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  • Great work
    Just noting the same thing happening with Defund the Police
    where the goal is to divert funding from them murdering the “mentally ill”
    into the “mental health” scam to unjustly enrich what is essentially the same dam system
    People who understand the pig problem don’t get that “MH” is just another form of social control

    We’re fucked but its good to know some people can see the whole orgy

  • I agree, that in keeping with most of what he became famous for, Jordon’s position on Corporal Punishment for Children, is ill advised and not remotely “evidence based” for whatever that’s worth.

    Peterson pushed the serotonin chemical imbalance theory using lobster studies
    and supported psych drug use, proudly proclaiming his entire family was on SSRI drugs for decades

    Later having discovered they were actually suffering from autoimmune disease (like the vast majority of those wrongly accused of being “mentally ill”, they were cured by Dr. Paul Saladino’s all meat cure.

    Paul Saladino, Psychiatrist
    Diet and Mental Health carnivore nutrition
    @20:00 inflammation
    @24:00 People DIE when stopping beno’s
    @25:00 cause diabetes
    @31:00 depression, suicide related to diet
    @34:00 L-carnitine and depression
    @42:00 a lot of psychiatric is autoimmune being caused by plants/lectins
    @43:00 Jordon Peterson (continues to push serotonin when he claims to have cured himself with an all meat diet)
    @51:00 test for long term deficiencies Vit A, folate (liver egg yokes), biotin and copper/zinc (B-12 def) (selenium)

    Having found himself severely struggling with ‘paradoxical affects” of serotonin and/or neuroleptic malignant syndrome to near death (as I did) on these dangerous neurotoxins, is ironic.
    I look forward to seeing how Jordon spins himself out of the proverbial tangled webs he’s weaved.

  • The “mental health” industrial complex is perpetuating the greatest pseudo-medical fraud/crime against humanity in history of snake oil cons using unscientific DSM labels & neurotoxic drugs documented to alter the brains & hormones of masses until they are damaged and unable to reproduce.
    “MH” workers are essential to perpetuating the fraud and they just got a massive windfall of “customers”.

    Nero, fiddled while Rome burned.

  • Even when the facts are glaringly rooted in physical lifestyle problems such as sleep and nutrition, the label/psych fraud that the pseudo-sciences are, never ends.

    There is a mountain of evidence proving that that dietary/vitamin/lifestyle issues are biological problems that far too often (even when marketed as “holistic”) result in symptoms falsely commandeered under the guise of the “mental health” industrial complex to sell their services for profit and social control to the masses who have long since lost the ability to critically think.

    You can take the oil out of the equation
    but the snake itself remains
    (c)JMGayton April 27, 2020, MH/AB/CA

    Jay Watts is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist
    The mental health first aid programme is a pet project – if the NHS services were properly funded in the first place, it wouldn’t be needed
    Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is the big new thing in mental health. But does the reality live up to the hype? And why are so many people in the mental health community concerned that this benign looking programme may cause harm?
    developed in Australia and has now been expanded to 21 countries.
    a day or two course taught to recognise human distress as mental illness and then to provide mental health first aid.
    ALGEE model –
    1) Assess risk
    2) Listen non-judgmentally
    3) Give reassurance and information
    4) Encourage professional help
    5) Encourage informal support
    To date, 185,000 people have received training in the UK, almost two million internationally. MHFA courses are run regularly in companies, universities, for the armed forces, the police and even those in the construction industries. Schools are the next target, with the government ring fencing £200,000 to assure there is a one-day trained MHFA Champion in each and every state school.
    sold on its evidence-base, but this is far more problematic than the hype suggests.
    next to no evidence on whether these changes actually help people suffering from mental distress
    It is like training two million adults to help kids learn maths, being impressed when the adults report feeling more confident in teaching maths, but failing to see whether this actually helps the kids learn maths!
    predicated on the idea that further help is readily available with adequate signposting.
    Jeremy Hunt “we know early intervention massively increases the chances of making a good recovery” and that the “question of prevention” is “vital”.
    MHFA courses take certain beliefs about mental health problems as given truths. These include ideas such as that: depression, anxiety and schizophrenia are meaningful constructs with clearly identifiable symptoms backed up by scientific evidence and that it is the individual rather than the environment that they inhabit that needs to change. These ideas are fraught with controversy, with legions of patients having found their contact with psychiatric ideology damaging and traumatic.
    The “first aid” metaphor implies that a toolkit can be used to help wounded individuals with superficial injuries, at least temporarily, and that physical and mental health are equivalent. Yet the majority of mental anguish is inseparable from far deeper and wide ranging problems such as social fragmentation, trauma and discrimination. The idea of first aid serves to individualise and depoliticise mental distress at the expense of the very real changes in society that we need to foster a mental health friendly society.
    MHFA programme creates a new form of benevolent oppression, peppering everyday conversations with psychiatric discourse and producing a new breed of lay-diagnosticians ever watchful for signs of your mental illness, whether you like it or not.
    For how can informed consent remain a possibility if the psychiatric gaze is now ever present in the classroom, the university, the office, the supermarket? How can this be anything but a new form of social control and surveillance to police minds in the interests of neoliberal governance?
    Public health campaigns such as MHFA are no doubt well-intentioned. Elements of the programme are exciting, for example the emphasis on non-judgmental conversations, speaking about suicidal thoughts, and self-care. However, there is simply no need to package these into a framework which may cause more suffering than good. Bandages, after all, rarely stick.

  • Cows have four stomach’s; human’s have four bodies – NOT
    The last thing we need is more invented bodies and more imaginary ‘kinds of health”
    for more quackitioners to pretend to treat to earn a buck off

    The reason we’re in this endless cycle of eugenics based “mental health” mind grabbing genocides, is because the pseudo-sciences sold their failed theories, un-replicable hypothesis’s and religious superstitions to the world for a false sense of momentary comfort

    There are not 2 (or more) unique bodies or separate kinds of health
    There is one person, and one health
    There is only human health- full stop
    That which harms, harms the whole
    That which heals, heals the whole
    Physical health does not stop at some imaginary checkpoint or cut off valve between the body and the head, the mind and the spirit

    These ultimately irrelevant dichotomy’s & trichotomies are glaringly illogical
    Junk ideas that divide and severe humanity open the door to more lies used to control and manipulate the masses into blindly selling pieces of ourselves to someone else for their benefit
    to our collective detriment

    Broken ideas bred broken people
    Just as one cannot pray a divided prayer that their god protect their people
    by supporting the slaughter of other people
    healing, is indivisible

    All that which is whole and holy and as such, is healing
    exist as an all or nothing proposition
    Holism does not work in a piecemeal fashion that divides people, bodies and beliefs into bits and pieces
    A whole person does not think, see or act in terms of separation, division or false dichotomies
    Whole people see through and reject false ideology

    Only the whole truth will free us
    ©JMGayton AB/CA/4/6/20

  • “We do know what causes “mental illness”—environmental failure. That is, trauma, abuse, neglect and the like—exactly what the Power Threat Meaning framework points to.”

    What is “environmental failure”, the financially entrenched systemic fraud that affectively twisted “mental/emotional” symptoms of trauma (aka STRESS) and abuse into causal agents of “mental health problems?”

    ”if you’re not allowed to look at your family of origin, your childhood, your diet, your country’s economic reality, the ways you experience oppression, what you’re exposed to energetically, socially, physically, chemically, etc., you would have a hard time identifying why you’re depressed, too.”

    What imaginary forces are stopping anyone from personally looking at and addressing the above?

    The fear-based disease mongering “MH” system is simply opposed to people taking personal growth journeys without them controlling how they choose to do so.

    Imagine lying on your couch for a year of your life, tinkering about with your own formulation and eventually stumbling upon your “best guess” of why you feel like you do, only to then…what… start “treating” those feelings?

    Or is the process of formulation, itself the “treatment?”

    “Surely, the mental health advocates who claim diabetes is like depression aren’t meaning to say that depression is a lifestyle disease. That would be doing exactly the same thing that they are advocating against: blaming the victim.”

    Depression is in fact well documented to be caused by poor lifestyle choices.

    Stating that fact is not victim blaming, it’s called re-educating people who have been effectively brain washed by the very business entities that developed brain washing propaganda and consistently use it to widen the net of customers they ensnare.

    “But diabetics who “voluntarily” change their lifestyle don’t get worse because they start eating healthy, sleeping well and exercising (provided they don’t eat what they’re allergic to and their exercise regimen is appropriate for their level of health).”

    Diabetics who voluntarily exercise, change their diet, in fact get better when they do these things and so do “mental health patients”.

    The following can be found at Mercola. com
    How exercise treats depression
    • Research suggests exercise is a powerful tool for the prevention and management of depression, in part by normalizing insulin resistance

    Is Exercise the Best Drug for Depression?
    Research has shown again and again that patients who follow aerobic-exercise regimens see improvement in their depression — improvements comparable to that of those treated with medication. Exercise not only relieves depressive symptoms but also appears to prevent them from recurring.

    Study: 12 Percent of Depression Could Be Prevented With 1 Hour of Exercise a Week
    • In an 11-year study, people who engaged in regular leisure-time exercise for one hour a week were less likely to become depressed
    • Those who didn’t exercise were 44 percent more likely to become depressed compared to those who did so for at least one to two hours a week
    • Twelve percent of depression cases could be prevented by exercising at least one hour a week

    “if psychiatrist truly meant that when they say it, they would take into account each of their client’s physical, social and economic environment and realities when attempting to offer solutions, chemical or otherwise. On the whole, they don’t.”

    Psychology calls out psychiatry’s Medicalization of symptoms as if they are “mental diseases” while it vigorously Mentalizes symptoms as if they cause “mental health problems.”

    By design, both sides of the “MH” coin either completely ignore the human body, except when they conveniently use it to their advantage by claiming physical diseases cause psychological distress when in fact over 100 medical diseases come part and parcel with normal sequalae consistently misdiagnosed as “mental illness/problems”. Even when and after the underlying medical condition was properly treated and completely resolved as a result of proper medical treatment, people are left to suffer the fall out of having been associated with “MH” and are permanently tarred and feathered as a “mental patient.”

    The pseudo-p’s are the one’s who severed the human body into two separate and distinct “parts” and falsely declared that there are two separate kinds of “health”,
    one for the body
    and a separate health housed in the hypothetic construct they invented called the “mind”.

    The entire Sick Care system embraced the fraud because they all financially benefit from cross treatment/ referrals, etc.

    Medical Mimics and Psychiatric Pretenders are symptoms “mentalized” and misdiagnosed as “mental Illness/mental health problems.”

    For but one of countless examples:
    A very large number of medical conditions can cause psychosis

    Misdiagnosis remains medical malpractice and insurance fraud.

  • How the hell can psych drugs or any other form of “mental health” intervention AKA abuse address any bona fide medical conditions?

    It can’t. It can only worsen the underlying condition.

    Many more such as dehydration, lack of sleep, being in the toxic death trap called a hospital, being on a ventilator, Urinary tract infection, & adverse events to over 500 drugs are not even listed.

    Perpetuating myths and lies that depression, anxiety, psychosis being “mental illness” is CRIMINAL. Failure to include these facts, is disingenuous collusion, at best.

    • disorders causing delirium (toxic psychosis), in which consciousness is disturbed
    • neurodevelopmental disorders and chromosomal abnormalities, including velocardiofacial syndrome
    • neurodegenerative disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease,[34] dementia with Lewy bodies,[35] and Parkinson’s disease[36][37]
    • focal neurological disease, such as stroke, brain tumors,[38] multiple sclerosis,[37] and some forms of epilepsy
    • malignancy (typically via masses in the brain, paraneoplastic syndromes)[37]
    • infectious and postinfectious syndromes, including infections causing delirium, viral encephalitis, HIV/AIDS,[39] malaria,[40] syphilis[41]
    • endocrine disease, such as hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, Cushing’s syndrome, hypoparathyroidism and hyperparathyroidism;[42] sex hormones also affect psychotic symptoms and sometimes giving birth can provoke psychosis, termed postpartum psychosis[43]
    • inborn errors of metabolism, such as Succinic semialdehyde dehydrogenase deficiency, porphyria and metachromatic leukodystrophy[44][45][46][47]
    • nutritional deficiency, such as vitamin B12 deficiency[8]
    • other acquired metabolic disorders, including electrolyte disturbances such as hypocalcemia, hypernatremia,[48] hyponatremia,[49] hypokalemia,[50] hypomagnesemia,[51] hypermagnesemia,[52] hypercalcemia,[53] and hypophosphatemia,[54] but also hypoglycemia,[55] hypoxia, and failure of the liver or kidneys
    • autoimmune and related disorders, such as systemic lupus erythematosus (lupus, SLE), sarcoidosis, Hashimoto’s encephalopathy, anti-NMDA-receptor encephalitis, and non-celiac gluten sensitivity[44][56]
    • poisoning, by therapeutic drugs (see below), recreational drugs (see below), and a range of plants, fungi, metals, organic compounds, and a few animal toxins[19]
    • sleep disorders, such as in narcolepsy (in which REM sleep intrudes into wakefulness)[19]
    • parasitic diseases, such as neurocysticercosis

  • Well done Someone Else and boans, despite the fact that your necessary critiques merely scratched the surface of the contradictions, illogical fallacies and utter — in this article.

    I spent the last few hours ripping it apart and look at the Gates Foundation.

    There are no words for how dismal, misleading and troubling this article is.

    Outside the few honest articles, the point of reading MIA is completely lost on me.

  • With all due respect Steve, that is simply not accurate. Nor is it helpful or fair to the millions of people with bona fide diseases being misdiagnosed because the physical ailment they are suffering from comes part and parcel with -symptoms- that have been commandeered by the pseudo-sciences AKA BIG”MH” as evidence that they are “mentally ill”.

    The medical profession is widely aware of “Medical Mimics” which are well documented in the literature. They are complex and universal across bodily systems. Perhaps the term “Psychiatric Pretender” (which I -think- Kelly Brogan coined and uses limited examples of) is more helpful as a tool to understand this critical, but largely ignored phenomenon.

    We know that symptoms such as depression, anxiety and psychosis are not diseases in and of them selves. Simply put, they are responses to the lack of or excess of a trigger and the bodies innate intelligent warning system that something is out of balance that needs to change. Drugging them into submission cures nothing, creates imbalance and triggers the disease response.

    “MH” built a fraudulent industry on a host of false premises, all of which revolve around the illogical fallacy that thoughts and feelings (negative mental/emotional experiences) are treatable diseases. This is called fear mongering and disease mongering.

    They severed people into compartments in order to tic off boxes to point to some imaginary illness that justified the need for their services. They severed human being, thus the very concept of a whole person and human health into imaginary compartments, they invented a hypothetical social construct called the “mind”, declared it capable of getting sick and in so doing, managed to control the lives of everyone they can convince this to be true.

    It takes on average 7 years to get an accurate “medical” diagnosis. It is far faster, easier and more profitable for millions of sloppy, lazy GP’s to simply misdiagnosis anyone with any “SYMPTOM” that fits into the false category “mental/emotional” to be slapped with a DSM label to ensure reimbursement, and as a convenient means of practising defensive medicine, where in the event that they harm the patient, they can claim s/he is “mentally ill” thus calling their credibility and wellness into question to begin with.

    The fact that the body gets sick and dies does not under any circumstances lend credence to the overall “mental health” scam.
    It IS the scam.
    it further reveals the scam and it is the basis of unravelling the scam. Assuming that’s the goal.

    I follow the awakening on Twitter and people with a host of real diseases including Thyroid, Lyme, B-12 deficiency to name but a few, know they were misdiagnosed and are speaking out about it. Kelly Brogan and Paula Caplan’s address women (bulk of the victims) whose health issues are highly falsely pathologized as Psychiatric in nature. There is a long well documented history of medical abuse and discrimination against women as “mad”.

    I do see how at first blush; one might consider that acknowledging the fact that people can have symptoms MISDIAGNOSED as “MI” means the flip side might that “MI” might actually exist, could be valid and be used by unscrupulous quacktisioner to maintain and augment their income.

    Again, with all due respect, its an illogical fallacy (I’m not sure which one) that suggests that because A exits, B must exist. One reality does not automatically verify the other. The opposite of a fact does not magically manifest into existence because a fact exists. That, again, is the slight of hand.

    The fact that the human body gets sick and dies, and bona fide testable diseases exist stands alone as an undeniable fact.

    The fact that insidious, deeply engrained, lies, disinformation and mass fraud such as “MI” exists, stands alone as a fact.

    One is the truth, the other is a lie.

    The lie cannot disappear the truth (it can only be used to further confuse and con people to buy into and spin their lives around a false belief to fulfill a social agenda.)

    The truth does not validate the lie (it can and must be used to expose the extend of the harm of the lie.)

    ©JMGayton MH/AB/CA 2020
    Sorry this is so long

  • Having medicalized social problems as disease
    and fraudulently diagnosed symptoms of bona fide diseases (called Medical Mimics/ Psychiatric Pretenders) as “Mental illness’s”
    “MH” is not remotely addressing or able to address the Social Determinates of Health
    or correct the underlying root causes be they social/spiritual/medical.
    There simply are no Mental Illness’s to treat.
    Unless and until the DSM is exposed as the fraud it is in a Junk Science lawsuit
    death, disability, addiction, WD and discrimination for profit will continue.
    Unfortunately, the court profits just as much as the misnomered “MH” system defrauding people of their lives, does. As such no one is accountable for harm they cause others; they simply cry “mental illness” get a label & drugs for life.
    It’s a sick world

  • The passing of Bonnie Burstow is a devastating loss for many
    for Canada
    for this community
    Condolences to all who knew and loved her
    Condolences to a world in turmoil with so few true and fearless leaders
    May it be true that our spirits live on
    May Bonnie continue to guide and inspire us to speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth
    no matter what the cost
    May Bonnie’s real work, have just begun

  • Brilliant explanation of mass medical malpractice rampant in the criminal conduct of pseudo-medicine that is the backbone of the sick care industry
    why this generation is the first that will not outlive their parents
    why billions are wasted every year in theft and nothing is done to stop it
    why drs are the 3rd leading cause of death, behind only heart disease and cancer which Allopathic drugs also cause making dr’s the leading cause of death, disability, addiction, w/d and “MI” discrimination

  • The protocol for a “Drug Induced Adverse Event” is to remove the offending agent.

