is what all the anticholinergic drugs (like the antidepressants, antipsychotics, et al) can do, via anticholinergic toxidrome. And all doctors, including the psychiatrists, were taught this in medical school.

    The psychiatric industry literally took medically known ways to harm people, obfuscated them with their DSM, and turned them into a multibillion dollar way to systemically cover up easily recognized iatrogenesis – and mostly child abuse, according to the medical literature – for profit. All of which is illegal, immoral, and appalling.

  • Well, given the fact that the two “most serious mental illnesses,” schizophrenia and bipolar, are both created with the psych drugs. And let’s be realistic, depression is most likely caused by depressing real life events, not a “chemical imbalance” in any one individuals’ brains.

    “One begins wonder, are there any characteristics of ‘mental illness’ that aren’t also caused by the drugs?” Probably not.

  • “These processes may also propel the illness to a more malignant and treatment-unresponsive course, as with … bipolar manifestations or paradoxical reactions.”

    As one of the millions and millions of people who had the “bipolar manifestations” of antidepressant discontinuation syndrome blatantly misdiagnosed as “bipolar,” according to the DSM-IV-TR. I do appreciate you trying to educate the psychiatric industry about the iatrogenic adverse and withdrawal effects of their drugs.

    And please do also help educate them regarding the common adverse effects of their “bipolar treatments,” the “schizophrenia” drugs, the antipsychotics / neuroleptics. Since those drugs can create the negative symptoms of “schizophrenia,” via neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome. And they can also create the positive symptoms of “schizophrenia,” via anticholinergic toxidrome.

    In other words, the two “most serious” DSM disorders, bipolar and schizophrenia, are iatrogenic illnesses, created with the psychiatric drugs. I realize this a a bummer for the psychiatric industry, but it is truthful information that needs to be made clear to the psychiatric practitioners, and their many DSM deluded “mental health” and social worker minion.

    “That’s alright, that’s okay, you’ll be working for us some day.” Go ethical Northwestern professors, and thank you for helping to expose these psychiatric industry crimes, Christopher.

  • “’science denialism’ … the commentators wringing their hands over this sort of thing never seem to consider the effect of having the appearance of science and the materials and methods of science being hijacked by those whose sole concern seems to be to sell us all as many drugs as possible—and damn the cost to everyone else.” A wonderful description of psychiatrists.

    Ah, and Mr. Biederman, the man who created the iatrogenic (ADHD drug and antidepressant induced) ‘childhood bipolar epidemic.’ Who believes he is “second only to God,” if I recall correctly?

    Thank you, Patrick, for speaking and writing about the fraud, and especially the systemic harm of children, which the psychiatric industry – and all those who utilize the “invalid” and “unreliable” DSM disorders – are perpetrating.

  • Psychology and psychiatry largely function to bring about the antithesis of “social justice,” from my experience.

    Their primary societal function, according to the medical literature, and my family’s medical records, is misdiagnosing and neurotoxic poisoning child abuse survivors (and/or their legitimately concerned family members). Which, of course, also functions to aid, abet, and empower child molesters.

    How does having a multi billion dollar, primarily child abuse covering up, scientifically “invalid” and “unreliable,” group of “mental health” industries promote “social justice?”

    And because I recorded the crimes committed against my family, by child abuse covering up, psychologists and psychiatrists in my work. A non-clinical Lutheran psychologist recently attempted to steal all my work and money, with a “psy op” and a BS “art manager” / thievery contract.

    That psychologist’s goal, according to him, was to “maintain the status quo,” and “get all the money in the hands of a small number of banking families.” And he felt it was appropriate for school social workers to attempt to drug up the best and brightest American children, to achieve his unjust goals.

    Psychology and psychiatry promote the antithesis of “social justice,” from my experience. We should be arresting the pedophiles, not neurotoxic poisoning child abuse survivors. And the Lutheran psychologists need to be reminded that attempting to steal from the widows in your church is also a crime.

    And I will add, refusing to utilize one’s malpractice insurance for what it is intended, is a form of thievery. A form of thievery which many “mental health” workers are participating.

    Social injustice is what all “mental health” workers that I’ve had the misfortune of dealing with, had as a goal. And their partnership with the ELCA pastors has resulted in the bishops of my childhood religion being turned into systemic child abuse cover uppers, too.

    I hope for a return to the rule of law, justice, and that the “mental health” workers, pastors, and bishops will some day soon get out of the pedophile empowerment business.

  • Thank you, Peter, for pointing out what is blatantly obvious to anyone who has ever been forced and/or coerced into taking the anticholinergic drugs.

    It’s of paramount importance that the psychiatrists learn this information, since all the psychiatrists I have ever dealt with denied that the anticholinergic drugs could cause any harms, other than “increased thirst.”

    Although I must confess, I’m not certain what is “professional” about knowing basically nothing about the common adverse effects of the drug classes one prescribes.

    Nonetheless, thank you for helping to educate the psychiatrists regarding the common adverse effects of the mind numbing and dumbing psychiatric drugs.

  • Thank you, Max, for pointing out this hypocrisy and discrimination. I took a peer training class, passed it, but decided not to work in the industry because I saw the double standard during training.

    For goodness sakes, they were still pushing the chemical imbalance theory in these peer training classes in 2016 or so, when I participated in the training. Despite the chemical imbalance theory being debunked long ago.

    I knew I wanted no part of working within such a scientific fraud based, discriminatory, disrespectful – to the point it would likely feel hostile -environment.

  • I agree, it was murder. And I agree, “doctors are immune” for intentionally poisoning people, which needs to change.

    “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Thus, it was a very dumb idea to give psychiatrists the power to play judge, jury, and executioner to anyone, for any nefarious reason they please (like covering up child abuse, which is the primary actual societal function of both the psychiatrists and psychologists). Psychiatry and psychology are absolutely corrupted industries today.

    “8 million” killed every year with the “invalid” DSM disorders, and the neurotoxic psychiatric drugs.

    Our modern day, all Western civilization, psychiatric holocaust needs to end. My condolences to the McGowan family on the loss of their beloved child.

  • I’ve read numerous accounts of people self harming “just to feel something.”

    So it would make sense that it’s likely true that giving such people tranquilizers (antidepressants, antipsychotics, or other drugs that numb people) likely make matters worse.

    But I do agree, most distress is caused by “social” factors. And I do know we need to help the “mental health” workers overcome their delusional belief that “all distress is caused by chemical imbalances in individuals’ brains.”

    Thank you for helping to re-educate the “chemical imbalance” deluded “mental health” workers.

  • Good advice, Lavender Sage. What a concept … listen to the client, and respond in a mutually respectful and logical manner.

