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  • Thanks Dr. Eric.
    Love your new spin on the old (inaccurate) trope of “What if we treated physical illnesses like ‘mental illnesses’?”

    Assume Dr. Diatram’s patient manages to recover. She’ll take all the credit and force him to spend the rest of his life surrounded by ice packs, giving himself daily morphine injections, and popping beta blockers. πŸ™‚

  • Well said OH.
    Judging from the article Dr. Tasch believes the narrative though she means well and might let some “asymptomatic” people leave the system at their discretion.

    I knew better than to argue with my shrink. AKA psychiatric blasphemy.

    The psychiatrists get paid for keeping us sick with drugs, emotionally abusive brainwashing, and shocks.

    My parents were shocked at how much crazier I acted the longer I stayed in the MI System. Now I’m emotionally stable but in chronic pain much of the time. IBD, fingerprint-map-dot-eye dystrophy, and probably ME.

    At least I can clean my apartment now. Still forced to live on SSI.
    Shrinks told me if I was “good” I could enjoy a career and even maybe get married. Bunch of rubbish. Doubtful any of them believed their malarkey. πŸ™

  • I loved Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH as a child.
    (At 8 I disliked Don Bluth’s film because of the liberties it took. The book was thought provoking and I read about finely nuanced issues regarding self reliance, morality, and responsibilities that come with becoming sapient. Not Disney lite on speed.)

    Unbeknownst to me there really was a place called NIMH. But instead of making rodents as intelligent as humans they’ve dedicated themselves to making humans as dumb as rodents. The fact that we can still read and write is proof that their methods need perfecting.

  • And I was repeatedly warned of cognitive decline and “deterioration” if I failed to do exactly as my psychiatrist ordered. Counselors and case workers at the local Mental Illness Centers I dutifully attended. Support groups like NAMI. All the literature and TV shows…mainstream literature of course. All warned how dumb/crazy/helpless/dangerous I’d become unless I took my “meds” religiously.

    I pointed out how since starting my “therapeutic” doses of Haldol/Risperdol/Zoloft/Xanax/Celexa/Pick-your-neuropoison I could no longer take full time course loads at college or work full-time at my summer job or get by with less than 11 hours sleep. They would tell me it was all my “illness” which began at exactly the same time I sought “help” for social anxiety and had a horrible reaction to the SSRI. All entirely by coincidence. πŸ˜› SMH

  • It is 100% hereditary too. The reason it’s not only just but compassionate for society–led by the shrinks–to treat the “mentally ill” like pieces of garbage is we’re subhuman genetic throwbacks/monsters. Not really human like the “normals” and the shrinks.

    Must have mutated their DNA. Kind of like green, radioactive sludge in those old Saturday morning cartoons. Real SCIENCE folks!

  • I have vented on this site about sadness shaming. Hence the insistence that DEPRESSION IS A DISEASE. They wouldn’t have to justify it by calling it purely biological (and beyond our control) if we weren’t pressured to grin ear to ear all the time like the Cheshire cat. Why not let me feel glum? Really. Feeling blue is not a crime, but to hear some people it’s worse than being a bank robber.

    And regarding loneliness I am sick and tired of well meaning articles lecturing on how the only reason you get lonely is you’re not full enough of self worth. That’s just dumb. Loneliness is not synonymous with low self esteem (though even that’s not a crime) and scheduling a make out session with your mirror isn’t the answer. πŸ˜›

  • Nagging someone to come off her or his drugs without a support system or decent tapering advice is a bad thing.

    Even though I wish everyone could live drug free I know many won’t since going off is painful and demanding. And you need to do your homework and find a place you can hide if you’re a busy long term psych consomme.

    (Psychiatric Consomme. My new word instead of their word “Consumer.” Never did like it even when I was one.)

    A friend of mine is in AOT because she didn’t call me for information and just went cold turkey during lockdown before freaking out in her apartment and going to the psych ward. Again.

  • So sorry about Abraham’s death, Mr. McNeill. Your son’s fears were rational and justified. He didn’t want to be slowly tortured to death. That’s what psychiatry was doing to him.

    I consider myself disabled. But not from any “mental illness.” I no longer exhibit any of the required traits after 30 months off my drugs. My disabilities are multiple autoimmune disorders and poor concentration/executive function. I blame these on the “cure” for the unprovable brain disease men cooked up and voted into existence to prove how they were Real Doctors. I didn’t know what pain was until they “helped” me.

    If I were going to be harmed again like your son I would want to do what he did too. Psychiatric treatments are a fate worse than death. They ruin your health, your ability to earn a living and all hope of having a family. They cut your years in half and destroy your bodily organs.

  • Vaccinations against viruses are very ineffective according to doctors themselves.

    I read that if they come out with a vaccine for Covid19 it will only be 40-50% effective. I guess that’s better than nothing. But it’s not a magical panacea to save us all.

    Yet, what do you want to bet that if they come out with one the medical establishment will be lauded and the nanny state will finally let us leave our own homes?

    Covid19 is finally showing non psychiatrized people what tyrants doctors can be. All “for your own good” of course.

    I’m hoping we can use public distrust to turn sympathies against the Granddaddy of Control Freak Medical Science. Psychiatry. By Medical Science I mean manipulating brains to render you “docile and child-like.” As opposed to independent and functioning.

  • I struggle to trust any doctors. Not anti medicine. But anti liars.

    The fact that the entire AMA continues to enable and even applaud the damages psychiatry forces upon it’s guinea pigs makes me angry at the entire medical community.

    They know the drugs cause excessive weight gain, kidney failure, severe GI problems, heart arhythmia, diabetes and extensive damage to the brain and CNS yet they support business as usual and often push these drugs on their own patients for kickbacks or just to avoid looking into legitimate medical complaints.
    Phooey on doctors. Despite their smarts and education they lie all the time. Worse than used car salesmen. I don’t trust any of them further than I can throw a piano.