    Disease mongers unjustly enrich themselves by trapping people into the system as “mental patients”, customers for life by any means (symptom) necessary.

    The DSM (for the nothing that junk science is worth) repeatedly states that symptoms better explained by medical conditions – including a very long list of drug induced reactions) can NOT be used towards the criteria of a “Mental Illness”.

    It has been repeatedly exposed that the APA voted “mental illness” into existence. Diagnosing and treating symptoms relegated into the “mental/emotional” box that allowed BIG”MH” to develop a fraudulent “medical” business model, is legally documented as being unethical medical malpractice and insurance fraud.

    Symptoms including (depression, anxiety, psychosis, mania) are not diseases. Medical Mimics and Psychiatric Pretenders are symptoms that:
    have root causes in a 100+ bona fide medical diseases
    are documented to be caused by over 500 drugs
    and can be the result of numerous common experiences such as dehydration, lack of sleep, vitamin deficiencies, being on a ventilator, being in hospital -especially for seniors.

    Experiences, including those deemed spiritual and trauma are not “mental illnesses” or “madness”.

    Calling symptoms of an adverse drug event a “MI” fails to grasp the facts and is part of the proliferation of disinformation that harms the public. No one deserves to be labelled a “mental patient” because they had a bad reaction to smoking weed or for any other reason for that matter.

    The “Nutritional Psychiatry” scam is gaining ground. Even the “integrated” and alternative health care industry is on the “MI” band wagon earning a living for the masses who earn a living selling these services, this pushing these myths and lies to earn a buck. Nothing is out of bounds for the unscrupulous engineers of “pseudo-insanity”. The idea that someone could believe that a vitamin deficiency is a “mental illness” is absurd. The fact that so-called “medical professionals” are actually stating that as if it is a fact in public is evidence that there is no level to which they will not stoop or how gullible and incapable people are of logical thinking.

    Police Chief reports state that there are now more motor vehicle accidents caused by psych drugs than alcohol or other drugs.

  • With all due respect, I submit that per the law, the excuse fails.
    dr’s are trained to know, paid to know and have access to more information about law suits, drug recalls and harm about what the drugs they prescribe and earn a living off of than you and I will ever have.
    I was in a law suit against 2 shrinks and the list is massive
    Do not be fooled
    Yet they continue to turn a willful blind eye to the results of the unethical in vivo experiments they run on other human beings
    they have a legal duty of care not to harm, without informed consent, year after year and continue to claim they have no clue of the consequences, for which they are rarely if ever held legally accountable for.

    Its not rocket science that drugs harm people.
    Allopathic “medicine” by definition and design:
    cures NOTHING
    suppresses symptoms which are the bodies intelligent warning system that something is wrong and needs to change
    not be drugged underground
    causes imbalances in the body that if not mitigated trigger the disease response

    Most high school kids grasp the simple concepts of addiction, dependence & withdraw
    The excuses and willful blindness (Stockholm Syndrome) we use that (intentionally or inadvertently) support providers getting off the hook for the harm they cause, is in part, on us.

    We know the fate that will befall millions more, and as such, to act as if these poor, ill educated, duped drs can’t manage to discern the symptoms of vitamin deficiencies and are so ——- incompetent that they label those symptoms as brain diseases called “MI”, they simply do NOT under any circumstances deserve to practice “medicine” and should have their licences to quacktice removed. These con-artists are happy to label whoever they can get their hands on, in order to pocket a paycheck. This is NOT what decent, ethical, intelligent human beings in control of other people’s health, safety, lives and deaths do.

    Medical fraud/crime is rampant and the death/disease/addiction toll reflects that. The failure to hold “BIG MH” abusers accountable will continue to cost countless lives. Imprisoning them for crimes against humanity is what we should be seeking to do not making excuses for their real or feigned ignorance.

  • All providers AKA ‘dr’s practices defensive “medicine” & misdiagnoses millions under the DSM (without a shred of valid scientific/medical/legal evidence that these people are diseased) as a means of circumventing them from holding the industry accountable if/when it kills or disables them with ‘treatment”.

    One of the many critical points being obscured here, i that BIG “MENTAL HEALTH” is a means of social control and ALSO uses labels to discredit anyone who speaks out if their kids are removed into foster care or they are falsely imprisoned etc.
    Do not be so quick to assume maneuver is benign just because there is actual proof that people have vitamin deficiencies that are well documented to cause symptoms of depression, anxiety, sleep problems that are (duh) miraculously resolved when their “bodies” are provided with the basic building blocks of life giving nutrients they need to survive and which they would not even be alive without.

    “Nutritional Psychiatry” is the latest bid to appear harmless & helpul but is but another disingenuous bid to secure its share of the natural health & supplement industry.

    Its shocking that people actually buy into the notion that well documented medical squalea and symptoms of poor lifestyle, nutrition, can be twisted into “mental illness’s” that the mental health industry should be prescribing vitamins for. Are people really so incapable of mastering the most basic human skill of properly feeding themselves (taking supplements) without relying on a pseudo-professional to manage what they put in their own mouths? Could we be more lost?

    Vitamin deficiencies are vitamin deficiencies, not brain diseases labelled “mental illness’s”.
    Clearly there no end to new and improved “MH” scams & propaganda.

  • Sexualized and other violence against women & girls is a pandemic.

    Abused women are blamed 4 being abused because they’re “mentally ill”,
    drugged silent and punished by being labeled “MI”

    Men who abuse are not held accountable for their choice to abuse with the excuse that they’re “Mentally Ill”
    all without medical/legal evidence proving any “MI” even exists.

    (c)JMGayton 6/12/19 MH, AB, CA

  • Ex police investigator, Donald Best, exposed judges & lawyers who set him up and won a civil liberties prize for doing so.
    He’s currently working with 2 lawyers fighting the Law Society’s mass conflict of interest against the public whereby they protect their cohorts by “investigating” their wrong-doing against us and are rarely found guilty.
    There are lay people working on this as well. They have some political support and they do not plan to stop there.
    Its a start to unraveling the corruption/collusion between sick care and the legal system (the medical/legal cartel) we are all victims of.

    I’ll try to figure out how to get on the MIA forums.
    There are other things happening as well.
    We need absolutely need to find each other.

    Steve has my permission to give anyone my email as well.
    Thank you

  • I am in Canada and sued Sam
    Breggin was my expert
    They made sure I never got a fair trial or was even able to bring him in
    The irony of this is that Medical Malpractice suits are fought by experts
    In fact, you can NOT move past the first stages of a law suit, let alone conduct a MM trial WITHOUT an expert
    Despite this legal fact, which is only waived IF the issue is so plain and obvious that a jury could understand what happened without an expert explaining it , (IE: the dr cut off the wrong leg)
    1. I was forced under extreme duress,
    2. as a brain injury survivor,
    3. found incompetent by the top capacity assessor and the court to try my case without access to a lawyer- or my expert witness’s
    4. against every rule of court and I lost my case in 13 minutes for refusing to participate without counsel.

    That part of my case made the paper, was written about by legal professors and presented to the UN SR during her most recent visit to Canada
    No one assisted me with an appeal (the most important thing that can happen in the law) and I was in fact scammed out of my right to appeal by a Public Interest lawyer
    The system is broken beyond repair and exists to serve pharma and the “MH” industry
    Lawyers require a endless stream of victims to earn a living off of, which is why they rarely address or win anything that would actually change let alone challenge the status quo. It is failure by design, which med mal lawyers and academics have admitted to

    The medical/legal system works in sync to reinforce the lies that uphold medical fraud and ensure that nothing changes that would interfere with the systems ability to keep control of the One World (failed theory) Group Think.
    Our entire lives are medicalized for profit and evidence of that fact is overwhelming
    If the legal system was doing its job, the DSM would be litigated via a Junk Science law suit to assess its validity and it would fail
    Failing this happening, anyone and everyone can be accused of being “mentally ill” without a shred of credible evidence and harmed in innumerable ways to benefit the system at the risk of the health and safety of the public. No one is lifting a finger to challenge it as such and that -as a criminal lawyer would say- is suspicious:)
    Those who have drank the cool-aid are drunk and unable to think with any level of logic or clarity
    Attempting to communicate with the indoctrinated is a painful waste of energy that dredges up a lot of pain for victims, that they don’t possess the capacity to acknowledge, let alone care about

    If you r on twitter, I would like to find you
    I wish you the peace you are searching for

  • Truer words bcharris.

    The DSM has been repeatedly exposed but not yet tried in a court of law as Junk Science.

    Both new and old science are very clear that disease is caused by inflammation that is triggered both by stress (so this does dismiss of social trauma theory but lends it credibility) and diet.

    The false dichotomy invented to sell mental health has quite remarkably managed to con-vince people that there are 2 separate kinds of health in one human being; one for the head another for the body. Its great for business, but bad for humanity.

    There is a list of over 200 bona fide diseases (primarily autoimmune) called “medical mimics” & (psychiatric pretenders-Brogan) as well as some 200 drugs whose normal sequalea, symptoms are misdiagnosed as “MI”

    We know that improper diet is killing people and increasing see evidence that vegetarian/vegan diets cause numerous health conditions. Food is highly politicized & propagandized and the easiest way to control people’s health- hence mass intentional poverty. Food is life & health – period.

    The fact that people are being conned, labelled as mental patients, drugged & trapped in this toxic system- many for life, because they are suffering from vitamin deficiencies, inflammation from improper diet and chronic stress so an industry can earn a living off their ignorance is a “medical” tragedy and a crime against humanity.

    @19 “depression” is stress …change diet & suicide dissolves
    23 Ppl DIE stopping benzo’s
    42 Psychiatric is autoimmune caused by plants
    43 Jordon Peterson cured w all meat diet but still pushes serotonin lie

  • The partial list of agents above, well documented to cause the experience called psychosis, are real human reactions to adverse effects on the human body (that happens to come part and parcel with a brain) and has nothing to do with “labels” so I’m not sure where you’re going with that, assuming your responding to me.

    I agree, like any elitist person or group (influencer) pushing MH propaganda, the Royal families campaigns are seriously problematic. Privilege often, but not always protects them from the death, disability and discrimination that the average test subject is at risk of.

    Respectfully, what’s harmful about your “perspective, belief” whatever you want to label it, is that medical malpractice and fraud, remains medical malpractice and fraud no matter how comfortable the so labeled person happens to be with the deception. And although pervasive, pseudo-science has no ethical place is so called health care.

    Unlike yourself, a great many others really do care what you label it, (them) because we personally don’t enjoy being conned, coerced, forced, harassed, drugged, injured, tortured and humiliated by false & historically discriminatory labels (no matter what guise it masquerades as, for any reason)

  • This is ground zero of the pandemic.
    The problem is that very few people/organizations are willing to stop using the bogus terms mental health/illness, depression etc; even when they admit they are fallacy’s.
    As such, they inadvertently support the propaganda and fraud that has almost completely brain washed the public, begging for more money to support mental health on parity with health care – also a misnomer.
    Sick care is killing us and anyone who missed that, is asleep or in a coma.
    Its difficult to un-drink the cool-aid.
    I have attempted to discuss this with several lawyers – otherwise intelligent, typically highly skeptical people, trained to seek evidence before opining on something so fundamental life altering as slapping a stigmatizing, stereotypical, discriminatory, historically damaging & potentially deadly words on living breathing human beings. Yet they are, as a group, willfully blind in their ignorance & complicity and whole heartily joined the ever growing one world failed theory to add their voices to the collective begging to be included as “invisibly disabled” professional, with yup — chemically imbalanced brains suffering from mental diseases.
    Do lawyers have a duty of care to discover, know and tell the truth and to use that evidence to protect the healthy and safety of humanity? Apparently not anymore than lying drs’ do. They’re too busy protecting the massive systemic risk to the medical/legal system that literally revolves around and profits from the use of DSM junk science to justify labeling millions, medically kidnapping kids, imprisoning the masses …while strategically choosing who will/will not be held accountable because some crimes (rape, violence) are socially sanctioned because they play a vital social role in keeping women impoverished and yep… mentally ill because someone else chose to harm them.
    The world is unjust by design and that alone is a crime against humanity. Words are the primary tools we use to shape shift reality to do our bidding, regardless of and in the absence of the truth. And in between the stages of learning and knowing fact from fiction, no one, no one should ever be held accountable to suffer the costs, losses and hardships inherent in being falsely, fraudulently labeled as a mental patient without medical/legal evidence proving the same. Doing so is against every universal and man-made law claimed to protect us from the very situation we find ourselves victims- yes victims of. No one, no one should ever be held accountable to the specious pseudo-science smearing people in any kind of crisis, as if they were mentally deranged without proof, most especially NOT in a court of law.
    The terms MH/MI are as discriminatory and abusive as any derogatory slur ever uttered – even if and even when they claim not to be intended to do so, perceptively because intention is NOT a required to be guilty of discrimination- only the affect on the discriminated party matters.
    There is no cut off valve between the body and the head. There is but ONE being and but ONE health – human health.
    Stop the lies, tell the truth, change the world.
    Its as simple as saying… “the symptoms diagnosed or labeled as mental illness.”
    If you don’t or won’t, its only a matter of time before people who know better will start wondering why you won’t and more so, what benefits you gain from refusing to do so.
    I for one wonder.

  • Bippyone

    Problem with PNR is it could exasperate W/D as it is well documented that starting, stopping, increasing, decreasing, adding or removing another p-drug or Allopathic toxin can increase likelihood of an adverse drug event. Given this, as Breggin states, the best choice is to never take these drugs to begin with.

    The entire medical model of labeling symptoms as attacks of “MI” diseases is deeply unethical & problematic on so many levels, specifically because defaulting to such silliness, fails to discover the root cause of the “attack”, experience, response, reaction etc. Or to ask and answer, what is causing this in the first place.

    Sillier still is that its illegal medical malpractice & insurance fraud to misdiagnose and mistreat people.

    The literature is overwhelmingly clear that vitamin deficiencies and a HOST of other common occurrences including exposure to toxins, prolonged dis/stress triggers inflammation that causes disease. It is those symptoms (which are the normal sequalea of bona fide disease, deficiencies or reactions to other stimulus) that are stupidly labeled “MI” that trap Med Mal victim in the system to be experimented on at whim.

    The only thing that could be more disgusting than targeting SYMPTOMS exhibited by anyone with a pulse, is if the MH system openly admitted that they were openly targeting Jews, Poles, Ukrainians, Soviet Slavs, POWs, Romani, PWD, Gays & Lesbians Political dissents,Leftists and Enemy nationals.
    The slight of hand with which they conduct the current genocides is so much more covert and deceiving.

    Run Bambi, run….

  • Love this. Thank you

    Poet and philosopher David Whyte on anger, forgiveness, and what maturity really means
    ANGER is the deepest form of compassion, for another, for the world, for the self, for a life, for the body, for a family and for all our ideals, all vulnerable and all, possibly about to be hurt. Stripped of physical imprisonment and violent reaction, anger is the purest form of care, the internal living flame of anger always illuminates what we belong to, what we wish to protect and what we are willing to hazard ourselves for.

  • Thank you for this.
    Some other resources

    dangers of psych meds and their contribution to the veteran suicide epidemic

    ISEPP International Society for Ethical Psychology & Psychiatry

    Dr. Chuck Ruby-  retired U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel with 20 years of military service as a criminal, counterintelligence, and counterespionage special agent and investigative psychologist in many capacities across the globe.
    War fighter Advanced

    Dr. Peter Breggin
    US Congressional hearing on these neurotoxic drugs and vets who sustained brain injury in IUD’s

    Colonel Bart Billings, Psychologist—Help our Veterans, Don’t Label & Drug Them
    who spoke out about drugging vets for (c)PTS (that is not a brain disease called “mental illness” and what to do to successfully re-intergate vets back without drugs

    A Call to Prosecute Drug Company Fraud As Organized Crime

    Deadly medicines and organised crime
    How big pharma has corrupted healthcare

  • In terms of the lack of validity of the testing brought up here, a recent Ontario, Canada legal case won on the MotherRisk test being proven to cause false positives resulting in children being put into foster care.
    There is current , final solution, in the Canadian legal system by an outspoken “mental health” advocate, who ironically, is senior crown counsel at the Serious Fraud Office of the Ministry of the Attorney General to encourage the Law Society of Ontario, Convocation,  and all willing justice sector participants, to forge partnerships committed to improving the mental health of the legal profession, including lawyers, students, and paralegals. The LSO is also well suited, through strategic partnerships, to address the mental health of the broader justice community, including, judges, prosecutors, first responders, jurors, self-represented litigants, and vulnerable members of society engaged in the justice system.
    The ATSSC provides support services and facilities to 11 federal administrative tribunals through a single, integrated organization, including the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, with a budget of approximately $100 million.
    If allowed to be further entrenched into the law without challenge, there will be no way to roll it back.
    The lack of validity of the DSM opens the door to conducting:
    1. a junk science litigation case asking the court to stop the specious labeling of millions of people.
    2. a public debate and transparency about the true nature of the diagnosis and treatments
    3. to enforce strict legal informed consent forms to be signed prior to dx and treatment
    4. to investigate any financial conflict of interests they may have with the pharmaceutical and “MH” industry that works hand in glove with the legal industry
    5. to ascertain if the confidentially he is seeking for lawyers with “MH” problems is different from level of “privacy” that the public ‘enjoys”
    7. using the example of ADHD, Breggin argued that the public has the right to know their lawyer will be forgetful, unorganized etc and put their case/future at risk.
    8. and potentially question if the fact that 75% of young drs on psych drugs, put the public health & safety at risk.

