Thursday, September 24, 2020

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  • Hi Sera and thank you.

    I might add, that some folks who are tired of work, perhaps see covid as a holiday. Yet if extended too long or it cuts into to many usual activities, or income, it becomes that burden.
    And that burden can becomes them, in need of aid possibly.

    Psych does not have a track record of being able to instill a feeling of pride, or empowerment in people, and those are mostly the root reasons of why people seek wisdom, yet turned out, the wrong source.
    That is however NOT what they “advertise”. They always advertise “HELP” is available. It is WHY people trust them. However, how is an abusive, demeaning, non authentic environment empowering?

    Covid-19 is more illuminating to the already marginalized.
    It is illuminating in the fact that the adverts continue. The adverts continue through making sure it is named something that describes it in a social manner, “social distancing”, when indeed it is “physical distancing”.
    Yes we all know that social connections are closely tied to “physically being near”, so of course the “social” will be affected.
    Yet the implications of naming it “social distancing” are that, no you cannot talk to people in proximity any longer.
    The second advert is “we are all in this together”, along with that “mental help” we can avail ourselves of.
    Those therapists we can pay for, when already strapped for cash and yet only see them on skype. Mail for bills is still going strong.

    I guess one thing is good. Perhaps there is less nearness in units. Perhaps the shrinks are scared and staying home. Perhaps there is less wrestling down victims for their useful “meds”.

    I think one thing we are learning is that in reality, these viruses have been on not such a grand scale, but there is nothing preventing a virus to threaten humanity as a species.
    Then we would all be in it together

  • Micah, congrats! Wow Micah, I hope you incorporate this article into your life.
    It is difficult for a lot or most privileged folks to truly understand. I almost think one must need lived experience?
    A wonderful truthful article and so encouraging.
    Paulo Cianconi seems like a wise man. If we could stick to this, without the need for
    medicalizing, we could potentially get somewhere.
    I doubt that psychiatry is anywhere ready to embrace common sense, or they ruin the common sense
    thought that comes from greats like Paulo.
    You know, we still need to put a medicalization spin on it, or else what will become of us, the experts.

    And as psychiatry works now, is SO VERY far from what is really happening to humans, and they will in the end find out just how off the mark they were.
    This business of theirs is not going to affect the poor “mentally ill” only. And it is where most of society is so ill informed, so led astray, so brainwashed.

  • Perhaps “talk” “therapy” has it’s place.
    Talk without play is useless to a child or teenager and adults are mostly physically declining children.
    The brain has memory stored, it stands to reason that it can’t be talked away, and it can also not be drugged away, not even in complete stupor of drugs.

    We all know of beneficial environments. “environmentally, emotionally stimulating, satisfying”. To counteract the past or present drudgery, to enrich the present and future, so that the past is not as important.

    If therapists did their “therapy” in settings like a canoe trip, or cooking classes, or the person’s work or homelife setting, perhaps it would be of benefit.
    But therapy that really helps is not cost-efficient.

  • I doubt we can get rid of the bible, so it stands to reason that we get rid of psychiatry.
    I still do not understand how in a world where people consider themselves to be a society based on “justice”, on “freedoms”, that same justice system treats ALL persons who have seen a shrink, as suspicious and not worth of the same rights, or standards of care as anyone else.

    So psychiatry and politicians use each other, to actually attack people who have done absolutely nothing wrong.
    It seems to me that psychiatry is a reflection of a delusional world. The dangerous people NEVER see a shrink, because they share the same traits… so it would be impossible to keep society running smoothly.

  • Yes of course.
    They do endless research, which we of course by now know it is not “research”, but simply pretension to keep the idea of “mental illness” alive.
    I don’t think people realize the extent to which the practice that USED to be actual medical, has adopted psychiatry. It is really all the same practice now. It is what people and organizations do, mostly use each other, even if not intentionally aware of it.

    Words are created, adopted and twisted to suit. The new words, the new language all has an end point. Keep that idea alive.

    Allostatic load. New term and around it, swirls the brain theories.
    Yes, always a segment of truths and possibilities is how they keep the falsities alive.
    It’s nothing new in fact.

    The interesting thing is, when they do their rat studies, creating depressed and self injuring rats, they NEVER cure them with chemicals.
    In allostatic overload, they provided them with an “emotionally enriched environment”, and the rats behaviour and health improved.
    They also mention the effect that a feeling of safety, and not minimizing people has on health, yet these fixes are NEVER applied.