  • Shrinks express sorrow at the “stigma” their test subjects experience in being denied housing, jobs they could perform despite being drugged up and having family and friends reject them.
    Yet they refuse to accept any responsibility for the situation and love to go on national TV to tell the world how dangerous/stupid/evil all their “patients” are. As Paula Capplan points out if I tell someone you have tuberculosis and they avoid you does it make sense for me to express outrage over how they treat you?

  • I’ve noticed nobody proposed taking any action to lower the numbers in nursing homes during the epidemic or find housing for the homeless. Both sides of the political aisle are happy to let the status quo continue in those areas.

    Aside from “nice guys” who were proposing locking up all the homeless in warehouse style asylums where the virus could still run rampant. Pure benevolence and altruism. Of course.

    Isn’t it swell to have a bunch of bureaucrats/doctors running everything now?

    My great-aunt has the virus. Got it at her nursing home. No efforts were taken to separate the infected from the rest.

    “Windmill or no windmill, he said, life would go on as it had always gone on. That is–badly.” George Orwell. Animal Farm.

  • FWIW, more people than ever will be aware of the dangers of letting medical professionals grow too big for their lab coats and not holding them accountable.

    It looks like the Covid-19 may be easier to contain than many feared. But the Experts are very reluctant to admit they made a mistake.

    Epidemiologists are intelligent and know their stuff. But this virus was “novel” meaning something no one was familiar with. Baffling even to the experts. Hey, I’m fine with that. They know more than I do after all.

    But rather than admitting. “Okay. We may need less draconian measures than we at first assumed. Yay! Let’s loosen up a little but wear your masks and wash your hands a lot and only visit outdoors for now. Here are the symptoms to look for if someone is contagious,” many insist on giving doom and gloom prophecies.

    Hmm. Medical experts who would rather ruin people’s lives than admit they made honest mistakes or don’t know everything or give up unquestioned powers bestowed on them….This narrative rings a bell with me. And I bet many other survivors feel the same.

    Glad I live in Indiana. Things are looking up. And I plan on lying lower than the government demands–this month–since the last batch of Medical Experts I trusted implicitly “helped” by destroying my autoimmune system.

    My main source of stress has been “PTSD.” Fear of meddling (maybe less than honest) doctors taking over the world and destroying everything.

    A lot of doctors seem to think now that human beings don’t need sunlight, fresh air, human companionship, or food to live. And can do just fine for another two years without them. Just like the shrinks assumed we didn’t need anything but our “meds” to lead a great life. Career, family, friendship, love, purpose in living, the amygdala, pancreas, kidneys, heart, frontal lobes, CNS, GI tract…all non-essentials for the “severely mentally ill.” Keep taking your “meds” no matter what!

    (Food is hyperbole at this point. But if we keep total lockdown for 18-24 months like some experts recommend we can expect more and more empty shelves at the grocery stores and food banks when we’re allowed to go there.)

    More people will realize how horrible SSRI drugs are and how they’re used to blame people who suffer from legitimate stressors as the opportunistic shrinks seize this opportunity to push their poisons. Dare we hope people will finally realize sorrow and loneliness are not brain diseases?

  • A public apology would be the best legacy Frances could leave at this point.

    And maybe telling the public that those his profession branded “SMI” are not a bunch of would be psycho murderers waiting to go stabby stabby in the shower or licking their lips at the thought of cannibalism.

    That was Julie Greene’s biggest offense against psychiatry. Branding all they claim to help subhuman monsters. Their drugs work well at making us look and act grotesque too. (I wonder if any psychiatrists realize this?)

  • So do you think the rest of us should be forcibly locked up and drugged? That’s what Allen Frances and all the members of the APA do and they use the DSM as an excuse.

    If others want to use their labels and take psych drugs that’s one thing. But it’s forcing these on law abiding citizens against our will that we have a problem with.

    The drugs made me hear voices and act weird. My label almost drove me to suicide. It’s very easy for William to get what he wants. Not so with the rest of us.

    And my heart almost gave out. I might be dead if I hadn’t escaped. No suicide attempts despite the Covid19 stress either. My parents and siblings are amazed and pleased at my improvement.

  • As Whitaker explained above this article was not to validate psychiatry but to prove how it is political rather than medicinal. It also shows how large quantities of money are recycled through Big Pharma/APA/Washington.

    But Anomie makes a great point about the APA calling the kettle black. And why do we need Lee and her colleagues to make decisions about how to vote?

    They were slowly killing me for years with their “treatments” and my immune system that they damaged renders me more apt to die from Covid 19 even though I’m under fifty. My heart beats have finally stabilized thanks to defying Standard Treatment.

    How dare these pearl clutching hypocrites use people like us–already damaged by THEIR profession–for virtue signalling to further their own careers?

    It also shows how stupid our society is. It’s no longer enough to look at a person’s behavior and say, “He’s an abuser because he beats his wife and kids. She’s an arrogant, self-centered woman because she lies all the time to gain attention. He is a cruel sadist because he tortures small animals.”

    Nope. That’s not good enough. Now we have to label the abuser as having “bipolar with intermittent explosive disorder” the liar as “narcissistic” and the guy who tortures animals is a “sociopath.”

    Dr. Obvious to the rescue. Sad how some kind hearted abuse victims will stay with the abuser because the shrink says he’s sick instead of calling him out on his bad behaviors.

    I remember urging this woman to leave her abusive husband. “But the poor dear has bipolar. I can’t leave him.” Another woman and I both urged her to leave since this did not give him the right to harm her. (Ironically we both were labelled “bipolar” yet shrinks say we’re all alike.)

    Why judge people on the content of their characters? We have shrinks to brand them with pseudo scientific “diagnoses” instead.

    And Heaven help you if you ever have a bad reaction to one of their drugs or run afoul of a psychiatrist. They’ll turn your nearest and dearest against you so you wind up leading the life of Richard Kimball.