  • I accept none of these pathetic money making schemes these Charlatans stoop to in order to earn a living off of other peoples ignorance.
    I do however remain ethically concerned about the lies, disinformation, myths, stereotyping and discrimination that naive people are trapped into living and in turn spewing about the planet. The stink of this stupidity harms us all not. There is nothing IMO, more tragic than living a life of lies.
    Its only as simplistic as raising a finger, if you choose to disengage and that’s not where I’m at.
    These lies disabled me and almost cost me my life and I’ve watched way too many people die and kill themselves and I’m not OK with that.
    The day people pushing this fraud start going to prison where they belong, is the day that the finger and a smile will suffice for me. Until then, I’ll keep presenting logical intelligent alternatives to why some artist might experience symptoms of forbidden human distress.
    Sorry if this sounds terse, shitty day:))

  • The entire media is saturated with blind acceptance to the fraud.
    On the popular reality show Bachelor in Paradise, D says about a crying AL, “gramma’s off her meds.” In one foul swoop she discriminates against seniors (ageism) and the “MI” and no one in production understands this as the vile act it is.
    It stink of psychiatry has permeated the entire culture. Mass torts against the junk science are critical in breaking the mass hypnosis of the lies that most people live their entire lives under the spell of.
    Discrimination against people accused (with no evidence) and found guilty of being “MI”, is no different a crime than the hate messages that were/are used to inspire any other genocide or act of eugenics against any other group of people. This one is just more subtle and doesn’t use lions, or fire, to torture its victims (it uses drugs and ECT.) On the surface it is seemingly plausible because it is spewed by “credible professionals”.
    As of this week, Harvard continues to push the “chemical imbalance” myth. All these garbage Allopathic “medical” institutions underwrite their lies using HonorCode – verifying that the information therein is true! This is a law suit waiting for ethical lawyers to address.
    Too bad, they earn a living supporting the lies.

  • Agreed, Kindered Spirit.

    Anger is the ability to FEEL the righteous fire of watching innocent victims be demonized, tortured, disabled, excluded and murdered by the DSM and the handmaidens willing to dole out the social prejudiced that has been othering people since the beginning of time.

    The purpose of labels and treatments is to ensure no one is able to ‘FEEL’ the anger that would allow them to react appropriately. The powers that be fear and demonize “FEELINGS” and those who might dare to be in touch with their deepest humanity. That is what is currently being

    Other twists are:
    the misinformed public “blaming ” those harming us vrs the social responsibility to hold guilty parties “accountable” for that harm.
    that “conflict” is “violence” vrs conflict as a normal inevitable part of human struggle to be heard, understood and safe.

    As long as we hide behind moderators and the illusion of “safe space” where free speech is basterdized and silenced and in particular that outright lie and perpetuation that the DSM or ICD is in any way shape or form valid, vrs the crime against humanity it is, nothing will ever change.

    That’s exactly the way they want it and exactly the way it is.

    Just noting that because no one ever escapes a “MI” dx, that if 20% of the population is newly labeled every year, 20% of the population being “MI” does not, in any respect, reflect the real numbers.

    I have absolutely NO math skills but if 20% of the population is falsely accused without a shred of evidence of having a brain disease every year and no one is ever able to challenge the junk science and have this fraudulent label REMOVED, then it would only take 5 years to have labeled the entire population.

    20% X 5 = 100 and POOF by the slight of hand of the criminal enterprise called “medicine”, everyone is bat shit “crazy”. Great business model, if your a sociopath.

  • …one…[“BP”] participant stated: “I do feel it should have something about creativity in it because I think that [it is] an important aspect of mania.”

    OMG! It’s not enough that the insanity factory profits off falsely positioning creativity (the hallmark of what it means to be human) as correlated with “mania”, but the example CHOSEN here is one that continues to support rather than dispel of this ugly age old myth. This is the perpetuation of the very discrimination one would have hoped this study was debunking but all it really exposes is how deep this ridiculous myth is ingrained in the unthinking public consciousness.

    This is, in fact nothing BUT a stereotype against artist as a group historically discriminated against- this is an example of DISCRIMINATION.

    Way too many artists, struggle to find a place in the financially driven economy.
    The myths,memes and con job shrinks use to lure financially insecure artists include carrots like, “you’re in good company with other genius’s.

    Creativity is NOT a disease!

    As a prolific artist, inventor and writer who has spent my life around gifted people, I have NEVER had or witnessed a “manic” episode by another human being.

    No other skill set or profession is so easily lead to agree that their work is the bi-product of some mis- attributed symptom of “MI”. It is beyond insulting and it has got to stop. The time, effort and learning that goes into perfecting ones skills is belittled and rendered a joke by these labels.

    My investigation into artist labeled “mentally ill” points to the most likely culprit of any so called symptoms of “MI” being caused by toxic materials that were poisoning them. This phenomenon continues to be prevalent to this day as mos materials we use are toxic and must be used with know how and care. And the fact that it is difficult to earn a living off of the skills we labour to share with a world that either completely over values or completely under values our contributions.

    Artists need to wake up and stop throwing others under the bus with their attempts to lump us all into this ugly group that they themselves have tragically (out of ignorance) bought into. These individuals may well have personal problems, but painting all artists with the “crazy” brush is flat out discrimination. Own your sh– but do NOT smear it on me or anyone else with the brains, spirit and ingenuity to boldly create and envision novel ways of looking and seeing the world.

    I want to see what the other labeled “BP”s had to say about “creativity” as some kind of disease. This is the most insulting, ill thought out damaging and dangerous idea imaginable.
    It literally makes me want to vomit, scream and file a much needed law suit.

    ©JMG 8/12/19 MH, AB, CA

  • Williams is running for US Presidency.
    This video of her and Anderson Cooper, is hard to watch. Williams makes a distinction between “NORMAL HUMAN EXPERIENCE” vrs what the mainstream labels “mental illness”.
    Cooper insists people taking drugs for depression are trying to feel, not blunting.

    Marianne Williamson vs. Anderson Cooper on Depression: “There’s Value Sometimes In Feeling The Sadness

    Dr. Helen Fisher, author of “Why We Love,” describes the impacts of antidepressants on the brain systems associated with romance and attachment.

  • Horrific! While its good that shrinks might actually glean some insight into how toxic they are to the social structure itself…
    1. The SDOH reveal that access to sick care is very low on the list of factors that create health.
    2. In fact “Allopathic “medicine” is a social scourge. By definition and design, it cures NOTHING, suppresses symptoms that are the bodies necessary feedback system, creates imbalances in the body, (inflammation caused by stress -including trauma- and triggers disease.)
    3. Drs are the 3rd leading cause of death in the US, behind cancer and heart disease, which their toxic drugs also cause, making them the leading cause of death.
    4. It takes on average 7 years for a quack to dx a disease, meanwhile, everyone is at risk of being mis-labeled and used as fodder for the system to feed itself.
    5. Good luck suing them when they injure or kill your loved ones with their mass sanctioned in vivo experimentation.
    6. This is the first generation that will not live as long as their parents.
    7. Dr’s, who are constantly whining that their too busy to do their jobs (handing out drugs) are already “social prescribing” exercise, and writing referrals for appointments to housing & food banks – the things that actually create health, which include access to decent food, stable housing, education and employment.
    8. There are already people trained to do these jobs including sociologists, counselors and others also indoctrinated to do psychiatry’s bidding (conning people into buying the fraudulent lie that “MH” is separate and distinct from Human Health and can be ‘treated” as if it was a separate entity.
    9. This false dichotomy -the medical model of “MH”- is simply a business model designed to profit off of the mass poverty and ignored social harming people’s health including socially sanctioned sexualized violence, mass poverty and substandard food and “medicine”.
    10. The ENTIRE system is already goose stepping in line with the “mental health/illness” agenda. If and when it isn’t, it is in conflict with and the enemy of the propaganda machine that has already successfully brain washed and drugged 20 to 25% of the population.
    11. All this will accomplish is that the funding that should go directly into building communities that don’t make people sick, will make the wealthy 1% even richer for scratching out an actual ‘prescription’ directing people to take personal responsibility for themselves (to the best of their ability given the limited resources bring withheld from them.)
    12. The initial focus of A Disorder For Everyone was to expose/inform that a vast majority of people in the “MH” system had histories of CSA and other trauma and were being misdiagnosis-ed and mistreated as if they were “MI”.
    13. Stats show that 50-80% of persons in and out of psych wards, prison and living on the streets had a history of dx’ed and un-dx’ed brain injury (concussions.) Psych drugs are contraindicated and unapproved for use in this vulnerable population because they have been know to cause brain injury for 40 years.
    14. Yet very few professionals ever speak to this fact (besides Breggin and ISEPP, War fighters Advanced) because it deflects from their focus on education about trauma (a critical and important advance.)

    I posted the link below on Twitter hoping Terry Lynch would debate Jordon Peterson who widely disseminates the failed serotonin imbalance theory and psych drugs for depression because …you can always stop taking them if they don’t work…across the net to millions. Terry warned him to stop if that is what he was doing (and he is) but it never went further than that.

    Ironically Peterson, who has an autoimmune disease, which is well documented to be a common “medical mimic or (psychiatric pretender” – Brogan) defined as a bona fide diseases, whose SYMPTOMS are misdiagnosed as “MI”, has cured himself with an all meat diet. This and yet he continues to push the chemical imbalance myth and psych drugs to the naive public.

    …a lot of psychiatric illness is autoimmune in nature and that a big part of improving that in the future is going to be treating people from that perspective, in a very holistic way.”- Psychiatrist Paul Saladino

  • Unless and until these pharma handmaidens are held accountable for their complicity in the fraud and stop hiding behind their ignorance and indoctrination into the thought cult, business as usual will continue. The fact that they are willing to do this to the children in their care, speaks volumes.
    Considering the very real risks to parents who attempt to protect their kids from this cartel, it is possible that ‘teachers” are under some threat as well.
    See: Medically Kidnapped.

  • Here here.
    The only statement that remotely alluded to the primary motivation for continuing the charade,
    by asking the question QUE BONO- WHO BENEFITS?
    is…” increased dependence on health services.”
    Unless and until the whole truth is, the lies that obscure real change will continue.
    The entire system is self-protecting and by design, ensures that this abuse of the public health and safety will continue business as usual because they are rarely if ever held accountable and harm KNOWING they are doing so with absolute impunity.
    The 1% will continue to unjustly enrich themselves off of fraudulent disinformation about the root causes
    of mis-normered “mental health” and mis-momered “anti-depressants” because no one is stopping them from doing so. The endless sea of non-nonsensical lies will flourish.
    Fraud is a crime; but who gives a dam.

  • I read the article. It doesn’t resonate with me as an unashamed pill-shamer.
    Psych drugs differ little from street drugs.
    Reminding people that they may die, become disabled, are making bad choices, can choose differently, are self-harming and causing long term damage can be vitally important to their awareness and recovery and is never frowned on when dealing with other drugs. Suggesting that the same tools are not transferable to psych drugs, smacks of continuing to hide the hidden.

    Putting psych drug users (who absolutely fuel the problem) in a different category than street drug user is disingenuous. It ignores that Allopathic medicine is inherently garbage and the misnomer ‘medicine” is a sorry euphemism that obscures how pervasive misdirection and ignorance is, in perpetuate the problem.

    I’ve never met a drug addict I’d want anywhere near my life. Drugs are drugs and drug addicts are drug addicts.

    Maybe if we ever get clear about the facts and are allowed the freedom to speak to those truths, drug users would be able to examine the reasoning for their choices more fully and honestly.

    Any conversation about drug use that omits the fraud of “MI”, chemical imbalances and the host of other lies upholding the drug lies, is just another lie.

  • As a brain injury survivor, I find this article deeply disturbing.
    Because most blows are to the head and face, abused women sustain more brain injuries than NFL football players, yet there are no class action law suits or brain banks investigating the CTE and debilitating life long injuries we sustain. In fact most women have NO access into court to address the torts against us that the accused criminals who destroy our lives enjoy.
    Assuming ER “drs” bother to dx our head trauma, what typically happens is that women and children fleeing abuse are tossed into the shelter system that by design is part of the toxic “mental health” system. Against the CPA recommendations and standards of practice for “family violence” victims of abuse are typically labeled and shelters are little more than drug dispensing factories dolling out drugs to ensure abuse victims never think or feel anything about what happened to them, but that they silently goose step in line and become fodder for shrinks and counselors who earn a living off the 1 in 3 abused women stupid enough to think the system is here to help them.
    Further to that 50 to 80% of all homeless persons, those in and out of psych wards and in and out of prison, have histories of diagnosed and un-diagnosed head injuries.
    Even neurologists and others who SHOULD KNOW better, are fraudulently diagnosing the NORMAL sequelae
    (symptoms and progression of brain injury) as if they were SPECIOUS “Mental illness” in order to justify drugging vulnerable survivors with psych drugs known for over 40 years to CAUSE Brain injury. This is sheer stupidity, across the board medical malpractice and blatant insurance fraud.
    Brain injury is NOT an event, its a PROCESS wherein damage can occur for up to 2 years.
    The ignorance is so astounding, it’s no wonder we are being experimented on, profited off of, killed and self death at such high rates.

  • Well said Kinderspirit.
    Both positions continue to omit/obscure the lie that “mental health/illness” is an illusion to begin with and as such the rights based approach to supporting medical mythology, is nothing more than a different color of lipstick on the same pig.

    Indeed Steve, the flogging will continue (denial of access to the SDOH that create real human health) until acceptance of the lies and abuses improves.

  • Fantastic!
    I was unaware that you have acted as an expert witness Lee. That’s great.
    I’ll get your links out to people on FB and twitter to people who are more active and see what happens. Unless and until we get the DSM into a “junk science” litigation, nothing is going to change. Very few people actively engaged in real systemic legal change against the fraud and crimes of psychiatry.
    Are you in touch with Paula Caplan, Lee? She has drafted a law suit and has been trying to get a congressional hearing underway for some years. – Lawsuits 

  • The disinformation, misdiagnosis and mistreatment will never end as long as the misnomers and lies that the entities called “MH/MI” continue.

    What needs to happen for the torture, death, disability and addiction to end, is for ethical people to debunk the notion that “mental health & mental illness” are factual entities as opposed to frauds. This can easily be accomplished simply by using quotes around the “MH/MI” lie or prefacing articles/talks by stating the fact that “the symptoms erroneously labeled “MI”…

    Half a truth, is still a lie. It time to ask and answer the question, what the hell is really going on here that so many people to continue to spread these lies as if they were true?

    The very term “mental disease” is nonsensical, a semantical mistake. The 2 words cannot go together except metaphorically; you can no more have a mental “disease” than you can have a purple idea or a wize space. Semantically, there can no more be a “mental illness” than there can be a “moral illness’. The words “mental” and “illness” do not go together logically. Mental “illness” does not exist and neither does mental “health”. These terms indicate only approval or disapproval of some aspect of a person’s mentality (thinking, emotions or behavior.)
    Edwin Fuller Torrey

  • May be of interest to you.
    Bartonella and sudden-onset adolescent schizophrenia
    Bartonella and sudden-onset adolescent schizophrenia
    evidence that infection can mimic chronic illnesses & mental illness
    questions how infection linked 2 psychiatric disorders
    role in Alzheimer’s viral/bacterial infections in diseases

  • WOW!
    I will never forget the day you explained some of this to me on the phone Sara and my whole body was resonating with it as the truth.
    I instinctively knew it then and absolutely understand now (sans some of the complexities that require further unpacking for me to connect all the dots – but that make sense nonetheless.)
    It is basic biology, it is largely in our control and manageable and once we grasp it, it frees us.
    Adding ‘free” to the F’s seems appropriate in that after we’ve come full circle through the ringer of life, dispelling with the “mysterious unknowns” of theories that make no sense because they, omit, divorce and dismiss the human body as irrelevant, when it is the very environment where we live out every experience that makes up LIFE, are anti-life… pieces of this and that, that lack a coherent, holistic, comprehensive reality that includes and see and treats ‘us” as living breathing, entities who are attacked by virus’s and pollutants, who break bones and tear skin, and struggle to comprehend the incessant stupidity and cruelty of others, and moment to moment shift our weight to achieve the comfort of peace in our skin.
    This is part of the missing link- a BIG part, the genesis, the starting point from which we can wipe the dirty slate clean and see with fresh eyes why some people’s version of help, couldn’t possible be true simply because it is harmful to so many. What is broken here is those flimsy, disconnected inhumane, for our own good theories. May they rest in peace.
    I love it. Thank you for all you have done to clear the way.

  • In the years I have closely followed this, this is the first time any obviously conflicts of interest or legitimate concerns have been admitted to. When I attempted to critique the same- I was basically told to shut up and be happy and not be “negative”. This is a huge step forward.
    Since Puras’s monumental life changing (not) statement came out, the response I witness’s across social media is that (the minimal, not remotely specific enough statements he made, created a complacent lull in activists who by and large simply, uncritically, breathed a collective sigh of relief and seemed to assume that the problem would now somehow miraculously solve itself because the ‘chemical imbalance v power imbalance” statement was finally uttered.
    I go back to the fact that the Genesis of the problem (that remains largely a taboo topic outside this forum) which is that the unscientific myths about “mental health and mental illness”s that justify and perpetuate the downstream abuse claiming to be eliminated via the CRPD, IS NOT remotely being dismantlement as the ground zero causal factor keeping the entire system in power and in play.
    We have all the pieces of the puzzle but there is a clear and obvious failure to make a cohesive unified expose of the entire scam. We seem to only be comfortable with and willing to address small pieces of the problem and fiddle as Rome continues to burn.
    Clearly it is not in Puras’s or his cohorts interest to address the criminality or fraud of the “MH/MI” system. But without the obvious being stated by someone like Tina who has an insider front row seat, a lot of facts (that we already have at our fingertips) continued to be easily obscured and only bits and pieces of the problem are being tackled, in isolated silo’s. Systems thinkers know that this is an ineffective problem solving strategy.
    There was no guidance or plan for people not active in UN forums (that I have seen) that is instructive to lay people (v seasoned vets) about how to interpret, understand and take next steps to help continue moving the needle forward from a multitude of angles -under a unified umbrella- with a common understanding of all the factors that are currently blocking progress.
    Tina is also offering her course on the CRPD again, which is great news. Surely the details will be posted here for anyone who wants to learn more.
    I am really happy to see this conversation and thank the writers, Tina and Oldhead for ensuring that this line of inquiry was followed up on.