    So in one sentence they completely nullify their practice, but the next sentence brings it right back to the false paradigm. Why? just because they can.

    It’s kind of like a child singing, nana nana boo boo, we are the boss, we get the power.

    And it’s true, they do hold the ultimate power. It is not about science, so proving them wrong does nothing.
    It is illuminating that they exist by power and need.
    How they mete out their assistance is the most illuminating. I doubt anyone can justify how they are allowed to wield their power, and so we must blame politicians. Those who populated the lands with force, by force, just because they could.

  • It is the oddest feeling when we know, for sure, that we are not safe. And this lack of real safety and people’s choice or non-choice in how to deal with it, has become the very monster that psychiatry hides behind.
    To hide behind the dead bodies is such a disgusting, cowardly thing to do, that the word “man” is not appropriate to be given to them….the term “doctor” never had a place to begin with.

  • Psychiatry likes to get you in your prime. Indoctrinate you into their belief.
    and it is that lack of insight, of youth, that psychiatry takes advantage of.
    Disgusting practice. The few that are “good”, one would hope would ditch all belief and
    practice quietly. Under the radar.

    They stoop pretty low. I respect the mafia more, at least their intentions are well known. Hopefully more and more youth will question more.

  • It makes me so sad, it makes me cry that the colonial government continue to look for purification when the sickness lies in them.
    Does a psychiatrist admit to being “mentally ill”? Should he be sectioned for the rebuttal?

    I’m surprised considering the dangerousness of “patients”, that psychiatrists continue to be the safest?

    I find the whole thing “GROSS”, like vomit. And there is NO WAY in hell that the system does not feel disgusting. There is no way one can continue the pretense of care with lies and disgusting beliefs, and not feel the shame or realizations. It can only ever not be felt unless they are beyond help “psychopaths”.

    In this way, I feel sorry, sad for kids that turned their interests into a business of control and othering.
    It is just such an empty and wasted life, where you can never acknowledge yourself or others. But it is their choice to play.
    In the least, people should be warned, yet it is not getting out there enough. And what does get out is not taken seriously enough, because people cannot believe that businesses such as this are actually as cunning or pathologically involved in a cult.

    At least, a few people, people like yourself Gail, are helping a few.

    I might add, sometimes it is best if we don’t worry if someone does not bathe. Perhaps it is no one’s business.

  • I would also say, Harry, that despair and hopelessness are not “mental illness”. They can be inherited, by role modeling… or it could be evolved from trying to be part of mainstream.
    We really know nothing. We don’t know if someone has a learning issue and thereby learns hopelessness because they feel as if they don’t measure up.
    Or because they simply look or act differently. Obviously if one is born with a 10 inch nose, one will feel weird about it and it WILL affect one’s life. So is the nose an illness? Is the response and behaviour an illness? WHO sets the rule that I should be so “brave” of mind, just to use mindfulness or meds to get over my “nose shame”
    Psychiatry does not promote diversity, or resultant issues from life. Life has been made into “mental illness”.
    Psychiatry itself ran short of ideas, it could not measure up to it’s own requirements, and so they continue on, running with the same false paradigm, because they feel they HAVE to have one.
    They feel there HAS to be an order to life. And it is according to whoever sets those orders.

  • I get it. I know I can be “prickly”, which I try to control, but at the same time, I don’t want to keep opinions in, opinions that might offend people.
    Sure there are times that I do not say things that are on my mind 🙂 I wish psychiatry used that same approach. Perhaps when they “know” someone “fits” their “criteria”, they could just shut up.

    I often meet people and don’t tell them what I think of or about them. And yet I could, because what I say or think, does not affect them in every nook of their life.

    I think Town Hall has it’s own beauty, and I’m so happy to see you there….happy to see and feel a few people with the same concerns.. a different gathering… but I’m afraid of cross contamination with psy.
    But then again, I realize there are greater stories within each speaker, greater than my thoughts. It’s not so easy for them either. And of course I form opinions lol.

    I’m just certain of one thing. I doubt I can be friends with Psy.
    We can call that prickly, or we can call it insight, based on history and the continuation of that system. They keep borrowing, yet will not let go of the things that do not work.
    I see it as being busy trying to hold something up, which I hope those who get borrowed from, realize.