    But the “invalid” DSM “bible,” and the training that the “mental health” workers are “professionals,” thus above their clients, tends to prevent the “mental health” workers from behaving in either a logical or mutually respectful manner.

    But I agree, lots of dancing helped save me, too. Glad I ignored that bad psychological advice to turn off my favorite music.

  • Well, definitely the neuroleptics make exercise, and most everything else, feel onerous.

    Unless, as was true in my case, you were massively over “medicated.” Then you’re made not just “psychotic,” via anticholinergic toxidrome, but also “hyperactive.” Yet you still sleep way too much.

    Based upon my experience and research, I think the antipsychotic induced “hyperactivity” would most likely be described psychiatrically as “akathisia.”

    I did find exercising possible and helpful in getting some of the inner angst out when dealing with “akathisia.” It wasn’t easy, however.

    And as we know, drug withdrawal also results in making a person “hyperactive.” However, this was more of a euphoric “hyperactive” feeling. This type of “hyperactivity” would more likely be psychiatrically described as “mania.”

    But definitely I exercised a ton while dealing with my drug withdrawal induced super sensitivity mania.

    The moral of my personal experience is that very slowly weaning people (over years) off the drugs – encouraging a lot of exercise / dance / gardening etc. – while one’s brain heals itself from the neurotoxic poisonings and drug withdrawal induced mania. That is likely the best way to help those stigmatized as “mentally ill” actually heal.

  • Beautifully written, Karin, elusive yet highly descriptive of psychiatry’s insane belief system, and resulting systemic crimes against humanity.

    I like the drawing, too, need to check it out longer, read all within. But compositionally, visually, it’s impressive.

    – a fellow psych survivor, and graduate of the number one art school in the US, at least it was the year I graduated from that art school.

  • And don’t forget, all those misdiagnosed “schizophrenia” patients can have the symptoms of “schizophrenia” created with the “schizophrenia” treatments.

    Since the neuroleptics / antipsychotics can create the negative symptoms of “schizophrenia,” via neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome. And they can create the positive symptoms of “schizophrenia,” via anticholinergic toxidrome.

    I must say, however, all this continued spending and research into the “invalid” DSM disorders should stop at some point. DSM based psychiatric research was supposed to be defunded in 2013, according to the head of the NIMH at the time.

  • We “have created a whole system and language that is proficient at creating long-term patients rather than helping people make creative sense of distress.”

    Indeed, it is a “catastrophe that must be fought and reversed.” Yes, psychiatry’s on-going modern day Holocaust needs to end.

    The scientific fraud based “mental health” workers are killing 8 million innocent people every year.

    And the vast majority of their clients are misdiagnosed child abuse survivors, not “dangerous” people, as the psychiatric propaganda claims.

    And all this misdiagnosis of child abuse survivors is by DSM design.

    Our society would be a much better place if we got rid of the scientific fraud based, systemic child abuse covering up “mental health” industries, and started to arrest the child molesters and traffickers instead.

    No doubt, this multi billion dollar, primarily child abuse and rape covering up, “mental health” system was the brain child of sick men. But many of the women who work within the system are traitors to humanity as well.

    Thank you, Sami, for speaking out against psychiatry’s and psychology’s evil and scientific fraud based system.

  • Getting rid of the “invalid” DSM stigmatization “bible,” and ending the psychiatrists’ right to force treat people with mind altering and debilitating neurotoxins, would go a long way in reducing the dehumanizing nature of the current “mental health” system.

    I agree, real systemic change is needed. And I will add it’s rather disgusting to read one’s medical records, when the psychiatrist refers to the patient as the DSM stigmatization, as opposed to by name. Dehumanization, personified.

  • Thanks for sharing your story, Daniel. It’s just appalling the damage psychiatrists do to their patients, then deny. I’m so sorry you’ve been so harmed.

    I, too, am a survivor of extreme antidepressant and antipsychotic induced anticholinergic poisonings. I did not personally suffer from oral infections, but did run into a couple other, likely psych drug induced immune system compromised, infections when being neurotoxic poisoned.

    I hope and pray you are able to heal from the traumas, including the psychiatric induced traumas, to which you’ve unjustly been subjected.

  • The “mental health” industry, and all its DSM deluded. I have no doubt, are the historical, and continuing, enemies of all those defamed as BPD, or with any of the “invalid” DSM disorders.

    Especially since we’re living in a society, in which the schools – and systemic DSM deluded, primarily child abuse covering up “mental health” workers – are encouraging our children to be GLBT.

    Let’s hope the for profit only “mental health” workers, schools, and religions some day garner insight into the impropriety of systemically covering up child abuse, drugging up concerned mothers of child abuse survivors, defaming and neurotoxic poisoning innocent humans, thus destroying families, then confusing their children.

    We need a return to a just society, to which the “mental health professionals” are all a hindrance, since their DSM “bible” is “invalid.”

  • I’ve had antidepressant withdrawal induced brain zaps for 20 years and counting, so the withdrawal effects of the antidepressants may be permanent.

    Adding a PAWS diagnosis might help prevent the psychiatrists from so often misdiagnosing the common adverse and withdrawal effects of the antidepressants as “bipolar.”

    Although the fact the psychiatrists took the disclaimer, which pointed out the impropriety of such misdiagnoses, OUT of the DSM5, does not imply the psychiatrists want to end their iatrogenic harm of others.

  • Thank you for admitting to the truth about the psychiatrists’ lack of knowledge about the psychiatric drugs, Joanna. I was out and out lied to 19 years ago by a psychologist, who claimed her psychiatrist friend “knew everything about the meds.”

    That psychiatrist knew nothing about the common adverse and withdrawal symptoms of an antidepressant, wasn’t intelligent enough to read his DSM-IV-TR, thus misdiagnosed those symptoms as “bipolar.” Then that psychiatrist proceeded to anticholinergic toxidrome poison me, over and over and over again.

    I hope some day that the psychiatrists garner some insight into the common adverse and withdrawal effects of the drugs they coerce and force onto innocent other human beings. And until more is known, forcing psych drugs on anyone should be made illegal.

  • We were all lucky to escape alive. And combining the antidepressants and antipsychotics should be a crime, since all doctors are taught in med school that combining the anticholinergic drugs can result in anticholinergic toxidrome – a medically known way to create “psychosis.” And making people “psychotic” shouldn’t technically be the goal of the psychiatrists.

  • Thanks for reporting this, Ashley. But since we here at MiA already know the antipsychotics do more harm than good in the long term.

    We also know the antipsychotics can create the positive symptoms of “schizophrenia,” like “psychosis,” via anticholinergic toxidrome poisonings, in the short term. And the antipsychotics can create the negative symptoms of “schizophrenia,” via neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome, as well.