    By calling guilty people “sick” shrinks gain the right to punish the innocent for crimes they never have or will commit–by calling them “sick” too.

    And only THEY have the power to do so. With no objective standards for anyone to hold them to.

    I wish they would “diagnose” the most powerful man in the free world. Know why? It would show everyone how much undisputed power the APA has and how potentially dangerous they really are.

    As well as the slush fund from the White House I wonder how much this fear of people wising up played a role in Lieberman’s behavior. Last time I checked he was not a Republican.

  • Shrinks are certainly not letting the Covid 19 emergency go to waste.

    And when they act concerned about the possible lives lost I call BS on their fake compassion. Thanks to their “safe and effective treatments” I have an autoimmune disease and am as likely to die from Covid 19 as my Boomer parents.

    And psych drugs make you more likely to die from it.

    So sick of the pearl clutching virtue signallers. 0 regard for the lives of people like us. Phony as a bundle of three dollar bills.

    A nation of lonely, depressed, alienated people is a psychiatrist’s ultimate fantasy. My guess is the APA is tickled pink at all the human misery now. Ghoulish and typical as we know too well.

  • Yes but these “untreated mental illnesses” do cause suffering which psychiatry can alleviate.

    Psychiatry alleviates the suffering of the families who are embarrassed by the person’s odd behaviors and don’t want to look like bad guys by simply not inviting him to parties. So getting Johnny shot up with 15 mg of Haldol a day will make him quiet and inactive. No more suffering.

    Psychiatry also alleviates suffering of the mainstream public by use of the placebo effect. Every time a mass shooting occurs some prominent shrink tells the public that of course only the “mentally ill” murder people like that and give him even more unquestioned authority and he will stop violent crimes forever by giving all the “mentally ill” people the “treatment” they so richly deserve for the crimes of a few they may have nothing in common with. Other than a shrink’s badge of shame.

    Psychiatry alleviates the suffering of psychiatrists themselves. It stunk being the “Cinderella” of medicines. Now, thanks to drugs, shocks, and other forms of brain mutilation in the works they can show what honest-to-gosh-real-doctors they are.

    When they praise psychiatry as highly effective this is what they really mean.

  • I’ve been using this time to instill distrust of the medical profession in the hearts of people using social media. Nothing blatant or out there. Just subtle little seeds of doubt and skepticism. A lot of people are open to the idea that doctors don’t have our best interests at heart right now.

    My years as a psychiatric guinea pig while other doctors watched on smiling in approval, seeing the damage psychiatrists did to me have made me distrust and despise the entire American medical system. Not anti medicine. Anti doctors.

    Just because someone is a doctor does not make them honest. All it means is if they decide to harm you they have superior training and smarts to do it without getting caught. And the other doctors cover for the crooked ones so they’re guilty in their own fashion. And of course the shrinks.

    What kind of people do this? These doctors must know lithium destroys kidneys, neuroleptics ruin your brain and CNS, and SSRI drugs make your weight double and mess up your heart and gut. But they remain silent. Heaven forbid they save lives at the cost of “meds compliance.” πŸ˜›

    Dr. Fauci has been caught changing his story. It was a minor lie about face masks not being helpful. To save masks for doctors he explained later.

    But this has hurt public trust. Suddenly people are open to the idea that doctors tell lies and have their own agenda rather than the best interest of the public at heart.

    I’m teaching some online friends the truth about psychiatrists right now. Many are open to this idea.

  • As Peter Breggin points out the reason they treat people that way with inpunity is because they claim to be “healing” them. Even if people could be persuaded it wasn’t “just your illness talking” they would see such bad experiences as a necessary evil in “getting them the treatments they deserve.”

    The very word DESERVE speaks volumes. You can say a poor person deserves help. You can also say a horrible person deserves to suffer. We need to ask people making this argument what context of this word they are using.

    Help the mainstream gain some insight into their own hearts.

  • Robert Nikkel, if you’re using your infiltration to save lives like Schindler did, God bless you.

    I wish I knew more psychiatrists willing to criticize the damage their profession is doing. Aside from the writers here I don’t know any (personally) willing to question the way things are.

    All mental centers I have gone to insist the only way to not kill yourself or those around you is take your “meds” without fail NO MATTER WHAT. Till you die prematurely despite the horrible way you feel. What I personally have seen and experienced after 26 years in the mental system.

    They made me live in terror of my own mind for the whole time. Their message is what I hear preached on television, social media outlets and just about everywhere to this day.

    But my view and experience are limited. I don’t know every doctor or psychiatrist in the world. I’m glad to know such men and women exist and wish they were more vocal.

  • To all potential accusations of being “anti medicine” or “anti science” I say, “No. I’m pro accountability.”

    It’s not science or medicine we fight against but corruption, lies, and contempt for human rights found in the practitioners.

    History contains many famous serial killers who practiced medicine with a license.

    If I wanted to have a daycare investigated because it looked like it was run by predators would that make me anti-childcare? Give me a break.

    Doctors lie too. You can be a “good” doctor in that you’re smart and knowledgeable with a state license. and still be a lousy human being.

  • I think I was unusually sensitive to SSRI drugs. Had an extreme reaction to Anafranil. High as a kite and sleepless for three weeks. The whole time I took it.

    My “high” from Zoloft was milder and zapped me out of my depression. The depression was caused by getting kicked out of college, rejected by friends, having all my hopes and dreams dashed at age 20 and annoying my family by my drug addled behavior.

  • Their flocks are “defective.” Not sinful. Sin does not sound scientific. You can’t attone for bad DNA.

    Not sure I’d call psychiatrists priests. More like tiny deities of their secular cult. (Yes. Some secular groups count as cults. I heard speculation that MLM can count.)

    Because it exists in your core being you cannot repent and reform. You are the cancer to be eliminated or frozen so it won’t spread.

    There can be no propitiation or sufficient penance when your existence itself is a sin.