  • Perhaps then, they should not present themselves as “helpers”. Or “doctors”.
    What behaviour does a child have to give to prove their “normalcy”? Millions of kids are given drugs.
    Or are we believing that every behaviour that does not fall into a certain construct is a TBI or “MI”?

  • “She said that when something upsets us, its not the thing itself we’re bothered about. But, that we’re bothered because the thing opens up historical stress that’s within us. And the way to deal with the Stress is to accommodate it in the present.”

    I can identify with this concept. And of course a whole host of other possibilities, or all mixed together.
    And it is why it amazes me that psychiatry “punishes” for suffering or experiences.

    But even that I’m starting to understand.

  • “They are the ultimate disruptive force to progress and the key factor as to why progress is so difficult to make, even on the level of discourse.”

    Well we can’t fix everyone, so better accept what is now. If those disruptive forces would just stop disrupting progress. Seems like a powerful bunch

  • An impaired thought or action is not an impaired mind. You wrote analyses with the same mind.
    Yes it helps to have third parties to suggest options to bleach. However, if that third party is more “impaired” than the bleach theory, but uses another chemical to rid you of your bugs, or rather, psycho surgery, which “treatment” is the better, more temporary option? Perhaps the bleach is a one time treatment and enough to ward of the bugs, or gain a better understanding of the bugs.

    So perhaps, there are great third parties that don’t rush to more chemical agents.

  • “Additionally, there is the fact that modern psychology is predominantly the study of white, Anglo-Saxon, upper-class, elite, and mostly American subjects. All this knowledge about human psychology emanates from research on this one type of subject, and then it gets exported to the rest of the world.”

    Awesome article.
    I might add, that anglo saxon, upper class syndrome is used as much against the anglo saxon people.
    It is used BECAUSE of seeing someone as “lesser than”. Psychology was derived out of seeing someone as savage, regardless of color.

    And so it follows that
    Bhatia: “I think yes, it could be decolonized, but only under certain conditions. It has to be a political project akin to the abolishment of slavery, which means that to abolish it, you needed to change its entire structure.”

    Perhaps abolish first. I doubt whether we can make it all nicynice. (my favorite word from “The Tenth Kingdom”) When psychology and it’s baby psychiatry feel threatened by new forms of communication, they like to grab it and dirty it, steal it and do it in a “partnership”. This fouls up any attempt to make the “practice” a nicynice environment.

    So be careful Sunil, strive for not striking up partnerships. I realize that we are still trying to be civil, but the greedy man has always spoken words to encourage the giving up of territory. And he has to be forced just as he does not understand true freedom from oppression.

  • Hi Harry, Thank you for your awesome blog.

    Perhaps you were wise to not “say anything”. Perhaps, you knew and know best. Even in the not knowing, in the confusion, you probably know best.

    Parents. They fail, they do some good things. They don’t know, yet they too know. They also stay silent and sometimes kids get hurt.
    They act automatically often, in the process of protecting their vulnerable kids, they get annoyed at the vulnerability, because perhaps they get reminded, they don’t have enough time to process.

    But then comes psychiatry who also has no time to process. They also see distress as a reminder to DO something, quick.

    I often think, of reconciliations. Sometimes it could be possible. Wishful thinking (on my part) and realizing after time has passed that if someone, anyone knew at the time, that much could be prevented.

    Like the lady (past tense) who you wonder, if she might have been the difference. Perhaps, but perhaps in her process of doing good, someone comes along and screws up the process. Too many people busy handling.

    There are natural responses to life and chaos, they are not illness. If we are lucky we get enough time to recognize some, and we might have regrets.

    Psychiatry is not a “healing” or helpful system and never will be. I’m sure you look back and see self sabotage, but that is what we do. See it as the norm. Don’t be ashamed of scars.
    I am glad you spoke about normal things in your article. Psychiatry prefers the silence, the silence puts people into line.

    Even though your childhood was overwhelming, don’t you think that it is still better than being raised by a psychiatrist? lol. ….You might think there is such a thing as “properly sourced” “mental health services”. No such thing exists at the moment.
    As a doc, your only options to help children are what is out there, and it all stinks of psychiatry.