    I’m quite certain we should be calling for the end to the use of the antipsychotics, rather than calling for more “controlled research trials.”

  • Thank you for speaking out against the current psychiatric paradigm, Sami. You are absolutely correct that the DSM based system is insane, and completely corrupt. And there is no doubt psychiatry’s critics have reason, truth, ethics, and the science on our side.

    I will say, however, I’m pretty certain our modern day, ongoing, psychiatric holocaust, is much worse than the Nazi psychiatric holocaust. Since the “mental health” workers, and other doctors, are killing “8 million” people EVERY year, with their “invalid” DSM disorders and their neurotoxins.

    Once again, thank you for speaking out about that corrupt system. I’m hoping to see change, but in my local area, a psychologist recently attempted to steal all my work and money, in order to “maintain the status quo,” and cover up the corruption.

    Thankfully, I was prepared for that second psychological attack, and could point out the psychologists’ and psychiatrists’, and even that psychologist’s bishops’, systemic child abuse covering up crimes.

    A paradigm change is most certainly needed. And we should be arresting the child abusers, instead of neurotoxic poisoning survivors and their legitimately concerned family members. I hope psychology, psychiatry, and my childhood religion will all some day get out of the child abuse profiteering business.

  • Michael, I’m quite certain all children who are labeled with the DSM disorders and put on the psych drugs are being mistreated.

    Given the fact that none of the DSM stigmatizations are real diseases. Given the fact that the ADHD drugs and antidepressants can create the “bipolar” symptoms, resulting in our modern day, iatrogenic “childhood bipolar epidemic.”

    And given the fact that the antipsychotics can create the positive symptoms of “schizophrenia,” via anticholinergic toxidrome; as well as creating the negative symptoms, via neuroleptic induced deficient syndrome.

    Psychiatry is like a giant Ponzi scheme of how to make innocent others, mostly child abuse survivors, sicker and sicker, for as long as possible, for profit.

    Thank you, Ted, for working to expose the “mental health” industries’ systemic child abuse covering up, and child abusing, crimes.

  • 1 agree, those “mental health” workers are obsessed with “voices.” According to my medical records, all thoughts, unknown voices in parking lots, dreams, and gut instincts are “voices,” proving “psychosis,” to the “mental health” workers.

    A better, less all inclusive, definition of “psychosis” is needed.

    But since the antidepressants and antipsychotics can create “psychosis,” via anticholinergic toxidrome. And since the antipsychotics can also create a drug withdrawal induced “super sensitivity manic psychosis,” once weaned off of them. I, too, did experience “psychosis” eventually.

    And I agree, a “psychosis” is about coming to grips with, and overcoming, trauma. And it can also function as an awakening to one’s subconscious self. Which can be a healing tool in life’s journey, so it’s not always a bad thing.

    I agree a “psychosis” should be respected, not merely used as an excuse to discredit and shut someone up. As “psychosis” is used by the, primarily child abuse covering up, psychologists and psychiatrists today.

    Thanks for sharing your story, Emma.

  • Thank you, as always Paula, for speaking out about the fraud that is the psychiatrists’ DSM “bible.” Truly I hope the VA will stop defaming the veterans with PTSD, or ANY of the “BS” DSM disorders.

    And we’re not going to end the veteran suicide problem, until the VA ends their mass drugging of legitimately distressed trauma survivors, with the neurotoxic psychiatric drugs. Especially since those drugs are already known to cause violence and suicides, NOT cure legitimate trauma or distress.

    Thank you also to MiA, and its contributors, for your many recent blogs and articles pointing out the common adverse and withdrawal effects of the psych drugs.

  • “More than a half-century later, after well-publicized assurances by academic psychiatry that withdrawal from later-generation SSRI antidepressants is ‘mild, transient’ and ‘self-resolving,’ it is useful to compare discussion of both generations of psychiatric drugs and to focus on shared efforts to deny and minimize their withdrawal syndromes.”

    Indeed. The doctors believe the adverse and withdrawal effects of the antidepressants are “bipolar,” thus they’ve misdiagnosed millions of people, resulting in an iatrogenic “bipolar epidemic.”

    It’s a shame none of the doctors were intelligent enough to read their DSM-IV-TR, which clearly states:

    “Note: Manic-like episodes that are clearly caused by somatic antidepressant treatment (e.g., medication, electroconvulsive therapy, light therapy) should not count toward a diagnosis of Bipolar I Disorder.”

    And it’s even more of a shame that the psychiatrists took that disclaimer out of the DSM5, instead of adding the ADHD drugs to that disclaimer. As should have been done, if the psychiatrists had any ethics whatsoever.

    As to “withdrawal from later-generation SSRI antidepressants is ‘mild, transient’ and ‘self-resolving,'” this is absolutely untrue. Since I’ve had ‘brain zaps,’ a well known antidepressant withdrawal symptom, for 20 years and counting.

    As one who has many Northwestern graduates in my family, I’m curious whether they’ve stopped teaching the DSM at Northwestern yet? And please do share with the Northwestern psychiatrists my medical research finding that the neuroleptics/antipsychotics can create both the negative and positive symptoms of “schizophrenia.” The negative symptoms can be created via neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome, and the positive symptoms can be created via anticholinergic toxidrome.

    Meaning that both “bipolar” and “schizophrenia” are iatrogenic illnesses, created with the psychiatric drugs. I do so hope to see an end to psychiatry’s modern day, staggering in scope, holocaust soon.

    It’s so sad they’re killing “8 million” innocent people, mostly child abuse survivors, not “dangerous” people, every year.

    I’m quite certain our country would be a much better place, if we arrested and convicted those who abuse children, rather than DSM defaming and neurotoxic poisoning survivors of abuse, and their legitimately concerned family members, en mass.

  • I must say, I agree with you. I think, that the “professionalizing” of prescribing of mind altering drugs should never have been given to the psychiatrists and psychologists. Since their misinformed perspectives have resulted in their betrayal of all their clients.

    And the “war on drugs” has been a failure from the beginning. So a continuation of such crimes, by “professionalizing” the prescribing of the other known “mind altering” drugs, in the hands of the already known to be unethical “mental health” industry,” is a bad idea.

  • “Neuroscience shows that singing fires up the right temporal lobe of our brain, releasing endorphins and makes us happier, healthier, smarter and more creative.”

    I guess that’s why my child abuse covering up psychologist recommended I turn off music that I like to sing along with? Good thing I ignored that bad psychological advice.

    “Group singing can produce satisfying and therapeutic sensations even when the sound produced by the vocal instrument is not of high quality. Everyone singing in a group is lifted up, no matter their singing ability.”

    Is this why the doctors and government leaders want singing in the churches to be made illegal?