  • I was happy to see the writers made the effort to consult with legal counsel and informed readers that even though the standard of care is what a “reasonably prudent” practitioner in the same or similar field would do, it is not defined by what the majority of physicians do – because it is possible for an entire field to be negligent. And this one IS.
    This common misinformation was stated as a fact in the MIA course on Informed Consent this week, which really upset me because it is stops people who were severely injured from even considering suing. I have even heard lawyers misinform potential clients about the standards of care.
    Having sued 2 shrinks for almost killing me 4 times in 3 months, I attempted to correct it as I often find myself trying to do.
    The information cited above appears to be a quote from a Wikipedia article entitled Negligence Per Say, as opposed to Judges rulings from case law. None the less, it is important and it is the ONLY time I have ever seen anyone remotely address the issue.
    In the MIA course, I suggested that a one page primer on legal facts that dispel common misinformation being perpetuated across social media would be beneficial.
    Even if people do not sue at least they will not be functioning under the illusion that just because monkey see, monkey do, does not mean the monkey’s are not legally liable, that they did not do anything wrong or that they are safe and will never find themselves in class action law suits and prison, the same way drs who caused the Opioid crisis have.
    It is only a matter of time before they do and clearing up this kind of misinformation is an important step in ensuring that happens.
    Thank you Paul, Lyndsey and Anderson for this solid article.

  • Vastly overstated!

    The CRPD drops the bat at the starting gate in that it utterly fails to consider and in fact skirt around the fact that the concept of “mental illness” itself is baseless and as such treating and mistreating human beings in distress under the dis-proven guise that they are suffering from a brain disease no one can provide a shred of credible scientific medical evidence even exists, is legal fraud. Its a criminal act and anyone obscuring it, is engaged in a criminal act.

    As such to state (as many people in the movement are currently doing) that as long as someone is fully informed that there is no science or evidence that “mental illness” exists, or that the symptoms they are experiencing means they are “MI”, then it is OK for them to risk their health and life treating symptoms whose root causes have NOT yet been uncovered, with harmful drugs and agree to be a “mental patient” for life to unjustly enrich a bunch of quacks masquerading in white coats. There is no end to how much is WRONG with this position. It is beyond ludicrous to the point of absurdity.

    Legal consent CANNOT be garnered via fraud or misinformation. But even IF the whole truth, that it is all a lie was understood and accepted, the fact remains that by law, no one cannot consent to a crime.
    In no other branch of so called “medicine” would ethical human beings KNOWINGLY agree to collectively PRETEND that people have cancer they don’t have and subject them to chemo and radiation using the justification that they know they don’t have cancer, but they want chemo and who is anyone else to interfere with their right to freedom of thought and belief? Honestly, this is what the argument has devolved into.

    I choose to believe I am “mentally ill” without evidence and I agree to risk my life ingest poison because I have a right to do so. WTF? That IS the “rights” based bullshit that is being passed off as legitimate argument by pillars in the movement.

    This laza faire attitude and twisting of rights, is NOT helping humanity, but is seriously harming and further hindering society from challenging and exposing the junk science of the DSM in a court of law and putting an end to the legal fraud once and for all. It is perpetuating the mass harm and will ensure that millions of naive people will be victims because they choose to support the bogus notion that the “right” to act as if medical lies were legitimate choices makes sense. It DOESN’T.

    Because no one can be proven to be “MI”, people are in fact being falsely accused of lacking “MH” or being “MI”. ‘MH” fraud is NOT a medical problem; its a legal problem and as such it must be dealt with in a court of law. Further the same test and level of evidence that is required for any other person being accused of acting in a manner that could result in them being locked up, lose their credibility, job, children, freedom, health and life without a shred of credible evidence. The state and state actors (dr’s) should be legally required to prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” that someone is mentally deranged owing to a brain disease called “MI”. Anything less remains what it already is, medical malpractice and insurance fraud.

    Somewhere along the line, a whole lot of other wise intelligent people are engaged in some totally underhanded excuse making, shallow thinking, obfuscation and self interested justification in stating that its OK to play along with a mass medical fraud, rooted in eugenics, based in social judgment and control as if it was ethical in the face of the evidence proving otherwise.

    I see very few, if ANY people taking an ethical legal stance that tells the whole truth. Certainly not Pūras.
    ©JMG 1/22/2019 MH, AB, CA

  • No, sorry, you’re wrong. That is not the law, or the standards of practice. The law in fact clearly states that just because something is a ‘standard of practice” does not mean it cannot be wrong. Or if a minority of practitioners deviate from the “standard” that they are wrong. It is addressed on a case by case basis and because of the mass misinformation around this topic people fail to challenge the law, think outside the box, make novel claims or fight the fraud in general- and as such, articles like this are actually considered reasonable. It is anything but.

  • The authors have not gone nearly far enough in unraveling the root of the problem rendering the article another piece of transparent propaganda thinly disguised as an attempt at a benevolent solution but remains more disinformation.

    1. Knowingly accusing a group of historically disadvantaged people of being “mentally ill, mad” without documented medical evidence, based on failed, contradictory &; specious theories, meets the definition of disinformation and fraud.
    2. If there are no diseases, there are no “patients”
    3. If there is no disease to treat, it is inappropriate to drug people
    4. It’s unethical to drug people without telling them that they don’t actually have a disease, but their troubling SYMPTOMS could be the result of over 100 bona fide medical diagnosed medical conditions called “medical mimics/psychiatric pretenders, an adverse drug event (effect) of 500+ prescription and street drugs and/or a host of common experiences such as dehydration, lack of sleep, vitamin deficiency or being in a hospital.
    5. There is no difference between diagnosing and treating someone with cancer they don’t have as criminally negligent and diagnosing and treating someone with a “MI” no one can prove they have as a criminally negligent act.
    6. In the same way that the law criminalizes pseudo-patients opening Go-fund me accounts soliciting the public for money to treat cancer they do NOT have, it is unethical and unheard of to allow pseudo-mental patients to “personally choose” to self-dx/declare themselves as “MI, mad” and disseminate misinformation in the same way that the public did not support scam artists claiming to be victims of 9-11.
    7. If it is to have any credibility whatsoever, medical science cannot be left up to the pseudo-patients fancy of how they wish to interpret the experience of their symptoms.
    8. Mental illness’s are either biological diseases or they are not- period. No-one including the so-called patient, gets to pick and choose that. COME ON!
    9. No one should be held to a false medical definition and incur the discrimination, stereotyping, targeting, slander, defamation, social death etc inherent in a fraudulent label.
    10. Just as gays were considered to be “diseased” one day and then owing to mass social pressure were socially released from under that discrimination by the DSM inventors succumbed to the pressure to remove that slur, no one should ever be subjected to a false “disease” paradigm and forced to endure the medical and social wrath of the same.
    11. Nor can “anti-stigma” campaigns correct the damage done to victims of medical fraud and pseudo-science.

  • Dear Oldhead,
    Having been in a medical malpractice lawsuit against 2 shrinks, I can assure you that although Rachael didn’t position the cause of action accurately, disinformation, lack of informed consent which cannot be garnered via misinformation or fraud, claiming to be “treating diseases’ people don’t have, breach of bodily integrity, failure to allow one to refuse treatment and more is all a breach of the standards of practice, medical malpractice and insurance fraud. The idea that it is not, is part of the problem.
    It would be better addressed via a class action law suit or thousands of human rights complaints – and its just a matter of time before it happens.
    As such, ideas are exactly what people need.

  • Here here kindredspirit!

    It is ALREADY illegal, unethical medical malpractice for a practitioner to lie to someone that they have a disease when they don’t.
    Misdiagnosis IS medical malpractice and insurance fraud. By law, Informed Consent cannot be garnered via misinformation or fraud.
    The “mental illness” myth is not now, nor has it ever been any different than lying to someone that they have cancer and “treating” them with chemo therapy & radiation that could kill them when they never had cancer to begin with.
    Misinforming the public that they have a chemical imbalance resulting in a brain disease called “mental illness” is medical fraud- period.

    The reason for the resistance is that the costs of righting the fraud far outweighs any other mass medical fraud in the history of humanity (AIDS, Opioids, thalidomide, smoking…)
    What is lacking is the will to prosecute but there are a myriad of ways that we could go about this. Paula Caplan talks at length about legal action that could/must be taken.

    Inane arguments that people have a right to “believe’ in and perpetuate medical fraud if they like that “idea” is no more ethical than a dr’s say, I’m labeling you with a non-existent disease and knowingly risk your health & safety (your life) and give you a drug addiction along with your social crisis so you have something else to struggle with so I can retain you as a lucrative captive “mental patient” for the rest of your life.”

    We are not bound to dr’s “belief’s”. Nor should the public be inundated by propaganda, lies and medical misinformation spread by the naive & misinformed public, that in fact does a large part of psychiatry’s work for them. The myth of “mental illness” is a mass social fraud that absolutely must end. People who know that there is no science supporting any of it, but continue to support upholding myths, memes & lies for the “comfort” of and to respect other people’s “belief’s (up to and including at the UN level) are acting unethically and perpetuating the problem, not remotely solving it.

  • The experience labeled psychosis is documented to be caused by:
    1) 100+ bona fide medical diseases such as thyroid and Lyme called “medical mimics” and more recently by Kelly Brogan as “psychiatric pretenders”
    2) 500+ prescriptions drugs taken as prescribed as well as Adverse Drug Events to street drugs
    3) numerous common experiences such as lack of sleep, dehydration, vitamin deficiencies, being on a ventilator or in hospital (esp for seniors) exposure to environmental toxins
    This is why a differential dx list must be created, tested for and ruled in or out, why the DSM (pathetic piece of junk science it is) states that SYMPTOMS (which are NOT diseases) better understood to be caused by biological diseases can NOT be used towards a mental illness diagnosis. (This proves they know their imaginary diseases are not biological.) And it why by law one must get treatment for biological diseases prior to be psychiatrized, labeled, drugged and having your life destroy to benefit some quack ass drug pushing fraud.
    Want to talk about what got left out in the article above see 1, 2 and 3.

  • How this short article manages to -get it- and -forget it- is a large part of the reason we are stuck in the endless recycling of the same “mental illness’ myths.

    Saying that… thyroid disease or metabolic illness… can lead to mental health problems… is absolute bunk.

    Thyroid and 100+ other bona fide diseases (provable underlying, root cause conditions) are called ‘medical mimics” or as Kelly Brogan recently referred to them as “psychiatric pretenders”, because the normal sequalea or SYMPTOMS of which, are often MISDIAGNOSED as if they were a bogus “MI”.
    This is evidenced by the fact that once a person is properly treated for their thyroid, their symptoms resolve, just like they do when a person has a vitamin deficiency and those deficiencies are addressed with vitamins.

    This misinformation is a perfect example of why we have a false epidemic of “MI”.

    The standard of practice is to prepare a list of
    “differential diagnosis’s”, test for those REAL conditions (such as thyroid which is prevalent) and rule them in or out BEFORE labeling someone with a specious brain disease.

    This misguided statement will not and cannot help anyone and it is harmful. There is no such thing as “MI” and this professional misstatement sets up the millions of people with Thyroid and other autoimmune and rare diseases, to be psychiatrized and harmed by more medical malpractice. These are real people. Stop it.

  • Although I have not read all the comments herein, based on the ones I have read, it seems reasonable to say that readers are missing how this information is PROTECTIVE of people accused of being “mentally ill.”

    Clearly there is a mass of evidence showing how poor diet (as described above) is proven to cause inflammation. Inflammation is understood to be the root cause of most, if not all disease. Inflammation can be reversed and controlled by diet and lifestyle.

    The SYMPTOMS caused by inflammation are NOT diseases in and of themselves. They are simply the bodies innate intelligent warning system, alerting the host that something is wrong and needs to be addressed – not suppress by toxic Allopathic drugs that cure nothing and cause Inflammation which triggers the disease process causing the symptoms being misdiagnosed as if they were “mental illness’s”.

    Evidence shows that there is no credible science supporting the existence of any “MI”.

    So contrary to the claim that this body of evidence “blames the victim”; it is actually highly protective of people fraudulent accused, without evidence, labeled with specious DSM dx’s, drugged and discriminated against as if they are “crazy” people with no legal rights. This, in turn triggers our S-7 Charter right protecting Life, Liberty and the Security of the Person which accused criminals, but not the “MI” enjoy.

    Again and again and again….

    There are 100+ BONA FIDE (real provable medical diseases) called “medical mimics” or as Kelly Brogan recently described them “psychiatric pretenders” the normal sequalea of which, are chronically misdiagnosed as “mental illness’s.

    There are 500+ prescription drugs (and street drugs) known to cause adverse drug events – such as psychosis- that are also misdiagnosed as “MI” not to mention many common life experiences such as being dehydrated, lack of sleep, numerous vitamin deficiencies (nutritional deficiencies) being on a ventilator, being hospitalized (esp for seniors) that ALL cause “mental/emotional” SYMPTOMS that are sloppily labeled as conversion disorders (all in your head).

    Drs are the 3rd leading cause of death in the US behind only heart disease and cancer which Allopathic drugs also cause; their toxic Allopathic drugs taken as prescribed the 4th, not to mention the disease and addition they cause, making drs arguably the leading cause of death.

    It takes an average of 7 yrs to get an accurate dx, (often longer for autoimmune and rare diseases – esp for women who are over-represented as “MI”.) In the meantime, everyone who attends upon any medical or quasi-medical service with any sequalea that requires time and effort to properly dx that comes part and parcel with “emotional/mental” symptoms of the real underlying root cause, is at high risk of being labeled with a fraudulent “MI.”

    This phenomenon explains in part why we have what Whitaker coined the false epidemic of mental illness.
    Some of the false epidemic can be understood as and attributed to trauma and spiritual crisis, but misdiagnosis of bona fide medical conditions explains a great deal of the problem but continues to ignored and omitted from the conversation to our collective detriment.

    Misdiagnosis is medical malpractice and insurance fraud, providing us with yet another avenue to address the DSM as the junk science causing mass harm to the public health and safety.

  • Dear Sera,

    As always I appreciate your insight and ability to unpack many of the nuances in this multidimensional problem, from which I learned a lot. Please consider and most specifically, please do not take my comment personally as it is in no way directed at you. It is intended to speak to a missing piece of the wider problem that some ideas in your article presents the opportunity to speak to.

    ‘Recovery Trap’… “in order to ‘recover’ one must first accept that they were ‘sick’…
    Perhaps that works for some folks, but if you feel like the existing binary of ‘sick’ and ‘well’ aren’t a fit for you, then you may want to reconsider.

    With all due respect to your important critique, it is critical to include the fact that far beyond what works or doesn’t work for lay people and “professionals” buying into and selling “recovery propaganda”, the fact remains that the concept of “MI” and invented disease labels in the DSM are known to be unscientific and as such are in fact, mass medical malpractice (misdiagnosis) mass medical insurance fraud, resulting in numerous counts criminal activity under the Rico Act, crimes against humanity and other crime.

    From a legal, moral and ethical stance, it is absolutely NOT acceptable for the naive public to be sold any form of fraud. Nor is it ethical or legal for any group to choose to indoctrinate ill-informed, often desperate, hence gullible, uneducated victims of fraud into the “recovery trap” or any other fraud based on quasi medical/pseudo-science, marketing schemes.

    Choice is NOT be a factor in crime and by law, no party can legally ‘CONSENT” to participating in a crime. For example when rapists claims that a minor choose to participate in “consensual sex” that defense does NOT stand in court, because “sex” with minors is a crime, that the minor cannot waive- period. In the same respect, unknowing victims of fraud, can NOT consent to participating in fraud. Worse those to buy into and regurgitate misinformation designed to “con”vince and indoctrinate ever more victims into believing the same myths and misinformation, they are being used as pons to perpetuate fraud by the “professionals” selling the recovery fraud. As such, it is anything but a “choice”. Rational, law biding citizens do not support the lie that sexual predictors should be able to justify raping children under the guise and claim that rape can be ever be considered consensual sex.

    In the same respect, victims peddling the “recovery fraud” that people miraculously heal from diseases that do NOT exist and as such, that they never had to begin with, is in no way -ever – a choice. Nor are practitioners who choose to peddle the recover fraud, any less guilty of peddling medical fraud than sexual predictors are guilt of rape. One can tell any false narrative that benefits, until the gig is up and they find themselves in prison.

    At some point in time the truth based on the facts absolutely MUST supersede the practice of disseminating illegal, misinformation and fraud and those disseminating medical misinformation be held legally accountable and criminally liable for perpetuating medically fraudulent information. That time has long since past and the creation of ever more new victims of a mass medical scam, is morally, ethically and criminally irresponsible.

    My point is that almost everyone addressing this fraud, has consistently edited out the legal aspects of this medical fraud, failed to demand that the DSM be litigated in a court of law under a Junk Science litigation test.

    As a direct result, part of the reason these crimes continue to flourish, is that the silence around these facts perpetuates the problem.

    Acting as if and (for lack of better words) capitulating to the notion that the public somehow has the right to choose to support and participate in a mass medical scam, must be unraveled as non-nonsensical and deeply problematic. The recovery myth is but one of many ways in which the public continues to be co-opted into doing practitioners who financially benefit and earn a living off of public ignorance and buy in, into “Mental Health” (anti-sigma etc) porn and propaganda that exponentially adds to the mass misinformation the entire “MH” fiasco relies on to continue defrauding the public against our basic right to truth in “medicine”.

    Skirting around the fraud is an act of complicity.

    Paula Caplan on Psychiatric Survivors Speak Up

  • Good article with solid informational comments.

    It remains an afford to humanity that the lawyers and legal system en mass has thoroughly bought into and been co-opted by the “MI” myth. Most websites dedicated to Dr and Lawyers are typically accompanied with standard “MH” propaganda about the rates of MI in their own profession and how to get “help.” This is a large part of the reason we can’t get out from underneath the lies and a prime target of where efforts to educate must be focused.

    Despite the few lines the UN SR on MH, Dr. Purus positioned (with no meaningful follow through to date) it remains troubling that states signatories that have ratified the CRPD. Along with groups fighting to imbue Human Rights into this illegal, immoral, fraudulently barbaric “medical hoax”; actually getting individual countries to uphold the rule of law, is difficult owing to the willful blindness and ignorance of the legal community at large.

    Not only does the judiciary, financially benefit from being able to control society under the guise of MI ideology, it is the very institution that should be most concerned about the facts and the truth. Contrary to its reason for existing, the law by and large, in essence and in practice, evokes a “notwithstanding clause” in order to circumvent the fact about the premise under which the masses are “judged” in court proceedings.

    Some of the benefits to the institution include: growing dr’s practices (goods and service providers, expert witness’s, MH assessments ), the prison system (Not Criminally Responsible verdicts, child services, AKA legal kidnapping) the entire court system including lawyers whose role it is to protect the public from harm perpetrated against us by others, play the same game as the majority of the dr’s getting rich off the scam. The rule of law is being circumvented and ignored in favor of local judges, manipulating the outcome of local case law by crafting decisions that assume MI myths to be a fact, without having ever legally addressed weather any of the information (evidence) they are adjudicating, is based on the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. When you start with a lie, its not possible for the conclusions one ultimately draws to reflect the truth.