    I believe that’s why I couldn’t kick my suicidal urges after my diagnosis as “SMI.” Rejecting it gave me a new lease on life.

  • Am I the only one here worried sick about the Next Great Depression?

    I’m a high risk group with a compromised immune system. But you know what?

    When the grid collapses and we all are forced to grow everything we eat with our own hands and chop all the fire wood needed to keep us warm enough to survive the winter I won’t be up to the task.

    I wish I knew the Coronavirus would kill me first! And many of the people who see the horrible things after the collapse will kill themselves.

    We need money to buy food, heat, shelter, and medicine. People seem not to know this. I know I’ll be dead in a year or two of starvation and exposure to the elements if the marauding bands don’t pick me off first to cannibalize me. It will be a living, endless nightmare.

    The only things you’ll have to eat will be what you can grow in your own garden or forage or scavenge (though soon there won’t be enough garbage to make dumpster diving worthwhile) or shoot. The stray animals won’t starve. They’ll be eaten instead.

    The two mile lines at food banks and the empty shelves in certain cities are just the title page on the thick horror novel we’ll be living for the next decade. At least. I know I won’t survive. Hopefully you young, strong people will have a fighting chance.

    So scary. I keep binging on comfort foods and dumb YouTube videos. Stuck at home with nothing to think about but the horrors awaiting us. Can’t sleep at night. Rocking back and forth brooding and worrying.

    We’ll all starve in cardboard boxes if the Virus doesn’t mercifully kill us first. Keep getting angry at my mom and stupid internet trolls who say I’m overreacting.

    Being isolated with just my parents is hard on my nerves. Maybe THEY all want to drive us crazy.

    I read stories about the Great Depression and how things are in Zimbabwe. It will probably be worse. And people want the shutdown to last forever to ensure as many are impoverished and homeless as possible. A few empty grocery stores and pantries aren’t enough for them.

    Might as well eat as long as there’s still food at the grocery store. I draw the line at eating my beloved cat. But no medical help available means I’ll have no thyroid medicine after less than a month and that’s what will kill me when everything collapses.

    I bet most will envy me.

  • No one talks about setting the senior citizens or “mentally ill” free. Our society treats the elderly and disabled worse than convicted violent criminals.

    The “mentally ill” are harmed with inpunity because they are seen as cognitively defective by doctors. Hence the insistence on the bio bio bio model by shrinks. And nearly all of us will become truly disabled after a couple years in the System.

  • Am I the only one here who doesn’t trust doctors?

    All I know is I almost died from the “help” respected medical professionals forced upon me for twenty five years to cover up the fact that Anafranil caused negative reactions.

    Yes psychiatrists aren’t real doctors. But…every other doctor I know mindlessly accepts anything they say. My guess is most doctors know psychiatry kills people and destroys our brains, hearts, guts, and CNS. Many doctors love to prescribe SSRI’s so they can ignore real problems and afterward dismiss any health concerns the “mentally ill” patient has in the future.

    They do this because: 1. They are careless and lazy. Easier to write off stomach complaints as psychosomatic symptoms of depression with non-organic causes. Then when Jane Doe dies of stomach cancer three months later and all he’s been doing is prescribing larger quantities of benzos and SSRI’s he can shrug his shoulders and say, “Standard quality care was provided. Lol.” And no court will find this scumbag guilty.
    2. Lots of kickbacks. Luxury cruises. Thousands of dollars worth of “token gifts” Big Pharma is allowed to send. Dr. Jerk would gladly push the old lady seeing him under the bus for an opportunity to gaze up Bambi the Pharma Rep’s miniskirt and a few bites of warm doughnuts.
    3. The most charitable surmisal is they are cowards. Why else did it take so long to find someone willing to whistle blow on Dr. Farid Fata? Simple. The doctors not guilty of harming patients hold the bad doctors in awe for reasons I can’t comprehend.

    No doctor had the guts to tell me my “meds” were causing my heart to beat irregularly. I tried to hint to a GP that my “bipolar” diagnosis could have been a mistake since it only happened after taking the drug Anafranil that I put on my allergy list and has been admitted to cause psychotic mania. He reacted by laughing his fool head off and telling me no one discriminated against the “mentally ill” so he didn’t see why I wanted my diagnosis changed.

    Me: But Dr. Quackenbush, I’m tired of dealing with the discrimination.
    Dr. Q: What discrimination?
    Me: The kind people show to those diagnosed as “severely mentally ill.”
    Dr. Q: Nobody does that.
    Me: Lots of people do. Every TV drama featuring law or medicine has at least one “severely mentally ill psycho killer” waving a knife around.
    Dr. Q: Poo poo. Those people aren’t worth worrying about.
    Me: 95% of the population is nobody?
    Dr. Q: Bwahahaha!

    Dr. Quackenbush ended our session by writing me a prescription for metformin not just for the psych meds I told him I was taking (I was still on Effexor. Down to 60% of my original dose. According to him I should have been hallucinating and manic to the point of incoherence. Idiot.)

    But I did not and do not have Diabetes. He argued that I needed the drug to lose weight. Claimed it would help as an appetite suppressant.

    My diabetic mom laughed hysterically when I told her. No people with diabetes have found Metformin helpful at curbing their appetites.

    Not all doctors are as inept as that guy, but nearly all enable psychiatrists either through ignorance, apathy, or kickbacks.

    The thought of having all the members of this morally bankrupt profession taking over our country makes me horribly sick to my stomach. In my more paranoid moments as I sit alone mulling it over in my mind I wonder if this is a collusion among demagogues/shrinks/doctors to drive as many into the arms of the mental illness system as possible.

    It probably is not planned since shrinks lack the imagination or social skills needed to orchestrate this event. The virus is real and contagious, but the fatality rates are pretty low. I am in a high risk category as are my parents I live with.