    “What initially overwhelmed me was this incredible sense that everything is in me and I’m in everything…we are ONE.” My psychiatric drug withdrawal induced “super sensitivity manic psychosis” taught me the same thing. It really was a mind blowing experience.

    But a psychiatrist thought that it was a bad thing, and claimed she had proof that I had “millions of voices.” She was so angry with me when I disagreed with her uninformed description of my experience (she was one of those $30,000 handshake kind of psychiatrists), that other doctors had to hold her back, to prevent her from hitting me.

    Thankfully, I got away from that very persistent and criminal, God denying psychiatrist. (Her partner in crime is now in jail.)

    “psychedelics may produce profound personal or existential insights, feelings of empathy and self-compassion, and a sense of connection or unity with other people, things and the world in general.” That is also a good description of my staggeringly serendipitous, drug withdrawal induced “super sensitivity manic psychosis” / awakening to the story of my subconscious and dreams.

    The only problem really is that a drug withdrawal induced “super sensitivity manic psychosis” lasts for months, at least in my case. And since it is such a mind blowing, albeit quite cool, experience. I’m quite certain that using mushrooms, in a safe setting, is a much wiser way of creating such experiences, than what the psychiatrists are currently doing.

    Good luck with your endeavors, since alternatives to the current, violent, iatrogenic illness creating, psychiatric paradigm are definitely needed.

  • “many people are pushed and nudged by physicians to see a psychiatrist. Or the teacher sends johnny to get ass-essed.” Or a child abusing pastor pits a psychologist on you, who forces you to see a psychiatrist. But at least that only works once, the second time you can rip a child abuse covering up pastor and psychologist – people who are terrified of Whitaker’s “Anatomy of an Epidemic,” since it points out the psychiatric abuse of millions of children – into a-sholes in a NY second.

    “we need to educate people more, not on MIA, where people come who sort of know the system.” The problem is, when you do that, you get shadow banned by google, where seemingly, no truth will be allowed in the future.

    “In summary, anyone who now sees a psychiatrist of their own volition (or advises others to do so) must have lost contact with reality and should have their head examined.” Yes, they are the crazy ones, or the child abuse covering up criminals, as was the truth in my case.

    “So I’ll close by proposing that the DSM (the official manual of psychiatric ‘diagnoses’) add ‘taking the DSM seriously’ to its criteria for ‘psychosis.'” Yes, the DSM needs to be flushed.

    Thanks for the scathing blog, confessing to the truth about the DSM “bible” worshippers, Lawrence.

  • Yes, for the psychiatric “snowing” partner in crime of this now FBI convicted doctor:

    “It’s all about the money,” according to many of her clients. Although her censored reviews now only show one of her disgusted client’s family’s comments. Rather than the full truth, all 11 comments, about this criminal psychiatrist’s greed only inspired behavior.

    But she still has a 1 out of 5 rating. Despite the fact, since her partner was convicted by the FBI, she likely deserves a negative rating, and belongs in jail, along with her partner in crime, V. R. Kuchipudi.

  • Obviously from reading the journal article, the psychiatrists have known the antidepressants can create mania, according to their own writings, including all DSMs prior to the DSM5. So why was this disclaimer taken out of the DSM5 in 2013?

    “Note: Manic-like episodes that are clearly caused by somatic antidepressant treatment (e.g., medication, electroconvulsive therapy, light therapy) should not count toward a diagnosis of Bipolar I Disorder.”

    Other than that the psychiatrists, psychologists, and the other DSM “bible” billers, are a part of a morally bankrupted, intentional iatrogenic illness creating, “mental health” industry? Filled with “professionals” who want to intentionally harm their clients, for profit, after promising to “first and foremost, do no harm.” Can one say hypocrites?

    And are the majority of their clients actually dangerous “mentally ill” people who want to murder the rest of the public, as the “mental health professionals” propagandize? No. The vast majority of people stigmatized/defamed with the “invalid” DSM disorders are child abuse survivors, victims of crimes, not “dangerous” people.

    But all of this illegal child abuse covering up by the “mental health professionals” is by DSM design.

  • If the psychiatrists and psychologists actually want to prevent suicides, caused by “hopelessness.” They should stop lying to their clients, and their client’s families, saying their “invalid” DSM disorders or “psychosis,” are “life, long, incurable genetic” illnesses. Since such a lie clearly has, as its motivation, taking hope away from clients, and/or their families.

  • “The use of psychotropic drugs as a chemical restraint to control behaviours in” any person constitutes abuse and torture. Especially if the antipsychotics are used, since they can create the negative symptoms of “schizophrenia,” via neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome. And they can also create the positive symptoms of “schizophrenia,” like “psychosis,” via antipsychotic induced anticholinergic toxidrome.

    And making any person “psychotic,” with the neuroleptic/antipsychotic drugs, is both abuse of medical knowledge, and torture of the client. Since all doctors were taught about anticholinergic toxidrome in med school.

  • I agree, “misinformation and contradictory information on the virus is prevalent across social media and the news media, with partisan news outlets pandering to their supporters rather than providing unbiased information, causing further disruption and misunderstanding.”

    “From a [terror management theory (TMT)] perspective, it is currently far more difficult for virtually all of us to manage the terror of death.”

    What’s good is it’s not so bad for those of us who’ve already dealt with 14 attempted murders, via anticholinergic toxidrome poisonings, by “mental health” workers. Resulting in a “born again” type experience. Since we’re not afraid of dying, because we’ve already been judged by God, and been “reborn.”

    I agree, “binge-watching television” is a really bad idea. Stopping that was the only good advice I ever got from a “mental health” worker.

    “They also point to minimizing the perception of the threat as another proximal defense, describing how some individuals have clung to narratives that the virus isn’t as lethal as experts claim, that it’s more akin to the flu or common cold,”

    Which is actually the truth, given the reality that all “corona” viruses are cold viruses. And Corona19 is not as lethal as the MSM is telling us.

    Forgive me, the other link I’d hope to provide, has already been censored from the internet.

    “that it only affects the elderly, that it is a politically-motivated conspiracy created to harm political leaders, or that death rates are inflated as a way for hospitals make money.” I do think it was pushed to harm Trump, but also believe Covid19 has financially harmed US hospitals.

    “The authors point to the partisan divide evident in beliefs and responses to the virus, with liberals viewing the virus as more dangerous than conservatives and more likely to believe scientists and medical professionals’ expertise.”

    “Conservatives tend to favor easing restrictions and reopening business and public spaces, while liberals tend to support social restrictions to curve the spread of the virus.”

    Yes, Covid19 is a psy-op, propagated by unethical, liberal “mental health” psychologists and psychiatrists, wanting to cover up the scientific fraud of their industries.

