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pills and American dollars

Does Pharma Need the Entrepreneur?

Capitalists don’t discover new medicine; they invest in it. The incentive to do so, as everyone will admit, is to return a profit.
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Beyond the Buzzwords: What Does Trauma-Informed Care Truly Mean?

Rethinking Psychiatry met to discuss what the concept of "trauma-informed" care really means.
woman in medical mask peers out of darkness

What COVID-19 Has to Teach Us About Psychiatric Oppression

The answer to DJ Jaffe’s question as to whether forced incarceration in psychiatric facilities leads to fear of psychiatric facilities is obvious.
cartoon drawing of a superhero ripping a sign that reads "DSM"

DSM Led Us Far Astray. Life Story Is the Path to Truth.

When the DSM-5 came out six years after the study was published, it ignored the evidence that psychological injuries caused 88% of “depression” in adulthood.
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When Telling A Psychiatrist You Are Not Mentally Ill Is Grounds for Commitment

Does having hospitalization in the past mean that one should have a lifetime of forced medications?
suicide versus support

Suicide Prevention and Service Failure in the U.K.

It's really hard to talk about suicide. We are constantly constrained by the notion that our mental health is our individual responsibility. A more collective conversation is needed.

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