Wednesday, November 25, 2020

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Updates on critical psychiatry postings across the Internet.

Psychiatrists Sound Alarm Over “the New Valium”: Lyrica/Pregabalin

FromThe Daily Mail: If lessons about pregabalin aren't quickly learned, "it might push prescriptions up even more. We could be facing a nightmare."

Indigenous Roots of Restorative Justice: Potential Approaches for Child Welfare

From The Center for the Study of Social Policy: At the nexus of restorative justice and child welfare lives a relationship that empowers young people, families, and communities to lean on each other to heal from adverse experiences.

Mainstream Mental Health Services Are a Disaster

From Uncancelled: Mental health services have become the mouthpieces of an industry of decontextualising and individualising hurt, fear, sadness, and anger.

Moving Beyond Psychiatric Diagnosis: Lucy Johnstone, PsyD

From Psychiatric Times/Conversations in Critical Psychiatry: "We are dealing with people with problems, not patients with illnesses, and the whole paradigm—the 'DSM mindset'—needs to change."

Covid-19 Is Amplifying the Toxic Effects of Modern Life

From Elemental: The combination of social isolation and dependence on technology leaves us alone and trapped in our own minds.

A Ketamine-Like Spray Is Approved to Treat Suicidal Behavior

From The Cut: While ketamine is a somewhat controversial drug, the nasal spray’s approval comes at a time when doctors are concerned about increased suicide rates amid a seemingly never-ending pandemic.

80 Years On, Do We Know If Electroconvulsive Therapy Works?

From Psychology Today: I found myself in the car park, being sick. I knew nothing of the research about this treatment. I just had, quite literally, a gut reaction that something was horribly wrong.

CDC: One Quarter of Young Adults Contemplated Suicide During Pandemic

From Politico: The toll is falling heaviest on young adults, caregivers, essential workers and minorities.

Researchers Doubt That Certain Mental Disorders Are Disorders at All

From Forbes: In a new paper, biological anthropologists call on the scientific community to rethink mental illness as a response to adversity rather than a chemical imbalance.

Over-use of Antipsychotics Without Consent in Long Term Aged Care

From Mirage News: Researchers from UNSW Sydney have highlighted a critical need to address non-consensual and overly lengthy use of antipsychotics in long term aged care residents.

NICE Recommends Antidepressants Not Painkillers for Chronic Pain

From BBC News: The advisory body's draft guidance recommends antidepressants, acupuncture or psychological therapy for chronic pain not caused by an injury or other medical condition.

Abolition Must Include Psychiatry

From the Disability Visibility Project: Those of us who have survived psychiatric incarceration know that not only did the asylum never die — it is, and always was, another prison.

Victoria’s Mental Health Wards Putting More Patients in Seclusion

From ABC NEWS: Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council chair Dr. Chris Maylea said some services were repeatedly exceeding government seclusion targets without consequence.

Why Black Psychology Matters

From Psychology Today: Black psychologists such as Joseph White articulated the principles of a positive and strengths-based psychology prior to the formation of positive psychology.

Some Conflicts of Interest in Medicine Cannot Be Managed, Should Be Banned

From The BMJ Opinion: While greater transparency about the nature of financial interests is important, on its own, such a move is unlikely to mitigate the risks to patient safety and may make matters worse. 

We Know Enough About the Problems in Research to Demand Solutions

FromThe BMJ Opinion: To challenge the status quo, we need to offer clear solutions and convince patients, the public, and policymakers to support change.

‘NHS Sends Too Many MH Patients to Hospital for Expensive, Ineffective Care’

From The Bristol Cable: People are being sent away to private mental health providers for specialist treatment, but this often means poorer outcomes at higher costs, says occupational therapist Keir Harding.

IFS: The Revolutionary Treatment That Could Change Psychotherapy Forever

From Elemental: "If it is true that these things we think of as our inner enemies are really heroes stuck in time, that allows people to relate inside with a lot more compassion and love."

Trading Cops for Social Workers Isn’t the Solution to Police Violence

From Truthout: Social workers have a long and troubled history as partners to the state, more often serving as carceral enforcers than as collaborators toward liberation. 

Dozens of ECT Patients Sue NHS Over Brain Damage Claims

From The Daily Mail: They say they were never informed that ECT could cause permanent memory loss as well as trouble with basic tasks like facial recognition, walking, and reading.

On Addiction: ‘You Just Need a Hand to Hold to See You Through’

From The BMJ Opinion: The enduring judgments around addiction in our society have long been a problem. But I hadn’t expected to face this even within healthcare services.

Natives Foster Happy People Without Overthinking

From Psychology Today: Jean Liedloff's 1975 book The Continuum Concept: In Search of Happiness Lost revealed how native groups in the Amazon intuitively raised healthy and intelligent adults.

The Importance of Having a Breakdown

From The School of Life: Our crisis, if we can get through it, is an attempt to dislodge us from a toxic status quo and an insistent call to rebuild our lives on a more authentic and sincere basis.

The Quality of Monopoly Capitalist Society: Mental Health

From Monthly Review: What Baran and Sweezy saw in the 1960s as the trend toward the psychological dissolution of working-class families and individuals has today become nothing less than a ubiquitous cancer responsible for the decline of whole communities.

Why Grooming Is So Hard to Spot: The Truth

From the VictimFocus Blog: Grooming should be reframed as a common, normal human behaviour that we all engage in. That's why teaching children and women to "spot the signs" doesn't work.

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