    Resulting in “the pandemic has become yet another domain for ideological division.”

    But I don’t agree, “when death anxiety is unable to be managed effectively, it can lead to harmful ways of coping with stress, such as gargling bleach to try to avoid becoming infected,” is a bad idea.

    Since gargling with a concentrate of half water half hydrogen peroxide has been known as a reasonably wise idea, by the dentists, since my dentist grandfather’s time. But I do agree, “using opiates or gambling as a distraction from the virus” are bad ideas.

    “This psychological distress has been further heightened by job loss and other significant losses of meaningful pursuits, such as educational and financial goals, as well as connections to our social worlds, all of which are distal defenses we commonly rely on to combat death anxiety – and all of which have been significantly impacted by the pandemic.”

    “the authors suggest reducing social media exposure, which is connected to poorer mental health” is a good idea. But turning off the mainstream media is a better idea.

  • “If the person stops losing weight,” and/or if a person looses weight, upon the recommendation of a doctor, by exercising, rather than dieting.

    Losing the weight I had gained when I was pregnant, was one of the reasons I was misdiagnosed by, child abuse covering up obsessed, psychologists and psychiatrists.

    Thank you, Peter, for pointing out the fraud of psychiatry and psychology.

  • “my experience of rank-and-file psychiatrists is that most are more ‘hypnotized’ and think they are doing good works. They have been trained, as it were, in a [pharmaceutical misinformed and a] cynical system of thought, and behave in accordance with that system.”

    I agree, my psychiatrist was seemingly thrilled to declare me cured in his medical records. Until I pointed out the staggering number of his delusions, that he had gotten from a psychologist who I’d only seen twice. A child abuse covering Lutheran psychologist, who’d gotten all her misinformation about me, from a child abusing Russian pastor, who I also had just met me, thus he didn’t know me.

    And the “invalid” DSM believing “mental health” industry is primarily a child abuse covering up system, for the unethical and paternalistic “mainstream” religions, and a malpractice covering up system for the incompetent and criminal doctors.

    Thus we need to ask ourselves, does our society actually benefit from having a, scientifically fraud based, primarily child abuse covering up, malpractice covering up, faction of the medical industry? A “mental health” faction of the medical industry, whose primary functions are covering up child abuse for the unethical religions, and medical malpractice, for the incompetent and criminal doctors?

    My belief is no. But it’s not my belief to say most the psychiatrists have any insight into the systemic crimes they’ve been participating in. I think most psychiatrists are widely DSM deluded and pharmaceutically deluded, stupid people – the dumbest doctors who got into med school.

  • Thanks for the link, Paula, but the child abuse did not occur in our home. The abuser(s) was/were a board member of my child’s, very expensive, “school for gifted children,” and likely also his Russian Lutheran pastor. But at least I did scare that school into closing it’s doors forever, once the medical evidence of the abuse of my child was finally handed over. So hopefully I helped to protect other children, since the police refused to investigate.

    And the only people who “battered” me, were child abuse covering up psychologists and psychiatrists, who unfortunately did gaslight/delude my husband. But that means trusting “mental health” workers must be done with extreme caution, in my case. I do, however, thank those ethical people working within the “mental health” industry, who are speaking out against the psychiatric industry’s horrendous fraud and DSM based misinformation system.

    And I do agree, the DSM needs to be flushed. It’s “bullish-t,” as even eventually confessed by it’s unethical primary editor, our beloved Allen Frances. And both the psychologists and psychiatrists, not to mention my childhood religion – which bought into the DSM systemic child abuse covering up crimes of the psychologists and psychiatrists 100% – need to get out of the child abuse covering up business.

    It’s truly shameful the medical and religious industries entered into a faustian “dirty little secret of the two original educated professions.” And they created a paternalistic, multibillion dollar, primarily child abuse covering up, “mental health” system.

    I’ll try to reach you via email. Jim Gottstein has mentioned to me that you and I are quite like minded. But I’m best reached by phone or text, since I get so many BS emails, so I’ll leave you that contact info as well.

  • “This includes marketing the concept of soft bipolar and insisting that adding mood stabilizers to antidepressants has no ‘downside.’”

    Not according to states doing such results in a major drug interaction.,1477-0&types%5B%5D=major&types%5B%5D=minor&types%5B%5D=moderate&types%5B%5D=food&types%5B%5D=therapeutic_duplication&professional=1

    “the medicalization of psychosocial problems serves the needs of specific political and religious forces that can use it to pathologize issues like homosexuality, extramarital affairs, or expression of women’s sexuality.”

    Yes, the same problem has been happening in the USA for decades as well. Psychiatrists think the common unusual sexual side effects of an antidepressant, Wellbutrin, which was illegally marketed to them as a “happy, horny, skinny drug,” are “bipolar.”

    Because the psychiatrists often claim to know nothing about the adverse or unusual side effects of the drugs they prescribe, and they were apparently not intelligent enough to read their DSM-IV, which clearly stated:

    “Note: Manic-like episodes that are clearly caused by somatic antidepressant treatment (e.g., medication, electroconvulsive therapy, light therapy) should not count toward a diagnosis of Bipolar I Disorder.”

    But Robert Whitaker’s 2010 book, “Anatomy of an Epidemic,” which pointed out the iatrogenic etiology of America’s “childhood bipolar epidemic.” And pointed out that both the ADHD drugs and antidepressants can create the bipolar symptoms.

    Resulted in disdain by the disingenuous psychiatric industry, since Whitaker pointed out their systemic crimes against millions. So those disingenuous psychiatric “thought leaders” took that, wisdom inspired, bipolar disclaimer OUT of the DSM5. Rather than adding the ADHD drugs to that disclaimer, as should have been done, if the involved psychiatrists had any ethics whatsoever.

    “Anything that opposes religious rules can now be attributed to a biological pathology.” That’s what the partnership (“conspiracy”) between the religious institutions and psychiatry/psychology has resulted in. An ethical pastor confessed this “conspiracy” to be known as “the dirty little secret of the two original educated professions.”

    And I’m pretty certain it’s primarily a “conspiracy,” between the paternalistic “mental health” system and the paternalistic religions, to profiteer in the tune of billions, off of systemically covering up child abuse and rape for the religions. At least that is what the medical evidence would imply, and what my family’s personal experience was.

    Absolutely, “bipolar” is an iatrogenic illness, not a “genetic” illness. But such is also true of “schizophrenia,” since the “gold standard schizophrenia treatments,” the antipsychotics/neuroleptics, are already medically know to create both the negative and positive symptoms of “schizophrenia.”

    The negative symptoms of “schizophrenia” can be created via neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome. And the positive symptoms can be created via antidepressant and/or antipsychotic induced anticholinergic toxidrome.