    Despite all the good work being done, substantial meaningful change will not happen, unless and until the the DSM is litigated as Junk Science in a court of law. This is a bona fide legal undertaking.

    Dr. Paula Caplan has done significant work to move toward action based solutions that address the crux of and underpinnings supporting the problems. Please read, share, writing about and supporting her efforts, without which we will continue to have these conversations for the next 20, 30 or 50 years.

    As important as they are, with all due respect, the facts presented at MIA and elsewhere, are evidence of crimes against humanity, mass medical malpractice and mass insurance fraud. Win, lose or draw, it is imperative that we collectively start filing the law suits.
    In Solidarity towards the truth and preservation of life.
    Paula Caplan on Psychiatric Survivors Speak Up

  • Continuing to support the “Mental Illness’ fraud is renders the rest… Stopped listening.
    Lancet’s unrolls eugenics based plan stating, “Mental Illness” which r unsupported by science r contagious through three pathways:
    infectious and ecological
    sociocultural communicability

  • Its Eugenics
    Although psychiatric disorders are classified as non-communicable diseases, we believe this classification is too rigid and limiting. We present evidence of the communicability of psychiatric disorders through three major pathways:
    infectious and ecological
    sociocultural communicability

  • As I read this Micheal, for the first time, the connection between sexual predators and the “mental health” cartels uses of GROOMING tactics to indoctrinate their victims, became clear.
    It is frighteningly evident that manipulators utilize techniques to indoctrinate followers/believers of cults must buy-into their view of the “facts” as true. Invented notions that human feelings and everyday life experiences are in fact, symptoms (pseudo-evidence) that they are “brain diseases with mental illness’s” requiring “treatment”.
    An entire industry cannot carry out mass social fraud under the guise of “medical legitimacy” without controlling, not just the language, but the entire cultural belief system and most specifically, the individuals who come within their grasp. They do so by hook or by crook, via coercion or force.
    Increasingly more people (including those with bona fide medical conditions whose normal sequale and symptoms are being labeled with a psych dx) are becoming aware of the disservice/harm this caused them. Thyroid, Lyme, Mesh victims… the list goes is long. If and when the millions of people this is happening to –become aware- this movement will grow exponentially. It is happening across the board.
    The phenomenon of “psychiatric grooming” needs to be explored and exposed in order to educate the public about how to recognize and protect themselves from the “mind-rapists” that permeate the sick care industry.
    I’m telling:))

  • Others reasons why the talk on psychosis is superficial and disingenuous, beyond completely omitting to educate the public about the everyday reasons a person could experience psychosis above, that you are intentionally choosing to ignore are :

    500+ Drugs that Cause Depression and Suicide – AKA Akathisia
    There are likely upwards of 500 drugs that cause depression, agitation and suicide and your risk of these problems escalates in proportion to the number of drugs you take.

    Nearly 7 in 10 Americans Take Prescription Drugs, Mayo Clinic, Olmsted Medical Center Find
    …second most common prescription was for antidepressants — that suggests mental health is a huge issue and is something we should focus on.
    And the third most common drugs were opioids, which is a bit concerning considering their addicting nature.
    Overall, women and older adults receive more prescriptions.
    Vaccines, antibiotics and anti-asthma drugs are most commonly prescribed in people younger than 19.
    Antidepressants and opioids are most common among young and middle-aged adults. (who by the law health Canada warned in 2004 cause suicidal ideation in adults)
    Women receive more prescriptions than men across several drug groups, especially antidepressants: Nearly 1 in 4 women ages 50-64 are on an antidepressant.

    Continuing to attribute the experience of psychosis to trauma and spiritual crisis theories, while omitted to inform people that it is also caused by:
    1. common problems such as dehydration,
    2. 100+ un-diagnosed and mis-diagnosed bona fide medical conditions IE: brain injury, thyroid, Lyme disease,
    3. and 100’s of prescription drugs
    allows psychosis and other so called symptoms of “MH” problems to be mislabeled as such.

    Dr’s failing to state the whole truth continues to be a serious part of the problem.

  • Again, I presented a “better understanding” that you seem to have conveniently skipped over. Here is is again for your continued education. Best.

    judi September 9, 2018 at 6:37 pm
    Stigma and psychosis: when medical labels injure
    In reference to the above video:
    Unfortunately, as usual, this limited perspective fails to acknowledge the fact that the experience called psychosis, are documented to be caused by:
    lack of sleep,
    chronic stress,
    being on a ventilator or being in hospital,
    exposure to toxins,
    vitamin deficiencies,
    adverse reactions to street and prescription drugs
    and can be a result of the normal sequalea of a bona fide medical illness such as thyroid storm or Myxedema psychosis as one of countless examples.

    The favoring of trauma and spiritual theories and those who willfully and in far too many cases, callously exclude proven medical conditions as causal agents, is not only unethical, discriminatory and exclusionary; it blocks MILLIONS of would be allies who have been medically psychiatrized and harmed.

    The symptoms of real medical diseases being misdiagnoses, labeled and mistreated as “mental illness” it is the unspoken – unspeakable truth being banned from the discourse and it is harmful to us all.

    There is no “psych” brain disease, everything that happens in the “mind and psyche” takes place in the human body and as such, all “psych dx” are medical and all psych abuse is medical abuse. It takes on average 7 years to get an accurate diagnosis.

    I understand this exclusion as a misunderstanding and knee-jerk reaction to the misguided use of the biological medical model that abuses millions of people. But real medical diseases do not belong in the same category as fake “MI”’s. They are completely separate in that they are testable and provable.
    The movement itself and the group think leaders refusing to hear, consider and ostracizing people with real medical conditions being misdiagnosed, psychiatrized and abused by psychiatry need to stop this. The political and social justice you claim to seek can only exist in a climate commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    Stop cherry-picking the facts to support the limited, lack of understanding and lack of inclusion this movement currently revolves around. An honest, fulsome holistic body, mind, soul approach that encompasses the entire person is far more accurate, honest and will garner better solutions to the crisis at hand.

  • Thanks for pointing that out. I should have clarified that statement of fact, refers to a diagnosis of a bona fide, provable medical disease, vrs an imaginary “mental illness” that I am fully aware, does not exist. It should be shocking to learn that the average lag time on getting an accurate dx is 7 years and in many case, longer- especailly for women who are over-represented as “mental patients” because Gp’s fail to address mandatory testing and typically dx most people with any symptom categorized as “mental/emotional” as a “MI”.
    I make the point to (likely prematurely) draw a distinction between the incompetent, substandard medical services, and fraudulent, incompetent “mental health” services, BOTH of which cause disability, addiction and early death.
    I use the term “experience” of psychosis, precisely because it is simply a cluster of symptoms and not a disease.
    Unfortunately, as always, the legitimacy of my point, that the “experience” of psychosis is actually known to be caused by countless everyday occurrences is a fact that Dr. Campbell failed to note to the collective detriment. My point remains, important.

  • Stigma and psychosis: when medical labels injure
    In reference to the above video:
    Unfortunately, as usual, this limited perspective fails to acknowledge the fact that the experience called psychosis, are documented to be caused by:
    lack of sleep,
    chronic stress,
    being on a ventilator or being in hospital,
    exposure to toxins,
    vitamin deficiencies,
    adverse reactions to street and prescription drugs
    and can be a result of the normal sequalea of a bona fide medical illness such as thyroid storm or Myxedema psychosis as one of countless examples.

    The favoring of trauma and spiritual theories and those who willfully and in far too many cases, callously exclude proven medical conditions as causal agents, is not only unethical, discriminatory and exclusionary; it blocks MILLIONS of would be allies who have been medically psychiatrized and harmed.

    The symptoms of real medical diseases being misdiagnoses, labeled and mistreated as “mental illness” it is the unspoken – unspeakable truth being banned from the discourse and it is harmful to us all.

    There is no “psych” brain disease, everything that happens in the “mind and psyche” takes place in the human body and as such, all “psych dx” are medical and all psych abuse is medical abuse. It takes on average 7 years to get an accurate diagnosis.

    I understand this exclusion as a misunderstanding and knee-jerk reaction to the misguided use of the biological medical model that abuses millions of people. But real medical diseases do not belong in the same category as fake “MI”’s. They are completely separate in that they are testable and provable.
    The movement itself and the group think leaders refusing to hear, consider and ostracizing people with real medical conditions being misdiagnosed, psychiatrized and abused by psychiatry need to stop this. The political and social justice you claim to seek can only exist in a climate commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    Stop cherry-picking the facts to support the limited, lack of understanding and lack of inclusion this movement currently revolves around. An honest, fulsome holistic body, mind, soul approach that encompasses the entire person is far more accurate, honest and will garner better solutions to the crisis at hand.

  • Excellence article explaining the failure to address the fraudulent epidemic of “mental illness”. Hopefully this finds it’s way to Dr. Darius (UN- SR) who might consider elaborating on the facts, rather than simply making a comment on the need to consider power-imbalances over chemical imbalances and leaving it at that. 

    Its long past time to address the affects of the Social Determinate of Health (SDOH) being mislabeled as “mental diseases’ and the well documented science proving that real diseases caused by poverty, lack of access to decent food, housing, jobs and education are the root cause of the SYMPTOMS being misdiagnosed as if they brain diseases in order to profit from mistreating them and maintaining “medical control” over the lives of millions of people who are psychiatrized because they are suffering from bona fide diseases … the rates of which are increasing across the globe as more and more people are unable to afford to properly care for their most basic human needs (which are also human rights.)

  • This not so clever fraud is being pushed heavily under the newly minted guise called ‘Nutritional Psychiatry”. Orthomolecular medicine, aside, its a nifty little con that the industry cooked up to ensure it’s cut of the billion dollar supplement industry and anything else they can appropriate from alternative medicine and call “integrative medicine.”
    The lie is simply that vitamin deficiencies are or cause “mental illness’. The truth that EVERYONE is reluctant to state is that the SYMPTOMS caused by lack of proper nutrition causes symptoms that are labeled (misdiagnosed) as if they were “mental illness’s”.
    The con not only allows quacks to continuing “treating” imaginary brain diseases, it keeps them in control of the discourse (propaganda) thus allowing them to maintain control over the brain diseased MI gullible enough to buy the notion that a vitamin deficiencies are anything more than – vitamin deficiencies. It is beyond underhanded and deceitful and so blatantly ridiculously transparent, that one would think people would be pissing themselves laughing. Sadly, the number of otherwise intelligent people supporting this bullshit- including people who understand that psychiatry is a pseudo-science even in anti and critical psych groups, is beyond disturbing.
    Make no mistake about it, this is the new and much easier to swallow “chemical imbalance myth” that I have coined the “nutrient imbalance myth” in the hopes of triggering people to start using their own ability to discern simple fact from obvious fiction. A lie is a lie is a lie, no matter whose spinning it and a whole lot of spin dr’s are banking on this slight of hand to help them retire early. JMG

  • Shrink Resistant, was the second book I found after Paula Caplan’s They Say You’re Crazy. It set the tone for my own activism and determination to speak truth to lies, despite the oppressive silencing of ideas that do not fit neatly into the permissible discourse and the retribution that inevitably follows when power mongers beliefs are exposed and challenged.

    Don is an icon of the movement. Best wishes for the new book.

  • The industry trashing exercise and other things that improve human health is disingenuous and self-serving. Considering that what they are doing to people is inhumane to begin with, its not surprising that they dismiss anything that doesn’t lead to their victims early demise; after all there’s an endless supply of disposable people to experiment on.
    It’s isn’t clear if the writer supporting not exercising for “SMI” because what’s the point anyway? I find it deeply disturbing.

    Treating Depression with Exercise and an Internet-Based Intervention

    Combating depression – Drugs vs Exercise

    Exercise: More Effective Than Antidepressants?

    Is Exercise Anti-inflammatory? What the Science Shows – Kelly Brogan

    Exercise … It does a body good: 20 minutes can act as anti-inflammatory

    Effects of Exercise on Depression Underestimated, Review Finds

    For Depression, Prescribing Exercise Before Medication

    Is Exercise a Viable Treatment for Depression?

    Skeletal Muscle PGC-1α1 Modulates Kynurenine Metabolism and Mediates Resilience to Stress-Induced Depression.

    For Depression, Prescribing Exercise Before Medication

    The Benefits of Exercise for the Clinically Depressed – NCBI – NIH

    The exercise effect – American Psychological Association › Monitor on Psychology › December 2011 Monitor on Psychology

    Multi-modality: a new approach for the treatment of major depressive …

  • The excuse that there “isn’t enough time” to tell the truth is an insult to the intelligence and integrity of humanity.

    The simple solution to the problem is to simply state:
    “ the symptoms currently being misdiagnosed and labeled as if they are “brain diseases called mental illness’s” are simply part and parcel of the normal sequalea of countless bona fide medical diseases that come part and parcel with what are described as “mental and emotional” symptoms. Calling and treating those symptoms “as if” they are MI is misguided, is medical malpractice, is insurance fraud and is an unethical lie.”

    Unless and until the whole truth is told, the current lies will continue to fuel death, disability, addiction and mass systemic corruption.

  • When will the lies about ‘mental health” stop?
    Clearly food creates mood.

    The deeply unfortunate and enduring problem is that the facts continue to be attached to the lies and myths that “low mood” and other symptoms caused by poor diet and lifestyle result in poor health, which continues to be falsely positioned as if they are “mental health” issues.

    The single most damaging thing that happened as a result of the false dichotomy of the medical model, is this misguided idea that there are 2 types of health; one for the mind and a separate health for the body. 

    I have no respect for people who should and do know this, but insist on keeping the lie alive so they can profit off the billions earned by perpetuating lies and myths about “mental illness’.

    A lie is a lie is a lie and anyone supporting the lie is a liar. 

  • What is so troubling about this, is that symptoms caused by vitamin deficiencies are being fraudulently positioned as if they CAUSE, and/or ARE ‘mental illness/mental health” problems.
    The lies never end, they simply shape-shift to avoid losing money, power and control of how people -misunderstand- what is ailing them and agree to hand the power of their lives over to people in white coats to run.
    Anyone with a lick of logic should be able to discern that a vitamin deficiency, is simply a vitamin deficiency and the normal, expected, well documented symptoms of which, are eliminated by replacing missing vital nutrients.

    As more people become aware that the ‘CI’ myth is a scam, stop using drugs and start to self care with nutrition the “mental health” whores jumped on board the nutritional bandwagon and are controlling the changing discourse with the re-emergence/development of Nutritional Psychiatry. 
    The new fraud is that vitamin deficiencies not only cause, but in fact ARE “mental illness’s.”
    Part of the fall out of the misuse of the biological medical model, is the false severing of symptoms that are erroneously categorized as being “mental/emotional” vrs physical. Yet the normal, predicable, well documented sequalea of countless diseases includes symptoms of depression, anxiety, sleeplessness etc. Symptoms are not diseases in and of themselves, but part and parcel of how a disease, such as thyroid for example, is expressed in the human organism.

    ‘Mental illness” and its evil twin, “mental health” are merely social constructs. There are not 2 kinds of health’s functioning independently in the same body. There is only one health, human health.
    Vitamin deficiencies are not now and never were and never will be, brain diseases called “mental illness.” As such, if the speaker was telling the truth, she would state that the symptoms currently labeled and misdiagnosed as “MI” are vitamin deficiencies, eliminated by replacing critical missing nutrients.
    “Nutritional Psychiatry”
    1) is replacing the tarnished “chemical imbalance myth” with the new and improved “micro-nutrient deficiency” myth
    2) is fighting to remain in control of the public attempts to protect their health using diet and lifestyle changes
    The fraud is con-vincing the public, that lack of nutrients, are in fact “mental illness’s” and they need to pay a shrink to manage their nutritional intake, so they don’t relapse.
    Over the 2 years I have been following this tragedy, almost every single person unwittingly agreed to have their vitamin deficiency be misdiagnosed as a “mental illness” curable with vitamins.
    3) How are people so gullible that they are willing to believe anything- even something this ridiculous- just because someone wearing a white coat said it? ARGUMENTUM AD VERECUNDIAM: Argument from authority (or appeal to authority) – where something is purported to be true, simply because a knowledgeable and well-reputed person has said it.
    4) By simply twisting the symptoms of malnutrition into “mental illness” the industry continues laughing all the way to the bank having gained new customers for life, using vitamins to address their imaginary brain diseases instead of neurotoxic drugs.
    Evil- yes, but enormously rich and still in total control of the masses.
    ©JMGayton 6/10/2018 MH, AB, CA.