    But I think the medical/government oligarchy welcomed this pandemic. I’m pretty sure they inflate the fatality rates. I know the shrinks are sipping champagne as they toast each other on Skype laughing gleefully at all the lives they will ruin. All the innocent citizens they’ll lock away forever after drugging them out of their gourds and pronouncing them hopelessly insane before locking them up to rot in their asylums till they die.

    Pardon me if I don’t trust doctors as far as I can legally spit. Their fascism and absolute control over our lives scares me more than the Bubonic Plague.

    If all their predictions are the exact opposite of what happens and it completely destroys the public trust in the medical system I will be the ecstatic. Doctors must be held accountable for their actions and when they make mistakes they should be forced to admit it.

    Doctors think they’re god almighty and hold human life in contempt. Been reading about one who said he hoped tens of millions of Americans died because they were a group he hated. So typical of the medical profession. Only they usually avoid making public statements of that. Yes–he is allowed to keep practicing.

    If I get the virus I will stay at home alone in my new apartment since I know they would just let my kind die anyhow. Even if none of them is one of those “Angels of Death.” That kind will aggressively murder the disabled.

    Horrible horrible people unworthy of any trust. They shouldn’t be allowed the care of a house plant. Though they definitely would treat it more kindly than a mentally disabled child.

    Like the NZ doctor who gave the young man with mild TBI recovering from a seizure massive quantities of Haldol against orders. It killed him. When asked if she knew he was deathly allergic to the drug she shrugged her shoulders. Said she would do it again, she didn’t care, he was just fit for an asylum anyhow. (He was enrolled in college.) Nothing happened to her either.

    Imagine the Black Death, famine, a dozen nuclear warheads firing on North America and the earth pulling out of its orbit and away from the sun. If all those scenarios happened simultaneously I would not feel one tenth the terror that I do now with doctors ruling America.

    I’m not anti-medicine. I just think doctors lie without remorse, don’t value human life, are obsessed with power, and hate the disabled. So I’m anti-doctor. All brain; no conscience. Truly terrifying people.

    People like us are doomed. But when I think of the brave new world these tyrants have in store, I’m happy they wrecked my health so badly I can get an honorable discharge from this sorry world even without contracting the virus.

  • Bringing back old Victorian “lunatic” asylums seems to be the ultimate wet dream for psychiatrists I noticed. My guess is they’ll be able to collect more revenue for the millions they hope to cram in there after gas lighting them with SSRIs to make them hallucinate so they can label them “bipolar.”

    I believe there is a Batman villain who runs an asylum where he puts his victims after driving them hopelessly insane with toxic nerve gas. Psychiatry is the only medical field that so closely resembles a comic book.

    Dr Arkham: But Batman, they were already severely mentally ill. My toxic nerve gas just unmasked the symptoms

  • You mean the people who actually want the “mentally ill” to lead decent.lives and not die prematurely? I agree Nancy.

    Take the message to those who want fewer people forced into disability and in asylums. Not swelling the ranks of the “SMI” so at least a third of the population is on a cocktail of poly pharma. Like the ancient Roman slave population. Or bringing back the Victorian asylums.

  • That still doesn’t excuse condemning trusting patients to a slow horrible death. And they make out like bandits.

    Like my friend’s psychiatrist who partied on a Caribbean cruise after basically sentencing her to death at age 29. Dr. C seemed perfectly happy with zero regrets when she came back and found Karen dead. Plenty new cash cows where she came from.

    I realized then they don’t care if we die. Literally. As long as we die “with our rights off” they’re chill with us dropping like flies.

  • Just read an article in a journal of neuro-science how they think they found a bio marker for depression. Is this a real neurological condition they plan on actually fixing?

    Heck no! Just an excuse to dole out more of the same poison that damages neuron receptors. Only now they’re hopeful for an excuse to force happy people to take the same old crap they’ve been handing out with for 30 years.

    “We don’t know how SSRIs work. We just know that they always do. Because the consumers tell us so. If they don’t say the meds are working we keep them locked up till they do.”

    How can anyone be that dumb? “Depression is the leading cause of disability.” Yet in order to get that disability check approved you need proof that you’re taking standard “treatments.” Hence SSRI drugs do not prevent disability from depression.

    How can respected neuro scientists mix up cause and effect so thoroughly?

  • Since organizations/institutions are defined entirely by what they do, one cannot separate the who they are from what they do as one can individuals.

    So I can forgive the psychiatrist who ruined my life–if he wants my forgiveness. But in order to forgive him I must acknowledge that he hurt me. I was wronged.

    No debt means forgiveness is impossible.

    The institution of psychiatry is all about punishing the weak while pretending to be merciful. It has dedicated itself to lies and punishment of the unfortunate. (Occasionally letting criminals off easily or pretending to. Part of their illusion.)

    Deceit and senseless cruelty are evil. While I agree psychiatrists are human beings and some are kind and don’t abuse their powers as much as they could…most are not monsters…but they belong to the APA which demands deceit and cruelty in order to belong.

    Some self deceive (I’m not hurting them. The drugs are good for them since they’d only wind up in asylums anyhow. They don’t have feelings like normal humans do. They’re all defectives, so it’s okay to inflict brain damage on them.) The prominent ones talk out of both sides of their mouths and keep changing the narrative through television interviews and books published.

    The rest go rogue–like the psychiatrists blogging for MIA–or find another line of work. Or commit suicide because they can’t live with the guilt.

    Angry as I am, I would rather a psychiatrist come clean and accept the forgiveness of anyone willing to give it rather than destroying himself. Suicide is a tragedy for anyone.

  • They keep talking about “non organic causes” too. Not just real doctors but shrinks.

    A shrink will seldom admit to a patient suffering something medically proven like Lyme’s Disease or Crohns. But they do acknowledge these diseases exist and let other doctors treat them. In turn the doctors refer the “non organic causes” to them.