    Absolutely, the Western psychiatric system should NOT be exported to the rest of the world.

  • “’If I am manic, let alone bipolar,’ I later said to a friend upon my eventual release, ‘then I am the highest-functioning individual with mania/bipolar disorder in all of recorded history.’”

    Well, according to my family’s history, and my medical records, all those of us who have a family history of multiple Phi Beta Kappa members and multiple Olympic athletes, are “bipolar.” The intelligent, physically fit, healthy, but well insured, Americans are the ones the too greedy medical community believe have “bipolar.” You’re in good company.

    And a child abuse covering up psychologist, who recently had delusions of grandeur that I’d sign an “art manager”/thievery contract, because he wanted to steal all my work and money, due to his belief a “Chicago Chagall’s” work might be worth something some day.

    That psychologist told me that the social workers should be trying to drug up the best and brightest American children, because they got 100% on their state standardized tests, to “maintain the status quo” and “to get all the money in the hands of a small number of banking families.”

    Since he apparently didn’t understand, those of us who come from the non-bailout needing or taking American banking families, know all about the crimes of the globalist banksters, and don’t stand in support of their crimes.

    Absolutely, “bipolar” is a BS “diagnosis.” It’s an “illness” whose symptoms are created with the antidepressants and ADHD drugs, as Robert Whitaker credibly pointed out in “Anatomy.”

    And the supposed treatments for “bipolar,” the “schizophrenia” drugs, the antipsychotics, do indeed create both the negative and positive symptoms of “schizophrenia.” The negative symptoms are created via neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome. And the positive symptoms of “schizophrenia,” like “psychosis” and hallucinations, are created via antidepressant and/or antipsychotic induced anticholinergic toxidrome.

  • “For a Nation that values ‘Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness’ they sure place little value on Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

    Yes, the beliefs of the DSM “bible” believing psychologists and psychiatrists are about as anti-American as you can get. Thus the DSM “bible” believers are the “enemy within.”

    “And as you’re probably aware police tend to treat ‘mental patients’ who happen to have had a knife ‘planted’ on them very differently to ‘citizen’ asleep in their beds.”

    Not in America. In America, if an alcoholic husband calls the paramedics, because his wife is dealing with a, once ever, sleep walking and talking issue. The day after that alcoholic husband refused to have a wedding anniversary dinner with his wife and children.

    Five paramedics will drag that woman out of the comfort of her own bed, while the sixth paramedic is telling the other five that “what you’re doing is illegal, since she’s neither a danger to herself, nor anyone else.”

    Let’s hope and pray the DSM “bible” believers, who destroy marriages, with your “invalid” stigmatizations and neurotoxic drugs. So you may profiteer off of covering up child abuse for your mainstream “Christian” pastors – and the wealthy, “cocaine dealing,” Bohemian Grove attending, Baal worshipping, child sacrificing, pedophiles in your church – are judged fairly by the real God soon.

  • “I wonder what people imagine when their Medical Physician prescribes psych drugs?” Sam, the doctors lie to us calling the psych drugs “safe … meds.” But once one complains of the common adverse effects of those drugs, the doctor writes a misdiagnosis in the patient’s medical records. However, the doctor doesn’t bother to tell the patient about the doctor’s misdiagnosis, at least according to my experience and medical records.

    “there is no way I’ll talk to any psychiatrist about how I feel ever again.” I agree, beokay, nor would I ever speak to any psychiatric DSM “bible” believer, other than to point out psychiatry’s systemic crimes and fraud.

  • “And keep in mind that another part of destructive labeling includes not just psychiatric labels but also ‘art therapy,’ ‘music therapy,’ etc. People find meaning, connection, enrichment, and creativity through the arts, so it harmfully sets up some people as belonging to the category of Other to say ‘I paint a picture, but YOU need art therapy.'”

    I agree, as an artist I looked into getting a masters in art therapy, but I couldn’t do it, because I refuse to stigmatize anyone with the “invalid” and disempowering DSM labels. But, absolutely, non-stigmatizing arts are helpful in healing from trauma, including trauma caused by psychiatric labeling and drugging. And some day the art history books hopefully will include the “too truthful” artists’ work, which visually documents today’s modern day psychiatric holocaust. “8 million” innocent people killed every year, please help make it end!

    “the American Psychiatric Association has recently professed alarm about the lack of mental health care given to Black people.” I hadn’t heard that, do you have a link to that recent APA statement? Especially since I’m pretty certain the “schizophrenia” label has been used to drug black men for decades.

    I recently educated some social workers in my area, who are going into black people’s homes, under the guise of help, regarding the dangers of the psychiatric drugs. I also told them that if they really wanted to help those families, they should keep them away from the psychiatrists.

    Thank you for being honest about all the harm being done by those who utilize the DSM stigmatizations and psych drugs, Paula. The DSM “bible” really does need to be flushed, and forced treatment with the psychiatric neurotoxins needs to end.

  • It’s interesting some psychiatrists are starting to talk about the problems with antidepressants causing a shift to mania, which resulted in millions of iatrogenic bipolar misdiagnoses. And they’re talking about the issues with the common symptoms of antidepressant discontinuation syndrome being misdiagnosed.

    Yet the DSM5 writers’ response to Whitaker’s ‘Anatomy’ was to take this disclaimer out of the DSM5.

    “Note: Manic-like episodes that are clearly caused by somatic antidepressant treatment (e.g., medication, electroconvulsive therapy, light therapy) should not count toward a diagnosis of Bipolar I Disorder.”

    Definitely, “Psychiatry is going through an intellectual crisis.” But they also have a lack of ethics crisis as well.

  • “… people in the United States are more likely to hear negative, critical voices, in Ghana and India, they may hear friendly voices of relatives speaking words of encouragement,”

    As a former psychotomimetic “voice” hearer, I’m guessing this may have more to do with the much greater use of the antidepressants and antipsychotics in the US, compared to India. Since both the antidepressants and antipsychotics can create “voices,” via anticholinergic toxidrome poisoning. And anticholinergic toxidrome induced “voices” are evil. Where as a drug withdrawal induced “super sensitivity manic psychosis” consists of friendly “voices,” at least from my experience.

    Although the psychiatrists claim to know nothing about any of this, since their DSM “bible” doesn’t mention anticholinergic toxidrome, nor does it mention – I don’t think – drug withdrawal induced super sensitivity manic psychosis.

    “psychiatry and adjacent disciplines operate according to dynamics of domination and oppression.” Absolutely, that’s what they are all about. And some of the psychologists and psychiatrists break lots of laws, in order to attempt to dominate and oppress others, at least from my experience. One of my former doctors finally was convicted by the FBI for his crimes against the state (but not really for his crimes against lots of patients). His psychiatric “snowing” partner in crime was never arrested however, unfortunately.