  • “care” it never was. It only represented itself as such. Even “healthcare” now looks suspicious. I get sour looks from “believers”. I should not complain about the wonderful “care”.
    I believed for 24 years.
    I keep thinking that I became aware of the reality of what transpires. Only yesterday I was hit with new awareness. Of how the “care” was really well disguised infantilizing.
    And part of it was obviously my fault, for adopting the role. It would help a great deal if we were educated on roles, early on. It would help “doctors” and “nurses” to understand roles, that they have a huge responsibility in their hierarchy position.
    I was not a healthcare user or “abuser”, and that was never noted when I did use it.
    Within that short use, I learned just how they abuse. Disgusting and gross. Not just with me, but onto others.
    From what I’ve seen, I truly hope those providers get their own taste of the shit they dole out. Obviously it’s wishful thinking….Karma is not something that comes about in any true sense of the word. Some people really never experience power imbalance.

    Perhaps that is a boring and dead existence.

  • Hear Hear.

    It’s sad that many get trapped, but there is hope that if one lives long enough, to be able to realize that the “experts” have absolutely no clue. In fact, even one person’s lived journey can only ever be their own.
    Psychiatry/psychology has to STOP borrowing from clients and turning that into therapy.
    Few are blessed to be “therapists”. Many have the ability to walk beside.

  • “If restorative justice can happen then we will be All in this together.”

    Agreed, John. Well said.
    I think often, we, including psychiatry do things out of sheer ignorance. I think psychiatry too was affected by their past, causing them to believe in things that are harmful towards others.
    There are many who come to see reality and question the practice, but they simply have nowhere else to go.

  • What boggles my mind is that someone goes for counsel, where they get a dark menacing serious face telling the client that they have a damaged brain, give them chemicals that hurts their brains and yet these yahoos are against suicide, or at least the client can’t mention it, or else they get locked up.
    Criminals get locked up.
    Am I not getting something? They talk about “self esteem” in their “research papers”, then slap derogatory labels on people that damage them but they are supposed to go out and be “positive”.
    And even if, with all that shit, they chose to be “positive”, then the head screwer uppers, tell their positive clients that it is “mania”.

  • A lot of drugs are made for hypothesis and prescribed for hypothesis.
    Antipsychotics and speed for children, hypothesis.
    People die regularly from “hypothesis”.
    The creation of poison is science. You breathing is science.
    Giving people poisons and calling them meds is crap. Yet it’s “science”
    It’s embarrassing to even use the word “science”.
    We are the only ones observing our “science”, or our “intellect”.

  • “Concerns with body image and negative self-image have been identified as the main predictor of eating disorders. The experience of childhood bullying has been identified as a factor negatively impacting body image, self-esteem, and disordered eating. Among the long-lasting adverse effects of bullying that some people experience is the development of internal voices that are sometimes related to the presence of eating disorders and negative body image.”

    Perhaps the real expert is ALWAYS the client. And as such I will repost a comment from a poster who passed on. I hope she would not mind:

    Julie Greene, MFA November 1, 2018 at 10:41 pm
    As usual, the most important factor was left out. Were these individuals in treatment for their EDs? This is so important. I believe the ED voice is treatment-induced. I have seen the believe in the ED-Devil-like character induced in treatment, coerced into patients by therapy. This is caused by exposure to ED-specific therapy. Those who have not had this type of therapy do not have an ED voice and have never heard of such a thing. All you have to do, if you want to induce an ED voice, is to pester a patient, repeatedly, “What is ED saying?” Just ask that a bunch of times, obnoxiously, expecting a response. Ask like ED is a real person that has taken possession of the vulnerable, trapped patient. Now, the patient is more trapped. By the imaginary Devil ED. Very good job. You have succeeded! Now you have a guaranteed Revolving Door Syndrome.

  • Very Powerful Megan….made me cry.

    I honestly think the word social distance has a negative spin, and wonder if it’s purposeful, to bring home to people, to remind them that they now lack social connections….but psychiatry is there to rescue us
    and not make us feel tooo socially distanced.
    After all, we are “supposed” to have that social network to prove how MH we are.

    I trust that psychiatry with it’s dictionary sat down with the health ministers and someone said, “what should we call it”
    tada, “social distancing”.

    It makes everyone think it’s new.
    It makes everyone think that the fall out is an “illness”

  • I think it’s especially important and possibly more so that the mindfulness be practiced by those who purport to have knowledge of distressing states.
    I never realized just how pompous it was of me to interpret “distress”, or that the fixing was to be done to that individual.
    Like the test monkey who was snatched from it’s mother, the distress never amounted to an illness, neither did the snatchers have a solution. And so the monkey went on to have children, and by golly, it did not know how to parent, or parent according to what other monkeys did. ALL due to it’s “MI” distress. And all it ever had around it, were handlers, others who thought it’s, and it’s children’s actions and behaviours were weird. Yet they all behaved more appropriately than did the handlers.
    It was also much more courageous than all the handlers combined.