    Hmm. “Non organic” causes. And yet they kept arguiing at NAMI how “mental illness is a real brain disease” and “an illness like any other” and “your meds are just like insulin for diabetes” and “science has proven that ‘mental illness’ is caused by a chemical imbalance in your brain.”

    All those arguments sound like organic causes are to blame. Is the human brain not a real organ?

    Or psychiatry just has a bunch of drugs and shocks to sell and since these remedies only operate organically they claim the brain is to blame even as they call the disorders they treat “brain illnesses.”

    Needless to say this is a secret embarrassment to the psychiatric community.

    Google “Why We Still Use ‘Organic Causes’ + psychiatry online” for an insider look at what psychiatry doesn’t broadcast to the public. They’re pretty mad at real doctors for making a distinction in the ICD-10, feigning concern about how this will contribute to “stigma.”

    The only “stigma” shrinks worry about is the stigma against themselves as the poor little Cinderella they see themselves to be. They are the real victims and nobody gives them the respect they feel they are due.

    Their “consumers” are so beneath consideration (subhuman monsters as they believe them to be) that they don’t even consider, let alone care, that discrimination ruins their lives.

    No concern about those they harm. It’s all about them. And if they hurt their hands beating someone else they burst into tears about their own injury.

  • If a friend of mine were being battered by her husband and he was threatening to kill her would it be reasonable for her to sit down and speak in an articulate and reasonable manner about how it hurt when he bloodied her nose and blacked her eyes?

    Even if he promised to change she should look for a shelter. What if he argued that battery was actually good for her and an act of compassion on his part because women can’t function properly without a little external “help”? No apologies or admission of harm.

    Psychiatry would be like the latter. No apologies. No admission of wrongdoing. Just blaming the victim. If the drugs harm them it’s their fault for “resisting” treatments with their bad physiology. If destruction of your brain with ECT doesn’t make you happy, it’s your fault for having Borderline Personality Disorder.

    Your kneecaps shattered when I hit them with a baseball bat? Well if you weren’t so frail like a china doll that wouldn’t have happened.
    You almost bled to death from the knife wound? Well, you shoulda thought of that before you had flesh so soft and stab worthy.

  • The truth is it’s only recently that mortality rates for the “SMI” have been higher. Since all those safe and effective treatments came out. (SAFE for doctors to prescribe and EFFECTIVE at making them and their Pharma cronies very rich.) And any hope of recovery has gone out the window too.

    I refer you to Mad in America and Anatomy of an Epidemic to look at the elephant in the living room.

    Psychiatrists, medical professionals, mentalists, and many others don’t care if they kill us. They don’t care if we seize, lose brain function, can no longer live independently or walk, experience nerve damage and (mercifully) die at 52. All in a day’s work for them.

    I realized how shrinks were okay with our dying when I lost a good friend at age 29. Her shrink gave her a drug that gave her grand mal seizures and threatened her not to go off it. My friend died that weekend while that shrink went off to party on a Caribbean cruise.

    None of the NAMI mommies (we both volunteered there) gave a damn that she died either. That’s when I realized NAMI isn’t about helping people. It’s about selling drugs. The only non-professionals they actually help are parents and spouses who despise their “loved ones” so much they want them to lose all cognitive function, the ability to live independently, and die early.

    Another friend left NAMI after she saw how chill they were with her “schizophrenic” sister being drugged on a poly-pharma regimen till all her organs failed at 49. If an eccentric adult relative embarrasses them so much they can always cut them off.

    But…no…it’s all about control. And the praise they get about how “kind” they are to their burdensome “SMI” accessories.

    Forcing us to take the drugs they worship means more to them than anything. Including our recovery, quality of life, or even survival itself.

    Just saw a commercial advertising another drug to treat the tardive dyskinesia shrinks have denied for decades. Of course coming off that “medication” is unthinkable since you “need” that mega dose of Haldol to treat the “bipolar” your shrink created by giving you an SSRI you had a reaction to and blaming it all on you. Horrible people with no conscience or empathy!

    We are only objects for them to get rich by performing cruel, pointless experiments on.

    They don’t serve us, but the public by providing a sense of security and “protecting” everybody from the monsters they create through torture and brain/nerve damage. They don’t give a damn about the well being of their human lab rats!

  • The concept of SMI is far harder to grasp than the concept of Santa Claus.

    Is it violent behaviors? Stupidity? It depends.
    If they want to pretend to be nice they treat you like you’re MMR. If they want to alarm your family or turn the public against those like you, they say “mental illness” is all about acting like Norman Bates or Mike Meyers or one of those other Hollywood pictures inspired by shrinks.

    You find this in other forms of discrimination.
    Let me quote an MRA/incel: All women are independent, needy, career obsessed, gold digging, picky whores.

    Note the contradictory aspects to the image he created? That’s how shrinks describe the “mentally ill.”
    “Dangerous, helpless, childish, cunning, irrational, diabolically clever, illogical, manipulative, detached, needy, unemotional, hysterical, arrogant would-be mass shooters. With low self esteem.”

  • Besides limiting crime to more destructive behaviors society only publicizes “Mental illness” linked to the most destructive behaviors.

    Psychiatry pretends to be merciful in how it punishes or “helps” the “SMI” criminal as a means to an end. That end? Legal impunity to inflict life long punishment on the innocent by accusing them of the potential to commit crimes.

    Psychiatry is a legal force. Their treatments are cruel and unusual punishments inflicted on those guilty of having been deemed unfit to survive.

    There’s an article from a few months back about a prominent shrink requesting special police who will answer to him alone. Pretty chilling.

  • What are you hoping for Robert Nikkel? I applaud your hard work and sincerity, but am not sure what you intend to accomplish in the way of helping people.

    Psychiatry will abuse since it’s profitable and asking shrinks nicely to please quit destroying our lives isn’t working. Why should they? They have no reason to.

    My real hope is grass roots education of people who are not invested in “mental illness.” Ex-NAMI members who watched the psych system kill family members. (Not hyperbole.) Faith groups who reject the philosophy intrinsic to psychiatry of monism. Others who have seen the devastating consequences of long term SSRI use.

