Saturday, February 27, 2021

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Book Review: “Prescription for Sorrow” by Patrick D. Hahn

There are quite a few books published about the lack of benefit and harm caused by so-called "antidepressants." Prescription for Sorrow, by Patrick Hahn, is simply the best one I have read.

Insane Medicine: Epilogue

I wanted to interrogate the assumptions that pervade theory, research, and practice in mental health. You can see the emptiness of the empirical and philosophical paradigms in circulation.

Online Experts on Withdrawal

Online communities are stepping in to help people facing withdrawal effects amass information and receive support for their withdrawal experiences.

The Role of Love in Mental Health

The one core ingredient on which any recovery from emotional distress depends is the one that never makes an appearance in any medical handbook or psychiatric diagnostic manual—that is, love.

Welcome to Planet Psychiatry

With the leadership of industry and their cosseted, lapdog doctors, psychiatric medications are prescribed indiscriminately to nearly anyone entering a physician’s office with a psychological complaint.
Photo of hand with pen drawing a sign that says Creativity and COVID: Art-making During the Pandemic

Creativity and COVID: Art-Making During the Pandemic

The pandemic lockdown last year afforded me a precious gift of time to explore my creative spirit, and that, in turn, gave me a powerful way to cope.

Town Halls/Webinars

March 11: MIA Continuing Education webinar on “Trauma of Racism. Healing Our National Legacy.” Register here. (Free).

March 12: Town Hall – Exploring the Science of Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal. Register here.(Donation of your choice; minimum $1.)


Research Surveys

Ongoing studies and projects seeking participants for surveys/panels on mental health issues.

The latest is a survey out of the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine looking for experiences of inpatient psychiatric care among former patients.

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Video Gallery

Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal – Town Hall Discussion #1

Watch the recording of our first psychiatric drug withdrawal town hall discussion, aired live on January 15, 2021. Featuring panelists Adele Framer, Luke Montagu, Swapnil Gupta and John Read.