  • Hi Kermit,
    I am so thankful for MIA as well, not for myself (only) but as the educational and supportive platform they are, along with all of the commenters.
    I will say that I never read one book regarding “MI”, or it’s “treatments” before I became suspicious.
    In fact, it was some “self-help” books, that were the catalyst, er, or, perhaps they just “helped” lol.

    In fact I was thinking about Robert Whitaker yesterday, fondly and thankfully. I know he contributed greatly in getting people to think, to be critical.
    Which led to me being able to read so many enlightening comments from members.

  • thank you Corrine (mitzy sky)

    You came a long way, if you used the word “NO”.
    To send forth the message to others, that they need to say “NO”, is huge.

    “… people are born, experience adversities, suffer, lose their rights, and die before getting validated or getting to the peace and freedom we all desire.”

    That is the thing I have always been amazed by. Some poor chap, who is on his knees, who is dying and wants just one piece of validation, and the shrink WILL NOT give him that.
    So MANY have died in asylums, on streets, in wards, alone and waiting on their oppressors.
    It is shocking that even shrinks could be so cold hearted as to not whisper into their ears, words of apology.

    It is THAT, which shines a light on oppressors who name themselves “doctors”. Because if they cannot speak words of solidarity to the most vulnerable, the ones who need no further “othering”, it shows EXACTLY how cold, how pathologically insensitive they are.

    It is so simple. That shrink in that asylum could have hugged and held the victim, but he and they, did not. They let them die alone. Cold hearted.

  • Berzerk,
    I think most people are politically biased, but I highly doubt that was “a motive”. She simply made a point that NO ONE should be “diagnosed” by psychiatry. Not even people she does not like.

    Not only is it not “scientific”, although even if they found the particle of every single behaviour or feeling, they would still need to define it as an “illness”, they would still need to explain why people lose their rights… the name calling is invalid and certainly is not a “medical” specialty.
    Okay so we know that.

  • I have all of those but am quite capable of making decisions for myself and others.
    I resent having someone define whether I am “mentally capable”, just because I fail “neurological” testing.
    If I have not been exposed to education, or perhaps have a “learning style” that is not in tune with what we provide and use as measurements, and perhaps have only lived in environments where I do not need to use eloquent speech, I do not want the “testing” that has been mainstreamed and seen as “reliable”


    I find it interesting that “white men” borrowed from the “forefathers” of these lands and applied the laws of the indigenous at least where it suited them.
    However, the indigenous “maternal voices” were loud and proud, whereas in white law, until recently you could beat women with a rod no thicker than your thumb.

    I watched a series on Canadian history and it was disgusting to see a few voices talk about how “accepting” we are. Of course the taking of the lands and some suffering was also mentioned, but again and again it always comes back to how hard “we” fought to build this great country.

    I understand the hardships and vulnerability of both. My issue is with how the narrative changes. The true narrative that the need to oppress in order to get ahead is not touched. There is just too much ugliness within, which continues.
    Our forefathers did a horrible job of trying to mimic any kind of aboriginal laws, and the efforts of tribes to create peace was completely pooped on.

  • Bradford,
    I came back and read it again and I agree, it’s a great piece of writing, Maria.
    I do sometimes/often read a piece without enough ” fresh relational air”.
    Upon reading it again, there is an infinite amount of wisdom within, that I missed before. If not for Bradford, giving me a new relational perspective, I would have missed it, even though I had read it with one part of my mind.

    “The breaking point of minds that constantly feed on the same thoughts without giving them air to breathe. But the “air of the mind” is generated in relationships and in constructive interactions, not blocked at home declined in the same totalizing roles.”

    “If the role played in the relationships is constructive and satisfactory, people stop living in imaginary, hallucinated, self-reported and destructive worlds. It is obvious that the more relationships we have, the more social roles we engage in, more aspects of us emerge and our thoughts change, and if thoughts change, our neurochemistry and immune system changes, and yet suicidal ideas are scaled-down. If everyone legitimately develops their own complexity, the many roles that everyone resides, there is a better chance of entering into relationships with someone or something that makes us feel good.”