    People who desperately long to escape the Madhouse Without Walls but don’t see a way. They need help escaping an abusive system.
    Not asking, very politely, to please be a little less harmed. Pretty please. πŸ™

    I was surprised at how much support I got in my choice to leave psychiatry. I showed loved ones the evidence of cognitive decline created by the treatments and the lack of evidence for any pathology corrected by the same. A lot of people want to get better. A lot of friends and family are upset too at what shrinks think is acceptable quality of life. Including very early deaths.

    If we must embrace lost causes, I prefer hopeless abolitionist to hopeless reformer. If success is impossible let us aim high!

    Even if I never slay the Dragon at least I can help some people escape being burned or eaten by it.

  • Mental workers have been known to “diagnose” people in notes with things like “worthless piece of sh*t.”

    Read an article in a medical journal by a psych nurse joking about it.

    They talk a good game to SOUND kind and polite in public. But even then they try to scare the public by explaining how dangerous these Subhuman Others are.

    So House is not far fetched.

  • They are anti psyche. They try to commit psychocide, but that’s not possible. So they strive to mutilate into a grotesque new form.

    Don’t be afraid of those who can kill the body but do nothing to the soul.

    They have damaged me physically but I make a conscious effort to forgive them every day. I believe all will be made right eventually.

    If any psychiatrist apologizes I will accept it and offer my forgiveness. Better to suffer evil than to do evil. They are to be pitied.

    They’ve mutilated their own souls far more than any of their victims.

  • They are anti psyche. They try to commit psychocide, but that’s not possible. So they strive to mutilate into a grotesque new form.

    Don’t be afraid of those who can kill the body but do nothing to the soul.

    They have damaged me physically but I make a conscious effort to forgive them every day. I believe all will be made right eventually.

    If any psychiatrist apologizes I will accept it and offer my forgiveness. Better to suffer evil than to do evil. They are to be pitied.

    They’ve mutilated their own souls far more than any of their victims.

  • Yep. The Golden Rule is never followed where “mental health” is concerned.

    Psychiatric labels and drugs are for losers. Not suited for Real People like the mental workers.

    THEY don’t want drugs, shocks, job loss, segregation. They want emotional support and understanding.

    I notice suicidal shrinks attribute their own despair to misfortunes and stress. Not inferior genes or defective brains.

    Hypocrisy thy name is Psychiatry.

  • Fr. John thank you for this article. Ironically the damage to my soul that drove me “mad” occurred through a rupture in my church.

    Spiritual abuse by adults when you are a sensitive child can be very traumatic. Something the secular mentalists claiming to help me never acknowledged. Especially since “mental health” chalks nearly everything up to biology nowadays.

    Some find closure by ditching religion altogether. I only found true healing for my psyche by realizing the lies and false doctrine crammed down my throat and the disgust I felt at hypocrites. I have forgiven them, but am no more anti-religion than I am anti-science simply because medical quackery exists.

    It is ironic how psychiatrists deny souls exist. They claim to fix “broken brains” but we already have the field of neurology. It’s interesting how psychiatrists and doctors talk about “non organic” causes of complaints. Many pro psychiatry groups like NAMI argue “What if we treated mental illnesses like physical illnesses?”

    Hmm. If the disease is NOT organic or physical (as their language implies) why do they only offer physical remedies for bodily organs?

    A lot of psych apologists like Jaffe argue that “It must be in the brain because nothing else exists.” Let’s ignore the a priori assumption of monism that the majority of the world’s people disagree with. Let’s assume all odd and erratic behaviors do originate in the brain. Some do–usually through brain trauma. (Others through liver failure, thyroid issues, etc.)

    That still does not justify random acts of brain damage through coercing someone into long term use of mind altering drugs or mutilating the brain through shocks and other “psycho” surgeries. It’s like arguing for treating restless leg syndrome by severing someone’s spinal cord. Annoying as this neurological problem is, most of us would rather be able to walk.

  • Don’t forget the guy who lives all alone in the outback. He wears nothing but a poncho from a square of tent canvas with a leather strap holding it together. Eats nothing but insects and honey he finds in the wild.

    Every now and then he wanders into town yelling, “Repent!”

    We don’t need to manipulate King Herod into cutting his head off anymore. Thanks to the miracles of modern medicine we can make this prophet as good as dead. Locked up forever and silenced.

  • And because they are “mentally ill” and “defective” they will be given low priority as far as medical treatment goes. Along with the elderly.

    At least that’s what my brother reports from his home in Massachusetts. As far as the elderly goes. Though that usually includes the disabled.

    I am disabled. At first it was a GI issue and symptoms of an autoimmune disease. Now I am experiencing symptoms associated with conditions like MS. Pretty scary. And they’re the long term effects of psychiatric drugs. I have no doubt of that. Nor do I doubt that any doctor will deny this ugly truth.

    Makes me skeptical about this Covid 19 thing altogether, knowing that doctors lie whenever convenient. Could this be a ploy by Big Pharma to make billions with a vaccine with little real value? I am sure the disease is real, it’s very contagious, and kills people. But I also think the mortality rates are inflated. How much I have no idea.

    I recommend practicing social distancing as they advise. But, because of my experiences with the medical system, I am very skeptical of anything that receives this much publicity on television. Especially a lot of experts–in politics and showmanship more than medicine–spouting off SCIENCE STUFF.

    Dr. Fauci and other high ranking, celebrity shock docs have been found making faulty predictions of mortality rates–if not deliberately skewing the numbers. Incompetence at best.

    He also has made some stupid statements about how unless the infection rate from the virus falls to 0 we can not end the lockdown for anyone.

    Fauci claims we should all stay locked up for at least a year. Homelessness and starvation don’t exist in his Reality it seems. Finally his medical brethren and the Big Pharma messiahs will provide our salvation in vaccine form.