  • 1. The normal sign, symptoms and sequalea of dis/stress are being mis-positioned and mis-labled as if they are separate “MENTAL” problems, which is medical fraud.
    2. The reason therapy is largely useless in helping poor people feel better, is because it does not and cannot address the root cause of the problem which can only be solved with access to decent food, safe social environments, affordable housing, education and jobs and healthy lifestyles that promote human health.
    3. It is ludicrous to suggest that counseling of any kind can improve people’s financial position. Poverty is political violence, and not remotely a “mental health” problem cured by talking about ones struggles to someone who is getting paid by the state to listen to them.
    4. Further the money the state pays for therapy, should by put directly into the pockets of the impoverished and used to develop affordable housing and other Social Determinants of Health (that have nothing to do with access to “health care AKA sick care and therapy.)
    5. I can’t imagine a greater waste of time, money or effort than attending on a therapist so they can write a prescription to the food bank or an exercise class.
    6. Why continue to enrich the wealthy to pointlessly minister to the poor and disenfranchised, rendering them wealthier and us more impoverished.
    7. It is a clear and obvious waste of resources to throw more money at the toxic “mental health” system, no matter what guise the “help” comes as.
    8. Psychiatry and Psychology are the WRONG organizations to address social problems. All they did so far, was twist real-world problems into pseudo-diseases and problems of the “mind”.
    9. Billions have been wasted allowing P & P to act as middle-men pocketing the money desperately needed to go directly into food security and housing and education.
    10. Stop feeding the middlemen (the problem) and start feeding the public!
    11. The abuse at its core, is primary about FOOD, (the building blocks of real health) but has been mispostioned as the dis/stress caused by lack of decent food and opportunities, repackaged and sold back to the public as “mental health” problems, so that this industry can continue to feed its self over and above the people- it NEEDS to remain impoverished- so its can stay in business and not suffer the same fate as those of us whose needs remain unmet —- BECAUSE they have fraudulently positioned the real problem as “mental health” rather than a legal rights issue of ACCESS to the resources we really need.
    12. A lot of therapy would be unnecessary if people had their basic needs met.
    13. Therapy can never hope to address the real medical needs of someone suffering from the host of real medical conditions caused by lack of access to the Social Determinants of Health.
    14. “More understanding”, is code for we are going to spend more decades wasting more billions maintaining the status quo of power.
    15. None of the services currently offered help the poor, but continue to unjustly enrich therapists at the expense of the poor.
    16. Are therapist currently so obtuse that they can’t grasp the ravages that poverty has on human beings, especially those they do see in their practice? It is shocking to consider that therapists and other professionals are so disconnected from the reality of the majority that they have to actually be TAUGHT by a public institution, that social inequity causes the human suffering.
    17. …”low income families generally start the therapeutic process with greater levels of distress, emphasizing the need for appropriate methods from the helping professional.” This is a bid for, continue to give us more of the money that is desperately needed and should be going directly into making real and meaningful changes to the social circumstances that cause human dis/stress and disease. This is a professional bid to keep the gravy train flowing into their mouths, instead of using it to feed the hungry.
    18. Food scarcity and living in a state of constant disequilibrium is a major cause of human suffering. If the poor had access to the resources that keep people safe and healthy, the need for counseling would lower dramatically.
    19. It is a disingenuous and self-serving insult to humanity to suggest:
    1) that the real physical health problems caused by poverty cause “mental health” (emotional problems that are alleviated by talking to a therapist.
    2) that public access to therapy is the answer to an empty stomach, the ravages of consuming sub-standard food on the health of the human body and that …’access and success in treatment”… could remotely solve the problem of poverty.
    20. There is also an element of victim blaming herein that subtly suggests victims subjected to the political violence of poverty would be “successful” in life, if they just had access to therapy.

    “The research, published in the journal Counselling and Psychotherapy Research, indicates that a chronic lack of money can be damaging to people’s health and wellbeing – something which currently isn’t widely acknowledged by policy makers and mental healthcare providers.”
    21. No kidding! How much of the public purse was wasted on figuring that out?
    22. Applying the chemical imbalance scam to this scenario, it is accurate to state that in the same way that a lack of serotonin does not cause the social construct “mental illness” or result in lack of “mental health”; a lack of therapy, does not cause the social construct “mental illness” or result in lack of “mental health,”
    23. Further, a chronic lack of money does not cause the social construct “mental illness” or result in lack of “mental health”, nor will these serious social problems be solved by sitting around talking about them with a therapist.

    They fooled us once people, lets not let them switch up the game in their favor and fool us again!
    ©JMGayton 6/9/18 MH, AB, CA.

  • There are 3 or 4 articles on tapering this week, all of which contradict each other.

    There are several important statements herein rarely discussed elsewhere:
    1. Permanent damage vrs protracted withdrawal
    2. SSRIS and Akathisia
    3. Rebound depression etc result from the failure to dx the root cause of the presenting symptoms (which are not diseases and do not by law require “treatment”)
    4. Tapering is no guarantee you will be spared the horrors of stopping neuro-toxic drugs which is more reason it is so unethical to continue in anyway supporting use of them.
    5. failure to study and warn about late-onset and longer-term symptoms

    This e-book does not remotely address legal informed consent

  • I can’t imagine a more problematic, unscientific bunch of BS than this.

    The sheer ignorance of failing to acknowledge that real science tells us, that all “disease” begins in the bowel and is a result of the stress response that causes inflammation in the body, is hands down medical malpractice. No one should have to continue to suffer because of the uneducated ignorance and unscientific woo-woo musings of some self-absorbed shrink.

    Head gamers like this, want us to believe that the very real symptoms of “depression” etc people suffer from is caused from our unconscious resistance to their BS – LOL. It makes sense that the gut would be repulsed and resistant to their lack of credibility, but they take us down the garden path in order to trap us into an endless implausible, improvable costly conversation where they get to enjoy hearing themselves drone on about spiritual crisis when according to real science, the root cause of most human problems are in the BODY. The normal stress response causes inflammation and triggers disease process (the warning signs of which are that people “feel bad”. Shitty life experienced also make people feel bad and prolonged uncontrollable distress exasperates the normal disease response as well.

    No amount of talking is going to cure someone’s vitamin deficiency, improper diet, unhealthy lifestyle, or inability to digest and benefit from the life giving nutrients they cannot assimilate or remotely address the symptoms of real diseases (medical mimics) causing the real “symptoms’ they are experiencing. In fact most medical diagnosis’s take between 5 to 7 years, during which time, the public is at high risk of being fraudulently labeled “mentally ill”, whether that dx comes wrapped in the notion that ones soul or ones brain is ‘sick”.

    The level of health one enjoys depends on the quality of nutrients they can assimilate and someone sitting around trying to manufacture false memories or the discontent in someone else “soul” while the root cause of what ails people is housed in the human body in which we all live, is hands down medical malpractice. The only thing this talk reminds me, is that Psychiatry is a pseudo-science desperately trying to reinvent its old street cred in the face of the mass exposure of its endless lies. And this is an example of their most advanced thinkers- HOWLING at the absurdity.

  • Such great connections between sexualized violence and psychiatric violence Sera.
    Asking providers what they were willing to give up, in order to help them begin to consider what users are forced to forfeit just to be “let in” the no-exist door of “MH”, is brilliant.
    Exercises like this, could be used as part of an activist manual to surviving the toxic stupidity of the system. Short of locking these head fk’s up in prison, baby steps to maturing them into fully functioning human beings, (assuming that’s possible) may be the only way to reach those “in charge”.
    Improving the quality of the lives that people who dare to experience distress are subjected to, may well depend on the ability to kiss ass (it seems that is exactly what many of those who are welcomed into their world, are adept at doing) and find ways to relate to those who enjoy the benefits abusing their power over others, affords them.
    It’s critical that we find ways to integrate this and other inter-related conversations into the #METOO movement, (that thank god, is not going away.) I am going to post this interview using that hashtag.
    It would be great if this could be posted in women’s enews and other such places. Paula Caplan posts there, so it is possible that they would be open to publishing it even though they are completely off base on the whole “MH” BS.
    Infiltrate the mainstream one toe at a time until we are maybe “allowed” to enjoy the rights and benefits that full person-hood affords “good, normal people” that these abusers are currently denying us. (

  • Oh my goodness Bron, if the people dx’ed with BPD at Drop the Disorder and on Twitter at In the Bin etc, read what you wrote here…suffice it to say, they see the plight of their dx very differently than you positioned it for them.
    Over the last 10 years I have been involved in this movement, only groups of people who believe they are suffering from “depression and anxiety” (as if they were bona fide “diseases” v a set of symptoms the causes of which are at least 100) are more active and vocal than those dx’ed with BPD.
    They are adamant in their belief that they are the most harmed, hated, abused and the most likely to say their lives have been destroyed by the system. If you challenge the validity of that, be prepared to hear differently – or more likely, be banned.
    Per the litter-ature, most persons labeled with/as “BPD were victims of Child Sexual Abuse, mis dx’ed as “BPD”, drugged and trapped in the system to be belittled by uncaring professionals for most of their lives.
    From what I have read and witnessed, CSA is likely to be ground zero of the 3 ring circus that makes up the DSM dx fiasco’s… followed by ADDH, “s” and then “BP”.
    I follow “medical” trends and see several newly emerging problems developing across the board of sick care, which is in and of itself an incalculable, unsustainable disaster, more likely to bankrupt the country than any other mass scam being perpetrated against humanity on the planet today.

    As such, timely and important article Hannah. God’s speed to addressing any measure of the mess.

  • This has got to be one of – if not the most important -undercover- issues facing women’s health and safety today.
    I have seen a lot of law suits for new borns of Mothers on AD’s with heart disease and other malforamations, but little on research on this end, so good to see.
    Also noted that 274,000 infants (0-1 year olds) and some 370,000 toddlers are on psych drugs.
    Why Are So Many Toddlers Taking Psychiatric Drugs? – The Experts ……/why-are-so-many-toddlers-taking-psychiatric-drugs/

  • Great points by all. This may be the turning point we need to really push for the end of the scam. The social conditions in which we live, are the most important factors affecting individual and community health. Lack of access to resources (the basic necessities of life) is a critical public health and safety issue. Contrary to popular belief, health has little to nothing to do with access to the sham of “Allopathic health care” currently sucking up the loins share of “allotted” resources. In fact, it has an inverse affect on health.

    There is a need to make reparations to oppressed (psychiatrized) and impoverished groups of people. As such, a wider systemic view of how oppression is sanctioned by the state and using the laws already in place, are the best hope we have to hold it accountable in upholding its duty to free all people from the oppression of poverty. The cost of not doing so is astronomical in terms of human pain and suffering, which is exactly why they refuse to do so, or pay lip-service to doing so with no meaningful follow through.

    The system uses any expression of “negative” human reaction- distress, anger, as evidence of “mental” instability which it has medicalized in order to justify its power to subjugate, punish, silence, other, discriminate and target people who speak out.

    Without access to decent food and housing (SDOH), people will eventually get physically sick. Lacking money that allows access to safe, effective (natural) alternative choices, people are forced to inter-face with the sub-standard Allopathic sick care system that automatically (force) streams and “screens” them for “mental illness”.

    Labeling poor, hungry, disenfranchised, hopeless people as “crazy” saves the time of rounding them up, tattooing them and putting them on a train. There is no exit from the system, it is a life-sentence for everyone trapped in it, after which it is easy to use the larger social structure to keep them subjugated and oppressed via misinformation and public belief.

    Drug (silence), fear and lock up the “crazies”, the reds, the disabled, the blacks, the gays; who ever the oppressed targeted enemy of the moment happens to be. The rhetoric is, in order for these people to live in dignity, we have to take the resources out of your pocket, which will in turn put your health and safety in jeopardy. That is how easy it is to pit people against each other, make them hate and live in fear of each other.

    In fact the middle class is already disappearing. The stress, sleepless worry and concerns for their own health and safety are twisted into ‘mental illness’s”, which if and when needed, are used against them to call into question their credibility and justify the “everyday abuse levied under the guise of “helping” them. It is in fact the systems way of helping themselves to the minds of the masses. The public hands over the power and control they fear losing to the system in return for the illusion of safety and help that is in fact a “medical fraud”. Not just an extension of the age old snake oil salesmen peddling poop in a pretty bottle, but true psychological war-fare on the naive, misinformed masses who unwittingly defend and protect their abusers.

    Please consider not participating in the “crazy” making of those who speak out or you/we disagree with. That is how the state turns groups of people into the enemy, (feared, dangerous, unstable) in order to justify harming/subjugating them with labels, drugs, loss of freedom and legal rights. Keep criticisms fact based as opposed to Ad Hominem slurs.
    Anyone fighting for illusive, non-existent, withheld justice (a form of social injustice and political violence) may wish to:
    understand the covenants the country in question signed or ratified with the UN and how this works
    understand the constitutional law (the Human Rights Act) in the country in question
    find the key case law that supports the duty to meet the peoples needs
    find the top lawyers or figure out how to draft a claim against the government
    Consider all means of bringing evidence of the harm and need for equality to light including the International Criminal court

  • I feel sick reading your all too common account of medical malpractice Meschelle.
    Sadly, all Allopathic drugs (not just psych drugs) cure nothing, mask vital symptoms that alert us to what is wrong, create imbalances and cause real disease in the body. Worse, conventional “medicine” fails to find or address the underlying root cause of what is ailing us as you said. For many this has nothing to do with past trauma but is simply misdiagnoses of a “medical mimic” IE: thyroid or some 60 other diseases that are labeled “mental illness’s”.
    I am happy to hear that you will be advocating to protect the millions who are misdiagnosed and mistreated (insurance fraud) by conventional “medicine’. We are in dire need of people who understand what is really going on and why despite wasting so much money on sick care, we suffer so much disease and continue turning to “medicine” as if it is the answer as opposed to the problem. If you are not already familiar, Dr. Kelly Brogan’s work will resonate with you.
    Best wishes in healing your mitochondria. You strength is an inspiration.

  • Thank you for this important resource that so clearly explains the key issues Tina. Will share widely.

    I am writing here to ask everyone involved in this movement, to please seriously, reconsider the need to include the dangers of anti-depressants as equally important as the warnings about the dangers of neuroleptics.

    As per the documented medical facts, in the 3 months I was on them, I suffered 3, back to back, near-death Adverse Drug Events (ADE) as a result of anti-depressants
    1. extreme suicidal ideation with a plan, on Prozac alone.
    2. A near-death bout of Serotonin Syndrome in which I was in and out of consciousness for 4 days, unable to walk or call 911
    3. In isolation at the ER, I was drugged almost to death over a 7 day period (first without my knowledge) and then against my right to bodily integrity and the right to refuse “treatment”. It was clear that I was dying and as per the chart, begged and literally fought to protect my life without success until succumbing to Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome, causing total organ poisoning, resulting in a 10-day coma and numerous diseases of the heart, liver, lungs and brai
    4. Two days later, after barely surviving coma, I was drugged with a neuroleptic and suffered a stroke

    As a vulnerable person, I was repeatedly coerced, misled under the guise of “education” and outright lied to into taking drugs, that I did not want or need for an imaginary “bi-polar” label I do not remotely fit the criteria of, against the rules of the fraudulent DSM. I was left with numerous permanent, progressive diseases that have dramatically altered my life.

    This is why I find the never-ending claims about which drug is the “worst” counter-productive and dangerously misleading. Anti-depressants are just as dangerous as neuroleptics in that they can kill anyone, at any time, at any dose. The dangers of taking them are under-considered and all too often completely dismissed, in comparison to the warnings about neuroleptics, which in part, allows for the in discriminant use of anti-depressants to continue largely unquestioned. This is problematic and must be rectified. With all due respect to those who take this position, please do not discount or exclude victims of anti-depressants, as part of Prohibition.

    As per Peter Breggin (who was my expert witness) ALL psychotropic drugs are neurotoxic and have been known to cause brain injury for over 40 years, in as little as 2 days in ALL people. They were never intended to be used for longer than 2 days, in the most extreme cases, under strict supervision, which as we all know, is not how they are used.

    I was/am, admittedly a brain injury survivor during the time that I was tortured by psychiatry. Despite the fact that all psychotropic drugs are contraindicated and unapproved for use in this vulnerable population, we are drugged without question or consideration of our higher risks of death and suicide. Persons with histories of diagnosed and UN-diagnosed brain injury, make up between 50 and 80% of persons who are homeless, in and out of prison and in and out of psych wards. Because most blows are to the head and face, abused women sustain brain injury at alarmingly high rates. Contrary to their best interest, they are automatically labeled as “mentally ill” and forced streamed into the ‘MH’ system where they and their children are labeled and drugged. The cycle is endless.

    Below are the first few articles in a list from a google search for “how many people die from taking anti-depressants?”
    Thank you

    Antidepressants may raise death risk by a third – Medical News Today
    Sep 19, 2017 – A new study suggests that common antidepressants may pose a serious risk to health; they drastically raise the risk of mortality. As many as 1 in 10 people in the United States take medication for depression.

    They Cause 40,000 Deaths a Year – But They’re Handed Out Like Candy…/tips-to-avoiding-depression.aspx
    May 3, 2011 – There are many reasons why they don’t work the way most people think they work, or want them to work.

    Study finds antidepressants increase risk of death | New York Post
    Sep 14, 2017 – I think people would be much less willing to take these drugs if they were aware how little is known about their impact outside of the brain, and that what we do know points to an increased risk of death.” The study also found antidepressants aren’t harmful to people with cardiovascular diseases, like heart .

    Antidepressants Overdose – Side Effects of Antidepressants – Treatment
    Tricyclic antidepressants (TCAs); this type of antidepressant is the second leading cause of death from drug overdose in the U.S. (Anafranil, Sinequan, Tofranil, Pamelor, Norpramin); Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs); this type is currently the safest and most commonly prescribed antidepressants (Celexa, …

    Do Antidepressants and Other Psychiatric Drugs Kill a Half Million ……/do-antidepressants-and-other-psychiatric-drugs-kill-a-half-milli…
    Dec 6, 2016 – Executive Summary. Antidepressant use is very high; An anti-psychotic drug, Abilify, is the number one best-selling drug (by revenue) in the US; People who take psychiatric drugs have much higher death rates; Psychiatric drugs appear to be so ineffective that the higher death rates couldn’t possibly be …

    Antidepressants Tied to a Significantly Increased Risk for Death
    Sep 21, 2017 – “The common wisdom is that antidepressants are safe and effective, and by treating people with depression with antidepressants, we can save lives. However, research over the last decade has shown that antidepressants are much less effective than we had thought.

    New research found antidepressants may increase risk of early death ……/new-research-found-antidepressants-may-increase-risk-of-early-deat…
    Sep 17, 2017 – They found antidepressant (AD) users had a 33 per cent higher chance of death over people not on the drugs. They also had a 14 per cent … carry a risk of increased mortality.”

    Antidepressants raise the risk of an early death by 33% | Daily Mail ……/Antidepressants-raise-risk-early-death-33.html
    Sep 13, 2017 – They believe the protective impact of the drugs among patients with cardiovascular disease has been masking the impact on other patients for years. But the scientists stressed that although the relative risk of death was high

    Antidepressant use linked to higher risk of premature death: study ……/antidepressant-use-linked-to-higher-risk-of-premature-death-s…
    Sep 18, 2017 – A study led by researchers at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ont., found that the risk of early death increased by 33 per cent in people who take antidepressants, compared to non-users.

    Treating Antidepressants Overdose | Drug Overdose Treatment
    Can You Die From an Antidepressant Overdose? – If you or someone you know is abusing antidepressants and is at risk of overdose, call 1-888-319-2606Who Answers? to learn more about recovery options. Antidepressant overdose can be fatal.