    “psychiatry continues to collude with forces of economic inequality and subjugation, even as it strives to care for those who are afflicted, in part, precisely because of these forms of social injustice.”

    The psychiatric and psychologic industries have seemingly bribed all the lawyers and judges, which allows the psychiatrists and psychologists to avoid paying for their malpractice, which is staggeringly unjust. And the psychologists will go so far as to attempt to steal from others, in my case with a BS “art manager” contract/classic thievery contract, in order to attempt to create “economic inequality and subjugation.”

    Truly, the psychologists and psychiatrists need some ethics classes. And most of them probably belong in jail as murderers, since their industries are killing “8 million” people every year, with their neurotoxic drugs, and “invalid” DSM disorders.

    And I do hope the psychologists and psychiatrists some day get out of the child abusing, and child abuse covering up / pedophile aiding, abetting, and empowering business. Since that is the primary function of their industries, historically and today. Despite the fact that covering up child abuse is illegal in the US.

    And the systemic child abuse covering up psychological and psychiatric systems have already turned the heads of my former religion into systemic child abuse cover uppers too, which is unfortunate.

    There is good reason for psychiatry and adjacent disciplines to be “haunted” industries. Truly, I’ve never met more persistent criminals, than the systemic child abuse covering up psychological and psychiatric systems.

  • “I have no idea why or on what basis RW would try to ‘distance’ Judi from Szasz; by his own account psychiatry as an issue had never crossed his mind until 1998 — 15 years after the anti-psychiatry movement had been defeated and its most opportunistic ‘leaders’ co-opted.'”

    The article pointed out why. Robert is married to the psychologist he wrote his book “Psychiatry Under the Influence” with, Lisa Cosgrove. And psychology and psychiatry both believe in the same “invalid” psychiatric DSM “bible.”

    But thanks, old head, for helping to educate those of us new to the ‘movement,’ on the history of the ‘movement.’ And, just an FYI, that movement has to be against all the psychiatric, psychological, therapist, “mental health,” and social worker, psychiatric DSM believers at this point, not just the psychiatrists.

    All psychiatric DSM “bible” believers and billers are now the problem.

  • My former childhood religion is completely controlled by the DSM “bible” believers, because the DSM “bible” believers systemically cover up child abuse for my childhood religion, according to all my family’s medical records. And the criminal behavior of more than one Lutheran psychologist.

    This 2007 book touches on, in the Preface, the appall by an ELCA insider, who likely read my medical research and the evidence of the crimes committed against me and my child, by a child abuse covering up pastor. Information I gave to the ELCA synod offices in 2006.

    The problem, I believe, is with “the dirty little secret of the two original educated professions.” As was confessed to me, was the basis of the crimes committed against my family, by an ethical pastor of a different religion.

    The partnership between the systemic child abuse covering paternalistic “mental health” workers, and the paternalistic mainstream religions, is the primary problem. Albeit, I do know the “mental health” workers and mainstream religions’ “dirty little secret,” primarily systemic child abuse covering up crimes, are a multibillion dollar industry today.

    I hope the decent “mental health” workers, which I hope and believe you are, Paula, will speak out against these systemic child abuse covering up crimes of the “two original educated professions.” And see to it that properly diagnosing child abuse survivors, and actually helping them, without systemically misdiagnosing them – or their concerned family members – with the “invalid” DSM disorders, is something that the decent psychologists may some day do. But to do so, this issue in the DSM needs to be corrected.

    I agree, systemically covering up child abuse is something that both the psychologists and psychiatrists should get out of the business of doing. I also agree systemically drugging our veterans with the psych drugs is also egregiously appalling.

    And since my abused child, who I was able to protect from the overly intrusive, systemic child abuse covering up, “mental health” workers. He did largely heal, graduated from university Phi Beta Kappa, and he is now working for a VA hospital. If there’s any way we could work together to bring about a better reality for all trauma survivors, please ask MiA to help connect us.

  • “Without dignity, we cannot feel human.” So perhaps those who are obsessed with calling themselves “professionals,” should stop stigmatizing people with “invalid” disorders, stop lying to their clients claiming they have a “lifelong, incurable, genetic mental illness,” and stop neurotoxic poisoning people; because those are things which strip a person of their dignity and make them feel un-human. Force drugging people also strips one of dignity. And the psychologists should also not attempt to steal from innocent others, merely because our work is “too truthful.”

  • “One lie simply results in having to come up with more.” Until the psychiatrist commits the biggest lie of all, and states your entire life is “a credible fictional story.”

    “he said that if Akathisia were acknowledged, then Doctors would NOT be able to prescribe the ‘medications’,” and that is exactly what should happen.

    Thanks, Chris, for bringing the reality of akathisia to the forefront, since the psychiatrists do blatantly deny it is caused by their drugs, to their clients and their families. At least that’s what my lying psychiatrists did.

  • “MIA is not only NOT an anti-psychiatry site — very unfortunately — it has the effect of PROMOTING psychiatry when it uses psychiatric terms such as ‘schizophrenia’ with a straight face and talks about ‘research.’”

    Especially given the fact that the so called “schizophrenia” treatments can create both the negative and positive symptoms of “schizophrenia,” via both neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome and anticholinergic toxidrome.

    Personally, I hope MiA is a website that understands the systemic crimes of the psychiatric industry, and their drugs, need to end. But I will say, it is still promoting the crimes of the DSM believing psychologists.

    Both the psychiatric and psychological industries are scientifically “invalid,” DSM “bible” believing, systemic child abuse cover uppers for the mainstream religions.

    So the religous child abuse covering up psychologists, who utilize the psychiatrists to make innocent people “psychotic,” via the psychiatric drugs, to cover up child abuse for their pastors, and are unrepentant child rape covering up criminals.

    And such crimes are the number one societal function of both the psychiatric and psychological industries.

    Which means MiA needs to speak out against both the psychiatrists, the psychologists, and all the systemic, child abuse covering up crimes of all the “mental health professionals” and mainstream religions.

    Since the entire, scientific fraud based, “mental health” industry is a systemic child abuse covering industry, for the paternalistic mainstream religions, by DSM design.

  • “It is often called ‘culture'” wars. Yes, that’s what my systemic, child rape covering up, psychologist and psychiatrists’ worshipping, childhood religion calls it.

    “But this type of embedded attitude seems to go beyond culture, beyond fear of liability, and beyond the profit motive when that exists.” I don’t know about that, it all seems to be about money worshipping to me.

    However, I do agree, “It is a patronising and insufficiently curious way of doing business that is often at odds with the realities of helping patients heal and is increasingly out of place in a connected modern world.”