    “Who has built this untruthful narrative mode, psychotic, as it would be defined by the “psycho-diagnostic”? With what goals?”

  • David,
    Thanks for the article and your devotion to activism, and support for others.
    I am totally amazed by your ability to memorize cards, wondering if that could serve you in a casino? 🙂
    And if you did win, I doubt I’d buy that cat a better brand of catfood. They say cat’s have nine lives, perhaps because humans risk theirs for the fur balls lol.
    I’m wondering how psychiatry looks at you now? Post accident? I’m wondering if physical limitations that can be seen, makes it less likely to get “diagnosed”? It seems they like to try and cause disability in the healthy.
    I personally think that an organization has an obligation to expose the dangers of drugs. We know that some people “benefit”, but we also know that the position of the people who make those claims can drastically change and often too late.

    “For now, I will point out that calling someone a name they do not want is labeling. Asking for a diagnosis from a pro you trust, willingly, ain’t labeling.”

    I don’t think most people ever asked for a label or EVEN a “diagnosis”.
    Everyone that ever went to a shrink willingly, went there for Life pains, and understanding them and what actions or help and support there were. They were people interested in gaining tools to live better.
    They made the unknowing mistake that psychiatrists are and never were the “counselors”, or the “help” that they advertised to be.
    Most consumers heard the word “mental health” and thought, Wow, I can use some of that (WHICH was very nice of them btw, to try and improve)
    And I warn all young people now against that advert of “mental health”. Ohh and of course the word “stigma”

    Your passion is evident and I am glad to see your continuation of work. Lord knows it ain’t easy.

  • Okay good. Agreed then. Testing for dangerousness is not possible. A “neurological healthy” pilot might have sinister plans that CANNOT be seen, nor predicted.
    It also seems neurology is not the great “science” and can'[t even tangle out real brain damage, and then sends the sufferers to psych.
    I would never vote for someone based on neurological or psych findings.
    Besides, even IF neurology could identify all abnormalities and tell us likely outcomes, it then ends up in the same discriminatory place as psych is.
    And what is good for leaders is good for all of society, meaning why don’t we haul everyone to be “tested”? Perhaps then, we are ALL too dangerous to be in the role, any role of work and society.

  • Science will never know. Neither will psychology.
    And it would be unique for each person. The chemicals are nothing more than a pretense at “treating” “something”.
    They have no clue what the something is, nor do they have a clue as to what the chemical does.
    We know the chemicals causes a lot of harm….. so they are allowed legally to give people chemicals for unidentified entities.

  • We cannot “compare” people to one another.
    Time and again people like Victor Frankl are used as an example.
    No one knows whether he was rescued just a few days before his “resilience” faltered.
    EVERYONE has a breaking point. That is proven when psy torture is used in prison on the most
    resilient people.
    It sounds much like a failing, if people are referred to as not resilient. Comparisons make people feel even worse, and that is what studies do.
    Perhaps “resilience” can also be chalked up to lack of sensitivity.

  • Actually people who homeschool most often belong to organizations and their kids are socialized in many ways, often with neighbourhood kids plus the kids from other homeschool situations.

    I think classrooms are way too large and just because kids seem “okay” in an environment does not mean they are. And in the public system, so many get “diagnosed” by wannabe doctors, which does not happen at home.

    So many people go to dog parks and expect their dogs to run around with 30 other dogs. It totally stresses a lot of dogs out, but the owners can’t see it.
    Kids don’t even know when and what stresses them.
    Parents and kids see the past better once they get much older.
    Often even at a much older age, they can’t figure out what incidents were the hurtful ones.

  • I know that feeling.
    It is when someone spits on your integrity, rubs their feces stained shoes all over what you hold dear.
    And it is just because they can. The feeling of being violated, after being violated and knowing how far we never came from the days of henry the 8th, and in reality how backwards we have actually gone.

  • “Specific strategies to support children with different types of challenges during this quieter period. For example, those typically given an ADHD diagnosis, whatever the underlying cause, struggle with planning, organizing, and follow-through. Now we can help them practice these skills and become more independent by developing their own goals and schedules for the things they want and need to do.”