  • Important to note that “psychosis” is an experience that can be brought on by lack of sleep, ADE to street or prescription drugs, lack of B vitamin, being on a ventilator, dehydration and is a symptom of over 60 medical diseases. As such drugging it is medical malpractice. The number of people who end up with a specious “mental illness” dx because they were suffering a one time event is incalculable as is the long-term damage to their lives. Seeking the root cause of the experience is not the preview of Allopathic quackery- it has NOTHING to do with health or healing, it pathologizes people for profit. Nothing could be sicker or more twisted than that.

  • Good idea to use the graphics indeed.
    Just noting that:
    Health Canada issues a 2005 warning stating that AD’s carry the same risk of suicidal ideation in ADULTS, as they do in other populations. This fact gets missed repeatedly.
    the risk of completed suicide is 12X higher for Prozac than other AD’s.
    And that the most important fact of all is missing, which is that the DSM is junk science – rendering the ‘treatment” of imaginary “diseases” mass medical malpractice, insurance fraud and defamation of character to slander and accuse people of being “mental ill” with no scientific evidence supporting the claim.

  • Just making a quick note here Julie….
    what was discovered is that here in Canada, the only jurisdiction in the world that uses it’s own citizens tax payer money against victims of medical malpractice to crush us with in court when they kill, disable or maim us, has 85% of its dr’s working without insurance and as such, without valid licenses.
    This is not a handful of quacks running around rogue, it is business as usual and like most “medical” scams has been kept pretty quiet as you can imagine.
    Bryan knows a LOT about the justice system and has made his legal documents (which are well done and eye-opening) available to all so that can be used as a template by others wishing to expose shrinks for the lying criminals they are.
    Finally, the limitations law does stop the clock from ticking when a person is under a disability or has to take care of their health prior to compiling discovery and evidence proving they have a case— it also states 2 years from the time you knew or should have known… Having challenged the limitations law in my own case and won that appeal, I like to make sure people are aware of that.
    Like everything else in the law, it is a living breathing ever changing system grounded in human rights, addressed on a case by case basis and challenged by people who are creative enough to position novel arguments that by law must be heard.

  • Actually that is not the test Oldhead. Owing to a pending HR deadline, I don’t have time to provide the jurisprudence on it here in Canada where Bryan lives, which is the same in the US. But you will be happy to know that the notion that practitioner can hide behind “accepted practice’ has been challenged and overcome. The law is a living tree that changes through challenge.

  • Dear Auntie Psychiatry,

    Hello. I am genuinely confused as to how this writer could possibly be a threat to psychiatry when by insisting that every human experience under the sun is or causes a mental illness (no quotes) is not simply setting up million more kids to be handed over to them?

    He’s pro shrink and pro “crazy” labels. How is that not a shrinks dream voice? What I heard was a mainstream propagandist regurgitating medical model mentality that does nothing but widen the psychiatric net.

    Did I miss something here, because all I got from listening to the interview was how many “LOST CONNECTIONS”, and how much disconnect there is between:
    1) the writer and the facts, (who speaks “as if” what he was told by the shrinks he interviewed and believes to be true, is true) and that none of it is in question or dis-proven when in fact it all is.
    2) In failing to know or consider that an anti and critical psych movement even exists and thus he seems to have failed to investigate why it does and what the issues are.
    3) In failing to consider or grasp the cost to the children he is declaring “mentally ill” of being lead into the system under false pretenses of having a diseased brain there is a massive disconnect between the writer and the very real human children whose lives will be impacted. I truly question his alliances and who he is supporting.
    4) The disconnect between claiming to be anti-drug and knowing there is little to no access to the alternatives he supports and as such, he again failed to consider, how many children will end up drugged because he and countless others are currently screaming that anything and all things that can happen in life cause and are in fact “mental illness’s”.

    I don’t support anyone anywhere, labeling poor or any other child as “mentally ill” for any reason, ever.

  • Really good points from Julie, Richard. Poora and others.

    As someone who favors a legal approach – a legitimate “junk science” litigation against the DSM and APA for fraud, rampant misdiagnosis without proof or evidence which is actionable medical malpractice and insurance fraud, crimes against humanity via the ICC, defamation of character suits and HR violations are all possible and they ARE coming and many more.

  • Hi Walter,
    I would suggest that the lack of interest in the “recovery” movement is that it continues to require people to uphold the DSM lie that they are “mentally diseased” with “s’ or some other imaginary disease to begin with. They have to pretend they were “MI” and get to pretend they “recovered’ from a disease they never had to begin with and they still have to live with the tainted “medical” docs and the “genetic” lie that follows their family around until the end of time. Good luck getting anyone that actually knows what’s going on to trade their real integrity for their fake “sanity.”

  • SOCIAL PRESCRIBING: or the “everything under the sun theory”.
    He throws into the mix, the genetic myths, the specious “brain changes” that everything under the sun has been accused of causing (including dehydration, lack of vitamin B and lack of sleep) and now loneliness, is a “mental illness” too. Seriously, just label EVERYONE “mentally ill” and get it over with.
    NO ONE- NO ONE is safe from this shit.

  • ScottEv January 13, 2018 at 12:29 am
    “There can be no authentic therapeutic alliance when psychiatric coercion is involved in psychiatric treatment.”

    Exactly. How do these bazaar propositions (that fail to include the fact that there isn’t a shred of science upholding the existence of the DSM, drugging people for imaginary improvable “diseases”) dare to suggest that any such “therapeutic alliance” is remotely possible in the sea of lies that this industry is awash in? If the truth was known or told as per legal informed consent, Steingard’s notion of a “therapeutic relationship” would be laughed out of the room as the complete and utter sham it is.

    The more I read here at MIA, the more I fear for the future of the humanity which functions almost exclusively on pretending the lies don’t exist and shoving these irrational contradictions into the faces of people who know they do. Why? What is the purpose of the exercise? To see how many of us can tolerate it without screaming?

    What is happening here, meets the definition of “crazy making”, in that the lies were exposed to us, that we grasp and see through the lies and then we are asked- in the very same space – to pretend we don’t know the lies and are asked to entertain, implausible BS about the very “relationships’ with the very people who are profiting from the lies and pretend that they are somehow here to help us and that if we only had good relationships with our abusers, that we would be somehow miraculously healed despite their ugly fraudulent slurs (dx’s) against us and their dirty toxic “treatments’ justifying their slurs against us.

    This is EXACTLY like telling children raped by their fathers and women beaten by their husbands that they themselves are the problem; that they are “mentally ill” and that they have “relationship issues” with “authority figures”.

    So much of what is being written here at MIA of late is increasingly toxic and disturbing, but this is particular egregious. Love your abuser.

    The real sickness in the world, is the ability of this industry to keep lying through its teeth, to keep inventing absurd, illogical, deeply disturbing contradictions to the lies as if we have no idea how twisted it all is.
    God help us because these people are deeply unwell at the core of their beings.

  • Why not just line us up and shoot us all now and get it over with? Because then you couldn’t get rich off the misfortunes of others you claim to ‘care’ for.

    This is the WORST IDEA I have ever heard in my entire life.

    None of us can escape the invented diagnosis as it stands and now people I thought were actually on the side of saving humanity and protecting human beings, are throwing the last of us to the wolves.
    The only saving grace in the DSM was that there was a POSSIBLE BUFFER for the massive trauma and harm caused by the of social trauma to maybe escape being pathologized by this unending evil rag. Now psychologist, who the author is CORRECT, have NO f- business trying to get their hands on the money that SHOULD be used to build healthy communities via the tried and true Social Determinants of Health and… now Kinderman wants to throw social inequity into the sick dx system TOO!!!

    This is a crime and anyone who supports this is supporting crimes against humanity in supporting the further and final solution of the Medicalization of Social problems. I thought there was way too much propaganda and insidious creep into MIA- now it is clear that this is where they con-verstaions having been heading all along.

    We are done for- its over. All is lost. All is lost.

  • I am a Canadian woman disabled in the crime of domestic battery, systemically discriminated by police who all too often obstruct justice against vulnerable persons, later sent by my brain injury team to a shrink with no informed consent who repeatedly drugged me causing 4 back to back near-death adverse drug events, using toxins I didn’t want or need, for an imaginary disease I don’t have, that are contraindicated and unapproved for use in vulnerable brain injury survivors because they have been known for over 40 years to cause brain injury – to say nothing of the suicide, early death, disability and addiction caused by the ‘sick care” industry. Despite this, they are happy to kill us with their sick lying diagnosis and their dirty Allopathic drugs anyway, because no one holds them accountable for the crimes they commit against us.

    Enter the elephant in the room. the legal system discrimination and abuse that most victims of sick care never get close enough to (by design) to begin to address the fraud and abuse of the former. The government, sick care and the legal system work in concert to silence and block the legal rights of victims iatrogenically re-injured by the vile medicalization of social problems that this author fails to address. His bias, via the Aspie story, is plain and obvious.

    There is much more to this currently unfolding nightmare of serious dangers and risk of death lurking in so called “care” that is rooted in the medicalization language that is obscured here. And it is destroying the fabric of society. As we die and our lives continue to be ruined, people such as this author get to keep their pathetic jobs.

    Social inequality is rooted in the justifications for continuing to harm innocent victims while people who profit off regurgitating it, continue to make lame justifications that maintain their dirty business as usual practices. No wonder there is so much hate against the 1%. This diatribe makes me physically sick to my stomach.

    Here is a brief glimpse into the realities lurking behind some of what was not said herein.
    Physician and Patient Safety, Hospital Governance, Nurse Collective Bargaining

  • Shrinks and GP’s have NO BUSINESS putting their greedy hands into and scamming whatever tax dollars they don’t already pocket and waste on their corrupt discriminatory, pathologizing of life and social problems as if they were diseases.

    We need SOCIOLOGISTS, ethical psychologist and others who practice non-pathologizing trauma therapies to step up and do their jobs rather than sitting back and allowing these disease mongering thieves and liars to destroy any hope there is of salvaging the damage they have already done to the lives of millions, to the environment, to the social fabric and to the economy.

    These “mental health” mongers seeking to make everyone “sick” for their own personal benefit must be stopped.

    There are strong connections to the #METOO movement in terms of social abuse by the power abusing 1% forcing their will on women and the young. These groups continue to be used, abused, experimented on with impunity, defrauded of their “health” (psychiatry knows nothing about human health) silenced, shamed, blamed, insulted, betrayed and subjugated by a truly evil system run by truly dangerous people.

    We need to make, expand and disseminate those connections in a way that allows the reality that psychiatry is a the king pin of the sick systemic destroying the social fabric and now it is seeking to co-opt the SDOH too. DISCUSTING!!!!

    We need to form a logical alliance with the #METOO and other movements, in order to further break away from, expose the crimes of and refuse to support any further involvement of psychiatry (which is the key structural evil that needs to be abolished) rather than handing the keys to what is left of our social structure over to them to destroy.

    Psychiatry (GP’s) et al, have absolutely NO BUSINESS putting their corrupt, incompetent hands on the critical Social Determinants of Health. They are NOT sociologists and social problems are not imaginary diseases they should continue to be allowed to profit off, to the collective detriment of the world.

    The message to psychiatry and anyone supporting the medial model that medicalizes social problems, is get out and stay out, keep your dirty “sick care”, take your bags of blood money and leave the little you haven’t already stolen, so the rest of us can try to rebuild everything your toxic industry is killing. The nightmare of endless lies and abuse will never stop unless and until the fraud of psychiatry and its handmaiden of death, Allopathic “medicine” are abolished. Anyone supporting the fraudulent notion of “mental health” without scientific evidence, is equally guilty of the crimes against humanity. Refuse to support them in any respect.

  • Failure to grasp that what people consume (including the quality of the air they breathe, how much sun they get, the toxins and stress they are exposed to, the drugs they take and the quality of the food/nutrients they eat) is critical to the level of HEALTH they enjoy, how they think and feel, how well they are able to deal with the stress of life is mind boggling.
    To divorce food, diet and other lifestyle factors from ones health, is the epitome of ignorance and the worst possible fall out of the reductionist biological medical model. It assumes and is ignorant of the fact that human beings have bodies that actually require basic nutrients that support life and cause death.
    The Social Determinants of Health have already shown that access to decent food, and other basic necessities of life are what create healthy people and communities.
    How can someone grasp that ‘mental illness’ is a fraud and at the same time nurture a massive glitch in thinking that cannot connect nutrition and lifestyle to how healthy someone is?
    Reading these comments, it is sadly clear why we can’t fix the problems; people have no idea what health is or how to create it. It honestly makes me question if these people are trolls, Allopathic misinformation mongers or just ———- ————- ————.

  • How anyone speaking the truth, could support the half truths in this article, as if it was remotely a solution, is beyond me.
    We know that the NIMH withdrew all funding for the DSM5 owing to a total lack of scientific credibility, thus forcing the APA to pay to publish that manifesto of eugenics and genocide itself.
    We know that misdiagnosis and mistreatment of trauma,“medical mimics” and social problems being mislabel as “mental illness, chemical imbalances and brain disease’s” is medical malpractice and insurance fraud.
    We know that there is not a shred of science proving the existence of any “mental illness” and yet these medical frauds continue to twist and skew the the message in order to keep the fraud alive.
    We know that when “dr’s” who misdiagnosing people with cancer or other diseases they don’t have for profit, get caught, they go to prison as they should. And we know that is not happening to ‘mental illness’ pushers, but that it absolutely NEEDS to happen- NOW.
    We know that the DSM/ICD and any organization supporting the notion that “mental illness” is anything but a social construct and invention of the biological medical model, to justify coercion/force, mass misinformation, is selling drugs to make the 1% richer and is part of the systemic corruption that is harming the public.
    We know that Allopathic “medicine” is a monopoly that functions as a drug cartel that cornered the market share on selling its toxic wares by maligning and blocking insurance coverage of natural health and healing, thus leaving the public ignorant about and defendant on a wholly sub-standard toxic “sick-care” industry that gets away with mass-murder.
    Rhetorically, what does this even mean… “We all have mental health?” Only someone profiting from a (BS@8%^%*)”mental illness” agenda could utter such a statement and position themselves on the right side of this medical tragedy.
    This year, lets challenge the hell out of the half truths supporting those earning a living off towing the line between truth and lies that are harming and killing the public.
    The dangers of willful blindness- Margaret Heffernanj

  • Kelly Brogan is an author here at MIA, who uses nutrition with great success to cure problems misdiagnosed as “mental health” issues.
    Nutrition is an actual science, whereas psychiatry is a total pseudo-science and fraud.
    Food is LIFE GIVING, and vitamins are called “essential nutrients” because people get sick and die without them, which includes the symptoms of so called “mental illness’ that disease mongering shrinks are trying to claim as “novel” territory. It is by no means novel; they are simply looking for ways to expand the market share AND keep the myths of “mental illness” alive.
    Just because something is not widely discussed on MIA does not mean it is not being discussed elsewhere, it is.
    Like everything else psychiatry puts its dirty hands on, nutrition is being co-opted by the disease mongers who continue to insist that people are ‘mentally ill” even though nutrition is the most basic key to good health there is; something Allopathic “medicine”, knows nothing about.
    This conversation is beyond disturbing.
    Dr. Brogan where are you?

  • It is both a simple blood test and mandatory part of the process to rule out nutritional deficencies when providing a differential diagnosis which includes testing for thyroid and other real medical conditions.
    I find most of what is being suggested here to be based on personal interest and without interest in letting these kids or anyone else off the “mental illness” hook.
    Beyond disturbing.

  • It is beyond disturbing that vitamin deficiencies continue to be labeled as if they were “mental illness’s”.
    I can’t imagine anything more unethical than this.
    I follow Dr. Mercola and a few other natural based doctors, who are starting to speak the truth and call a vital nutrient deficiency what it is; a nutritional deficiency instead of what it isn’t ; a “mental illness’.
    Half a truth is still a lie.

  • Interesting points and a lot to consider.
    I am deeply at odds with the “recovery” movement and do not support anything about the reforming this corrupt industry. It is good to see what other people’s critiques are because I am still trying to tease out what is really going on. Thanks

  • Hi. Thanks for these responses, that forced me to go back and listen to again. I made some notes and am going to listen to it a few more times, as it is helping me ask better questions about what I might be missing or misunderstanding that it is that is making me viscerally reject the movement that I am in many respects completely invested in, but don’t feel I fit into.

    It’s almost like Celia read my mind and pointed me in the right direction(s) to explore there issues further that might help me figure out what I need to do in order to find or potentially create a place for myself in it. I appreciate that she touched on how the issues change because I see things that I believe have to be incorporated that are not yet on the radar, as that is part of what is missing for me.

    In terms of the statement about the drugs, as someone who was repeatedly poisoned almost to death and disabled by them, I am very sensitive to words that could potentially be misleading .
    @7:34…”some of these psych drugs cause real harm”…
    @7:42…”some of the harm of some of these drugs”…
    I would personally be a lot more comfortable if the word “some” was removed for the sake of accuracy.

    As usual Emily, excellent interview. Its a solid 101 overview that I wish I had access years ago.

  • Hi TirelessFigher3. I wonder if you would expand on your understanding of what you have stated above.
    These groups would of course argue that they are organizing and fighting.
    As I see it, they do this using a downstream vs an upstream approach, meaning they fighting for kinder abuse after people are already labeled and force streamed into the no-exit system using a “Please sir, less torturous ‘treatment” if you would be so kind… and can we please have some choice about taking neurotoxic drugs and ECT for the imaginary ‘diseases” you fraudulently labeled us with in order to justify defaming us with “mental illnesses” and force streaming us into this toxic drug pushing system to begin with?
    I can see how one would see that the way you describe it above and feel that there is something deeply off about this approach as well. Especially given that we already know the medical model is a legal fraud and yet here they are acting as if it had some validity to the system somewhere.
    It is absolutely mind-boggling to the logical mind.

  • Shockingly, until now, I missed the extent of the problem the “mad” movement poses to the world.
    While the rest of us are trying to stop the “mental illness/mad” DSM fraud in an attempt to protect the public health and safety, this groups insistence on being “mad” with no evidence and despite a ever growing mountain of evidence to the contrary, the rest of the world is paying and will continue to pay for their unsubstantiated claims.

    Psychiatry must love the “mad movement”.

    If I understand Tireless correctly, the issue with ALL helping professions is that they are profiting UNDER THE GUISE that there is something fundamentally WRONG with people who think, feel, believe or experience anything that can be pathologized for profit.