  • “That puts the critique in Anatomy into the ‘overmedication’ category, which would make it a critique of prescribing practices, rather than an investigation of the merits of the drugs.”

    Robert, since you are largely the speaker for all those of us whose concerns are unworthy of hearing, according to psychiatry. Please feel free to utilize my medical research finding, that all doctors are taught in med school, that both the antidepressants and antipsychotics/neuroleptics (both anticholinergic drugs) can create “psychosis,” via anticholinergic toxidrome, aka anticholinergic intoxication syndrome.,2330-1540&types%5B%5D=major&types%5B%5D=minor&types%5B%5D=moderate&types%5B%5D=food&types%5B%5D=therapeutic_duplication&professional=1

    I will say that the head of family medicine at the Cleveland Clinic was so impressed with my medical research, and he agreed with it, that he called me a “one in a million” medical researcher. And he had me teach one of his students that now that we all live in the information age, “sometimes the patients will know more than the doctors.”

    Those of us who are critical of psychiatry are NOT merely discussing misdiagnosis and “overmedication,” which does happen frequently. But we’ve also found the medical proof that the psychiatric drugs create “psychosis,” via anticholinergic toxidrome, which is not even listed in the psychiatric / “mental health” workers’ DSM “bible.”

    So the majority of the “mental health” workers are ignorant of the fact that the psychiatric drugs do create “psychosis.”

  • “Johnstone believes the best options in alleviating distress include initiatives in which ‘participation, community, trust, and connection [are] valued over status, individualism, and competition.’”

    Shouldn’t it have always been that way? A question for those obsessed with calling themselves “professionals.”

    “Johnstone offers that as an alternative to thinking about sustained psychological distress as something wrong with a person, it may be more useful to focus on what has happened to a person.”

    Dah, but this has been a major flaw in the logic of the psychologists for decades. Especially since none of the so called DSM “mental illnesses,” that the psychologists defame people with, have any scientific validity whatsoever.

    There are many, many “risks of attributing distress to mental illness.” And doing such made no logical sense, in the first place.

    The psychologists’ DSM belief system is insane, scientifically invalid, and has already been debunked. The psychologists need to come to grips with reality, flush their “bible,” stop defaming people with invalid “mental illnesses,” and stop force neurotoxic poisoning people with drugs, about which they know nothing.

    There never was, and still isn’t, anything “professional” about defaming and poisoning people. Since both defaming and poisoning people are illegal behaviors.

  • “The current proposed changes professed by the APA are another dangerous step towards a psychology without a soul—this represents a troubling failure not only to the public it serves, but to the profession of psychology itself.” I agree.

    I could quote a bunch of excellent statements in this blog, about the systemic crimes of the American psychologists. And I am glad MiA is now starting to point out the systemic crimes of the psychologists, and other “mental health” workers, not just the crimes of the psychiatrists.

    Since it is the entirety of the DSM deluded “mental health” industry, who are the scientifically “invalid” criminals, that are systemically committing crimes against innocent Americans for their own profit, and are trying to destroy America from within, that are the criminals.

  • “a 50:50 balance between peers and other professionals” would NOT be “a great way to both help prevent the cooperation and tokenization of the peer approach and to address the balance of power in social network meetings.”

    Because the peers are the lowest rung on the “mental health” industry’s caste system, thus would have no actual power or authority within that caste system. And because the “mental health” workers still believe their DSM stigmatizations are caused by “chemical imbalances” in people’s brains, despite the “chemical imbalance” theory being debunked.

    I know this is true, since I went through a peer training class, and they are still promoting the debunked “chemical imbalance” theory in the peer training classes.

    There should be options to help distressed people, that are completely controlled by peers. True alternatives, not controlled by people who are obsessed with calling themselves “professionals.” “Professionals” who are actually people who know nothing about the common adverse effects of the drugs they force onto innocent others. “Professionals” who also know next to nothing about how to wean people off those neurotoxic drugs.

  • “Indeed when people do ‘disclose,’ there is not ‘stigma’ except the ‘stigma’ that the industry themselves created, and pretend that it exists in society.” The “stigma” does exist within the “mental health” industry, though.

    Personally, I’ve never found any person whose ever thought there was anything wrong with me, other than child abuse and malpractice covering up doctors and so called “mental health” workers, and Lutheran child abuse cover uppers.

    As a matter of fact, the head of family medicine at the Cleveland Clinic, recently called me a “one in a million” medical researcher. And had me teach one of his students, that now that we live in the information age, “sometimes the patients know more than the doctors.”

    Because I pointed out to him that the symptoms of both “bipolar” and “schizophrenia” are iatrogenic symptoms, created with the psychiatric drugs.

    “We are already saturated with pretend thought ‘doctors:, we don’t need more ‘professional healers.'” Especially ones who know nothing about the common adverse effects of the psychiatric drugs they force onto innocent others.

    Because their DSM “bible” is “invalid,” since it lacks the above mentioned medical wisdom, as billable disorders. And the DSM doesn’t allow them to bill to help child abuse survivors, or their legitimately concerned family members, without first misdiagnosing them, with one of the “invalid” DSM disorders.

    We all have struggles. And distress caused by 9/11/2001, or any other distress, does not make the psychiatric and psychological industries’ insane belief system that “all distress is caused by chemical imbalances in people’s brains,” true.

    And certainly, legitimate distress is NOT cured with drugs, that create the symptoms of the “serious” DSM disorders.

  • Let’s hope for that, TRM. Big Pharma and psychiatry’s crimes against humanity need to be exposed to all of humanity. Thank you, Leemon, for the book review. “bad power,” “bad sacrament,” or “bad spirit,” indeed those describe the reality of big Pharma and the Holy Spirit blaspheming psychologists and psychiatrists (according to my medical records).

  • Yes, how does an ethical artist succeed when the entire art industry has been taken over by drug dealers, satanic “Spirit cooking” and pedophile art proponents?

    And the mainstream religions, who should be supporting the arts, hypocritically claim to be supporters of the arts, but do the antithesis, at least when it comes to the visual artists. Because they, too, have been bought out by the systemic child abuse covering up “mental health” systems.

    Have you read the communist manifesto? The satanic takeover of the art world, religions, and unquestioning trust in psychiatry are all on that manifesto. It was all pre-planned.

    Oh well, someone needs to be visually documenting the truth / systemic attempted destruction of America from within. But merely doing that makes my “too truthful” art so insanely controversial that it turns a child abuse covering up Lutheran psychologist into a “paranoid” “shyster,” who wants to steal all my work and money.

    Not sure what to do, but pray all will be judged fairly by God, and that God – and his true followers – win. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”