    Of course once the vaccine comes out, any infections or deaths from Covid 19 in the vaccinated won’t count. Just like all the times you catch the flu after getting vaccinated at work. Or get depressed on an SSRI.

    No vaccine is 100% effective. Especially regarding as far as viruses go. But that doesn’t matter because the AMA and Big Pharma will be Heroes and cash in on the illusion of security.

    Just like shrinks who claim to save the world from the mythical monsters they create.

    Actually fortune telling and sooth saying fall into the realm of mysticism. Not science. So beware of doctors giving numbers to hypothetical scenarios with high levels of assurance.

    Like the movie 101 Cloverfield Lane we have no choice but to trust those claiming to help us. For now.

    (And if you see the movie, you’ll know that while John Goodman is the bad guy there really is something out there. So please keep social distancing. And wash your hands.)

  • Hi Caroline.
    I am less lonely practicing social distancing than I was in certain situations. Like being surrounded by people who regard me as an ogre. AKA severely mentally ill.

    You can be very alone in a crowd.

    Psychiatry robbed my life of meaning too. Here’s a link to check out. Copy and paste if you can’t click.

    I want to read your book. Nobody in mainstream churches I have attended knows the truth about the “chemical imbalances” or how psychiatric drugs really work. Or even how they test you for a “severe mental illness.”

    People are being maimed, segregated,, forced to live in poverty and dying young. They could know–if they cared to. πŸ™

  • Guilt can lead to suicide too, Madmom.

    It’s either denial (I am actually helping them feel better, they aren’t fully human, they’re only fit for asylums anyhow) searing the conscience like the Big Baddies do (the kind who demonize their “mistakes” or victims on major media outlets), or succumb to guilt and have a breakdown. Or kill yourself. Maybe both.

  • Dr. Abram Hoffer cured “schizophrenics” with mega doses of B and C vitamins. Of course it wasn’t really “mental illness” they suffered from but a severe nutritional deficiency that caused hallucinations and other bizarre thoughts. Kind of like Pellagra.

    Dr. Hoffer should have come up with another word for it. But he actually helped people. Mom talked about taking me to his clinic in Canada back in the early nineties after my diagnosis. But it didn’t work out. Unbeknownst to us both, just going off the “meds” would have alleviated a lot of my problems. 20 20 hindsight. πŸ™

  • I can only speak for myself, but it wasn’t anything so grand or lofty for me.

    I sank under the weight of years of bullying and two periods of homelessness as a child. Got so depressed and anxious I sought help from a shrink as a friend suggested.

    Went on Anafranil for three weeks and snapped. Got put on a cocktail till I escaped after 22 years. Not sure I can ever quit grieving. The damage is real.

    Stories like those of Mad Mom’s daughter don’t cheer me up. (Nor should they.) But they remind me not to wallow in self pity. Many are worse off than I.

    Iatrogenic brain damage is the remedy. The only treatment Psychiatry offers. Its answer for everything.

  • Psychiatry helps people by ruining their jobs, relationships, and isolating them. Their treatments consist of branding the unhappy/lonely as hopelessly insane menaces to others. And now they push disabling drugs to keep them from functioning or looking normal for mainstream society. (Adds to the credibility of how inferior the Others are.)

    Somehow they think what harms themselves and the “normals” helps the “mentally ill.” πŸ˜›

  • They have ignored many inconvenient things. Like “consumers” dying 25 years prematurely. Diminished quality of life among those they “help” and brain damage proven to be caused by their treatments according to a member of the APA.

    They also refuse to listen when anyone complains that the seizures, depression, hallucinations or thoughts of violence didn’t start till after they got put on the magical pills handed out like office candy. I knew better than to ask my shrink for help.

    I ran away. And will do whatever it takes to keep away from the mental illness makers.

  • Body, soul and spirit. Mental and emotional are different sides to the soul.

    In claiming to help the body with (short term) emotional pain killers, psychiatry harms all of the above.

    Glad you are finding wellness, Laurel. I’m forty-six and struggling to heal my body after 26 years on drugs. 22 years were poly. Drug free for 2 and 1/2.

  • A lot more would get rid of those devices if the government (across the pond) actually threatened to track them. Chalk it up to Yankee paranoia. A lot of people are AFRAID to give up their guns because the first thought that comes to their heads is Government Take Over.

    A big fuss in the mid west. We are afraid of getting infected and dying. But we don’t automatically trust the feds either.

    Convincing others not involved in the psych system that the “Mentals” could be coming for them next–to take away their health, freedom, businesses, family–is way more hopeful than trying to reason with those in the psych system. Whose income depends on refusing to acknowledge the damage they do.

    A working title for a new dystopian series. Medocracy. “Don’t be afraid. We’re the Healers. We only want to help you.”

  • Yes. The problem I have with “Mad Pride” as a whole.

    I experienced a bizarre state once and lost track of reality–after being kept awake for 21 days straight by the drug Anafranil. That drug induced experience was used to define me by psychiatrists.

    But it does not. Nor should it. My success is “mental health’s” failure.

  • In America there have been 143,000 cases severe enough to be diagnosed. The asymptomatic do not count. 2,500 deaths out of those. If you have a calculator you can crunch the numbers.

    Italy is far worse. The worst as far as fatalities go. With 7% of recorded cases dying.

    Please read my comment below. I believe social distancing is a necessary evil after all. But with proper medical care the death rates can be kept very low.

    The idea is that with fewer cases there will be more medical resources for those who do get sick.

  • Yes. Silencing dissenters was what the USSR did.

    No one had any motive for silencing me. Unless you count not acknowledging that the psych drugs were responsible for turning my “neurosis” into full blown “psychosis” with hallucinations that terrified me.

    But they insisted that “they never have that effect on anyone” despite label warnings. Can’t have pill shaming after all.

    Still no belief in what I say. I’m very nervous around doctors because of this.