    Who does and does not participate in pathologizing people is determined on a case by case basis. Psychologist are typically much less dangerous to the public health and safety and the vast majority at DTD and MIA are ethical, trustworthy people speaking out against the fraud.

    The “mad” movement, however is a serious problem that has been and will continue to be used to block progress and perpetuate continued harm to anyone in social, spiritual and real medical crisis. Its time we took a long hard look at it with our eyes wide open.

  • As always, in the search to uphold some illusion of “madness” and BS notions of broken brains, the practical facts have been omitted.

    Experiences of psychosis, can be caused by lack of sleep, dehydration, lack of proper nutrition, including B vitamins, being on a ventilator, an adverse drug event including to psych drugs and weed, exposure to toxins and some 60 real medical diseases. I shutter to think of the number of people’s whose lives have been ruined because the causal agents of psychosis have been so completely pathologized as some woo-woo experience. Like everything else about psychiatry, its bloody criminal.

  • Larry you are making assumptions that no one was there for Matt, including his family, friends, or the persons who had carriage of his care.
    You have blamed Matt and appear to be using his untimely demise to further your adgenda to get people to agree that if only Matt had done it your way then he would still be here. Larry can you please tell us what it is you know that is so special and could have saved him? What is it that you are studying that you want so badly for everyone “to get” but are not telling us point blank what it is? I’m sure everyone is bursting with curiousity about what you know that can save lives. Thank you

  • Exactly Oldhead, why are we forced to pussy foot around the ignorant? Killing human beings with impunity and drugging children for fake diseases is so beyond offensive
    and we are held to the standard of not offending those who defend the guilty. The level of protectionism around these illegal acts is so offensive there are no apt words to describe how vile it is. I know these people are allowed to be here, but to me its offensive to allow them space here, when they have so many in which to high five each other for getting away with murder, in. Why don’t they go there? Why they are here, why not be with those who think like you instead of coming here and pushing their mass ignorance in our faces? They have to be getting something out of it. I wish I was allowed the freedom to say what I really feel about it, but I am not. It makes me physically sick to my stomach.

  • Maradel, I could not agree with you more. As a victim of medical malpractice, I feel for your situation. If I can figure out how to start a new thread here, I will post possible solutions. I follow other medical malpractice victims and the system is a disater beyond description. I have brought a great deal of psych fraud into other medical malpractice survivor groups and tried to bring information about rampanent misdiagnosis and mistreatment in all “medicine” to light in psych survivor groups. Other victims are more likely to get it than psych survivors who have to fight so much stigma as well. Interestingly when I ask other med mal survivors (thyroid, any autoimmune disease, fibro, Lyme, abused women, ect) if they were psychiatized before they were properly dx’ed a lot of them admit to being labeled with conversion (all in your head) disorders and drugged. This impedes their ability to get medical services and makes their pre-existing conditions worse. Some remain under the false belief that they remain “mentally ill”. Psychiatry has its hand in everyones pocket and puts its mark on countless lives. I will not go into this further here, but suffice it to say that you make a critical point and if we were to join with other med mal victims, this movement would really start to grow. Thank you

  • I hear you YetAnotherAccount. This fear mongering is indeed one tactic used to justify force “treatment” (which has nothing to do with “medicine” and is nothing but state control).
    There is however compelling evidence that the drugs do cause violence and self harm. When we put those facts out there, they are twisted and spun to be used against us and justify more ill treatment. The arguements from our side are valid but when the intent is to profit at any cost (including human lives) any tactic to maintain control over that money and power will continue to be employed against the public health and safety.

  • You capture well that slice of the torture you endured Fred. I am so sorry they did this to you and would not stop.
    Claims of “well-meaning” and “loving” people doing what they do to others is so insensitive, that to my mind, can only be being written by a shrink trying to justify the money for nothing abuse they collectively inflict on innocent suffering beings.
    I hope it does not traumatize you further. It absolutely sickens me to my core. The goal of this kind of moking torment is to prop up a dirty dying industry and as such deserves nothing from us, not a second of our time. Of course defend yourself if that feels right, but we’re talking to a wall, incapable of caring about the dead, disabled, addicted and lied to victims.

  • Your missing the point, which is that all the dx’s are a fraud and people’s health and lives are being put at risk because they are conned without informed consent into using dangerous drugs they do not need. These antidotial claims that drugs are “saving people’s lives” are unfounded and can be put down to placebo effects, none of which are protective of brain, liver, kidney and other inevitable damage.
    The scientific consensus shows they are more harmful than beneficial.
    Without psychiatric fraud, people would have to build skills to overcome the challenges they face rather than relying on drugs to cope. Society could put the money to better use in building communities where people are not so vulnerable that they don’t have any choice but to turn to a system of social control that functions under the guise of being “medicine.” Of the many things that shock me about your declarations, is that you clearly have either failed to read any of the articles posted here at MIA or you completely disagree with almost everything that is exposed here. It’s a real head scratcher. Good luck to you, you’ll need it. And really, I am not interested in your comments so please don’t reply to me, I’m done reading anything you have to say.

  • Who gives a dam what she is. Frankly, I couldn’t care less.
    You think quiet highly of her. A patient, are you Larry? Or just looked her up real quick so you could have a go….

    She claimed to be “s”, which is not a disease.
    Bottom line: start with a lie… live a lie and spread those lies to others. That’s the real disease; the amount of people willing to sell lies for a living, despite the harm to others. It’s a sickness of the heart and soul and the real evil in the world. That’s what I think of her and anyone supporting her.

  • Thanks for filling in the blanks on this rasselas.redux.
    I think the bottom line is she’s a shrink, pushing the brain disease myth. My point is simply, you can’t cure something that doesn’t exist. Start with a lie………

  • “No one knows how many people with “severe mental illness” live what appear to be normal, successful lives…They are too busy juggling responsibilities, paying the bills, studying, raising families — all while weathering gusts of dark emotions or delusions that would quickly overwhelm almost anyone else.”

    Please, this is such a contradiction between the myth of the frightening other that “SMI” was manufactured to be and the reality of everyday life struggled twisted, sold and bought “as if” it is “SMI” that it boarders on the ridiculous.

    What Linehan is really exposing here, is people’s need for skills to manage their complex and busy lives, without which things can become unmanageable. Whatever that looks like, is almost always across the board falsely accused of evidence of “mental illness” for which, there is no evidence and is a such, rediculous.

    If a so called “brain disease” is cured by behavioral therapies and mindful meditation, come on, it was never a brain disease to begin with. Absolutely rediculous.

    D.B.T for BDP is not widely accepted as appropriate in the UK. You yourself noted that this slur is typically designated to victims of Child Sexual Abuse, which is a deeply traumatizing crime. Labeling victims is understood to be discriminatory, harmful, victim blaming and D.B.T, in lue of trauma informed care, keeps victims stuck in the system as fodder for life because the root cause of their issues are never properly addressed.

    “I still have ups and downs, of course, but I think no more than anyone else.”

    “Of course”, like the rest of us, this formerly “SMI” person was miraculously cured of an imaginary brain disease with simple life skills and meditation, because she never had a brain disease that doesn’t exist to begin with. Again, ridiculous.

    As for Linehan’s ironic closing remark… “There’s so much more light”… sadly psychiatry along with all its supporters remains in the dark ages.

  • With all due respect Jedlsfs, although you hit the nail on part of the head, consider that when stating,

    “We need to look at societal factors, not just blaming it all on psychiatry”

    … this is indeed a problem, but not in the way you position it. It is more accurate to say that, psychiatry is blaming the brain when it should be pointing the finger of causality on social issues.

    Psychiatry’s slight of hand (scam) is in taking all social realities (poverty, violence, drug abuse, real medical illness (medical mimic) and underhandedly morphing them into “mental illness’s”. They have cornered the market on real problems for profit and are to blame for force streaming every problem of living, into a brain disease and positioned themselves as the only solution and forcing everyone into the “mental health” system, where all they do is mislabel, mistreat (the answer to poverty, crime and real medical illness, is not neurotoxic drugs.) They turn people into the problem.

    Social problems belong with sociologists who study the Social Determinants of Health, which has little to nothing to do with access to Allopathic sick care.

    If you go to FB group Drop the Disorder you will note most of the professionals there have debunked the fraud of BPD. The DSM5 (for the nothing its worth) was going to scrap “personality disorders” in this addition but did not, this leaving countless people to become victims of this stigmatizing, discriminatory and harmful label -most of whom, as you note, are actually victims of CSA.

    The NIMH withdrew all funding for the DSM5 owing to its lack of scientific credibility; it could never withstand a junk science litigation. By law misdiagnosis, is medical malpractice and filing a claim in order to get someone (help) into the system or get yourself paid, is insurance fraud. All DSM dx’s are a medical scam. Two (2) important legal actions, both against the same shrink, recently came out in Canada. Hopefully this starts a trend that will eventually shut this mass fraud against the public health and safety down and the money wasted on ‘mental health” can be spent on the things that build health (SDOH) to the betterment, vrs the detriment of society. Best

  • Hi Erin. If people are given full legal informed consent (not happening for all the obvious reasons)and are willing to risk their health and safety by agree to be labeled and drugged with neurotoxins for imaginary “diseases”, then it is, that simple. Forfeit your right to access justice when something horrific happens. No one really cares or will come to the rescue anyway.
    What we’re fighting for here is, 1) the truth and 2) intelligent treatment befitting victims of CSA, persons in poverty, those suffering with medical mimics ect who are in fact, those accused of being “mentally ill” and trapped in an abusive, no-exist system. We are fighting against the vast injustices the accused are collectively suffering at the hands of a socially abusive psychiatric regime, including the outright fraud that psychiatry is and our right to exercise our rights which are being denied to us, all of which you edited out.
    Many of us are done talking to brick walls, sitting on the fence while a massive tragedy that extends way beyond the one we are currently processing, ensues all around us.
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but really, its only meaningful if its grounded in fact. We’re all free to think as we do, but it doesn’t change the reality and maybe just points out your own disconnect to what’s really going on.
    MIA’s notice today speaks to part of the crisis…

  • Hi Oldhead.
    I could be wrong, but I believe his sister may have that. At FB group Drop the Disorder, Jo Watson who broke the news to our group noted that (parapharsing) Matt asked his sister to leave something with her and anyone who felt a connection with him could PM Jo for that information. I hope that helps.
    My deepest condolences to his Matts family.

  • Matt’s passing is a testament to the dire need for us to continue challenging the myths around the DSM and the mass medical malpractice of misdiagnosis.
    It seems to me, that Matt knew with every fiber of his being that it was the heart of the problem, which if we fail to resolve, nothing will ever change.
    It is so needless, this loss of Matt. But that doesn’t mean I don’t understand the weight of what he was looking at. I do; it has destroyed me too. The wins are far and few between and the forces against reason are deeply vested. It was a dragon worthy of his fear and we could never fault him for that.
    This is what these ugliest of words do to us. We’re only human and these words come with consequences that are all too often, insurmountable for the mere mortals that we are. These words cannot be undone and their invasion knows no limits and compromise, even the best of us, even the learned, the wise, the writer, the speaker, the healer and most certainly, the truly broken.
    Thank you to everyone who works to dismantle the lies that scar and destroy so many innocent people. No one should be made to suffer so deeply as Matt did or – god forbid die – because they were already in pain and hurting. Why, why would we punish him more? It is inconceivable to the human heart.
    Rest in peace Matt. May your passing bring some measure of quite pause and deeply needed consideration about the level of discrimination we put upon a person when we fraudulently call them “mentally ill”.

  • People are dead and dying because they have been labelled “mentally ill”. The term itself is used to justify the abuse that follows. It not only ‘others’ human beings, it’s an outright fallacy.
    Your entitled to your opinion and the woo-woo belief’s, but beyond the confusing, contradictory thought process, the message is contrary to the hard work of dispelling “mental illness” myths and the statements herein are counter-productive to the health and safety of the collective.
    The goal is to protect people from the harm that is housed within the fraudulent propaganda of the idea of “mental illness” itself, thus, when sheer nonsense sits beside concrete facts as if it fits within the same realm, it damages not only the message but the movement itself and ultimately people’s lives.

  • I agree. A very confusing and poorly written article on the topic.
    The contradition between suggesting that sensitive people are labelled “mentally ill” and suggesting “Everyone is Mentally Ill and that some of us who are labeled as such and thus ostracized by these labels” loses the impact of the point. Such an important topic, so poorly explained.

    So yes, those of us labeled mentally ill are often closer to sanity than most of society.
    Good lord. I do NOT read this writer and hope that someone else will write on this critical topic. I can’t share this with anyone I am working to educate on this topic.

  • I correct myself and perhaps worded my post badly in what should have been a new thread in respect to Twilah act of activism.
    Bonnie Brustow, Tina Minkowitz and Chuck Ruby of ISEPP all recent put forth opportunities for people to participate in changing this broken system.
    The conversation remains important: what kind of change is needed, what is currently happening, where are people meeting and is there currently an information hub where people can find this out in order to participate? It seems to be here and other than that, pretty dispersed. Is MIA to be that space or should another space be created?
    Thank you

  • Sadly, I agree with this statement. There is no right action being taken against the fraud of the DSM at MIA that allows room for the medical model that is killing and disabling of humanity.
    Considering an anti-NIMH movement, other than to expose it for what it is, ignore it at all costs like one would any other social ill and concentrate on what must be done to move in the opposite direction.
    The anti-psychiatry movement, if congruent to its own truth and the massive body of facts already at our disposal, can, should and must challenge the legitimacy of using the DSM to diagnose people, as the junk science it is under Daubert in a court of law- repeatedly if necessary. The downstream approach of fishing dead and disabled victims out of the water, is ineffective and unethical in the face of the evidence. Our collective failure to do so, despite the evidence, exposes/presents a wishy-washy, mixed message that allows the mainstream to continue to be dismissive of the anti-psych movement at large.
    The questions are, is there an anti-psych movement, if so where is it, who are its leaders and what is it actively doing to stop the fraud and carnage?
    NAMI et al will always be in search of a buck and whore itself out to pharma et al. The only way to build a desperately needed, purely anti-psych movement, is to connect true supporters and never allow the movement to be compromised by people with mainstream agenda’s.
    Deep respect for Twilah Hiari who could have used the financial support but put her truth front and center over and above that which would compromise her core beliefs.

  • Me thinks that that was suspicious.

    Applause for your well reasoned and persuasive arguments from this choir member Dr. Shipko. Organized denial indeed. It aught a be illegal to poison people. Oh wait, it is illegal to poison people. I keep getting up in the morning and forgetting that after I was almost poisoned to death- repeatedly- for no reason.
    You get my vote for director of the APA.

  • As a victim fighting the fraud of psychiatry on the front lines in a court of law where the abuse is rampant, with all due respect, to the dedicated professionals working to correct these massive injustices and crimes against humanity, this movement has by and large failed to protect and support Plaintiffs by testifying at our trials via skype or any means necessary to ensure that Judges ARE fully educated about the facts that do exist so that these lies are NOT perpetuated in courts of law and replayed out in doctors offices, counselling sessions, hospitals and court rooms throughout the continent (and the world) as nauseam.

    I hereby officially invite any party wishing to speak out about the crimes of psychiatry as a witness at my (to date) fraudulent trial, tentatively scheduled for December 5th, 2016 in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. Please RSVP with a “Will Say statement” or contact me for further details if you wish to assist in changing the law and stopping the abuse. I can’t do it alone or without you. Please feel free to share this with anyone you think might be willing to speak on the legal record.

    Thank you
    Judy Gayton
    (403) 526-1975

    In response to ‘someone else’s comment that…
    “All my former doctors espoused belief in psychiatry as an accepted medical specialty…” I wanted to share this legal fact about “belief” that I found helpful when reviewing the legal transcripts of the doctors in my medical malpractice law suit for failing to provide informed consent about the ‘chemical imbalance” fraud before attempting to kill me numerous times which I included under Gross Negligence and Administering Experimental Treatment.
    An Introduction To Corporate Regulation and Standardization
    This is the offence most often thought of when the term fraud is used. Misrepresentation cases can be prosecuted criminally or civilly under a variety of statutes or they might be the basis for common law claims. The gist of the offence is the deliberate making of false statements to induce the intended victim to part with money or property.

    Bodily integrity, my health, life, safety, right to informed consent and the right to deny treatment are PROPERTY.

    The specific elements of proof of misrepresentation vary whether the case is prosecuted as a criminal or civil action. The elements normally include:
    Material false statement;
    Knowledge of its falsity;
    Reliance on the false statement by the victim;
    (A loss) Damages suffered
    A deceit or fraud constituting a false statement made wilfully or recklessly, which causes loss to another.

    Not only is a misrepresentation fraudulent if it was known or believed by the maker of the representation to be false when made, but mere non-belief in the truth is also indicative of fraud.

    ANAND states in questioning that he is aware that the ‘chemical imbalance theroy” is NOT proven and they don’t know.
    BOODHOO states in questioning he “believes” in the “chemical imbalance theory”
    My life and health should not, must not be sunject to is “beliefs” which he in fact is obligated to inform me of should they conflict with my rights.

    Thus whenever a person makes a false statement which he does not actually and honestly believe to be true, for purposes of civil liability, that statement is as fraudulent as if he had stated that which he did not know to be true, or knew or believed to be false. The motive of the person making the representation is irrelevant.

    Niether Dr. had the right to diagnose me or drug me based on a theroy they knew, ought to know was false or that they falsely believed to be true that put my life at risk and harmed me.

    The maker of the representation will not, however, be fraudulent if he believed the statement to be true as he perceived it, provided that perception was one that might reasonably be held, though the court later holds that the representation objectively bears another meaning.

    In civil cases, when determining whether a representation was made fraudulently, the standard of proof applicable is the balance of probability (i.e. more likely than not) and not the criminal standard of proof beyond reasonable doubt. However, the amount of evidence required to establish proof may vary according to the gravity of allegation to be proved.

    The more serious the allegation the higher the degree of probability that is required. The question of whether there is any evidence to support an allegation that a representation made was fraudulent is a question of law.

    Subject to this, the question whether a false representation was actually fraudulent is, in every case a question of fact.

    Normally, only material false statements may serve as the basis for a fraud case. Materiality usually refers to statements sufficiently important or relevant to the defendant to influence the defendant’s decision.

    Just because information may be held to be a common, does not mean it is not fraudulent, misinformation or should be a standard practice.