Saturday, October 24, 2020

Comments by Pedith

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  • Thank you for sharing your all too common experience…..with a few tweaks and several different life choices, it could be my story. This past February 21st, marks year five of the end taper of antidepressants (SSRI and the SNRI) and Ambien. After seven years on these potent medications the destructive effect on my halted emotional and spiritual growth, I like you knew intuitively (not often recognized in the medical field) I needed to be free of mind-altering medications. I’m clear, as you noted, even before I began these brain altering, dangerous medications, I was spiritually ill, split off from my inner spiritual compass, I lived solely in a fear-based ego. This was true even though I was sober in AA, had worked the Twelve Steps in earnest and completed many behavioral health therapies. Somehow, through “grace” I awoke to recognize the one thing missing, was an acceptance of my sensitive humanity and a surrender to the spiritual solution. Now, at the age of 70, after a close to thirty years in human services, with twelve of those years as a clinical social worker, in community mental health and addiction services, I now offer contemplative spiritual guidance to those who suffer from the same. In this venue, in this centered place, my heart I have a deep recognition of the spiritual solution. In my experience as a contemplative companion, I bring my human understanding, and spiritual availability. In my offering of Presence, which is mostly missing in the psychiatric and medical field of the modern world Love works miracles. Thanks for being you.