    Who are the typical ones? What do “typical” kids exhibit and who is watching and by what and who’s rules? I want to know WHERE these rules came from. Is it a universal rule? And how unlucky to get all that attention. What labels do the non “adhd” kids get? Doesn’t each child get a special token? Perhaps each parent struggles, especially those in the “MH” field, to make certain their children grow up in the parameters of “normal”. Lord knows we don’t want any more fantastic discoveries or perhaps great leadership.
    How sad that we all have to be good parents and good kids.

  • I would like to mention that each client of the psy industry has never had “protection”.
    Like the “virus”, they became the enemy, and people always kept the 2 meter distance from them, except when they became assaulted.

    Like a virus, they need to be studied.
    Hopefully, they will eventually be the virus that multiplies, takes over their space, rightfully.

  • “…I try to say this in an easier way. People I meet are, generally, very lonely. Emptied of any role and forced to a position of patients, observed by all as dangerously ill. This is not a good life. Well, we could say that these people are now looking at us rubbing with satisfaction their hands and saying: come on, tell me, how do you like living this way? Do you understand it now, healthy human, how is your life with this prejudice on you?”
    I think it has always been a demeaning place to be, for the person who is “discussed”, talked about as if they are an object.
    Obviously Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Jones sat with their morning tea and discussed Mrs. Weird, how she is weird, bad, strange, and thus it became a Profession.
    I doubt any “professional” has ever been on the side of being discussed as something abnormal. It really is simply a place of privilege, to be able to make money out of other people’s lot, while they live in poverty and loneliness. By this, we know the quality of the works.

    Most of life is comprised of never having been there through sheer accidents. It’s a shame that coincidental place became a job.
    It certainly limits the possibilities.

  • One wonders why they take themselves so seriously in the first place, seriously enough to become a shrink. Once you are in it, you have to keep making up the lies, over and over. JUst like a politician.
    It seems rather pointless? Except of course, it’s a living.
    Blaming and punishing others can be made into a living. That is simply how it works.

  • “Of course, given that psychiatric diagnoses are not valid, the Goldwater Rule by all rights should specify that no one should ever give anyone a psychiatric diagnosis. But the rule refers to more than just diagnosis, so the professionals who claim special expertise—who tend to vary among themselves, and some of whom vacillate between saying he is mentally ill and saying diagnosis is beside the point—should stop claiming that they must speak out because of that alleged expertise.
    For psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and other therapists to claim that they are essential for warning people that Trump is dangerous is to claim special expertise and insight to which they are not entitled, and it simultaneously demeans the judgment of nonprofessionals and helps strengthen the power of their guilds.”

    I suppose psychiatrists will argue that trump actually never stepped over the “threshold”, whereas those with “labels” did. (I can’t get myself to say the word “diagnosis, lol)
    But according to the “assessments” of psychiatry, they simply “observe” and “listen”. For a mere 15 minutes to an hour. THAT is where people get their descriptive label.
    Now generally, there is only a dribble psychiatry EVER knows about a person, any of their clients, in fact less than the grocery clerk.
    However, someone like trump who is on TV 24/7, we hear the words, see the mouth, the eyes and the dialogue and in this way, we can judge if we like a person, or the things they stand for, or if we trust them.
    Psychiatry would only know as much as any of us, and in fact some must like what he spews.

    Indeed psychiatry knows nothing about their clients, especially never enough to slap some weird labels on them that they themselves concocted as if they are teenyboppers.
    Those trait tendencies that they made labels for and called “illnesses” are laughable.
    The best of them could not pick someone out of a lineup

  • Thanks Paula.

    Obviously since psychiatry is nothing more than out dated, used up bunch of non sense, we could never use their hierarchy to yell that word of old, “TREASON”. Sure they have fancy words for “treason”, but it works out the same.
    But then, we should surely just get rid of psychiatry altogether, since we are pretty sure that Trump would fail the absolute normalcy tests as would most everyone else. And that is the danger, any system powerful enough to get rid of someone in a job, then it becomes possible to oust a “good guy”.

    THAT is what psychiatry is NOT capable of, prediction. Psychiatry cannot “KNOW” someone anymore than I can, and let me tell you, I used to “diagnose” people even without licence tsk tsk.
    Now I try to limit it to diagnosing professionals 🙂

    I’m not sure what a perfect system looks like, it is SO complicated. I think back on Canadian history and all the GREAT leaders we have had, yet I know HOW HORRIBLE it was for indigenous under these fabulous men who created Canada.

    It really seems to be all about authority and power, which we would all like some of. It is one thing that hurts so much, that psychiatry can basically strip people of complete power and it is condoned and applauded.

    So in one way, because Trump believes in psychiatry so much, perhaps he should taste it? But not just ousted, make him see what the process feels like.
    Okay just kidding 🙂

  • “words can reduce a person to an object, something more easy to hate than an animate entity, (Schizo, Borderline?)”

    You are bang on about this.

    It is interesting to me how closely a LOT of people resemble the names they call out. Especially in those units. I guess it’s a much easier to hide. Many professions are convenient hiding spots, and you can be a super nasty person and completely get away with it.

    Of course I have my opinions about them too, but I lack the credentials to make the name stick.

  • Thank you Ashley.

    It seems more and more people are fearful, dissatisfied, disillusioned with “healthcare”. Everyone talks about it, more and more “studies” erupt. More and more naturopathic clinics pop up to which only the wealthy can benefit from, or the not so well to do lose their hard earned last dollar.

    For so long now, tests and pills took over, fear of death became ever more predominant, for good reasons.

    It’s a horrible place for physicians too, because they elevated themselves, yet are unarmed. Many lies and innuendos are used to disregard patients, where everyone just keeps mum.

    People are not just being exposed to having their dignity assaulted, but the one’s taking part in doling those indignities out, whether knowingly or not, are made harsher by partaking in the practice of bad service.

    It is time for honesty, for patients allowed to be honest, for docs to be honest. Patients will not do everything they are told to do, and docs need to accept this and lower their expectations.

    Doctors and patients are simply human and doctors are in a position of education to start to understand what that means.

    More and more, doctors are the gateway to psychiatry, and thus it seems that is what everyone in the med field chose to do in the face of NOT KNOWING.
    It is a way to have less patient load.
    It is no longer safe to suffer, to be dependant. The hierarchy makes certain and every doc knows this and chooses death at home.

    I think at this point we are all in a “multicultural” environment.

  • Erin, I’m glad you went to Disney.
    A whole lotta magic can happen.
    It’s the insight, after the insight. Psychiatry was on the right track with their favorite word, “insight”…although they seem to borrow a lot of our words. 🙂
    Isn’t it funny how we can be “ill” and miraculously not ill?

    In fact it’s even totally okay to be the weird child, the sad child. We don’t ever want a child “examined”

  • “In “therapy school” we’re taught that when clients feel emotionally close to their therapist it’s to be understood as a form of “transference,” and when therapists feel close to their clients it means that there’s “counter-transference.” Both are said to be problematic, inappropriate and for the therapist potentially unethical”

    By now, now that we are all “enlightened”, and continue to become more so, perhaps someone at “therapy school” should broach the idea that the “transference” has already occurred when the therapist “digs”, and the “client” divulges massive secrets that not even her closest friends know.

    Is there ever an honest relationship in “therapy”? When is there that moment when it is just “two people talking”?

  • Of course. We are heretics, we should be proud.
    I would not have it any other way. They reveal themselves by using this against people. I doubt they would get much respect even from pro psychiatry folks.

    I mean it is getting SO pathetic. They are acting FAR from educated, far from any dignity left. They have much less dignity than the inmates.

    I am SO VERY HAPPY that my family has no shrinks in it’s background.

  • Speaking of wealth, I felt obliged a few days ago to contribute a tiny token to MIA, PURELY based on the therapy I have received from the site existing, from the site having members who I have benefitted by reading.

    Money is a funny thing. Theoretically we could just print a bunch, couldn’t we? lol

    I hope this covid thing is not impacting MIA and staff too much, realizing how we all need to buy groceries.

  • “What can possibly be gained by bringing an already terrified man—desperate to affirm his sanity, knowing his human rights have been denied him—into a room of eight or nine people, all armed with laptops and serious expressions? It resembled a kind of medieval inquisition—the two of us lined up against their greater numbers—the experts sitting in judgement on a very frightened man. Abraham felt humiliated. He was shattered by the experience.”

    I am sorry. I am sorry that they killed your son. It is difficult to read this, and I am sorry for your pain. And I wonder, do any of the psychiatrists share your pain? Do any of them think it is normal to sit and stare at a distressed person?
    The absolute abnormal is within Psychiatry itself.

    Thank you for sharing and thereby educating. Educating those who still believe that psychiatry can be fixed, despite the huge numbers they killed, if not physically, then emotionally.